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Legitimacy & Safety Scores


Understanding Justuseapp's Legitimacy & Safety Scores

JustUseApp is a mission driven company by Swap Internet, that helps you to know if an app is safe for use and will not steal your data and money. Picture this: You may have certain apps that you want to download and you want to make sure that such apps are not harmful in any way.

Justuseapp is fully packaged to give you every information you need on most mobile apps.The legitimacy and safety scores will help you make better decisions on what apps to download. You can also track app problems and performance issues with Justuseapp and our sister site - Outagedown.

JustUseApp comes with top-notch features to ensure the safety of whichever app you want to download. These features include;

  • App scrutiny - Using machine learning, JustUseApp can access every detail about any app and tell you if it's secure or not.
  • Unedited reviews - a lot of reviews websites are censored or work with app makers to churn out favorable reviews. JustUseApp provides unedited reviews to make you see an app for what it is, from informtaion provided by real users.
  • Legitimacy - Features like legitimacy scores are available to tell you how legal and authentic an app is, and if your data will be safe with such apps.
  • Complaints - With JustUseApp, you can reach out to the officials/makers of various apps and report any issue you have with the app. You can also delete your account and unsubscribe from any plan when you reach out. No place on the internet contains such information except maybe Appcontacter.com - which is also owned by us 😊
  • Ratings are also available on Justuseapp, so you can measure the excellence of the app based on other user's feedback.


Now we'll further explain the various scores we have on JustUseApp.


Legitimacy And Safety Scores: Methodolgy

Our innovation and invention of the App Legitimacy and Safety scores is a good way to keep track of an app's safety performance over time.  When you visit any app page on the site, you would see reviews, ratings, safety scores and legitimacy scores. The importance of these scores is to know how good an app is for use.

Method: JustUseApp uses NLP(Natural Language Processing) and machine learning to analyse app reviews submitted on our website and from the appstores. We collate the reviews sentiment data, merge it with current app ratings and length of time since app was launched and our Machine learning systems spits out the Legitimacy and Safety scores.



Is JustUseApp.com Safe?

JustUseApp.com is a safe domain according to Google Safe Browsing and Symantec. It is verified, completely registered and certified to carry out operations in the U.S and Africa.


Is JustUseApp Legit?

As an app that helps you to check the safety and legitimacy status of other apps, it is in itself, a legit website. The JustUseApp is a registered brand of Swap Internet and is safe to use. Over 1 million people (that's a lot of people) use us every month to save themselves from scammers who operate very fraudulent apps. With JustUseApp, you have nothing to worry about.