Livongo Reviews

Livongo Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-17

Livongo makes it easy to be healthy. Our tools, support, and guidance help you
understand and manage chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure
while adopting the nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle habits proven to
help you live a healthier life. The Livongo app work...

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Livongo Reviews

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    Take Control of your Diabetes

    I am very grateful to Livango for offering me the chance to control my Diabetes 2 . My story is like many I suspect .I am 70 this year and have since my 40’s had trouble with weight . I found a foolish way to suppress my appetite by smoking . In Aug 2017 a dear 60 year old friend was diagnosed with lung cancer, she passed 6 months later. It scared me enough I quit “cold turkey”. Over the next six months my weight climbed and by Dec 2018 had climbed 34 lb . I had tried to diet for 2 weeks. Lose 8 lb , go off diet and regain 10 .My FBS ave increased 20 pts and my Hba1c rose to 6.9. Enter Livago, I was provided the means to check my BS 3x Day. , not 3x a week as previous. I was able to get the support to see results and since beginning the Program have seen my FBS drop 15 pts, , BP drop 10 pts Systolic & Diastolic and my weight drop 33 lb since 15 Jan on the Ketogenic Diet.. The Battle is no where near over but the Journey has begun with the Help of Team Livago .. Thank you!

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    Win, Win, Win Situation Created By Livongo!

    What a wonderful , Altruistic idea Livongo is. It propels the diabetic into a new era of health by providing motivational tools, such as an app, free diabetic supplies, giving important health information and strategies to improve our health; and they give us support. Everybody wins! We win because we are healthier. We curtail the negative side effects our diabetes and even possibility curing it eventually by changing our eating and physical habits by the information given. Everybody wins! The insurance company wins because their costs go down because the diabetic stays well due to the positive changes in their health. Everybody wins! Livongo is rewarded financially by this great idea that they have provided to our insurance company. What a wonderful Win, Win, Win situation. Thanks you, Livongo!

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    I’m so thankful for Livongo! My new meter is amazing! I love how it goes on my phone and how it gives me little positive tips. I also love how it sends my blood sugar readings to my family members that always ask how my bs are, so I don’t have to discuss it with them every day - when it gets a little low or a little higher my Mother will text and question if that number is okay - or you better eat something - ordering supplies has never been easier too! Everything about it is great! Being able to have this new meter and plan has helped me with my diabetes immensely! Thank you so much! I love it!

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    Not helpful for T1DM

    Full disclosure, I signed up for Livongo for the free test materials, but my insurance finally stopped being ridiculous and agreed to pay for the Contour Next strips, which made the Livongo gear unnecessary. That said. The app never lived up to my expectations and neither did the weird touchscreen meter. There are a lot of good ideas going on here, with features that allow you, for example, to log how you’re feeling when you enter a blood sugar. But overall, the whole thing seems very strongly geared toward type 2 diabetics, with the system being strongly focused on using lifestyle changes to improve health and no way to enter data about insulin dosages. My primary struggle is in trying to understand how to adjust my insulin, so this hasn’t been at all helpful for me personally.

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    Love Livongo

    Since starting with livongo my sugars have been so much better. The tips they send are so helpful. I was a soda drinker and could not drink water feeling like I was drowning every time. I knew I needed to get off and when I started with livongo there were challenges and who wants to fail a challenge. Was it the foods I was eating or being encouraged to drink more water I was switched. I hardly touch soda and if I do it way be 2 gulps and I find it too sweet. Livongo gave me a new start. Thank you!

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    I was diagnosed with type 2 a year ago. I learned to control my diabetes through exercise and diet, but still check my sugar at least a few times a week normally. I do not need medication but checking my sugar is important- and this machine makes it nice to do. It’s easy, compact if I travel and I love the app that helps keep track of everything so I do not need need to keep a written log! Thank you so much for making this easier❤️

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    Great help for a busy guy

    I am a busy guy and having a disease like diabetes can be a full time job on its own. Livongo helps keep up with a testing schedule and keeps track of my numbers. They contact you when your numbers are high or low to check on you and give suggestions on how to fix the issue. They are always giving diet and exercise tips. Thanks for making this a little easier.

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    Behind the times

    This app is behind the times. It still does not upload source data to Health Kit and if it does, it is very sporadic and unreliable. This app cannot have every possibility but it can have: - Fasting -Hypo feeling -Hyper feeling -Nauseous -Fatigued -stressed -angry - nervous -traveling - is Eating out -Shopping - in pain. Right now, the app is too limited. Never mind this app is still using strips when much if the modern world is moving to no stick glucose monitoring, but at least offer some whistles and bells to make logs more full and effective. Can it offer a tentative A1C? Can’t it preload your prescribed insulin amounts instead of having to type them in each and every time? And, would it hurt to offer alcohol wipes, gauze and maybe a sharps bucket? If we have to stick ourselves, at least help us with all the supplies we need to do so. This reader is clunky and the bottles of strips are inappropriately big. This seems like a system Barney, Andy, Otis and Aunt Bea are using in Mayberry‼️ (The one star is because the program is free)

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    Livongo Meter and Lancet Device

    The Livongo meter is great, but not enough options to describe timing of reading. I take a fasting blood glucose read, there’s no descriptor to choose for that, or for a bedtime read. I’d also like to describe the type of exercise I’ve done: bike ride, gym, treadmill, hike... I don’t like the lancet device at all. The exposed point when installing the lancet every time, along with the clumsiness of thanks. I prefer my old ACCU-CHEK Fast-Clicks. No exposed points and it’s a barrel, so you only change the barrel every 7th read.

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    User-friendly app makes logging easy

    The simple, intuitive design makes the app easy to navigate and use. I like that my blood glucose and blood pressure readings are automatically uploaded. It helps to be able to store this information in one location, and I can see my readings aggregated over time. The Health Summary Report is a helpful additional feature that can be shared with my physician.

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    The Future of Diabetes Management

    This is the future of diabetes management. The skillful use of technology is the key in this program to keeping one’s self healthy and aware through comprehensive procedures and immediate feedback that is unrivaled. The press of a button availability of coaching and health tips is also a huge step in the direction of what is to come with making diabetic lifestyles more agreeable. RECOMMENDED!

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    Printed report misses...get annoyed by tips

    I appreciate that I can walk into my doctors office with a print out of my tracking, though he complains that the trending charts always come out black and are useless to him. He would like all the charts visible in the app to be available to him. As it is he’s taking notes from my phone. I also find the little tips sort of annoying. Condescending? I don't know exactly but I roll my eyes when the app tells me that if I watch a funny movie I’ll “feel better”.

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    Kind of useless

    I got this app to accompany the free Livongo scale I received through my insurance. I’ve been weighing myself side by side with my home scale and the livongo scale is never consistent, and regularly multiple pounds above my home scale. I can step on the livongo scale 3 times in a row and get three different weights. I certainly hope all you who got a free BG meter or BP cuff from livongo are seeing better accuracy, otherwise yikes. And for me all the app does right now is take my weight directly from the crappy scale. No connection with health kit, no manual input options. Just a weekly challenge that don’t always even apply to me anyway.

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    Love the constant monitoring

    I, like many, occasionally make the odd poor choice when eating. Prior to Livongo, I would easily rationalize my carb intake and suffer in silence. Now, I take my BG and if it’s high, someone reaches out for support. It has made me feel that someone besides me cares about my numbers. It’s like having a life coach all to myself, dedicated to me and all my concerns. Thank You everyone at Livongo!!

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    Not great...

    Every since the big app update I can’t order strips from my phone anymore, when I press order more strips it verifies my address, and then a screen pops up that just says “ok”, but it never actually puts the order thru. I have to go on the meter and press order strips to actually get them sent to me. I also really don’t care for the way the new app is set up. Some things are ok, but it’s doesn’t work well for me, and is very glitchy. I have an iPhone 8 so it’s not like I have an older model that could be causing problems...

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Is Livongo Safe?

Yes. Livongo is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 13,191 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Livongo Is 39.7/100.

Is Livongo Legit?

Yes. Livongo is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 13,191 Livongo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Livongo Is 39.7/100.

Is Livongo not working?

Livongo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Cory Callender
Dec 14 2020

LIVONGO was LITERALLY forced on me by my insurance, Caremark! They would pay for no other strips than LIVONGO OR another "Big Brother" meter. HATE IT!
The strips are 3x larger than my accucheck, much more blood needed. The "helpful hints" are actually insulting to a well versed diabetic who is 60 and has had diabetes well managed for 22 years. The strips come every time with matching lancet replacements I have to throw away, Far too many. Wasteful.
But worse. Now going through CANCER treatment. Chemo and the week of steroids daily after the treatment send my blood sugars skyrocketing. It's expected and treated, but anytime it goes high I start getting texts from LIVONGO on my phone. Big Brother is watching. Big brother refuses to read past texts. The first one is automated.
I KNOW what to do with a spike, but a spike can briefly be 400+ before I get it in range. My doctors expect an average in low 200s due to the prednisone and I keep it down and lower. LIVONGO has no idea and nearly called EMTs the first time even with explanation. Their "experts" had no clue.
The meter is a pain, the "Helpful Hints" are insulting to a true expert at BS management, my A1c prior to cancer was in high 5s! As low as 5.6. I do not need Big Brother who knows NOTHING of my health telling me what I need.. The meter is bulky, must me connected to internet and complains if not. Huge strips that often will not take my blood, have to change strips. And might be good for a new diabetic with no clue, but an experienced diabetic with good habit and knowledge are insulted by this thing and their assumption you know nothing!
Did I mention it was forced on me? I will have to PAY 100% for any other! Starting to believe it would be worth it!

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