MyBSWHealth Reviews

MyBSWHealth Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-13

Baylor Scott & White’s MyBSWHealth app gives you the ability to manage all of
your healthcare needs in one place. Within the app, you can: •
Find doctors and locations in your network and schedule appointments with
ease • Securely communicate with your care team...

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MyBSWHealth Reviews

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    Little information

    As another patient said before this USED to be a great app. My husband and mother could go on and look at labs, visit notes, etc. it’s ridiculous. I have been diagnosed in October of 2017 with a new illness. I’m seeing multiple providers for this issue. I required about 10-12 vials of blood to be drawn. I have a port because my veins are useless. So 2 of my other specialists sent lab requests over to Texas Oncology because they drew from my port. These were extremely important tests. It’s been over a month and not only have the labs not posted but there was no mention of my low iron that I have treatments for. In addition my physician got a little agitated saying that having all those tests run there was not going to work. He said he doesn’t read those labs and since it’s under his name he could be liable. Well, ok they are the ones who suggested this because it’s nearly impossible to draw from my veins. So I’m kinda stuck. I’ve sent messages thru this ridiculous “portal” which was the one thing baylor had going for it and now it’s useless too. Lastly I have a patient portal thru Texas Oncology and it’s no better. I don’t know what happened but it’s a real shame and disappointment because you can never get info by calling dr or nurse. Standard is “ let me pull that up and I’ll call you back or I’ll send results to your email. You are forgotten before the phone hangs up!

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    App no longer works

    It’s been awhile since I’ve used this app, and I wanted to try and see where my blood lab results were versus where they are now (recently started to eat better and exercise and I’ve lost almost 30 lbs). I can’t see anything at all. When I log in, it gives me an ‘Error: 50’ message but continues through to the app. I can’t see anything. No messages, no due balance, nothing. The only things I see are ways to add pharmacies, and the nearest pharmacy to me. When I tried to Find Care, it let me search only to show me a glimpse of the search results, then glitch and make me have to restart the app to try again only for it not to work again. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling, yet I get the same problem. I’m not sure what happened between the span I wasn't using this app, but it’s useless now. I really wish they would’ve left this app as it was. It was a great app that had a lot of information at your fingertips before and now it gives you absolutely nothing. I won’t be using this app anymore until I can actually use it again. For now, I’m deleting it from my phone. Very disappointed.

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    Johnetta Polk

    Enough cannot be said about the super quality of service you will experience at any of the Baylor Scott White clinics or Hospitals Their physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers are there with one purpose and that’s to make sure You receive the best medical, personal assistance,and relationship necessary to make your needs met with the utmost respect and care necessary; so when go home you have the satisfaction that Baylor Scott White knows you! A patient and not a Number You have a Doctor or PA and Nurse who genuinely cares. And, with My Chart, where ever you travel you have your records at your fingertips. Hassle free. I almost forgot short on cash , inquire about how they can help in that time of need. We never know when we that unexpected can happen. So Ask! I am sure your needs are important to Baylor Scott White. I am proud to be a patient of 4 their finest physicians.

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    Emergency room

    I am so grateful for Dr. Issac! Being listened to by a highly skilled, well educated, kind Doctor rates highly in my book! Due to an episode that led to the ER and then discovery of 99% blockage in my heart, brought us Dr Issac!! Not one week has gone by since August 23 that I have been thankful and praising his actions and mentioned his name to friends and family! Yes, he is busy, yes he is still ready to sit and explain what he is seeing and working on in my case! He is a real God-send for me! Thank you from the bottom of a grateful heart!

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    New MyCart is horrible: NEED TUTORIAL

    We can not email our doctors, can’t get access to my payment information, drug list, previous visits, upcoming visits, etc. Today that information was Not accessible. This is terrible doctor/patient communication. The previous MyChart was extremely easy to use. Please bring it back. If the executives did not like it, I’m sure you like even less losing patients to other facilities. MyChart, the way it was, made us enjoy BSW because of easy access to our information. So if emails were not to a doctors performance, hire more doctors. You can not operate a successful business like this “new and improved” system. Bring back the older version, it worked. EDIT: IT TOOK A NURSE TO SHOW US HOW YOUR NEW MESS WORKS. YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD SOME KIND OF TUTORIAL TO HELP EVERYONE MANEUVER THIS SITE. !!!!!! SHAME ON YOU FOR NEGLECTING THAT. I HATE THAT TYPE OF SHOPPING AND HUNTING. NOW I HAVE BEEN DEPRIVED OF INFORMATION THAT I NEEDED EARLIER.

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    Inaccurate for employees

    My husband works for Baylor Health so he has employee insurance. We are both signed in with the app and when we view our claims it shows us under the employee insurance EQA. That’s where that ends. When we try to search for an in network doctor it doesn’t always pull up tier 1 doctors for our EQA. Today I was informed that the only doctor I could pull up under cardiology is not tier 1 and I need to get referred to another doctor who is. I’ve already waited over a month for this appointment and now I’m starting over again. My heart health has been getting worse. I’m facing another long length of time due to the app not pulling up the doctors under our plan. I don’t know if I can wait that long. This is a very inconvenient situation. EQA needs to be set up in this. I also don’t like that we can’t link our children with our account. THR has the ability to do this and Baylor doesn’t. It would be nice to have this feature.

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    Set this up once when I first got set up with my doctor. Login was saved in phone. A year later I saw the doctor again and my account was gone and had to get set up again. Went a long time not seeing doctor. Saw him recently and got a notice that my labs were ready and I could view them. Again I couldn’t log in. Im so wiped out I can’t even use “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Login” although I didn’t forget them. If you’re a hypochondriac and constantly log it it might be good but if you see a doc once a year or so forget it. I work with computers as my job maintaining employee accounts for a large hospital network so I’m pretty computer savvy but even I hate this system. Expecting employees to maintain accounts is one thing but expecting patients to maintain logins for the rare times they see their doctor is a pain. I say just put my labs in the snail mail!

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    Does NOT sync with Apple Health. App description lies.

    Health records in the Apple Health app, such as results from lab tests, would require manually adding BSW as an account inside the Apple Health app were BSW available in the list of providers, but they’re not in the list. I know this because my previous PCP, Austin Regional Clinic, is in the list, and my lab results from them are in Apple Health because I added them via that extra manual step. And it’s good that they are, because at my last physical, which was at a BSW clinic and not ARC, I could show the doc my previous records from ARC. As for BSW, none of the data from my last physical is available in Apple Health. This is extremely annoying, because my bodyweight scale, my nutrition tracking app, my blood pressure monitor, my Apple Watch, and my previous health records all feed into Apple Health. Not BSW, though. Not BSW. Absolutely disappointing.

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    Horrible front desk

    I have never had any issues with The doctors or nurses, clinic staff in back. My issue is with the front desk. Made an appointment because I wasn’t feeling well only to be told that I can’t be seen because I didn’t have copay. I asked to make the payment on Friday and was told I would have to reschedule, even offered to pay half. Asked it I could get dr note for work showing that I did come up here and was told no. No compassion at all in regards to patient health from front staff. Was told I had a bad debt for $41 when you look at the app it stated $0 balance and have been in office in past and NEVER was told about this so called balance. I asked if I could have my records sent to me and was told I would have to pay for them. My family will be finding another office!

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    Issue seeing other patient (dependent) info

    I love this app, but recently I am having trouble viewing my sons’ information. For example, when I click on messages and try to switch to see messages for one of my son’s the messages for me are still appearing. This is for the appointment category as well. I have to actually use the website link to check their information instead of the app. Hopefully this can be resolved soon. I restarted my phone multiple times just in case there was an error on my end, but that doesn’t help. I used to be able to view our information with ease, until a couple of weeks ago

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    Awful experience

    We went to clinic. Dr referred us to hospital to give blood test. 5 days passed and one of the result was not ready yet. They told us that they forgot to examine blood samples for ESR. We tried to talk to doctor but we were asked to pay again for the visit. We wanted to see the test results and recommendation about the health problem. But they didn’t send us as an email. We went to clinic one more time and saw a nurse, discussed about test result, she did not know anything what the test results were about and the abbreviations stand for. She told us to wait and went back to ask to the doctor, than secretary told us that we can go now because nurse was not gonna say anything. We really disappointed. Overall we felt that they tried to get rid of us.

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    Very difficult to maneuver

    The old app was very user friendly and everything was at your fingertips. You could access your medical records, make an appointment, get test results and talk to your doctor and everything was laid out very clearly. This app is THE most complicated and confusing my chart app I have ever used. I have been using it for awhile and I still have not gotten used to it. Nothing flows or makes sense to me. You get into one section and it pops you out completely, the sections as where to access information is not logical and when I think information should be in a particular place it is not. I absolutely am totally frustrated with this app. It is very time consuming and difficult and I do not like the way it is laid out.

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    New App Impossible!!!

    The new “updates’ have print so small they are impossible to read. And my doctors did not import from MyChart & you have no link to add doctors! Plus it only displays one appt instead of all upcoming. MyChart design is far superior to new app. Please stop letting Millennials design your websites! Their small print infatuation is ridiculous, unwieldly, & totally useless! If one expands the print then you can’t see the whole line. Plus BSW’s billing system is still a mess because it doesn’t display your total balance, just for each individual procedure. So you end up waiting for insurance to decide whether to pay & then it’s past due. BSW could collect a lot quicker if they would give a running balance like every other billing system!

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    Best Service Out Patient Clinic & Hospital

    I have had a every bad experience with other hospitals and Dr’s with bed side manors or just to listen about what’s going on with me . I have literally waited a whole year just to go back and see Dr.’s at Baylor Scott and White !! Having the App with Baylor Scott and White this is awesome , you get excellent response back from a doctor or nurse you get to see your labs and anything else . Everybody replies within five minutes I wouldn’t go anywhere‘s else I love Baylor Scott and White!!

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    Has flaws

    When I first downloaded this app it worked great. I could easily switch between my info and my children’s. Since then they have done an update and I can no longer switch. In fact it says my name but has all of my sons info and I can only communicate with his doctor. It shows MyChart is linked but it’s no where to be found. I had to log on through the actual website to get to that aspect. I also don’t like that the MyChart app pushes me off to this app as I have other doctors that aren’t BSW that I’d like it all to be linked into one app. MyChart won’t let me even login to it at all.

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Is MyBSWHealth Safe?

No. MyBSWHealth does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 29,574 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MyBSWHealth Is 16.3/100.

Is MyBSWHealth Legit?

No. MyBSWHealth does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 29,574 MyBSWHealth User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MyBSWHealth Is 16.3/100.

Is MyBSWHealth not working?

MyBSWHealth works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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