Best Virtual Desktop Softwares October, 2023

Parallels Client (legacy)

Parallels International GmbH

This version of the app should be used with Parallels Remote Application Server v15.0 and older.


AirForShare helps you to share text, links and files between devices/computers instantly. Once uploaded your text or file will be available for 30 minutes on any other device you use in your Wi-Fi network * How it works: 1.

Desktop Computer by Shells


The Shells™ App connects you to your Shells cloud computer. Shells™ provides a virtual desktop computer in the cloud.

V2 Cloud

V2 Cloud Solution inc.

With the V2 Cloud Mobile App, you can keep using your Cloud desktop on your mobile devices. Experience a seamlessly desktop experience on your smartphone or tablet and stay productive on the move.


Workspot, Inc.

If you’re still using a clunky old PC or workstation that limits your mobility or if your current virtual desktop slows you down, tell your IT organization it’s time to modernize with Workspot cloud desktops! You’ll have secure, fast access to your company files, apps and data, - all in one place - and your personal apps stay separate and secure. Here’s what you can expect: • Super-fast access to all your apps an.

ThinPrint Session Print

Cortado Holding AG

ThinPrint Session Print allows you to print directly to AirPrint™ printers from remote sessions and virtual desktops. Forget the workarounds you created and now print easily straight from your iPhone and iPad.

Mise En Abyme Cloud Computers

Heraldic Clouds LLC

Turn your mobile device into a client device for a free virtual computer! MEA enhances your device with a secondary operating system AND cloud hardware! Imagine a virtual Cloud Desktop streamed over the Internet on bring-your-own device! Unlike other cloud services, with MEA you host not only your files, but computing power and the operating system. Further, MEA is a state-of-the-art Web 3.

Ahope RDP


RDP client for windows standard features: - iPhone, iPad support - Intuitive User Interface - Zoom in, out - Touch Pointer: high accuracy screen control - Keyboard auto-activation - Custom keyboards with shortcuts - No ads, limitation.



With DeskSecurium™ you can connect anytime and anywhere to your virtual workspace situated in the protected data center in Switzerland. Please be aware the DeskSecurium™ app is free but you need a subscription (for more information you can contact us at contact@desk-securium.



Take the control of any software application Wezarp compliant with your iPad or iPhone. Wezarp proposes an easy solution, multi-client, multi-server, multi-window, with no limitation of your Graphical User Interface (GUI).

VR VNC Desktop Mirror

Ahmed El-Bermawy

Step inside into your Mac screen enjoying your desktop games in a virtual reality (VR) right in front of your eyes using your iPhone. Moving your head around controlling your directions by translating the device tilts into a configurable keyboard clicks to add the reality to your action games, it is Useful in Normal mode too for iPad/iPhone by tilting your device Left/Right like controlling a racing car direction or such (for.

Enterprise Workspace Summit

Vogel IT-Medien GmbH

Der ENTERPRISE WORKSPACE SUMMIT bietet die ideale Plattform, um sich über Best Practices des digitalen Arbeitsplatzes auszutauschen. Dabei steht der Mitarbeiter im Fokus: Wie können Home Office und damit einhergehende New-Work-Strategien gemanagt werden? Wie können Geschäftsprozesse mobilisiert werden? Wie kann die Arbeit mit neuen Technologien wie 5G, IoT, KI, Edge, VR/AR erleichtert werden? Keynotes, Thinktanks, Best Pra.