FollowMyHealth® Reviews

FollowMyHealth® Reviews

Published by on 2022-03-17

Take control of your health information. The new and improved mobile version of
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FollowMyHealth® Reviews: 20 Reviews


Very Difficult to Use

This app has many issues. Very user unfriendly. First, your feedback mechanism in the app is broken. Second, the Lab Results pages are very difficult to use. I need to view a report showing the detail of all of the tests run on a given date of service in one easy to read view. The way its structured, I have to open each individual data point and I cannot see all of it at once. This is extremely difficult in diagnosing problems because in many cases, values across several different test points are important. Seeing them in a single view makes it much easier to spot problems. The lab provides a report that is usable. Why cant you provide that report? Third, if you are going to capture all of these single points of data, cant you show me trend information? I would like to see what the values were at multiple points in time. Again, I need reference points to help diagnose issues. Lastly, All Scripts needs to stop signing crappy contracts with crappy providers. There is no reason you should be delaying lab results. It is unethical to withhold data from a patient that you have, especially when the provider isnt monitoring it closely enough. They are busy, too busy. They have missed critical results before and since “you need to use the portal” to get information, this is the only way I can make sure my special needs child is safe without going to an ER or into the Hospital over routine labs. Dont let crappy providers tie my hands!


Constantly crashes, worthless customer support

When I first got this app a couple of years ago, it worked great. Sometime last year, it suddenly started crashing as soon as I logged in. I could see my information momentarily, and then it would just close. I reinstalled it twice, I installed updates, nothing helped. So I contacted customer service. But instead of listening to me, they treated me like a moron, as though I must never have seen a piece of technology created in the last half-century. They insisted I reinstall it again. They insisted I didn’t know how to properly install an app (I guess tapping a button that says install is confusing for some....). They refused to acknowledge that the problem might be a bug in their software. They told me to try it on a different device. (I did, by the way, and it didn’t work any better on my iPad than it did on my phone.) They went back to the brilliant summation that I must be installing it wrong. Unfortunately, my doctor’s office insists on using this platform for most communication. I guess I installed them wrong, too? Update: The developers continue to do nothing to fix the app, although they did offer the extraordinarily helpful suggestion that I contact my medical provider to resolve the problem with *their* software. This makes tons of sense. In fact, I always contact my GP when I have computer issues. I’m sure he can fix this, too!


Prescription that has refills

Yes I’m have a big deal with CMC Pharmacy it would be a lot nicer the med you don’t need refill on automatically go to In house pharmacy instead of letting the nurse call them back in I’ve had trouble with this for the past 4 months while using the Dr Telecommunication programs though med when I ask for the pharmacy to fill should go to the pharmacy not back to my nurse if that the case just take refill meds completely off the app because it a big hassle and I’ve tried to speak with CMC pharmacy they are in need of hiring someone that know what there job dusty are and not hang up the phone before you ask for all your prescription to be refilled there not gonna be in business too much longer if that keep happening because I know if there doing it to me how many others are done the same way that reason this app received a 3 rating because the pharmacy and CMC is all connected the phone line is so rude I even called in my medicine that more ok the caller I spoke with stated they on have 2 more to fill and I’m covered ok that was at 9;00 am well 4:00pm the following day I was able to finely get my med on there rude behavior Hangup the phone before I’m done asking questions thank



Everything is quicker when your waiting for results. I have meds that go 2 places. Instantly a reply that a certain Med was sent to CVS and Optum. No confusion. I’m 70 y/o and also want to mention the convenience with what’s going on. Meds delivered. I haven’t been driving but it’s great to know I can get a ride to and from the office visits. Any questions—no problem an Evisit and you don’t have to wait. Dental insurance. More to Love u for. With times how they are I feel the best care that can be given is in place. I am grateful for Dr Kapov treating me with respect and I know I’m getting the best!!! He listens and is there for you. He even is the one to introduce me to getting Optum. Convenient and 9 free medications. Who could ask for more? He sympathized when I lost my brother to COVID. I actually look forward to a visit no matter the circumstances because I know I’ll be getting the best care!!! Thank you for letting me voice the appreciation I have for all your doing to keep me feel safe and knowing your always there. Well u deserve more than 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



This APP is a must have to keep up on your health. Patients should have access to their test is our body, we need to know what is going on with our health. I am now able to put together suitable questions from reading test results to go over with my physician to become more involved with my treatment plan. I can now match up procedures and dates with invoices I receive for copayments. Now I can see why I was being billed since the bills never give details just dates and invoice numbers. Helps out with my accounting procedures. Since I see several specialists I can now print out various testing performed and test results to go over with them so they are not duplicating orders for tests. Having my medical records available to me at my fingertips allows me to become more knowledgeable about my personal health issues through viewing first hand various procedure results so that I can be more hands on now on how I can personally maintain a healthy lifestyle, realizing my limitations with the various diseases I am living with on a daily basis.


Absolutely essential.

I have a lot of specialists, which means a lot to keep track of- appointments, medications, questions/concerns, and even your diagnoses. I don’t have to make calls or sit on hold to express concerns, questions, this app even keeps track of my appointments so I don’t have to go through my appointment cards to find and check info I need to schedule appointments. I can send a message to my doctor whenever the need arises, and she can respond quickly too. It’s really beneficial, I wish all of my doctors used this system. It would save me a lot of stress and make managing my healthcare much easier. When you have health problems, life is difficult enough. This app seeks to attempt to reduce some of the stress of this kind of life (and is successful in that goal, IMO), and things like this are as good as gold for people struggling the way I do. It gives us time to take a breath, relax, de-stress a bit. I 10/10 recommend. If your doctors have this system in place, use it. It’s really a life saver.


Same Day Service!!

I had my blood work done at Bay Care and the results started populating on Follow My Health that afternoon. It took 48 whole hours for all the results to hit but OMG I didn’t have to wait a week to see my doc to get them!! Stellar, just stellar. Better yet, it gives me the normal range snd if I’m high, mine is in red. A red flag for real!! Then I press a little “I” and it explains it all to me!! I love my doctor’s face when I say “well my creatinine is a little high but we aren’t worried about that right now, are we because it’s only a tenth of a point and that will come down when I…blah blah!” He LOVES that I’m paying attention and planning based on my numbers. And I love that I’m learning about the numbers and CAN fix them - mostly without meds if I just pay attention BECAUSE OF THIS APP!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I’m finally in control of MY health instead of relying on what the doctor thinks is important. I love snd trust him for big things, but I live in this skin every day and it ALL matters to me.


It works very well

I am rating this from the patient side, not the physician/healthcare organization side. I have basically a collection of doctors from all different specialties, and nearly all of them use different patient portal softwares (except for the few that refuse to get one - and I do not blame them!) FollowMyHealth has a layout that is much more intuitive than some other patient portals. Messaging your doctor is a breeze. Refilling a Rx is a piece of cake. My doc even uploaded referral forms that I was able to easily access and print at home without having to go into the office. Also, as someone who has to take several Rx medications, I have struggled to keep each doctor up-to-date with my current medication plan. Sometimes the meds change, more often than not the nurses or office staff simply enter them incorrectly. On FollowMyHealth I can see the exact list of what was put into the EHR of that office. You can’t change the list yourself, but you can contact the office or wait until your next appointment.


Mr Michael Vassaur

At the beginning there were a few bugs so I would use it now and then until my last couple of office visits and was very surprised. The information was all in place but what really blew my mind was like the timing, it was instant or the next day. You can’t find timing like that anywhere, they must enter a patient’s information as soon as the results are received. I do know one thing it makes one feel better not having to wait to the next office visit to see their lab results. Then there’s the patient that would like track their past weight, blood pressure, glucose etc. it’s all there. I don’t know if I can paste it to MS Office (Excell) but I am sure I can do, I’ll try that soon. Anyway I did not want to write this much much but maybe you need to ensure that your patients are aware of this App for one reason it might save a few phone calls from patients because I am sure they still call asking for their Labs.... Anyway very impressed!!!


Follow My Health app

Comprehensive and very convenience app that contains a better layout than I'd expected or have previously had with other health systems. Forgetfulness is beginning to be a problem for me so, one of the features I use most often is my upcoming appointments. I love the transparency this app offers in that with a quick login, I can view my laboratory results as well as other diagnostic tests. Another feature that I believe is helpful is looking at my past visit summaries, blood pressure and other vital signs and my weight at each visit. The messages on the app are informative and easy to locate as you're alerted if you have unread messages and how many right away when you log on. This is easy to navigate without all the unnecessary tabs or pop ups. HMG's app keeps me in touch with my health and helps me to feel connected to my care . It even makes me feel as if I am a part of the team that oversees my health.


Not very good

If this app worked consistently and the way it is supposed to work it would be amazing, but I have had many problems with this app. After having major heart surgery, I downloaded it only for the convenience of being able to “easily” pay my bills. Immediately after downloading, I wasn’t able to even view my bills, much less make payments, so I contacted customer service. Once they finally straightened everything out after a few weeks, I was able to make one month’s worth of payments. Now, each time I try to pay an invoice, I receive an error message that says the payment provider cannot be contacted ... whatever that means. Of course when I call the phone number to try to pay, I don’t get an answer. I’m not sure if there is a disconnect between the app and the actual doctors’ offices or what, but this app has been pretty much nothing but aggravation for me. Also, I don’t know if it is supposed to automatically update but my insurance changed 5 months ago and that still hasn’t been reflected in my patient information. I understand that doctors are busy etc etc etc but this app has certainly not done much to make it easier for me to keep track of my records and bills.


Communication in MY HEALTH means everything!

Follow my health allows “ME” to see my test results first hand. Not only do I feel I am more informed about “MY” health. When I do get to talk to my doctor, sometimes days later, I can be much better prepared with questions I may have, as well as understanding the information the Dr. . Is giving me. I have to say , often I feel I am a number and rushed through some appointments , only being loaded down with information and leaving the office with overload of information and wishing I had had more time to process what was quickly given to me . This tool has been very helpful and allows me to look back on past tests results on things I may have forgotten. So thank you Blount Memorial, for a small town hospital you are advancing in your technology and communication to help your patients in ways that give them confidence in their own health care .


Patient Portal

I thoroughly enjoy having an accessible patient portal. But when I first established my account back in 2012 (or so) apparently I used one user ID w/password and then 2 years ago I was unable to access that account and signed in with a new user ID w/password. To add insult to injury, apparently when I was able to access the original account, I used thumb print recognition. Now to sign in I have to reject the thumb print sign in option to sign in manually. I called customer service and they are unable to merge my 2 accounts to give me a more complete medical history and they are also unable to disable the thumb print recognition. In addition to these issues, even though I only go to Northwell Health Urgent Care if needed, those visits do not show up in the patient portal so that part of my medical history is missing from my patient portal. And for some reason, results from my PCP who is also a Northwell physician do not show up in my patient more medical history information missing from my medical record.


User friendly with great options 💛

I love the layout! Everything is easy to find. Easy to use! So many great ways to check your health documents, records, medication history, test results...etc... There’s places to write about your health notes down. Privately I believe. Keep track of everything!! Literally an amazing app!! You can see your chart notes too. Best of all I can message all my doctors and they get back to me immediately!! Tells me when my appts are plus reminders. Tells me when I have a new message too! Any time my doctors add anything to my chart it shows me that too! I can even refill my medication through this app. It’s the best way to do anything through your health care. No waiting on hold for someone, no needing fax numbers etc. all at your fingertips!! I love how many different functions there are in this app! Happy patient definitely.


Mostly really good

I like this app. I like having such complete immediate access to my medical records and to my doctor. I don’t like that I can’t paste into the journal or message, text that I cut or copied from a different application. And, I don’t like that I HAVE to go here to do certain things like I don’t remember exactly. I just know I got an email that sed I need login to access a message, and at that time I didn’t have access to a device on which I could download the app, so I could even login to the software. But that’s not the software’s fault. I stilllist it here still though because for ME as a consumer, it is related to the effectiveness this app exist to address. I like the journal function. Very helpful. I like the message my doctor and get a message back capability. I like that I can see lab results. It’s like I sed, OVERALL it’s a very good app. And, now signing up or logging in isn’t problematic anymore for me like it was in the beginning. So, good on y’all for creating a very functional app.



We have nearly constant contact with our healthcare providers. If we need an authorization from our dr to have a prescription refilled and I’ve forgotten to call during business hours, I can email the office to let them know what I need and they get back with us the next day - MUCH FASTER than what the pharmacy can do for me. We can also report blood pressures/blood sugar levels at our convenience and have the dr review them and get back to me without thinking I must have my phone with me so I don’t miss a call back. Also, after tests and or appointments, a summary of the appointment is available to us as well as the blood test results. If we just have a general/non-emergency question or ache/pain, I can send a message and I’ll get a reply either that same day or the next morning. We have EXCELLENT caregivers that utilize this app in a VERY timely manner. This app is WONDERFUL!! Thank you!


Breaks Bluetooth After Connecting with Cellular Data

I’ve had my iPhone XS since launch day and haven’t had any bluetooth problems until installing this app in Feb 2019. Every time I logged in with this app using cellular data it would break all Bluetooth connections from my iPhone, even to my Apple Watch and car infotainment system. Bluetooth would not work again until I disabled cellular data to this app (and this app only) in settings, reset bluetooth and/or reboot the phone. I had no problems if I used only wifi for this app and kept this app’s cellular data settings to off. This makes the app useless since I usually have access to a computer when on wifi thus I would just log in via the website. What business does this app have with bluetooth anyway? I’ve deleted this app from my iPhone and haven’t had any bluetooth problems since. This app works well for it’s designed purpose but the effect it has on my phone is unacceptable (it gets 2 stars instead of one since others who only intend to log on via wifi may still find it useful).


Love the App could use some up grades

Love having the app. I don’t have to wait for an already busy nurse or doctor to call me about my test results. And if they are bad, I have time to do some research and ask questions when they do call me. So there is less worry. And I have somewhat of any answers to questions I have. The only down fall is I feel you guys should give us the option to see our tests like xrays , mri’s, ctscans and any other image scans that may have been done. It’s a simple upload or scan to our file. And I have used it before to show Drs and not have to make my self more exposed to getting covid than my job already does. Because I could just pull it up on my phone and show the doctor. I don’t understand because Iowa city hospitals do this. Helps patients and doctors. Thank you all for all you do in our communities.


Easy and quick to use

In todays age of being able to do anything at the click of a button FMH fits perfectly into the status quo. It’s extremely easy to understand how to use and I haven’t run into any crazy issues so far. From the app you can contact your doctor, their office or any other department you might need. It keeps you up to date on your appointments and also leaves a nice electronic trail of medical documents you can save to your own device. My only addition would be I believe a ‘stay signed in’ feature should be added. I understand the confidential nature of the documents contained in the app but if someone somehow gains access to my phone then they will 100% gain access to the app as well. I think even the ‘type passcode to sign in feature’ is unnecessary and redundant but I understand the thought process behind it.


Semi-informative but no actual communication

It is nice to have an app that has my latest health information from my doctors. However, the Messaging feature is useless. I have tried multiple times to contact different providers through the app, but I get no response. And the app’s customer service is non-existent (as several other reviewers have noted). Although there is a “Support” section to the app, if you try to “Contact Support”, it just takes you to a website with FAQs. There is no email address, contact form, or phone number included anywhere. It’s very frustrating because I’m currently pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s incredibly difficult to get a hold of my doctors over the phone. It would be great if I could use the app as intended: to ask quick questions and get answers rather than being on hold on the phone for hours and hoping for a response from a physician in a few days. With this app, I can’t send messages, but they don’t seem to ever actually be received by the doctors.

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Is FollowMyHealth® Safe?

Yes. FollowMyHealth® is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 52,717 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for FollowMyHealth® Is 28.2/100.

Is FollowMyHealth® Legit?

Yes. FollowMyHealth® is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 52,717 FollowMyHealth® User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for FollowMyHealth® Is 28.2/100.

Is FollowMyHealth® not working?

FollowMyHealth® works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Letha
Aug 09 2022

it literally does not work. I rely greatly on portals as I have hearing issues but I am unable to send messages to my doctor. All messages fail to send, so this app is largely useless to me.

By bill hatchett
Nov 11 2021

Talking to someone and then they disappeared; did not talk after saying they were going to send me THEIR information via email.

No email ever arrived and no followup call after they said if "disconnected, can we use this number".

By Frank Fanucci
Oct 19 2021

This is the worst portal I've ever dealt with. To add insult to injury their customer support won't even contact you when you send them an email about access problems.

By Jose Palmieri
Aug 16 2021

This system was useful but I never thought it was great. Now it has completely crashed and burned. I can't get into my account through my mobile devices and I did manage to get in on my desktop browser but most of my health records are gone. The last test result showing is from 2016 plus the email shown for my account I no longer use. Oh, and I don't get a response from their support staff either. Looks like they've have abandoned it and left town.I have designed small databases myself and it's not easy to create a functional and user-friendly database. This one is an example of neither.

By Laura Mason
Jul 02 2021

Nothing happens when I try to tap the I ACCEPT area for terms and conditions in order to be part of Health Network .

By Thomas j gherardi
Jun 30 2021

Can not sign into account. Last time I was signed in, most of my records were missing.

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