FollowMyHealth® Reviews

FollowMyHealth® Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-08

Take control of your health information. The new and improved mobile version of
your personal health record, powered by FollowMyHealth®, is easy to use and
easy to navigate. From the home screen, you can view your current health
summary, reminders and recent account activity—and quickl...

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FollowMyHealth® Reviews

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    Constantly crashes, worthless customer support

    When I first got this app a couple of years ago, it worked great. Sometime last year, it suddenly started crashing as soon as I logged in. I could see my information momentarily, and then it would just close. I reinstalled it twice, I installed updates, nothing helped. So I contacted customer service. But instead of listening to me, they treated me like a moron, as though I must never have seen a piece of technology created in the last half-century. They insisted I reinstall it again. They insisted I didn’t know how to properly install an app (I guess tapping a button that says install is confusing for some....). They refused to acknowledge that the problem might be a bug in their software. They told me to try it on a different device. (I did, by the way, and it didn’t work any better on my iPad than it did on my phone.) They went back to the brilliant summation that I must be installing it wrong. Unfortunately, my doctor’s office insists on using this platform for most communication. I guess I installed them wrong, too? Update: The developers continue to do nothing to fix the app, although they did offer the extraordinarily helpful suggestion that I contact my medical provider to resolve the problem with *their* software. This makes tons of sense. In fact, I always contact my GP when I have computer issues. I’m sure he can fix this, too!

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    We have nearly constant contact with our healthcare providers. If we need an authorization from our dr to have a prescription refilled and I’ve forgotten to call during business hours, I can email the office to let them know what I need and they get back with us the next day - MUCH FASTER than what the pharmacy can do for me. We can also report blood pressures/blood sugar levels at our convenience and have the dr review them and get back to me without thinking I must have my phone with me so I don’t miss a call back. Also, after tests and or appointments, a summary of the appointment is available to us as well as the blood test results. If we just have a general/non-emergency question or ache/pain, I can send a message and I’ll get a reply either that same day or the next morning. We have EXCELLENT caregivers that utilize this app in a VERY timely manner. This app is WONDERFUL!! Thank you!

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    Not very good

    If this app worked consistently and the way it is supposed to work it would be amazing, but I have had many problems with this app. After having major heart surgery, I downloaded it only for the convenience of being able to “easily” pay my bills. Immediately after downloading, I wasn’t able to even view my bills, much less make payments, so I contacted customer service. Once they finally straightened everything out after a few weeks, I was able to make one month’s worth of payments. Now, each time I try to pay an invoice, I receive an error message that says the payment provider cannot be contacted ... whatever that means. Of course when I call the phone number to try to pay, I don’t get an answer. I’m not sure if there is a disconnect between the app and the actual doctors’ offices or what, but this app has been pretty much nothing but aggravation for me. Also, I don’t know if it is supposed to automatically update but my insurance changed 5 months ago and that still hasn’t been reflected in my patient information. I understand that doctors are busy etc etc etc but this app has certainly not done much to make it easier for me to keep track of my records and bills.

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    Breaks Bluetooth After Connecting with Cellular Data

    I’ve had my iPhone XS since launch day and haven’t had any bluetooth problems until installing this app in Feb 2019. Every time I logged in with this app using cellular data it would break all Bluetooth connections from my iPhone, even to my Apple Watch and car infotainment system. Bluetooth would not work again until I disabled cellular data to this app (and this app only) in settings, reset bluetooth and/or reboot the phone. I had no problems if I used only wifi for this app and kept this app’s cellular data settings to off. This makes the app useless since I usually have access to a computer when on wifi thus I would just log in via the website. What business does this app have with bluetooth anyway? I’ve deleted this app from my iPhone and haven’t had any bluetooth problems since. This app works well for it’s designed purpose but the effect it has on my phone is unacceptable (it gets 2 stars instead of one since others who only intend to log on via wifi may still find it useful).

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    Very Helpful - Needs more functionality

    I access my records through the FMH portal several times a week. I check the results of my blood and urine tests, I read my Doctor's Summary reports, I read messages from my Doctor or his nurse, I send my Doctor non-urgent messages, I request medication refills, and I can see/verify various health items like my diagnoses, allergies, etc. This is very helpful, not only in my discussions with my PCP, but also with other Physicians that I need to see. Additional functionality that would be helpful: 1) the ability to print out all information as needed 2) the ability to submit changes to the Doctor for him to review, accept, and signoff to auto update the records for things like allergies, diagnoses from other doctors, medications from other doctors, etc. 3) the ability to post test results ordered from other Doctors for the FMH Doctor to review, etc.

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    Easy and quick to use

    In todays age of being able to do anything at the click of a button FMH fits perfectly into the status quo. It’s extremely easy to understand how to use and I haven’t run into any crazy issues so far. From the app you can contact your doctor, their office or any other department you might need. It keeps you up to date on your appointments and also leaves a nice electronic trail of medical documents you can save to your own device. My only addition would be I believe a ‘stay signed in’ feature should be added. I understand the confidential nature of the documents contained in the app but if someone somehow gains access to my phone then they will 100% gain access to the app as well. I think even the ‘type passcode to sign in feature’ is unnecessary and redundant but I understand the thought process behind it.

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    Does not work at all!! Scheduled 3 appointments and it never showed up on my upcoming appointments tab. This app worked great 1 year ago.. but now, it's a piece of crap! Worst part about it is, even if I try to go to the full site app on my phone, it still directs me to the mobile app!! Ugh!! I just want to set up a physical appointment for my son!! Have been with sharp for 35 years now, but PLEASE!! SOMEONE REVAMP THIS APP SO THAT IT ACTUALLY WORKS!! so frustrating!!!! ***********UPDATE************** Here are a few specific things that may help.. I never received an email confirming my scheduled appointment like a used to a year ago.. again, the appointments that I scheduled did not show up on my account under the upcoming appointments tab.. to the point where I thought I never even made the appointment. Only to find out that I actually HAD scheduled 3 appointments upon contacting sharp by phone. She was able to cancel the 2 that I didn't need but keep the 1 that I did. Trying to sign in was a nightmare.. it constantly kept saying there was an error AND it kept wanting me to agree to terms and conditions MULTIPLE times.

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    Great app with a couple of annoyances

    I generally like this app. Able to look up information from my test results and when I had inoculations. Two annoying issues. 1.) A day after I paid the only bill (thru desktop website), I logged into the app and it says there is one outstanding bill. Tap on the message and it goes to the billing page and says no bills due. You have to power the phone off and on to clear the message. 2.) When you sign out of the app, it immediately pops up to tap the touch button to sign in. I have already double tapped the button to close the app, so it signs me back in. So I have to sign out and be sure and wait to tap Cancel before closing the app. Please fix this. My bank’s app doesn’t do this. When you sign out, it doesn’t automatically assume that you want to immediately sign in again.

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    Great and fast way to communicate directly with providers

    It’s a great way to communicate with your doctors/NPs without delay. I’ve had it a long time but now really use it for questions or clarifications instead of waiting until I see my provider. They’re very prompt with their replies. New tools continues to be added - that’s always a win. The best change was allowing for a pin and/or Face ID. I kept forgetting my password and a request to reset didn’t seem to get me anywhere. Instead of trying to remember every possible password and what process I used to register, I now have 2 additional methods. Plus it’s completely free to use! Hard to complain about products/services that try to make life easier. Feedback is one thing, but some comments go a bit too far. I’m just saying.

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    Intrusive, and doesn’t work

    After I signed up, and entered all my personal information, I went about a month before needing to log in again. By then, I had forgotten my password. I toggled through all my usual passwords, and variations of them. Finally I clicked the “forgot password” option. It sent me an email to reset my password. I followed the instructions and reset my password. When I tried to log in with my new password, I got an error message, stating there was a problem logging in. So I sent a message through the app to customer support. When I sent it, the app said they had sent me an email to confirm receipt of my message, and they would get back to me. I never got the email. I checked my junk folder. I checked the screenshot I took of the message I had sent, and confirmed that I gave them my correct email address. Today I sent them another message through the app. Again I got the message that they had sent me an email. Again, no email. They have all of my most personal health information, but I don’t. I learned a costly lesson this time.

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    Using app for Dr. Stanley Watson

    I love having this app available to use not only can I see my results from lab tests but this makes it so much easier to get in contact with Dr. Watson. LaDonna and Dr. Watson are very quick to respond to any and all correspondence that is sent to them. They are very very busy medical professionals and make their patients feel they are being heard and responds as quickly as they possibly can. If you haven’t downloaded this app yet please do so ASAP. It will not only make things easier on them and are able to give you the attention you need. But you have results, appointments and many other things you need with just a few clicks. Horizon Family Medicine and their Staff are the greatest and recommend them to anyone. Your just not a chart number there. They really care!!!!

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    So far, so good!

    I've been using this app for over a year now and I haven't had any issue with it. I mainly use it to check on my test/lab results, to view messages from my doctor's office, and remind myself of upcoming scheduled appointments. My doctor's office must be pretty quick at uploading results and newly scheduled appointments into the app, because the app always seems to be updated with the latest info whenever I check. As for complaints, I haven't had any issues with long "loading" time of results like some of the reviewers have mentioned. And after having read someone else's review, now I know I can change my log-in settings to make it quicker for me to log in with 'touch verification' or a 4-digit passcode. That will save a little time in the long run 😌

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    My health at the tip of my hands

    This app is amazing! It allows me to keep track of everything related to my health. The access is so convenient and it’s very easy to use. I am able to look at my appointment information, latest vital signs, weight, BMI, prescriptions, Rx refills, lab results and everything else related to my visits. It’s nice to have everything at hand so that I can quickly reference any information I need. There is even a section in which I can input a journal entry and take notes. This can be convenient during Dr. visits as one can easily forget crucial information. I also have the ability to send my provider a message directly if I want. I truly love this app because it allows me the opportunity to get more involved with my health care!!

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    Wonderful way to access health info

    I love this app. I have a long history of doctors not explaining anything to me. I’ve been given medications without understanding what I was taking them for, had procedures without understanding what the results mean; then given more medication because of that procedure. I’m sure my doctors mean well and may not have time. This app gives me the information I need to understand their decisions. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing users biometric access. I hate it when I can’t get into apps like this that I may not use everyday because I can’t remember the password! Now, if there were only a directory of physicians who use this app, I want to keep it forever even if I change providers!

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    Great idea

    I really like this portal because I can go in and see my labs, up coming appointments, and even leave messages for my doctor. When I leave a message someone gets back to me very quickly, which is nice. I can access this at anytime, even if it is in the early hours of the morning. I tend to forget to mention things when I am at my appointment and now if that happens I can go into the portal and leave a message about what I forgot to mention. I can see my meds and upcoming appointments too! I would have given 5 stars, but there are still things I don’t understand in the portal as I am constantly learning. I would recommend this to anyone that is in the medical field and/or patient. It’s a good way to keep everyone on the same page for continuity of care!

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Is FollowMyHealth® Safe?

Yes. FollowMyHealth® is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 36,638 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for FollowMyHealth® Is 20.7/100.

Is FollowMyHealth® Legit?

Yes. FollowMyHealth® is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 36,638 FollowMyHealth® User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for FollowMyHealth® Is 20.7/100.

Is FollowMyHealth® not working?

FollowMyHealth® works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Jose Palmieri
Aug 16 2021

This system was useful but I never thought it was great. Now it has completely crashed and burned. I can't get into my account through my mobile devices and I did manage to get in on my desktop browser but most of my health records are gone. The last test result showing is from 2016 plus the email shown for my account I no longer use. Oh, and I don't get a response from their support staff either. Looks like they've have abandoned it and left town.I have designed small databases myself and it's not easy to create a functional and user-friendly database. This one is an example of neither.

By Laura Mason
Jul 02 2021

Nothing happens when I try to tap the I ACCEPT area for terms and conditions in order to be part of Health Network .

By Thomas j gherardi
Jun 30 2021

Can not sign into account. Last time I was signed in, most of my records were missing.

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