myPhonak Reviews

myPhonak Reviews

Published by on 2020-10-29

The myPhonak app offers you a remote control functionality which allows you to
adjust not only the volume and program but other advanced hearing aid settings
such as noise reduction and microphone directionality. You can also have access
to the Enhanced Speech Focus* slider, which allows...

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myPhonak Reviews

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    Current app performance delaying my hearing aid purchase

    I am currently trying out the M70 hearing aids with the removable batteries. I love the hearing improvements from them!! However my decision to purchase this brand is dependent on it’s ability to stream music and podcasts with my iPhone X. Streaming works great when I am indoors but cuts out when outdoors. I have seen many posts by others with same issues. I’ve reloaded app as per recommendations and even removed phone from case with no improvement while I do see routine app updates being posted, I need assurance from this vendor that they are working on this issue and can fix it before I will purchase from Phonak. I hope they can as I love it when it’s working.

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    Terrible app

    Terrible app. Seems to offer alot but needs update to allow to save setting when you change volumn it reverts back to the orignal settings. When i vhange to a different parameter such as restaurant for an example. If you turn the screen off it’ll revert back to the auto sense parameter. If you change the volumn to clarity or comfort it’ll revert back to orignal settings. Right now my hearing aids will not connect to the app. It is connected via bluetooth to my phone and taking phone calls. But it is shoeing up error not able to connect. Like i said it has alot to offer but needs more work. I have shut down and deleted the app amd downloaded the app it has same issue. My phone is updated to the latest OS. I will update my review when this app changes.

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    Great program

    I really enjoy using the app with my hearing aids. It would be a 5 star if could fix the Bluetooth issue having to reconnect to use the Bluetooth option on my iPhone 11. At times it is fine and I can listen to music or talk on the phone. The app will not work at all at times when I have the Bluetooth on. It would be great to fix this connectivity issue. I had my hearing aids updated just the other day at the audiologists office. Not sure if that caused the issues or not. Everything worked good before the update.

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    Wonderful app and hearing aid - Audeo M90

    I am a first time hearing aid user. I cannot believe how well I can hear in a variety of settings. This app is fantastic. I have had no issues at all using the app or controlling the hearing aids. The customization works well and I’m able to save any custom settings. Phone calls and streaming music is flawless. Using the variety of programs for different environments really does a make a difference. I highly recommend the Audeo M90 and this app.

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    Bluetooth Bug IOS 13

    The app is great but with the IOS 13 update it did not work with Bluetooth streaming or call hand off. That has now been updated and also this app has been too. Everything works perfectly now. All that was required after the updates was to do a new iPhone pairing which adds a second left ear connection in Bluetooth settings.

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    Needs bugs fixed and needs Apple Watch app

    Love this app... when it works! I have had it freeze many times and seems only way to unfreeze is to delete app and reload. Of course when you do that you loose your custom programs. Custom programs are fantastic! This should be a Apple Watch program too. It is so much easier to just tap your watch then to have to pull out your phone. Still worth having I have been using the resound app on resound aids and it ability to work with the watch is much nicer. Also their app is more reliable as it’s been out longer and has had the bugs worked out I’m sure that this will have the programming issues worked out soon then will get at least a 4 maybe a 5 star rateing

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    Great features, poorly developed

    I love it that we now have an app that provides the ability to fine-tune settings to any environment. However, the built-in programs and custom programs only work while the app is up on your phone. If you close your phone (or receive a text, phone call or any audible notification), the hearing aids disconnect from the app and the settings revert back to the default program. When you pay $7,000 for hearing aids, you expect better. Sad.

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    New version need improvements

    All the customization is welcome, but when I lock the phone the autosense returns to normal settings. You can created profiles, but you lost them if you make the app forget your hearing aids. And the worst, the pairing for two devices only work with the app not with the Bluetooth audio (just like the old app) this stop me from using my iPad and iPhone with my hearing aids. ( the pairing and unpairing devices is too much trouble. }

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    Better than Phonak Remote but needs work.

    An improvement over the very basic Phonak Remote app. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the background. If I use the app to turn off or otherwise adjust my hearing aids, when I switch to another app they return to their default settings. That’s a big problem. Please fix it.

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    Won’t connect to aids

    The previous version at least would connect to the hearing aids. This version fails. Restarted iphone, restarted hearing aids. Nothing helps. Makes the app useless. Update. Decided to delete the app one more time and download 3.0.2 from the app store. After having done this a few times I did not expect it to behave any differently. Started app snd went through the initial setup steps and shazam! Hearing aids connected. Now will it continue to be successful tomorrow? Next week? 12/17 update: app loses connection to hearing aids. Need to “forget hearing aids” the go through the discovery and pairing setup again ... and then again ... and yet again ... the previous version stayed connected but dud not have the advanced sound options as this app. Disappointed.

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    First time hearing aid user

    First time I ever tried hearing aids. Wow! I can hear. The app lets me check battery voltage on the rechargeable Marvels. It also lets me to adjust the volume, I can do that without the app but have no way to see the level without the app. Tweak settings and create my own files. Very useful.

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    Bluetooth won’t stay connected

    The app works for after re-downloading for the remote control function, but won’t work for streaming or phone calls. It keeps disconnecting and can’t find the device. The new remote control features are good but the inability to use the hearing aids for phone calls and streaming makes this app pretty useless. It worked before, so why not now?? Very frustrating.

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    Promising with a glitch

    I enjoy the improvement of the app over the remote app. Nice customization. My hang up which results in the 3 star rating is probably due to IOS 13.1. The app will not allow the menu in upper right corner to slide open to see additional information and options. Fixing this would be extremely helpful. Thanks.

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    Half Functional

    When I connect the hearing aid with the app, I can use the functionality of the app but not stream audio or take phone calls. When I connect directly using the Bluetooth setting on my phone I can stream and take calls, but the hearing aid will no longer sync with the app.

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    Bluetooth connectivity

    I originally had difficulty staying connected to the hearing aids, went back to the audiologist. She connected me with the hearing aid supplier. Said I need to update the app, who knew? Still after deleting the app numerous times trying to get both aids to connect, not happening. After reading many of the other reviews, I’ll not repeat all the other disappointments that are the same as the other users have experienced

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Is myPhonak Safe?

Yes. myPhonak is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 472 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for myPhonak Is 79.2/100.

Is myPhonak Legit?

Yes. myPhonak is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 472 myPhonak User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for myPhonak Is 79.2/100.

Is myPhonak not working?

myPhonak works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By charles stanley
Feb 07 2021

Hello, I have 2 of the P90's. I love the hardware. I am computer savvy. The Phonak app is a disaster. I will not waste my time or yours trying to list all of the problems with this app. All I would like to know is if there is any plan to try to fix this app, and if so, when can we expect to get the updates, so that full advantage can be taken of these great hearing aids. Thanks for a reply.

By Lola K
Jan 06 2021

Completely agree with T Ladd above and others who stated the bluetooth constantly disconnects and you have to redo your settings. It is absolutely absurd and I cannot fathom how this passed any user testing. There isn't any logic to its current set up. These are my first Sonovo brand aids having used Oticon for the last 10 years. I have never touched my volume as much as I do now trying to compensate for the lack of keeping my preferred settings. Or opening and closing them to help reset the connection. I get that I may need to alter settings for a given program, let's say restaurant. Today is happy and it's really loud but tomorrow it's for an early dinner and much more quiet. But I shouldn't have to keep opening the app to keep it in restaurant mode throughout my meal!

By Ed Harris
Oct 17 2020

Can not save custom programs - I am on IOS 14.0.1

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