HeyDoctor by GoodRx Reviews

HeyDoctor by GoodRx Reviews

Published by on 2020-11-05

HeyDoctor is the easiest and most affordable way to get simple medical
care. CONVENIENT AND HASSLE FREE Waiting rooms suck. Get care from our medical
providers right now. We take care of many common conditions. SIMPLE, CLEAR
PRICING No insurance needed. Most visits are under $30 and...

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HeyDoctor by GoodRx Reviews

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    High quality on-demand health care

    Hey Doctor is an incredible resource for treatment of many medical issues, including birth control prescriptions, UTI treatment, acne medications, and diabetes testing and treatment. The app is so easy to use, and the medical team gets back to you so fast! I discovered this service a few months ago when my regular Ob-gyn’s office called to cancel my regular birth control refill appointment because my dr was going out of town, not normally a big deal but I was almost out of my birth control pills. I tried the Teladoc service offered by my insurance company, but they don’t refill birth control. I tried to to get an appointment with another provider but no one was available. I even tried urgent care but they won’t refill or prescribe birth control. I started to panic but then I found Hey Doctor. They were able to get me a refill the same day, it was so easy, and the Dr that I worked with really seemed to care about my wellbeing. The app is super easy to use, and the pricing is so affordable. Plus if you don’t have insurance they work with you to find low cost options including which pharmacies will be cheapest. They offer lots of other medical services as well, I am so grateful that I found Hey Doctor and I recommend it to everyone!

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    I would recommend this to anyone!!

    tl;dr: this app worked well to get antibiotics for my UTI, and the doctor was very professional and seemed like he really cared about my well being!! I recently moved 1700 miles away from my hometown and don’t have an actual doctor yet. I also didn’t want to pay the $50 to go to urgent care, so I decided to try this app. I had symptoms of a UTI for a few days and was hoping they’d just go away but they did not so I downloaded the app and filled out all of the questions they asked (on a Friday at 10 pm). By 2:30 a.m. they had called in an antibiotic to my pharmacy. I then woke up at 6:30 a.m. with the worst lower back pain and was so scared that it had become a kidney infection. I quickly went to go see if the antibiotics were ready at the pharmacy (it’s a 24 hour pharmacy so they were, thank goodness). I messaged the doctor and told him I was having back pains now and a few hours later (on a Saturday!!) he called me and asked questions about my symptoms and then told me to stop taking the first antibiotic and prescribed a different antibiotic that is better suited for kidney infections! I was not expecting that kind of service from a $25 doctor app, but it was such a relief to have his help.

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    I’m crying

    I havnt had insurance for years since my parents kicked me off at 18 so I ALWAYS avoid the doctors because I can never afford it, I get UTIs quite frequently probably because I hold my pee a lot and never drink water lol but I normally just am in pain for weeks before they subside, this one that showed up a few days ago just seemed worse than normal and I knew I couldn’t go and work while having to run to the bathroom every 2 minutes and being uncomfortable in jeans, so I tried this out after reading as many reviews as a I could, it cost $20 so my skepticism wasn’t too bad considering if I lost $20 I lost $20 whatever, within 15 minutes of finishing the questionnaire they sent a prescription over to my pharmacy and all within an hour I had an antibacterial for my UTI and it only cost $20, (I got one of the medications that was apparently free?) I got back to my car and started crying because the last time I went to the doctor for a UTI they had to order a lab to confirm and then send a prescription and all and all it was well over $100-$200 and this is a life changer for me, just know, it’s 100% legit and amazing

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    Prescription refill awesome!!!!!!

    I runout of my birth control pills and i needed to renew my prescription but my doctor was going to take like a week to answer my request and they didn’t have appointments until next month so i was searching and searching how to get my birth control and thank god i came across this app!!! The app is trustable fats and easy within 1hr i had my prescription sent to my nearest pharmacy, it only took me like 6min to fill out the medical history and boom i got an answer quick, Just followed the steps and now i have my pills no need to go to the doctors office this is a good alternative for when running out of birth control pills and u need a prescription ASAP so now im happy that I won’t have to missed any days without my pills. I highly recommend the app for when getting a refill prescription for birth control. You only pay a small fee for doing the online consultation which is super easy and affordable. The costumer service is quick and helpful they answered the msgs quick. Im in los angeles CA so if ur in CA you can check by putting ur zipcode to see if they work on your area.

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    Wow! Quick and easy!

    Ever since I got my first UTI, I never really stopped getting them, usually they’re very mild, but in times where I’m hurting, I would desperately want antibiotics to cure me right away. But I have a busy schedule and I cannot visit my clinic as much as I want to. So I searched up online help, this website popped up! And I was intrigued by the 25 dollar cost! I tried another website called uti treatment, but they were wayyyyy too expensive, I think it’s because they actually have a person call you and ask about your symptoms. I honestly prefer the online questions because it feels more comfortable. I hate UTI’s the last thing I want is to talk to somebody and wait and pay a big amount. So I gave this one a try! I woke up with intense urge of peeing at 5 am In the morning, I was so uncomfortable and so I got this app and I quickly submit my visit. And an hour later I was contacted through message! And about another hour later my prescription was sent to my pharmacy! Super happy and satisfied ! I will definitely be using this app again!!

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    Amazing service

    I’m not one to write reviews, but I am blown away at how great this service is. I’m a college student on a budget, but I was switched to a different kind of birth control a few months ago and it’s made me break out, gain weight, and feel a lot more depressed, and I’ve been looking to switch back to my old brand. I don’t have health insurance, so going in for an expensive physical visit like I usually do isn’t really an option for me right now. I heard about HeyDoctor while looking at GoodRX and decided to give it a shot. For $5, I got my online consultation and I put in my request for the old brand I was on. Within less than 5-10 minutes, I was sent a message that it was approved and that my prescription will be available for pickup within an hour at my pharmacy, along with a GoodRX coupon!! The customer service rep I messaged back to was super kind, replied very quickly, and willing to answer my questions. I’m beyond satisfied, and really hope more people learn about this amazing app. Highly recommend!

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    Very disappointing..

    I decided to use HeyDoctor for the second time after using then for birth control months ago. The process was painless.. I have had sinus problems for the past few days and could not get an appointment with my primary care doctor, so I decided to go through HeyDoctor after seeing that they had services for sinus infections. I informed them of my symptoms only to get a generic response of over the counter medications that I could use. I appreciated the advice, but I had tried all of those before and they either 1) caused undesirable side effects or 2) did not work for me. I informed them. 3 hours later, a different person asked me how long I had been sick... well even though that is apart of the long profile they make you fill out prior to the doctor messaging you, I quickly responded. 3 hrs after that, no response from HeyDoctor. I started this process at 8am and and by 3:45pm, I had nothing. So after waiting another 3 hours for a response, I messaged them again and asked for a refund. I got a message back shortly after saying that they would process my refund. No apology for their incompetence or for the amount of time I waited for advice on how to get better. I will never deal with them again. I am now headed to an urgent care center to get the help that I need.

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    Cheaper than having insurance!

    Health care in the US is a joke. I just my job and I don’t qualify for insurance any less than $800/month. So I obviously can’t pay that much when I don’t have income coming. I had a UTI (which I’ve had several times prior), so I knew the symptoms immediately. I was going to go to an urgent care office where I was going to drop in at $100 + the cost of meds. There had to be a better way. I figured if you can get an RX for weed, there had to be a way to get meds for such a common problem. So a little internet sleuthing, I came upon HeyDoctor. There were other options, but after reading a ton of reviews and looking at the UX of their app and website, they appealed the most to me. Not to mention the $20 consult of which didn’t even need a video chat. So all in all, the whole process took 3 hours: less than 30 min for the consult, 2.5 hours for CVS to fulfill the RX. And I used GoodRX to save money on the antibiotics. So all in all, I spent $36! Which if I went to my Dr. with insurance, my co-pay would be $50!

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    Best Thing to Happen to Medicine (Besides Penicillin)

    This was my first experience with telehealth services, and my expectations were completely exceeded. I’m an RN but between jobs and have no insurance, and I found HeyDoctor in my search to find somewhere I could get a prescription without much hassle/having to find a doctor that would give me a reasonable rate w/o insurance. Knowing the paperwork/red tape involved in medicine, I was skeptical of it really being as easy as they advertised...but it really was. In fact, it was easier than the process I had to go through when I did have insurance. No exaggeration—within ten minutes of submitting my info, the medical team responded back saying they had sent my script to my pharmacy, and even sent me a coupon which allowed me to get the script for half off. I am still blown away. This is how streamlined basic medicine should be, and I will be coming back and also telling everyone I know about this service. Can’t say thanks enough!!!

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    Awesome convenient app!

    I’ve been struggling with a UTI for almost a week, called my obgyn today to see if he could just call me a script in because I tested myself with an Azo strip, and unfortunately he could not do so. My insurance doesn’t cover appointments out of family planning, my yearly, and birth control. We can’t afford 150$ urgent care bill, so I googled online uti doctors, and found this one. Read the reviews and decided it was definitely worth trying. I told them my symptoms and medications, and they sent some antibiotics over to my pharmacy within 15 mins! This is a super convenient, time & money saving app, & worth every penny for those of us with limited insurance. I spent 36 dollars on the diagnosis & script. Amazing! They are fast and professional & there to answer any questions you may have as well as help to make sure your script was easy to get. I will be using this again when needed! I highly recommend it!

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    Do not recommend. Possible scam!!

    I have a UTI and needed antibiotics. Originally doctors got back to me quickly and they said a prescription for an antibiotic was sent to my local pharmacy. They let me know to contact them if I had any problems receiving my prescription. I dropped by my pharmacy only to find out that no prescription had ever been sent in. I immediately wrote back the doctor saying the pharmacy hadn’t received my prescription. An hour passed and I hadn’t heard anything back from Hey Doctor. In the meantime I tried calling Hey Doctor multiple times and no one ever answered. I messaged them again with a follow up question asking if they received my message about the pharmacy not getting the prescription and that I needed a response because the pharmacy was closing soon. After once again not receiving a response, I sent a final message saying I wanted a full refund and let them know I felt they were just a scam app. I still never heard anything back from them. It says online they are open 24/7 and will give a full refund if not satisfied. I am very upset and will be contacting my bank. I would give Hey Doctor 0 stars if I could.

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    Ok so I don’t like writing reviews but I have to for Hey Doctor because I am in wows about how this company is legit and works. I signed up which took about a minute or 2, paid the $5 for the medicine I was looking for then I got a message shortly after asking me was I looking for a specific brand medicine and I told the person I was chatting with what I was looking for and boom. They told me that they sent over my Rx (which was for birth control)to my local pharmacy and it would be 3 packs for $38 but when I got there I gave them my insurance card and my insurance covered all 3 packs so I was even more excited about that. I’m still in shock about how super fast and easy it was. The whole process from me signing up and getting my Rx took about 3 hours because I didn’t go pick it up right away but it could’ve been sooner either way it goes I didn’t have to go to the doctor. Thee best service ever. 😊

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    I have been WAITING for a service like this. I’m currently struggling for work, don’t have health insurance and planned to go to an income based clinic which is still too expensive for me. I decided to check google one more time for a cheaper solution since I knew what the issue was. When this came up I was just praying it wasn’t a scam. THANKFULLY IT ISN’T! 20 mins after paying my visit fee my prescription was ready to go! They even told me how to get a discount from the pharmacy to make the meds cheaper for me. I can’t thank this company enough for not just helping my health but my pockets. As they promise to add more services in the future, this will definitely be my first stop. I also must mention that my advisor was so sweet and helpful. He called me to give me advise about pharmacy options, did all of the hard work to make sure it was there, and told me how to get my meds for cheaper. Thanks Brendan!!!

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    Convenience is Priceless

    I found this app the day before Thanksgiving at 4am, when I realized I had a UTI. Ugh. Annoyed with the thought of my jam packed workday, holiday prep, and the cost/time for a doctor visit - I gave HeyDoctor a try. Turns out - I had a great experience!! The app is free and user friendly. You provide basic personal info, answer questions tailored to the health concern you have, select your pharmacy, and provide a pic of your ID (along with your smiling face) and a payment method ($20). I believe I submitted around 6am....and within maybe? 2minutes - I received a kind message about getting me better, immediately followed by confirmation he had called in the script, as well as links to articles about the topic. It was priceless to be able to go about my day as needed, just fitting in a quick trip to pick up a $4 script. Based on my $24 experience - I highly recommend this app/service!!

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    Life Saver.

    I’ve struggled with UTI’s since my C-Section complications 3 years ago. The doctor sliced my bladder open and I’ve had multiple surgeries attempting to repair the damage, and I get a UTI once a month because of the scaring in my urethra. Literally everything gives me a UTI, not peeing enough, forgetting to drink water, sex, swimming. It’s extremely frustrating and hard to live with. My insurance requires a $50 office fee and my doctor only prescribes antibiotics after a visit, plus I have to pay for testing if it happens on over the weekend with a $100 visit to urgent care. Today is Sunday, I woke up in immense pain from a UTI and was desperate enough to look up online antibiotics and stumbled upon HeyDoctor. They called a prescription in within 2 hours! Such a life changer this app is...it’s a real prescription from a real company sent directly to my usual pharmacy that I can actually afford!! Thank you so much!

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Is HeyDoctor by GoodRx Safe?

No. HeyDoctor by GoodRx does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,254 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for HeyDoctor by GoodRx Is 19.7/100.

Is HeyDoctor by GoodRx Legit?

No. HeyDoctor by GoodRx does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,254 HeyDoctor by GoodRx User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for HeyDoctor by GoodRx Is 19.7/100.

Is HeyDoctor by GoodRx not working?

HeyDoctor by GoodRx works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By todd
Mar 07 2021

seemed legit but now i cant contact them and no records found in my file on their website

By Steven True
Feb 25 2021

Not satisfied with their service. I don't recommend them

By S
Feb 02 2021

I was at work, in pain and wanting to yell from a UTI. I know when I have a UTI as it is unmistakable. The roads were snowy and i would have had to leave work early and go to urgent care and do a urinalysis to get a prescription. I was so uncomfortable i didnt want to drive and could hardly "hold it" so i searched for an online solution.
Found GoodRx and filled out a comprehensive questionnaire. Had to take a picture of myself and my I.D. which made me nervous about privacy but i continued anyway. A chat window opened and asked me to have my phone ready. A nurse called 5 minutes later, wrote a script for an antibiotic and also suggested i get the over the counter AZO urinary pain relief to help with the discomfort. I thanked her, the call ended and in the chat window i selected my local pharmacy. 20 minutes later the pharmacy texted to tell me my prescition was ready. Cost of consultation $39 Plus $20 for the presciption. I picked up the prescription and a nice pharmacy tech grabbed the AZO. I paid at the window and i am soooooo grateful for this smooth transaction.

By Brian Kupiec
Jan 29 2021

This good rx hey doctor site is a big ripoff took my 39.00 and Stacy Jones said no I can’t help you — that’s a bunch of bs and stealing my money when I turned to this site for help — don’t waste your money — I’m filing complaint with better business bureau and Texas attorney general for fraud and steal— I am pissed off

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