Best Cloud Hosting Softwares June, 2024

Rackspace Mobile

Rackspace Hosting

Now you can know exactly what’s going on with your cloud infrastructure wherever you are, whenever you want – don’t feel tied to your desk to keep tabs on your cloud. Supports Cloud, Dedicated, and Fanatical Support for AWS accounts. File Manager

Rapidgator Limited

Great app to manage and download your files on service.



Collaborate with clients or users by inviting them to use and share data and software. Forget about sending files back and forth to a client or rushing to their office just for a simple data input.

Hosted Video

AXIS Communications AB

AXIS Mobile Viewer for Hosted Video supports Axis network cameras and encoders connected to your video service provider account. With a hosted video solution, Axis partners provide surveillance as a cloud-based service often completed with additional services.

Asin cloud mining


[Asin introduction] Founded in 2018, asin is a platform focusing on digital asset hash-rate power sales, mining farm construction, and digital asset management. The platform team comes from Singapore, Hong Kong, and North America globally well-known IT and asset management institutions.

Play Privacy: Video Storage


Play Privacy - It’s Video Storage and new solution to save and store your videos Keep the video on lock. With our application, you no longer have to worry about the confidentiality of your private content.



As a 1&1 Hosting customer, you can use this application to access all your files in the IONOS HiDrive from your mobile device. The automatic camera upload allows you to automatically back up new recordings and albums from the device to your online storage.


CloudCone, LLC

A long-awaited feature is finally here! Our app now allows you to view your invoices on-the-go and pay them too! With this feature, you can pay your invoices hassle-free with cloud credits. What else? With our mobile app, all your concerns that require immediate attention can be resolved on-the-go through the instant support feature, at any given time.

Ifovea Cloud

2MSolutions Inc.

The Ifovea Cloud application lets you connect your IP security cameras to our cloud with secure and real-time instant live view, incidents, playbacks, and advanced video analytics (Face Recognition, Motion detection, Missed Object, Virtual Lines). The application eliminates the need for local NVR maintenance and continuous updates or hardware replacements.

Sungard AS Cloud

Forge Reply

"***Important: this VR experience requires a cardboard or a similar stereoscopic viewer***   Explore a VR cloudscape to discover the features and benefits of Sungard AS Cloud Services:     Availability, Business Continuity & Recovery   Managed Application Cloud Services   Cloud and Hosting   Hybrid is the New Norm   Data Centre Infrastructure".

Aruba Cloud

Aruba S.p.A.

Aruba Cloud offers a secure, efficient and flexible solution for managing your cloud servers. With the App you can: - Create and manage your SMART and PRO cloud servers.

Site Ox

Site Ox

This App provides the user with the ability to lease and perform Automated Deployments of Commercial Unix/Linux Operating Systems, and Business Functions, from their iOS device. This simple and easy to use App, provides a non-technical interface to install complex Operating Systems and Business Functions across various platforms and architectures (including; IBM AIX on POWER, HP-UX on Itanium, Solaris on SPARC or Intel, Linux .

WNPower Autogestión


Con WNPower Autogestión podrás manejar tus servicios de Hosting, Cloud VPS y Servidores Dedicados más fácil, rápido y desde cualquier lugar. Con esta App podrás registrarte y contratar servicios, pagar tus facturas, gestionar tus consultas y reclamos, conocer el estado de tus servicios en tiempo real, registrar y renovar tus dominios, certificados de seguridad SSL y acceder a todos los contenidos exclusivos de WNPower.


Endurance International Group (India) Pvt Ltd

At ResellerClub, we realize you're on the move a lot! Meeting customers, attending events or just traveling. With the new ResellerClub app, you can do the important tasks while you're on the move.

EMWD, Inc.

Appsme Ltd

Our app allows our hosting clients to easily access our contact information and any current offers we may be having. It is also a great tool to share our hosting offers with your friends, business colleagues, and family.

Fibernet App

eSource LLC

Here at Fibernet, we’re always looking for ways to serve you better and we know that many of you are iPhone users. That’s why we’ve been working hard to release our latest project: a Fibernet iOS app.

Timeweb VDS - 24/7 management


Manage your VDS/VPS from our app on any device, gain control over our virtual server resources and get a 24/7 assistance from the Timeweb support team. Get access to active virtual servers and the main control panel features with the Timeweb app.


Huemer Data Center Gesellschaft m.b.H

hBOX ist ein sicheres Medium zur Speicherung, Synchronisation und Freigabe Ihrer Unternehmensdateien. So können Sie einfach und ortsunabhängig über sämtliche benötigten und für Sie autorisierten Informationen verfügen.

ArianeSoft MyFiles


ArianeSoft MyFiles is a professional solution to store, manage, share and coillaborate with your data in a secured way in the Cloud at ArianeSoft Luxembourg. You can access your data from every platform and share all or parts of them with defined people.


Christian Lobach

Use your mobile device as a web server! Access static websites from a computer or other mobile device. FEATURES • use folders stored locally on your iPhone/iPad or in iCloud • serve static files and websites over HTTP • enable Directory Listing to browse the selected folder in your browser • Bonjour: no need to type in IP addresses - TinyServer will show a friendly URL like http://myiPhone.






iPBX Hosting is Japan's most reliable and cost-effective cloud phone service. This service was rolled out in 2011 by AINEO Networks and give you the whole phone system within the App.


Man Wai Huen

We are based in HK, we mainly provide internet services, including web hosting, email hosting, cloud server, mobile apps and EDM etc..

Christopher Gaschen

Gardez un oeil sur vos différents services. L'application pixe-l.


TURKTICARET.Net Yazilim Hiz. San. ve Tic. A.S.

TURKTICARET.Net alan adı tescili, hosting, web alanı, e-mail, SSL sertifikası, sunucu marka ve patent tescili gibi birçok konuda internette yer almanız için ihtiyaç duyacağınız tüm hizmetleri sağlamaktadır.