Dexcom Follow Reviews

Dexcom Follow Reviews

Published by on 2020-11-13

The Dexcom Follow App is part of the Dexcom SHARE® system. Use this app if
your loved one is sharing data from their Dexcom CGM app. The Sharer will need
to send an invitation to allow you to connect after you have installed the
Follow app. Dexcom Follow is the perfect companion to...

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Dexcom Follow Reviews

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    Maybe add a Chat?

    We absolutely love this app! My brother-in-law is 15 and has a CGM. Me, his mom and dad, grandma, and girlfriend all have the app. It is such a comfort to know when he is high or low. Especially when he is playing a sport or is asleep and can’t feel when it drops or rises. One thing I wish they could do is maybe add a chat in or something. In the middle of the night his mom and dad may have him drink a juice or something, but the rest of us don’t know. Early this morning the app was only registering LOW. I woke up to my phone going off that it was an urgent low. I texted and called my mother and father-in-law, but they wouldn’t answer me. After a few minutes my husband and I drove to there house in a panic that no one knew he was that low. Thankfully they only live a few miles away. Long story short, they were all asleep but had given him a juice an hour earlier. So his sugar wasn’t as low as we thought, it was just registering with the app a lot slower. If there was some kind of chat or a way to leave a notification I think that would be great. That way the rest of us will know that they got him, or gave him a juice at a certain time. It would give us some peace of mind if nothing else. And be a lot easier than just texting each of us. I love the app though! It’s a real blessing to have!

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    It’s called “ Follow” app. So, you can follow your dependent loved one, in this case- a special needs child and monitor readings of their glucose. when it works, it works. However: Early this morning, I get an alert if his low reading. We call him on the phone and tell him to eat a sugar pill right away. Then, 10 minutes later we can’t get a reading. Keeps saying “No Data”. This went on for several HOURS! This has happened several times since installing this monitor on our child and using the new programs and apps to watch and monitor his glucose levels. This is a very scary situation. He is hundreds of miles away and now, we have to battle in hopes of getting a reading of his glucose while he’s away from home. This has been failing us too many times. I am hoping that DEXCOM will take note of this review because it is a serious problem when the app/ meter just does not show information for no valid reason. Internet connection is good. Wi-Fi connection is good. At both ends of the spectrum. Therefore, I cannot see a reason for the failure in this product at this point. DEXCOM: PLEASE, address this right away! Thank you.

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    Wasted Potential

    Two stars because Dexcom as a product is amazing and has changed my fiancé’s life. However, it seems pretty clear that the company’s product strategy focuses only on the hardware and not their mobile apps. Least of all, the Follow app which hasn’t been updated beyond minor bugs fixes possibly ever. But even the Dexcom G6 app is basic and limited. There are major bugs, inconsistencies, grammatical errors, and even duplicates of the exact same question on the FAQ page. Dexcom releases app updates maybe once a year, if we’re lucky, and they certainly don’t have anywhere in their apps or on their website to report bugs or give feature suggestions. There is so much potential for the Dexcom apps, but it’s wasted (it doesn’t look like they even employ a software product manager). Thankfully, they have open APIs, so there are some great third-party apps that are way better than Dexcom’s app, but it’s really disappointing that they don’t put more focus here. While their hardware is much better than their competitors due to being so hands-off, it’s not that huge of a competitive advantage and the mobile space is definitely where their competitors can quickly gain some ground on them. I hope Dexcom puts more strategy behind their entire product solution in the future instead of only focusing on the hardware.

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    Help us help our people

    As many have said, the app needs some love. While it’s helpful sometimes, I’m most often referring to Nightscout instead, because it has a faster response and loading time. That’s kinda a problem. I’d hope that Dexcom could provide a more responsive product than the open source method. But I think it’s mostly due to the fact that the Follow app isn’t getting the love that the G5 app gets. And I just want to remind the devs that the support team surrounding someone with T1D needs to be just a quick as the person themself. My wife works at night and I’m often watching her blood glucose when she’s sleeping, and having a watch complication or clear/helpful notifications would make a huge difference. Kudos for adding the 1/3/6 hr increments. That was another big feature missing. But the app still needs better notifications and more fast and consistent load times to make it my go-to app.

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    Follow app

    I love this app...but would like to suggest a few upgrades that would make it even better for the dexcom follower. I saw that dexcom recently did an app upgrade to the 'user' app so they can have their sugar readings displayed as a 'complication' on their Apple Watch. This would be a great improvement for the follow app also! Please update this so a follower can have it on their Apple Watch just as easily. Also, please please please do an upgrade so that the sugar readings from the iPhone can be directly Blue-toothed to the Apple Watch without having the "go between" of the iPhone with you at all times. It would be so much more beneficial for both the user and follower if it would Bluetooth directly. I called Apple directly to see if this would be an upgrade they would need to do and was told that it would need to be an upgrade on Dexcom's side so that it can Bluetooth to the Watch directly, like it does the dexcom receiver and the iPhone. This would be a huge improvement in my eyes and could potentially save lives in the future! Thank you!

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    A little out dated

    The app is great in that I can follow along with my son’s BG readings. However, the graph is extremely outdated. I have no way of knowing the exact reading of past points on the graph. It would be nice if the follow app had the same graph as the sharer app: in that we can see the events entered by the sharer and the details of each reading by pressing each point on the graph and rotating the phone to see a more detailed graph. Also, it would be nice to have an admin or super user access to the sharer’s data. My son is a juvenile who doesn’t always enter his events. Therefore, I would like the ability to enter events on his behalf without having to get his phone and go into his app. It would be easier if I could either have a version of the sharer app or have access from the follow app (just a suggestion, as a parent of a juvenile). This app is great for the school nurse and for grandparents/caregivers who watch over kids. But as a parent or someone who assist with the administration of insulin and carb counting and who are a little bit more hands on with the sharer, the app is simply not enough.

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    Married to a DM1

    We recently got the G5 mobile die to my wife having DM1 and just giving birth to our first child. I wanted a way that while I was at work at night I could monitor her blood sugars to make sure she was ok, especially with being home alone at night. Now not only do I follow them but we are setting it up on her mothers iPhone so she can too. (They live 3 miles away) now not only will I know but someone else that can get home quicker than I can will too. The only no data we have gotten is when she left her phone on the other side of the house. No biggie it picked right back up. People complain about the frequent notifications of lows and highs, umm hello!!! That's what it's for!!!! Highs can be just as dangerous as a low. Please dexcom notify me when my wife's blood sugar is low every 5 minutes. I won't care because it helps me make sure she can take care of our child.

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    Love Dexcom..this app..not so much

    Thank goodness for Dexcom. Seriously some remarkable life changing technology. I have no issues with the graph or the color of the app icon. (Seem to be common complaints of other reviewers) Everything is fine with me WHEN IT DECIDES TO WORK! It seems that for at least a year now (maybe 2?) there has been a notification when you open the app that they are currently working on the app. When my husband shares his information with me usually it works at first. Then I’d say 80% of the time later that day and the days to follow, I don’t get any numbers and a graph with nothing or dots that ended hours ago. It just reads “NO DATA” Kinda frustrating ESPECIALLY when my alarm will go off letting me know he’s high or low but then won’t tell me any numbers when I get into it. If he’s asleep and I have to wake him, I go to his phone to check and ...same deal. Wha?!? How can it alert me and then tell me nothing? This has ALWAYS been an issue with this app. I love when it does work but I wish it was more than 20%of the time.

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    Great app, some recommendations for improvement

    This app is fantastic in allowing me to keep track of my SO’s sugar levels. I tend to be on it like a thing that I would like to see in future updates is more detailed banner notifications on the lock screen. It would be great if I could see on the lock screen if the notification is for high or low sugar. It would also be great to receive notifications for rapid drops and rises even if they are within the designated range. For example, if she goes from 180 to 120 in 10 minutes that’s within her desired range but a drop that quickly is probably going to be bad news. I think the app already has the ability to have multiple alarms for each type of notification, but for a person like me who has his phone on silent all the time those alarms aren’t very helpful. Please consider making the banner notifications more detailed. Thanks!

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    Noticed a problem with the new update

    Okay so I absolutely love this new update so far with a small exception. Only 1 issue but it’s really an important one. If the below is fixed then this app would definitely be a 5star. I went to change my daughters settings in my phone (my follow app on newest iOS) and when I go to change the setting (example notify me after 20min instead of 30min) it allows the change but there isn’t a “DONE” or “ok” button. There is only the “Back” button so it’s not recognizing that I made a change so if I change it and hit back it defaults back to my original settings. Please add a “Done” button to the settings so I can change it, press done then it should take me back to the previous screen at which point “Save” should light up and allow me to press save. Also one thing that I had a problem with PRIOR to the update was the No Data Notifications. When I cleared the alert to have my daughter check her Dex and app I would not get any other notifications if it wasn’t fixed. Regardless of settings. HOWEVER I AM NOT SURE IF THIS IS STILL A PROBLEM since the update. I will let you know if it happens. Otherwise great app and We absolutely love the G6. We started on g4 then went to g5 and they just keep getting better and I absolutely love that it works together with her TSlim! Great Job Dexcom!

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    The follow app quality isn’t there anymore!

    I have been using dexcom for a few years now and I have to say the quality and performance of the follow app has really gone downhill for me! I will get high or low alarms but when I go into the app it it looks it blank like we lost connection. I have to open and close the app a few times and then it finally will update and tell me a number. How can I be getting high or low alert if it doesn’t even know the number??? Then when that finally works and I’ve cleared the alert not even 2 minutes later I will get another alert... all day!!! I’m not even going to get started about the watch issues not updating or taking forever to update. The last thing I’m going to talk about is when I have my air pods on and my volume down very low listing to music at work and I get an alert that nearly blows out my eardrums!!! I have a iPhone 7s plus, iOS 11.2.5 and I have the notifications turned off for loss of signal. I just restored my phone and reinstalled the app and I continue to have the same issues.

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    Hoping for A Widget

    Similar to the request of the previous reviewer, I would love to see the “widget” version of the Dexcom follow app so I can just right swipe my phone in lock mode and see my son’s blood glucose levels. They added this for the Dexcom app he uses on his phone so it seems like it would be an easy add for the share version. Additionally, I would love to see the option of choosing alarms to go off more often than every half hour (ie: every 5 minutes).. I understand that can be too much for some people and hence why setting your own time frame to repeat alarms is great, but as the parent of a T1D toddler, I do not want to risk sleeping through an alarm just because it went off once and then didn’t alarm again for another half hour. Otherwise we love this software and are so grateful for the technology of the Dexcom and its integration with our phones!

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    Dexcom Follow needs updating

    I love this app, but it needs some obvious updating. Sometimes it feels that the developers never did end user testing for it. For example: If you get an alert on the Apple Watch, the alert comes up on the screen but it doesn’t say the BG reading. It should say it in the alert, that way users don’t have to press it to get the number. It only say HIGH or LOW. Also, the alert says dismiss, but it doesn’t dismiss the repeat setting, you have open the app on the iPhone to dismiss the repeat. If you have a repeat of every 5 minutes for low because you don’t want to miss a low on your child, the alert should not repeat after you acknowledge that you have seen it on the watch. The complications don’t work as fast as they should update. I use sugarmate complication. They have a very creative way of displaying the BG and refresh by using a calendar entry every 5 minutes that deletes itself. Check it out. I use the app on an old iPhone and charging stand on my night table and in dark mode, which is great. When an alert comes in, the alert pop up window comes right on top of the BG number. You have to touch the alert to see the number. It would be a lot better if the alert would be the top of the screen, not the center. It makes it a lot easier for parents watching their kids BG all night. Dexcom should do end user testing if not doing it. Thank you and good job!!

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    Love DexCom.

    My husband and I just got Apple Watches 95% reason being that we can easily view our son’s dexcom info super easily. That jaded excitement came to a crashing hault when after a middle of the night low of 49 (very bad for my son) the alarms did not wake us. If your Apple Watch alarm goes off (a small 1 beep with a tiny vibration) your phone alarms (crazy sirens for lows in the night on our phones) do not go off. So we were not woken up. That small beep with tiny vibration was not enough to get us out of our REM cycles. I wish I would have known this would happen. Thank God he is okay. When I realized what happened and figured out the phone loud alerts would not go off at the same time as tiny watch alarms, we immediately took dexcom off our Apple Watches. Now I don’t even care to have the watch. That was a terrifying experience. I can’t believe it happened.

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    Super convenient but...

    So overall, I love this app but recently I upgraded to an iPhone 11 and the app keeps glitching and exiting off the screen. It works great on other iPhone models and iPads. Super handy way to stay on top of my daughter’s glucose levels. It’s just that now I have to tether another Apple device to my phone to monitor her because of the app glitching on the iPhone 11. Hopefully an app update can fix the issue. Another issue is that if Apple products are on “Do not Disturb”, the alarm does not override that feature... there needs to be a way that it can override and sound the alarm the same way Apple allows its clock alarms/timers to sound regardless of the DND feature. It’s scary to realize you slept thru a critical low especially the person that’s diabetic may have been too weak to get or respond to their alarm sounding off.

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Is Dexcom Follow Safe?

Yes. Dexcom Follow is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,098 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dexcom Follow Is 41.2/100.

Is Dexcom Follow Legit?

Yes. Dexcom Follow is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,098 Dexcom Follow User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dexcom Follow Is 41.2/100.

Is Dexcom Follow not working?

Dexcom Follow works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Dexcom Follow customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Dexcom Follow.

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