Doctor On Demand Reviews

Doctor On Demand Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-18

Connect face to face with a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist through video
on your iPhone or iPad. Doctor On Demand works with or without insurance and is
available at reduced rates through many major health plans and large employers.
You’ll always see your cost upfront and won’t rec...

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Doctor On Demand Reviews

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    Personable, 1 on 1 Caring Doctors

    I’ve been in the healthcare field supplying doctors with Capital equipment for 20 years. I have my own company now and even have 2 partners that are physicians. I haven’t been sick in 14 years with anything more than a sinus issue. After having the flu last week and knowing how my immune system usually kicks it out of my body within 2-3 days, I always go holistic and end up sweating it out. However, this year I was traveling when it happened and after the flu was over and after 3 days of an unimproved horribly sore throat, I had to see a doctor this morning before my partners even awoke out of bed. The doctor, Dr. Wilson was one of the nicest doctors I have ever had the privilege of being treated by. Her personality was amazing and you felt the caring demeanor she possesses for her patients, and the pride she has in her profession. There aren’t many Dr.’s out there that possess this wonderful doctors attitude. She is the reason I won’t wait 3 days and hardly be able to swallow again. Keep up the amazing work Dr. Wilson. I’m going to post on My LinkedIn professional page where I have over 18,000 followers about the site, and about the care I was given. It’s hard to impress me, as I’ve been a co-owner of a couple of clinics and a surgery center in the past. But I was impressed. Thanks!! Ronnie R., B.B.A, M.P.H. Nashville, TN

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    Convenient and Efficient!

    This app has changed my mental health experiences for the better! Between struggling being able to physically make it to appointments and struggling being consistent, the Dr on Demand app helped for a few reasons. With my current health insurance, I’m actually SAVING money because I don’t have a copay to use this app where as seeing my psychologist and psychiatrist in person was $20/visit. Amazing! Also, I can see them with my own technology I love dearly, in the comfort of my own home, and being able to read bios of doctors and booking with ones that seem like the best fit for me. One time I had a poor WiFi connection and my appointment wasn’t very successful - the Dr on Demand customer service was receptive, easy to get in touch with, and empathetic and patient. I can not recommend this app and service enough to friends, family, and the strangers of the apple App Store. This is probably my second review for an app ever - I just think it’s really important to be able to see how great this app is. I also really loved when I signed up for an account this service was able to immediately tell me copays I expected for each corresponding service it offers based on my insurance before I even booked with someone. Please give this a go!

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    Excellent Resource!

    As someone who works in healthcare (and thus understands the difficulties with navigating health insurance from both sides, I found this app to be brilliantly affective! The cost was very reasonable and within 15 minutes I had a prescription for my symptoms and explanations as to the doctor’s choice of treatment. Dr. Henderson was thoughtful in her approach and able to explain why one treatment was better than others. She was very knowledgeable, and provided me with two explanations for my symptoms I had not considered. (I had a persistent cough and low grade fever. Although I was going between seasonal allergies and a cold, she acknowledged those possibilities and also explained that I could be having spasms or the effect of a specific bacteria that results in the type of cough I demonstrated). Her treatment options would allow for treatment of all possibilities, while at the same time, she did not “over prescribe” (Ie, explained why she felt the prescription of steroids in this case was unnecessary, and potentially harmful). Will definitely use the app again and looking forward to future visits with Dr. Henderson (well, except for the whole “getting sick” thing). It truly is like having a doctor in your pocket!

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    Saves my sanity

    Honestly if it wasn’t for this app I would put my mental health on the back burner. Ima busy mom of three and constantly at the doctor for my kids, so I avoid unnecessary appointments whenever possible. It is the same cost or cheaper than going in person to get help for my depression, and there are no excuses with such an open on-the-go option. My only hope is that they get more specialist for Adolescent Mental Health. I have a child with ADHD and sensory issues. We’ve been trying for months to get into a child therapist and many are not taking new patients and it’s really hard on a child’s school schedule to constantly take them out for appointments. I recommend Dr OnDemand to find this niche need because honestly it would have such an impact on childhood mental health options. Kids need more and scheduling 6 months out for ages 8 and younger is devastating when you need help now. Just a suggestion. With all the new apps and options for mental health, I as a parent would be willing to pay upwards of $200+ monthly to have my child get help remotely, consistently and in hopes at times that don’t interfere with her school day. Thanks!

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    Dr on Demand is a lifesaver!

    I am so grateful that I’ve found this app 5 years ago. I do not have insurance and it is so convenient, I can see a doctor within minutes, in my car in a parking lot, on my couch, anywhere, anytime. Who wants to drive to the doctors office, sit in in a waiting room with screaming kids, other sick people or who knows what else and have to wait there when you don’t feel good or have a child that isn’t feeling good… When you could just open up an app, wait for a couple minutes on your couch, see A doctor via FaceTime get a prescription called into whatever pharmacy you choose and then only have to go pick up a prescription. It saves time and for a lot of people it’s probably less than a co-pay. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper for me as an uninsured patient to go into a doctors office. .... currently it’s $75 and I don’t have to drive and go into a doctors office. I’ll do that anytime. That’s what I’ve done for 5 years and will continue to do unless it’s something Dr on Demand doesn’t or can’t handle, this is always my go to for medical care. Whoever thought of this, BRILLIANT! and THANK YOU! 🙌🏼

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    Amazingly Convenient for Certain Cases

    I tried this after my wife recently used the service to quickly grab a prescription for her case of pinkeye. For me, I was motivated in the middle of the night by a sinus infection that went from annoying a day or two earlier to painful and sleep-depriving that night. Both of those conditions are perfect for this kind of service; for me, I’ve had sinus infections in the past and there was no doubt in my mind that I had another one. But obviously, I cannot prescribe myself the medicine to wipe it out. For my wife’s case, pinkeye is pretty obvious visually and she could explain that she had a recent exposure to it. Urgent care or doctor office visits can take care of these problems, but contain unnecessary costs and step; telemedicine is much more time-efficient and just as effective for getting the diagnosis done and getting on the road to recovery. Without this service I probably would have had to miss some work just to get diagnosed. With the service, I just stop by the pharmacy in the morning on the way to work and grab the antibiotic.

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    Great when it works

    So here’s the deal... when things are working well, this is an excellent tool. But if anything goes awry... scheduling or billing for example, then you sometimes end up getting the run around. I had a scheduling issue twice and it was fixed once and the other time it was due to the doctor taking a vacation during the week she wanted me to reschedule. But... I was unable to get that information from anyone until my next appointment so I almost ran out of medication. It is NOT easy to reach your doctor outside of your appointment time. My biggest issue has been with billing. All of a sudden I am being charged $99 when it used to be $30 and I have communicated multiple times and in multiple ways and have been completely blown off. They say my issue had been escalated but then nothing happens and no one can give me any new information. This is over the course of many weeks so I have been quite patient. If they do not reimburse me the balance then my rating for this app is going to unfortunately go down. But as of right now I am giving them 4 stars because when it works smoothly it is terrific. Thx.

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    Ripped Off

    I don’t normally write reviews however bc I just used this app I didn’t want this to happen to someone else..This app started off charging $40 then moved up to $50 then jumped up to $75 which is a little steep..Despite that I paid it bc I don’t have a primary care doctor or insurance.. I scheduled my appointment & waited on my doctor..I have asthma & needed a refill on my albuterol for my nebulizer..I have used this service before to get refills on it & they normally write the prescription for a 90 day supply which only last me around 45 days but then they give me 2 additional refills..But not this time..This doctor literally talked to me for 5 minutes in which he lectured me for 3 of the 5 minutes on not having a primary care doctor..He wrote me a prescription for albuterol but only a 30 day supply that will only last me 15 days and zero refills..So in all I paid $75 for 5 minutes of his time & a $3 persription with no refills & lectured for not having a primary physician..I tried to call the customer service & explain what happened & the girl seemed apologetic but offered NO solutions to help out..Needless to say I will NEVER use this service again nor will I recommend it to anyone..It seems as if all they care about is getting your money & don’t care if you get what you need..

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    The next best thing after regretfully leaving Kaiser

    Wow! This app and medium for getting in touch with a Doctor has totally changed my perspective of the hassle of dealing with PPO insurance. I’d had Kaiser for 25 years but after making the decision to stay home with my baby, I quit my job and had to get on my husband’s health insurance plan which doesn’t offer Kaiser. Now that I’ve had to find new Dr’s, pharmacy, labs, etc (all in different places, ugh!) for not just me, but my adult child and my infant child...switching has been a mess that I don’t have time or patience for. Now that I’ve found this app and tried out a same day appointment for pink eye, I’m feeling much better about having finally found a convenient way to get healthcare service. Being able to be seen same day, also alleviates the $125 urgent care visit cost when a primary can’t get you in the same day. So, this healthcare medium is all the things I miss of Kaiser: same day appointments, high quality care, convenient, customer service focused, and just EASY! I love it and will be referring everyone I know.

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    Thought it would be convenient....

    I’ve had this app for over a year but my past two visits have been awful due to technical error. I had scheduled one appointment about a week before and when the time came I was logged into the app waiting for 30 minutes and the visit was canceled. Took about a week for my copay to be voided back onto my car. I was waiting to go over a refill for Zoloft and which I had just enough to last me to that appointment. Since it didn’t happen, no medicine. Took support 5 days or so to get back to me when there instant message says “ a few hours “. Still no Zoloft to this day. Second, I had gotten at UTI in which happened regular for me since my immune system is compromised. Had visit it went through till the end, waiting for 24 hours for prescription to show up, nothing. Nothing on app, nothing at pharmacy. Messaged support, no answer for two days, called and they say it wasn’t sent due to technically error. I’m in pain more and more each day this hasn’t been resolved and I can’t afford/ have time with work to get prescription. Frustrated beyond belief and don’t think I’ll be relying on this app anymore. Also it’s been about 2 weeks since my meds haven’t been filled . Disappointed.

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    Dr. Alba is the absolute BEST

    So I called my doctors office because I was in need of my prescription refilled and was told “you have to schedule an appointment for next week with the doctor before I can refill your prescription.” This was so depressing because I can’t afford to go to an urgent care just to get a refill on prescription. I called my insurance company found out that I can utilize doctors on demand. Highly skeptical, but I did it and with REGRETS of not doing it sooner than today. I ran across Dr. Alba which I knew absolutely NOTHING about. This doctor was so compassionate, knowledgeable, VERY good listener, kind, patient and she cared. It’s SO HARD to find good doctors like her. I was able to explain to her my symptoms in the privacy of my own home and get my prescription filled. It was such a BLESSING to have this service. I hope and pray that Dr. Alba can remain my primary care physician. If I had known that I would find a doctor that truly cared long time ago, I would have chosen doctors on demand. Thanks again for caring about my health Dr. Alba! You don’t know how this meant to me.. ❤️

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    Saw me through a tough day :)

    Recently a stomach bug laid me low. The idea of getting dressed and driving to a walk in clinic or my doctor’s office was terribly daunting. I remembered that my insurance (United Healthcare) allowed virtual visits and Doctor on Demand was an app they recommended. It took me maybe 10 minutes to set up my account and enter my health information and within 3 minutes of submitting my request to see a doctor I was speaking with Dr. Oh. Dr. Oh was friendly, professional, and very patient. She walked me through palpating my stomach and took interest in all my concerns. The entire visit took less than 9 minutes. She sent a prescription to my local pharmacy and that was that! I avoided not only the pain and discomfort of driving myself to a doctors office when I was really unable to be away from the bathroom (yay TMI!) but also dodged the germs and ick that are rampant in the waiting room. I also didn’t share m germs with the general public, which I felt a tiny bit noble about 😊 Please try this service. I can’t say enough good things about it 😄👍😄👍

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    First time

    I was feeling pretty bad today. The kind of bad where I didn’t feel like getting dressed & driving to Urgent Care! This was my 1st time using the app & I was a little nervous! I was worried that seeing a Dr online vs one in my area, wouldn’t know what was going around. But, I also think that can be misleading at times. My online Dr was precise & asked questions & got a history (probably better than the Urgent Care Dr) & she was very cordial... everything you want a Dr to be. The visit was still personable & her care & concern was refreshing! I was worried that she didn’t prescribe an antibiotic for my reoccurring sinus infection b/c 2mos ago my face swelled up! But, she was right to not prescribe them until it does & we’re gonna try to keep that from happening. However, if it does, I can just call back! In the meantime, the cough meds and inhaler, as well as OTC musinex will get me through! I really like having this option for emergencies, like this, when you just feel too bad to get out in the 25 degree weather!

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    Horrible Customer Service

    I called Dr On Demand yesterday because I’ve been sick for 8 days. The dr I spoke to was sending my pharmacy 3 prescriptions to get me feeling better. My pharmacy did not receive them because at that time their system was down to no fault of their own. Since I couldn’t get the doctor back I called Customer Service for help. They saw in my chart what I should get and assured me they would resend the script. Two hours later still no meds so I called AGAIN. This time someone said they are waiting to talk to the doctor to confirm the meds. WHY?? Just call the pharmacy to confirm they didn’t get it and fill it! The doctor already confirmed it just hours before! I was so upset I wasn’t getting help. By 5pm I still hadn’t gotten anything and was worried I’d be up all night coughing again. So I had to drive 40 mins to my own doctor just to get the help I needed. I could have done that during the day! Dr On Demand is supposed to help so you don’t have to leave your home! Finally I got my needed meds from my own doctor who sent them to the pharmacy just in time before closing. Today, 24 HOURS later Dr On Demand sends me an email that they resent the prescriptions. Really???? Thanks for nothing!! 😡 Never again will I use this service. They are NO help!

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    Terrible Experience

    After using Doctor on Demand numerous times successfully, it’s disheartening to now have such a terrible experience. My child was seen for a video appointment 1 wk ago, and all went well. It was a blessing to get medical care on a Sunday afternoon, particularly when I was leaving town for work that evening. Directly after the appointment, the physician called me back, and left a VM message asking I get back with her regarding my daughter’s weight, a piece of information necessary for prescribing her antibiotic. I returned the call immediately, and exactly to the doctor’s specifications, spoke with the support center, and went to pick up all Rx’s 2 hours later. The pharmacy had not received an order for the antibiotic, however, as I have spent the past 6 days begging Doctor on Demand to rectify. They have refused, and stated my daughter needs another appointment. Being out of town, I am unable to make this happen, whether or not they charge me. Now my precious girl is with her grandparents still ill, and denied the medication a Doctor on Demand physician deemed a necessary treatment. Why would they continue to deny this? Although I am WAY more concerned with my daughter’s health than costs, the company has also denied my request to be reimbursed.

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Is Doctor On Demand Safe?

No. Doctor On Demand does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 79,226 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Doctor On Demand Is 14.3/100.

Is Doctor On Demand Legit?

No. Doctor On Demand does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 79,226 Doctor On Demand User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Doctor On Demand Is 14.3/100.

Is Doctor On Demand not working?

Doctor On Demand works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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