Epic Haiku & Limerick Reviews

Epic Haiku & Limerick Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-16

Haiku provides authorized clinical users of Epic’s Electronic Health Record
with secure access to clinic schedules, hospital patient lists, health
summaries, test results and notes. Haiku also supports dictation and In Basket
access. Haiku works on both the iPhone and iPod touch. Your...

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Epic Haiku & Limerick Reviews

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    Missing major feature

    Update: Still highly limited app. Can not view handoffs which contradicts the goal of being a paperless system. Also does not show certain notes written including “significant event” notes which are usually extremely important documentation of a recent emergent event. Wish they reviewed all these comments and attempted to make adjustments to the app but I have yet to notice any evidence of improvement based on user feedback. This app has very limited utility from a clinical perspective. You cannot review the medication administration history to determine if and when meds were recently given. You also cannot see the handoffs for the patients (let alone modify them) which in my opinion would be one of the most obvious and important functions to have on an EMR phone application. Also, face/fingerprint identification frequently is “unavailable” and requires you to manual put in your password. I have not figured out what causes this to happen. Doesn’t seem to be based on the type of internet connection and doesn’t seem to be based on how long it has been since you last signed into the app.

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    Bring Haiku up to Epic Standards

    Haiku could be a primary way to draft notes on rounds and clinic but it functions more as an afterthought as opposed to a primary resource. It is the best potential pathway to add dictated content to Epic. Almost all notes in Epic desktop are templated and pull data into the note. That Haiku does not allow creating templated notes is unacceptable. Look at other EMR vendors apps. Creating a dictated final form note is easy in at least one major vendors app and has lead to rapid adoption by more than half of the providers at one of our hospitals. Almost nobody uses Haiku to create notes in our Epic based hospitals. Make Haiku shine like Epic desktop and you will vastly amplify the utility and desirability of Epic in general.

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    Improving, but still needs work

    Update. Version 5.4 was supposed to fix Siri dictation in the keyboard, but the app still crashes like crazy. I was so hopeful that this would get the app to a usable stay, but is now pretty unusable. Newest version of the app looks pretty, but it is getting more unusable. In iOS 11 Siri dictation causes the app to crash all the time. Epic claims that we should not be using Siri dictation because it is not hippa compliant however even sending messages to staff, when you don’t dictate in any patient indentifying information the app freezes and makes the app very difficult to use. Entire benefit of the phone and the app is to get work done with those little typing as possible. I should be able to forward a message that says “call patient and inform results normal “ or “please call the office for an appointment “ from the app using Siri without it crashing Also sending patient messages always autoadances to the next before you can mark the Messages as done which is really annoying. You have to double your work by reviewing all your messages a second time in order to clear finish messages from your inbox. This makes the app so awkward to use.

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    Disappointing app

    Epic is the best EHR I’ve used (and I’ve used a few). I assumed the app was comparable to the desktop model. It doesn’t make sense that the app does not allow for templates which is one of Epic’s strong features. I downloaded the app thinking it would help me document part of the History and Physical’s template in real time and place orders while I’m with the patient. Unfortunately none of that is possible. If the app cannot be comparable to the desktop model like most other apps out there (banks and credit card companies for example)what’s the point of having it. At least call it Epic supplement or something that would not get users’ hopes up. Bottom line, this app has nothing to do with Epic. This really needs to be fixed or just remove the app. Mediocre should not be an option for Epic.

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    Just okay, no iPhone X support

    I like that I can access some information about my patients without always going to a computer. That being said, not all data is available so I often still need a computer to find what I need. I would also like to be able to place orders for inpatients on the app, but that functionality doesn’t exist. Also, there is no support for the iPhone X display, so it doesn’t fill my entire screen. Overall, considering how much hospitals pay Epic for its software, this app should be substantially better. Lack of quality is likely a direct consequence of the absence of serious competition in the EHR field.

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    Swipe broken and video would be great

    Unsure how to give direct developer feedback so just rated 1 Star for attention. Sorry When I’m in a patient note and swipe from left screen edge I’m taken back to the notes page and can open more notes. I can not swipe back out from the notes screen to my patient list. That’s fine. However when viewing a lab and I swipe from left side it kicks me out of patient chart all the way to patient selection screen. This kills a piece of my soul every time. Please fix this swipe gesture. Currently using iPhone X on most up to date public release iOS. Please make a way to more easily view active vitals for inpatients. Currently I have to dive through a few distant screens just to see a single set of current vitals. Can’t even see a trend or a weight. If you displayed vitals the same way labs show trends in the so that would be awesome. Also, would be amazing if I could upload videos into chart. Specifically helpful for neurological disorders such tics, focal seizure, etc

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    A huge disappointment given this is the most comprehensive electronica medical record system available. One cannot edit or sign a previously started note in Haiku. Therefore you can only dictate a note if you start a new one. This particular feature is a critical one and makes this app terribly inadequate and frankly useless when you consider the importance of being able to edit and sign off on notes that are started in the exam room. The whole point is to make closing charts easier and this app does not allow you to do that all it does is give you more ways of being notified when you’re not at work to your inbox

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    Seriously. This is a joke.

    In our day of age most of us have a smart phone that we use for just about everything possible. Furthermore most clinicians are constantly on the move and work on the move. You would think that getting Epic on the phone right would be a top priority. But this is not the case. Since this garbage app was released very few things have changed and almost no new features were added. The iPad version of epic is decent but again my phone is always on my pocket and not the tablet. Please focus on the development of this app bc using epic on the phone is very important for the modern clinician.

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    Good start but serious work needed

    I have used Haiko for the good part of a year. I am in the move a lot around the hospital and it helps to quickly check a lab or someone else's notes as these things change constantly. Two issues for me are areas of improvement. I am not able to view all notes and sometimes that is frustrating. Other is I am unable to look up ahead schedule on status board all I have is today's board. And A lot of time I wanna see if a patient's procedure has been scheduled and what time like next week. I would be super valuable if we can dictate or addend notes using Haiko as I think it should be easy to make use of the phones keyboard and it will save valuable time and add usability of the app.

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    Can’t install limerick

    I have been using Haiku and Canto for months now, but the limerick app never seems to show up on my Apple Watch. Am I doing something wrong? That said, Haiku is super handy for looking up labs and X-ray studies but as of this writing has no ability to write notes or for order entry. I understand some limited CPOE is coming, but for my most common orders - admissions and discharges, Haiku (and I believe Canto, too) - mobile apps are a no go.

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    Would be better if Touch ID worked

    I think the most frustrating thing is that the Touch ID works probably 25% of the time. They have not fixed it, despite multiple updates. Also, the In Basket part is confusing and hard to use correctly. It’s simply easier to find a computer, log in, and respond to In Basket messages and results that way.

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    So the app serves the purpose of being able to make quick notes and look up simple labs or upload clinical media eg pictures and consents. However, it has problem with glitches and requiring frequent updates where you end up having to uninstall and re-install to get it to work.

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    Endless alerts about push notifications

    It’s not OK to remind me that I have push notifications disabled every time I open the app. I know I have push notifications disabled. I never enabled them. Worse is that if notifications are disabled, the app presents a modal dialog that can only be dismissed by tapping one of two buttons: return to settings, or remind me tomorrow. So I get this reminder daily since I refuse to ever enable push notifications. Absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful to your users. Apple should not have allowed this version to be approved in the App Store. Epic needs to fix this immediately. You might think it’s a feature, but it’s an absolute usability bug.

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    Please fix microphone note entry crash!

    The app freezes and crashes every time you use the microphone in the note entry area. I would use the app much more if this didn’t happen. Would like to see more ability to view vitals and results on inpatients. Would like something similar to the chart review area of the desktop version.

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    Could be better

    The functionality in the app is really helpful, but it hardly ever lets me log in. I commonly get “you have no available jobs” or another error message. The touchID feature is also nice, but again frequently does not work. Please fix these for the iPhone!

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Is Epic Haiku & Limerick Safe?

Yes. Epic Haiku & Limerick is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 361 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Epic Haiku & Limerick Is 37.0/100.

Is Epic Haiku & Limerick Legit?

Yes. Epic Haiku & Limerick is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 361 Epic Haiku & Limerick User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Epic Haiku & Limerick Is 37.0/100.

Is Epic Haiku & Limerick not working?

Epic Haiku & Limerick works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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