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Published by on 2022-09-06

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Reported Issues: 86 Comments

By Paul L Rogers
Nov 30 2022

My Libre 2 sensor is reading about 20 points higher than fingersticks.

Nov 23 2022

sensors keep stopping replace senser and they fall off

By Ann Boyer
Nov 14 2022

Android phone sees the sensor but doesn't read or display data.

By Graham price
Nov 13 2022

Taking a long time to get reading after scan also alarm has stopped working this started after updates

By Graham price
Nov 13 2022

Taking a long time to get reading after scan also alarm has stopped working this started after updates

By Graham price
Nov 13 2022

Taking a long time to get reading after scan also alarm has stopped working this started after updates

By Nick C
Nov 04 2022

I get same problem as Cello posted a couple of days ago. After sensor scan, it takes over a minute to display the reading.

By Rosemary Jacques
Nov 03 2022

I have used the Libre2 for just 4 months and have had constant problems. Worked fine for 1 month then had 5 failures in a row, however, Abbott sent replacements; but again, one worked and now 2 have failed. Going back to sticking my finger. Just too frustrating with failure after failure. Who is paying for this? Medicare is being ripped off.

By Chello
Nov 02 2022

App suddenly buzzes once when held to densor, then take approx 1min to give a reading?

By Ann Marie Price
Oct 30 2022

Replaced sensor as other one had ended. Phone not connecting to sensor to start this

By Audra MacDonald
Oct 27 2022

I replaced my sensor and it tells me to replace sensor again

By Diane L Kolleth
Oct 24 2022

Sensor stopped working after 5 days, changed it and new sensors did not work. Spoke with many people at FreeStyle Libre systems and uninstalling APP and reinstalling did not work either. Have tried 3 different sensors after phone updates and still not even reading to start the sensor. Now, nothing scans. All my systems are updated on my phone and still nothing scans. Please advise.

By Charles Augustein
Oct 19 2022

Message Alerts not working , Also when I scan my sensor sometimes I have to scan 2 or 3 times to get a reading.

By Brenda
Oct 16 2022

Keep getting an error message. Can i uninstall and reinstall and not lose my stuff ?

By Samantha Scott
Oct 16 2022

I've had this sensor on for only two days. The sensor is hot and it's burning me I can feel the heat under my skin, it hurts. it's been saying check again in 10 minutes. It's really off also it said my Suger was 350 when it was 210.

By Graham Buck
Sep 28 2022

Having big problems using Nova Rapid Insulin and Lantas Insulin not working correctly even when Increasing NR Insulin and tests remain to increase without any further intake of carbohydrates. NR Insulin is taken with all meals with adjustments for Carbohydrate Intake, Lantas taken only at Bedtime. Readings are correct monitored by separate test, however insulin not acting correctly.

By nuha jabaji
Sep 24 2022

I’m on my 3rd day and it says sensor error, change sensor

By Teri
Sep 24 2022

App is not functioning at all (on Iphone). I press the Check Glucose button and it recognises the click (the button changes color) but the scanner doesn't open so I can't get any readings.

I have issues with more than 1 out of 3 sensors, I would say. This is insane. I love the product, when it works, but...there are so MANY issues. It's so unreliable.

By Geri Carlson
Sep 19 2022

My android wasn't reading the sensor and then it started me all over again and after a few pages, it said error

By Roy (Phil) Phillips
Sep 18 2022

I use the app on an Apple 8+. I keep getting an alert telling me the App isn’t running in the background. Not sure how to fix this.

By Mohamed El-Far
Sep 17 2022

Giving low reading after updating iPhone X to OS 16

By Anastasi
Sep 16 2022

The scan button appears not to be working, is there a problem.
I have deleted and reinstalled the app and still when I press the scan button nothing happens?

By Harry Sinnamon
Sep 07 2022

Trying to graph data from reader.
Is there a easy way to convert the timestamp to date/time format?

By Thomas T
Sep 06 2022

I've only been using the FreeStyle Libre 2 for two weeks now. When it was time to replace the sensor I was unable to get the second sensor in the kit to load into the sensor applicator. I noticed the blue sleeve around the edge of the sensor applicator was still depressed into the applicator base so it would not go down far enough in the sensor container to capture the second sensor. I called tech support and was told they were sending me a replacement and that I will need to send the malfunctioning kit package back to them. I took my second package, opened it and as with the first kit. I was able to get the first sensor to load into the sensor applicator and attached the sensor to the back of my arm. I inspected the sensor applicator and the blue sleeve around the edge of the applicator was recessed within the base of the assembly. My thought is that the blue sleeve is the actual part of the applicator that grabs the sensor and sense it is recessed the second sensor in the package can't be grabbed. The Abbot folk's solution is to send you a new package and have the customer send back the faulty package. If I have the same experience with the next sensor change in two weeks, I may consider using some other CGM.

By Becca Secor
Sep 06 2022

The freestyle Libre 2 is showing readings 130 points lower than my blood glucose. Now it’s stuck at 53 and not changing. Keeps sounding alarms. I don’t feel low. I’ve eaten. What do I do?

By Kelli-Lynn Depser
Aug 31 2022

just hours of "sensor will be ready in 60 mins"... timer goes off and it's the same message again.

By Beth
Aug 26 2022

Incompatible sensor. Then I downloaded the app for libre 2 and couldn't get signed on.

By Paul A Swanson
Aug 25 2022

I turn it on and it says "connection" then "connected to computer". Please advise asap. Also note I have never hooked to anything but the charge cord. Thank you

By David Eyerly
Aug 15 2022

I received the dreaded "Scan Error" message multiple times. When my wife scanned it from her phone, that made me think it was not the sensor but the phone. So, I turned my phone off completely, turned it back on, and . . . it worked! Maybe the sensors aren't bad; the program is glitching out.

By David Eyerly
Aug 15 2022

I'm on my third sensor, and the first two worked perfectly well, although the numbers were consistently lower than my finger stick reading (I don't know which is off--why would I suppose it was the finger stick that was accurate?--I don't know. I needed to turn the "signal loss alarm" off (under the heading alarms) because it was waking me up at night. When I woke up to handle the situation, everything was fine--just had a "signal loss" alarm waking me. I went from back-of-the-arm on the left to back-of-the-arm on the right arm on the first two sensors (14 days each, as instructed.) However, on the application of the third sensor, it worked fine for two days. On day three, it was working fine--until it didn't. I'm back on the left arm, but the FreeStyle Libre 2 app scan says "scan complete," but then there is a window that says, "Scan Error Your scan was unsuccessful. Tap the scan button again. OK". Well, that's an eternal loop. It doesn't give me a reading. So, I tried my wife's iPhone, and it got a good reading. That makes me believe that it is the phone--or something in the program--not the sensor at fault.

By Richard Fletcher
Aug 13 2022

My sensor sent a alarm to my I phone stating my reading was 68 and my
Doctor set the range between 70 and 180
I immediately took a finger stick reading which read 116 less than 8 minutes later .
This happened over 4 times in a 16 hour period and only on the fourth did I take a finger stick blood test .
The first and second time I took a few ounces of orange regular soda and the second time I took several ounces of orange juice . The third time was about 4 hours after the second and I drank 24 ounces of bottled water .
It seemed that the variable was more than 5 to 10 % differential.
Is this normal .
I also just replaced the sensor on Thursday early evening and the last occurrence I’m referring to was at 12:18 AM and the blood glucose finger
stick was taken at 12:26 AM
Any recommendations?

Richard Fletcher

By Steven Green
Aug 08 2022

TERRIBLE quality control on Freestyle Libre2 sensors. On nearly half of them, I get error messages that sensor is not working or repeated messages to try again in 60 minutes. I obviously know how to apply the sensor because half work perfectly for the full 14 days with readings on my Android app that are close to my finger-prick readings when I check. Abbott's phone number yields replacements sent without quibble but it is frustrating and time-consuming to be calling them regularly.

By Jocelyn Vignola
Aug 08 2022


I replaced my sensor tonight , waited my 60 minutes when I was ready to scanned my app that I use on mug cell told me to wait 60 minutes again and every hour after that ."…can you tell me how to fix this issue

Thank you

By Tracey Penny
Aug 04 2022

Hi when i go into account settings it says network error occured communicating with was all fine until i accepted updated privacy terms and conditions.hopefully you can help.

By Betty Manuel
Aug 03 2022

False reading and alarm keeps going off

By Lawrence loy Jr
Aug 02 2022

I can not remember what my password is for the app. It won't let me make a new password

By Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Aug 01 2022

Readings are way lower than the finger stick.

By Sufina Khan
Aug 01 2022

Unexpected application error.

Error communicating with server.

Please help

By David Garrett
Jul 31 2022

Average glucose at the 90 day level stopped counting days at 83

By Judy leake
Jul 29 2022

Sensor fell off arm. Had 2 days remaining on sensor. Put on new sensor. Two days later new sensor stopped working. Message said new sensor needed to be replaced, no good anymore. 12 days wasted. Had to buy another sensor. What happened.

By AliceBixby
Jul 25 2022

My daily pattern not working

By AliceBixby
Jul 25 2022

My daily pattern not working

By Joan Cwi
Jul 24 2022

I am a new user. In my first order I received 6 boxes of sensors, enough for three months. Two of those boxes were defective. In the first the IDs did not match between the sensor and the applicator and the instructions said not to use in this case. In the second the applicator did not have a needle, so useless. I complained about the first situation to the online hotline. It was a difficult experience because the hotline person spoke very accented English and was hard to understand. But they did send me a replacement. I opened the replacement today, and lo and behold it also did not have a needle. Something is very wrong with Abbott's quality control!! My second shipment is supposed to come any day now, so I am using finger sticks to monitor my blood sugar control. I will give this product one more try as I found is easy to use and helpful in control--didn't find so much discrepancy in readings as others reported. But I'm not optimistic--a 33% defective rate in a healthcare product is just wrong.

By Lawrence
Jul 22 2022

When I bring up app to check my levels check gloucose comes up but I can’t get any further than that. It’s been like that for 2days??

By Deanna Downs
Jul 20 2022

I uninstalled and re installed app via androiddue too error readings.
Sensors were placed correctly each time.
Used 3 sensors so far. Never had issues before.

By Deanna Downs
Jul 20 2022

I uninstalled and re installed app via androiddue too error readings.
Sensors were placed correctly each time.

By Lindy Manalac
Jul 19 2022

Sensor ended early... i had just put on my new sensor last night. In the beginning it would keep alarming that it loss the signal. When I woke up to check my sugars the next morning it said that sensor has ended.

By Darryl Chestnut
Jul 17 2022

App keeps crashing

By Shane Walker
Jul 16 2022

Not one to complain, but as of last three months may have used 2 out Of six sensors without problems. Didn’t know that I could return for replacement. Thought that it was my phone so purchased reader, still had same problems. Now instead of on and off signal issues, and wait 10 minute messages I have gone through (2) more sensors and told to replace again. I am loosing faith in Libre Sensor ability to work period anymore. Wasted too much money at this point not to at least trying to find answers. Guess I need to purchase strips for meter again, too good to be true “usually is”.

By Karla Perez
Jul 14 2022

I have an iPhone SE. Have had no problem reading the sensor till last week. When I tried to scan the sensor the response was:
Scan Error.
Your scan was unsuccessful. Tap the scan button and scan again.
I would scan again and it would work. but 4 days till the end of the sensor, I could not get a reading. Applied a new sensor, Scan Error again, no reading. Called your help desk, no help to correct the problems. But will receive new sensors.
I need help to "reconnect" sensor to my iPhone!!!!!!

By Edgar Roca
Jul 13 2022

Libre 2 app crashes as soon as I try to open it, uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck, iOS 16 beta, IPhone 12Pro. Please help me find a solution. I don't seem to be able to restore iOS prior to beta 16. Very frustrating!

By Roberto Chang
Jul 12 2022

The Freestyle libre 2 app for android always shows a difference of about 25 points lower than my manual sensor. Is it my sensors or the android phone? The sensor are too expensive to be wasting. Request advise

By Jason
Jul 10 2022

Libre 2 app crashes as soon as I try to open it, uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck, iOS 16 beta, IPhone 12Pro. What do I do now?

By Declan Sherlock
Jul 09 2022

The libre link up is not sending info to the phone of the parents even though the have been granted access. As a parent I am not receiving any readings now at all. The last few weeks the reading were slow to alert on my a 15min delay at least from time of scanning with my childs phone. Now nothing is coming through and alarms are not going off on either of the parental phones linked to our sons app via libre link up. His alarms are still working.

By Vanessa
Jul 08 2022

Had a crazy high reading. 15 minutes later i get a can’t read message and to wait 10 minutes. 4 cycles of waiting and it doesn’t look promising.mi have to pay cash and can’t just toss this sensor out and apply a new, million dollar one! I’ll try to call them in the morning. Meanwhile i have no strips to do a poke! FRUSTRATING.

By Larry Moore
Jul 08 2022

My phone app has always worked fine, but I just put on a new sensor(same kind) and it's now saying the sensor is not compatible with libre 2.

By Suzanne M Sullivan
Jul 05 2022

my meter alarm keeps going off saying it can't find me when its in my pocket or on the table-less than 2 feet away-happens several times a day

By Madhu C
Jul 05 2022

Libre2 app crashes on launch on iPhone. Started today July 4.

By Jonathan Graham
Jul 03 2022

My app upon clicking to open it immediately crashes. This started yesterday (2 July), and it is still occurring. I have an iPhone 2020 SE with 15.2.1 software update.

Jul 03 2022

Keep getting message " alarms not available "; what gives?

By Gregory Freeman
Jul 02 2022

Iphone 12 Pro Max running iOS 16 Beta. The app immediately crashes when you lunch it. None of the other versions work either. I can't scan my sensor. Help!!!

By Chelsea Medina
Jun 30 2022

I’ve had problems with my app and my sensors. First thing I had my sensor on and it was working fine then I tried checking it again and it said I needed to replace my sensor even though I still had 7 days left. So then I changed my sensor and it worked fine but today I try to click on the button on the app and it will not let me scan my sensor so I have to go check my sugar by finger stick. This is why I got the libre to prevent me from having to do constant finger sticks but now that it won’t even let me scan my sensor it’s a real inconvenience. Please help

By James T ONeill
Jun 24 2022

worst software i have ever seen---and i managed large scale internet s/wdevelopment since 1976

By Cynthia
Jun 22 2022

Just got new sensors for Libre 2. I haven’t used them in awhile but my doomsayers I need to start using it again. Used to work great (about a year ago) but now I can’t even get the app to open on iPhone XR using last software. Any help on this????

By Bob Grinham
Jun 15 2022

new user, down loaded app, sensor read wait ten minutes several times. slept and tried again now reading replace sensor?? expensive sensors,
any help please

By Jinny herman
Jun 14 2022

Hi, I called this morning bc my reader has been glitching, after I choose an option or before, the screen goes blank. He insisted it’s my new sensor but it’s clearly the reader. Now I can’t get it to stay on long enough to get a reading. On 5/29 I was sent a new sensor due to me being prompted to start a new sensor when it was only 4 days old, that’s never happened before and it’s when my reader started acting up, I’m sorry I was unable to send the used one back bc my mom thought it was trash. I don’t even know if I was being sent a new sensor for the exchange from today. Idk what to do , please help me. Thank you

By Shawn H
Jun 09 2022

This is junk! Had my 1st reader and 2 sensors. The 1st Sensor worked for 4 days and just stop. The Reader could no longer read the sensors and was to replace. Have 2nd sensor on and again a few days later the reader could not read the sensor. Again the reader was "need to replace sensor". Called FreeStlye Libra2. No one there has English as their main language, grrrrrr. Get in the mail a new reader and 1 sensor. WTF. was told I was getting 2 sensors. Cleaned the arm up and put the new Sensor on and the reader is working. 16 hours later. The reader cannot read the sensor, again "please replace sensor". I do not want The Free Stlye Libra2 and will return it. If you are lucky and your stuff works, good for you. If you are thinking about getting this. Do NOT waste your time with it. It is JUNK! I called back the 2nd time to let them know the reader failed to read the sensor. The Lady on the phone kept saying the sensor fallen off. The sensor fallen off. She stopped after i asked her what the [email protected]#$% is her problem. NOPE the sensor still on arm and READER will NOT read it. Then I asked me to replace with new sensor. Then I ripped the now not working sensor off my arm. Stay away from this, it is junk until they can fix it.

By Amanda
May 31 2022

Libre 2 app is reading sensor error, recheck in 10 mins for 24 hrs now. I have been unable to get a reading all day! This is so dangerous!

By Dorothy J Lowry
May 31 2022

There is little consistency with libre 2 and blood finger stick counts. It can be of by 40 points. Sometimes higher and sometimes lower. I have no faith in the libre 2 results so I am blood testing just as often as I was before.

By Ellkie Moon
May 27 2022

My app will not open

By Lira Edmond
May 18 2022

Hello, just received my libre 2 meter and sensors from CC's medical. Been through 4 sensors in less than 24 hours. Contacted Abbott through the information on the back of the meter because of the false readings/inability to read my sugar. Will be doing finger monitoring and following up with primary care.

By John
May 14 2022

After 2 failed and wasted sensors, i finally figured out the application is not compatible with the latest version of iOS

By Jennifer Beza
May 13 2022

Taking reading with freestyle Libre sensor with my IPhone. Keeps say sensor error. Glucose reading is unavailable. Trying scanning again in 10 minutes. Keeps repeating same thing over and over.

By Brenda
May 09 2022

Libre 2 app will not open.

By Betty Goodrich
May 08 2022

My iPhone SE no longer reads my sensor. I have been through three sensors with the same problem. It started before I updated to iOS 15.4.1.

By Ken Dionne
May 05 2022

iPhone NOT picking up sensor. It doesn't give sound and vibration that is has read the sensor. There have been several IOS updates with no problems, but this shows that Abbott isn't concerned with Apple making OS changes. Have you noticed how many updates were made the Libre 2 app? Not concerned . . . . . .

Apr 30 2022

Today I have started two different sensors and got the same message, that the sensor is not working to start a new one. What is happening and how can I get a replacement for the two sensors that are not working. This things are expensive. I only have one left and do not want to use it until I know what is happening here. Thanks, Gregory Llinas in Alexandria Virginia.

By Meghan Maffetone
Apr 27 2022

Accidentally tapped sensor against the door frame and now my reader is saying that the sensor needs to be replaced.

By B. Moore
Apr 25 2022

Sensor readings differ greatly from finger stick reading. Sensor readings are always lower giving false sense of true glucose

By Stine Østhagen
Apr 25 2022

The app does no longer work with my iphone SE 2020 after installing ios 15. The tag reader wont read the sensor. Apple customer service has been contacted without solving.

By Joe
Apr 23 2022

I have lots of problems with this program..
the sensors frequently fall off

The sensors end/malfunction before the 2 week period is complete

The app is now not recognizing me as a user-I’ve been using the app for Android for several years..

By Cynthia Yow
Apr 21 2022

Cannot download app to Samsung S8 Active. Times out.

Apr 14 2022

It started 2 days ago, alarm went off that sugar was at 58 and dropping around midnight. It kept going off, checked my blood sugar with my ultratouch and it was at 88. Woke up the next morning and it wouldnt send signal or scores to phone app. Worked only a couple of times, as i checked my blood continuously though out the day. So I am writing to you to see what can be done, It worked fine all week, until this started as I said 2 days ago. Help !!!

By James Hedrick
Apr 08 2022

My Libre 2 sensor was working fine for a few days. I started getting low glucose alarms so I took food and sugar. The next day it did it again and I didn’t believe it was accurate because I had eaten a lot. I did a finger stick and it showed my glucose was 189 where the sensor said it was 69 and going down. My readings for the past week were low so I wasn’t injecting very much insulin. In turn my glucose has properly been high and I should have been injecting more insulin.
I am disappointed with these units. I’ve already had to replace 4 sensors in the last few months. I like not having to stick myself multiple times a day but it is getting very frustrating when they don’t work.
Thanks for your response.

By Jon Mosier
Mar 28 2022

Put app on Moto Z4 and it takes me through setup until I look at the Tutorial for how to scan sensor/how to install sensor. After that it just toggle between those totorials and will not go tohome

By Timothy Holveck
Mar 12 2022

The app alarm goes off at random times during the night even though my levels are normal. How can I make them stop?

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