MyChart Reviews

MyChart Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-15

MyChart puts your health information in the palm of your hand and helps you
conveniently manage care for yourself and your family members. With MyChart you
can: • Communicate with your care team. • Review test results, medications,
immunization history, and other health information. • Co...

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MyChart Reviews

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    Could be better

    This app is great for a number of reasons besides checking test results and appointment reminders. •Through the app I can email my doctor directly, (very often they or they’re nurse will respond within a few hours so I assume the app makes that easier for them as well. •The app has a list of my meds (accurate only if you reported it accurately to the doctor) and provides an easy way to ask the doctor for a refill.•I can request an appointment from a established doctor •I can view and even pay my bill. All of these are things I can do securely through this app. It is very useful. What I CANNOT do is make notes. Currently I use this app only for check appointment times and the occasional email to the doctor. But I would use it weekly if I had the ability to make private notes. A note associated with a recent visit. Notes on possible drug benefits or side effects as I experience them. Notes on questions to as at upcoming appointments. Associating these notes with the drug or appointment or doctor directly within the app; helps keep me organized and would improve my healthcare as it makes it more likely I’ll remember details of a visit and concerns I need to bring up at the next visit.

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    I love this app but I need a lil help from developers please

    I have been using MyChart from its conception and have never had an issue ever💝💝💝💝 I go in and play around with it every now and then to see what is new. I do know that if you want to change anything important in your chart like your personal information YOU MUST DO IT FROM THE WEBSITE. I am guessing that is to be sure it is a secure location to provide personal information for HIPPA. Not positive but that would be my guess. My only issue I have is I just read on the website that I can now link my 2 charts together so I do not have to keep signing out of 1 and signing into the other for information needed. I just cannot figure out how to "LINK" both of MYCHARTS. Can you please help me with this???? It is really annoying getting a message from my doctors and I go to MYCART and I sign in and ugh it's the wrong 1 every single time😡😡😡😡 linking them would save some aggravation that's for sure. I already have the app on my iPhone where they both are on the app just need them linked and I'm all set.

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    Satisfactory but.....

    This app is great for appointment reminders, listing of medications and the ability to speak directly with my doctor. However, what is up with the appointment messages reflecting zero messages when i have been notified that I have a new message. Then when you go into the message and read it, it is still saying zero. Can it just be blank once you've read the message? Then the new message reminder is reflecting two new messages when I have read ALL my messages. Can you fix that please? It is quite annoying. Then it tells you to do an eCheck in and when I do it, the app is STILL saying I have not checked in and still have time to check in😱If you are going to make an app that is easy for patient and doctor, can you at least make it USER FRIENDLY? I will give five stars IF these issues are fixed. Thank you!

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    Great new features

    Finally shows sent mail and whether it has been read by staff or not. Collects all kinds of data in one place that you need. Not perfect, but still indispensable: 5 stars but could still use major work. Example: e-checkin allows you to add/delete meds, allergies, conditions before your appointment when you have the info handy, but this data doesn’t appear on the clinic’s computer for the doctor once you get there: major flaw! The databases should sync, or there is no point. Also, requested add/delete info never gets added/deleted by the doctors/staff (possibly because they don’t see it?). Would also like ability to send the same message to multiple doctors at once; currently only one doctor gets the message: no way to add or CC others. Ability to add appointments directly to your phone’s calendar with the click of a button ROCKS! Scheduling is very limited, however. Pluses and minuses, but keep up the good work!

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    Convenient for Medical history and more

    I really enjoy this app. Upfront, my only gripe is that I can’t call from the app. I was late and needed to call to see if they could still see me. I ended up having to find the office in maps and call through there. Even though they have the office info in the app. Just need to make the phone number hyperlinked to the phone dialed. Otherwise, this app is great! Keeps my meds and recent test history right at my fingertips. Needed to log some levels at work for insurance rebates and because I had record of them on the app, I didn’t have to got through their BS and just entered my numbers. I can use this to communicate directly with my doctor and the staff in the office too. Makes it super easy to communicate basic questions and prevents unnecessary trips. I recommend my doctor and they app to others at the same time!

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    Great app, but…

    This has been an extremely helpful app for me, allowing me to communicate back-and-forth with my primary care physician much more efficiently than we ever could before. It also has helped me to keep track of what tests I have had done and what the results were, what my upcoming appointments are scheduled for, and it lets me know whether my primary care physician has received the results from other doctors and tests yet or not as well. However, the messaging app is extremely, excruciatingly difficult to use because messages are limited to only 750 characters! In this day and age where hard drive space and server space are so inexpensive that they are a cheap commodity, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of ridiculous limitation. Every time I need to communicate with my doctor, this forces me to send three emails instead of just one! I am begging you, PLEASE fix this!

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    App is having problems loading data

    Over the last week - probably since this update, the App is having problems loading data and is just incredibly slow or when I select icons, it doesn’t load any of my info at all - giving error messages about not being able to retrieve my data at this time or that its having problems with its server. I had to contact my docs office today to get info about past medical summary and upcoming appointments. My recent test results and even messages sent to/from from my doc aren’t loading. It either says it can’t load my data at this time and then gives an error pop up message or it says it can’t download data from the server. When trying to retrieve messages, a bar with pop up message saying it’s trying to retrieve from Legacy and has its logo - which is a place I’ve never used & the app doesn’t support. I called Tech support today and did some trouble shooting over the phone. They said to try it on a desktop (seems silly since we need the app to work to gain access to it on our mobile device). Also was told to delete and re-add the app. it didn’t work any better and still showed error messages about retrieval, so I’m at a loss! It’s supposed to help us stay connected to our docs and medical reports - to add mobile convenience. We should not be made to go to a desktop, when the whole idea of an app is convenience. Hopefully enough people complain about this that it gets updated and fixed.

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    My Charts just keeps getting better

    I’ve used My Charts since it was first introduced for PC. Now I used it with 3 health systems that use various versions of the APP. When my primary in one system and my gastroenterologist in another we’re able to ‘reach across’ their systems and sync my medications, see the labs performed by the other I knew My Charts had grown up. I’ve never had a problem in the desktop, iPhone and iPad APPs. I travel twice a year and I have piece of mind that I’m carrying my current health records with me. I now what my neurologist to interface their system. They get into MyChart easily but their is no merging of test, visit notes, therapies ordered accessible from MyCharts for my other doctors to see. I figure that will happen in due time. The developers of MyCharts and the APPs for it get KuDos from me. A 10 if the review scale allowed.

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    A good Alpha version missing key features

    What is there works which is good, but it's missing some key features to make it generally usable. Login: must add Touch ID login capability. The passwords to our medical accounts are by definition already long and complex for security. Entering them on a computer keyboard is already nontrivial. On a phone soft keyboard it's a pain and likely requires several retries. Get it once and the use Touch ID and the keychain. Test results: good to see the. It missing the a ability to chart the several results over time I can do on the website. What would also be good but not as critical is that for a prescription/drug the condition for which it was prescribed would be VERY helpful. Many of us get prescriptions to have on hand IF a condition flares up. So I'm not taking it normally, it's in a drawer. Looking over the list and seeing drugA would be better if it had "for treating blah". But key is the Touch ID login. With the password manual entry I'm just not going to use this over time and just wait till I get to a computer as was the case already. Update: the developer suggestion one should contact their healthcare provider is the wrong answer. Epic should update the app to provide Touch ID as a way of accessing and communicating the passwords stored in the keychain. Asking hundreds of people to contact dozens of healthcare providers is stupid.

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    Messaging Great Lacking Almost Everywhere Else

    Before my Doc retired it was fantastic being able to get a hold of him easier than going through office. But there were a few hiccups with not getting notifications. Trying to schedule an appointment with a new doctor in the Practice, I accidentally hit the DR. I saw at Urgent Care that Practice has connected to office. Now he is set as my Doctor and cannot see a way to remove the mistake through APP or desktop. Nor do I like the fact that just because ob/gyn is not in their system or would I link it, I can never get around the TO DO messages for Check Ups. Not exactly an app bug issue but in July I was in a fire and due to underlying health issues they took me to an Honor Health Hospital.I literally told them my info was in My Chart cause my Dr Office was part of Honor Health. They have over 20 years of records and the Hospital never even accessed it not once or even called office. What a joke !

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    Billing portion of the app and to do list

    I would have rated it higher but I don’t like a couple of the features. First in the billing area it automatically defaults to paperless billing. Second once you are looking at the bill you can’t print it. I use a HSA account through my work and pay dr’s bill that way. This forces you to pay through the app. And had to play around with the app just to turn off paperless billing. Another feature I don’t like is the medical to do list. Through both my medical providers I have linked in the app it show 2-3 exams/shot to do for the year. It will not allow editing to tell it they are done. And my primary dr’s office is still struggling with updating it as well. They are still flipping back and forth between their old system and this one to view things. The two health providers are Cape Fear Valley Health and Duke Health.

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    Finally improved

    Last review I was royally po’d at all the problems. But I’m happy to say things are looking better. My login problems are gone and Touch ID is working normally again. The appointment scheduling section had been a total snafu - but now it looks and acts much more as expected. Unfortunately, the provider controls the options and the Cleveland clinic is not offering the ability to schedule a specialist visit. Kind of sad since my primary issues are cardiac and I typically schedule a cardiologist visit every 6 months, whereas I normally only see my primary doc once annually for my physical. Meanwhile, the messaging and test results continue to be very handy. Hopefully it continues to improve and be even more useful in the future. Thanks to the dev’s for listening and fixing user issues.

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    Not trustworthy

    I have the MyChart app on both my iPhone and iPad. I have it listed for my hospital visit, my eye clinic visits and my general health visits. The only thing is accurate on his keeping the appointment dates updated. And yes it does share test results. That’s it. It does not provide any billing information at all despite my getting paper bills indicating massive charges nothing ever appears on the MyChart apps. There is no way of letting the app people know that it doesn’t work the only messaging goes to the doctors and I don’t trust it since they don’t even tell me the bills. This is a useless app that makes people think they have contact and that they are sharing information and information is being shared with them. Thank goodness I kept paper statements for everything otherwise I would have no tracking of my billing or payments. This is a scam both to the medical profession into the patients. For goodness sake I hope somebody read this app and updates it correctly.

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    I Love it Except....

    1.) The e-check in process is excruciating, only for me to have to do the exact same process at the dr’s office. It doesn’t save me any time or aggravation so for as frequently as I go to the Dr, I just stopped doing the e-check in. 2.) I see providers in two different local health care systems. They both use MyChart but it seems that I can only use the app for one or the other. I would love the simplicity of not having to use desktop features from my phone for both but that does not seem to be an option. Other than that, I love having all of my test results at my fingertips, before my next appointment even. That allows me to prepare for educated conversations with my physicians prior to seeing them. Also, I can look back and see my progress.

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    This App has its Ups & Downs

    This App Needs to be Updated and needs Improvement. It is constantly giving me loading problems saying server not connected. I cannot send messages to my doctor. Make appointments or view anything on it but my appointment date and time. Then you're not able to make appointments for dental but yet it gives you a dental over due reminder. The alert reminder bell is annoying it should have a clearing option once viewed. This app needs a lot of work. The part I do like is you can see what doctor, nurse or specialist is really doing there job professionally. A lot uploaded to the site isn’t very accurate. It makes you question your hospital and clinic choices. I really hope they make some changes to this app very soon. The doctors uploading as well to this app also need to do better proper medication on file health issues etc. I cannot even review my test results. 😭 Please Update

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Is MyChart Safe?

No. MyChart does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,962 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MyChart Is 13.7/100.

Is MyChart Legit?

No. MyChart does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,962 MyChart User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MyChart Is 13.7/100.

Is MyChart not working?

MyChart works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 13 Comments

By Amy
Jul 18 2021

AWFUL APP and the people on their customer service lines are rude. Maybe they are irritated with the questions they keep getting because the app is useless. The customer service representative said I can't get test results on the app yet there is a Test Results button. And under FAQs it says YES you can get test results. However, once your child turns 12 years old you have less access to their medical records. What? I pay for the insurance and he is a MINOR. Ridiculous. So now I have to call and have the doctor read the results to me instead. And yes, they can read you the results for your child but you can't see them for yourself. So frustrating!!! And to call the doctor there are wait hold times of over an hour because they are switching to a new system.

By Bret
Jul 13 2021

This thing is absolutely worthless..I have to change my password every time I sign out.. and occasionally it changes immediately after I change it.. either something is wrong with the program or I am being hacked constantly,only on this thing.Complete trash and my Drs insist on using it even though I have repeatedly informed them that it doesn't work.
My recommendation is to just tell your doctor's that you don't have internet and can't use it at the beginning..Last week I had some tests done and they sent results to MyChart.So I tried to call to get results and they refer me to MyChart , so I have no idea what those results are and I am done dealing with this insanely bad software. My gerbil could write better software.

Do not use

By Douglas Betts
Jun 21 2021

Good for contacting your doctor and keeping track of appointments. When it comes to test results it is hit and miss. Some test results are there some aren't even though they swear at the hospital they are, then they treat you like you are stupid. Very aggravating!!!

By Stu Forrester
Jun 14 2021

Mychart is crude and amateurish. I look at messages on my phone and there are no dates/time on them. Date controls for questionnaires only advance by months and not years. Several data items from a previous visit was changed or lost in the system.
No data integrity and crude user interface renders this portal of only limited use.

By Gary Steven Forester
May 26 2021

Mychart is not preserving data or is allowing corruption of it. The last time I updated my information, it came up with strange dates that didn't correspond to anything, years off. Others were dropped entirely. This happens every time
If your data is unreliable why should I bother to enter it again?
I won't use the on-line check-in again until your problems are corrected and you can prove data integrity and security

By G Forester
May 26 2021

Your web app is awkward and uses out-of-date navigation. Active Server Pages (asp) was replaced with aspx in 2002. It should have been updated BY NOW!
The limited editing ability in Mychart makes data entry too tedious. This causes people to stop using it. I for one will not advance a date by several years by clicking a month 12 times per year.
The inability to use a browser's page navigation is a major hindrance and unacceptable to common programming standards. This is another problem from being so dated and limited as Mychart is.

By Steve Forrester
May 26 2021

Get better calendar controls with year forward and back buttons and text entry. I am not correcting a date that is 10 years off by clicking a button 120 times.

By Allegra Pitera
Apr 13 2021

This app should be prohibited from sending test results after working hours or before the Dr has contacted the patient! To do otherwise, as it does now, is ethically, morally & professionally irresponsible! This practice needs to STOP NOW!!

By Courtney Lederhouse
Apr 06 2021

I spent 30 minutes on hold waiting to talk to someone. Once I finally was able to speak to an associate she did not have answers to anything as her response to everything was, well I don't know, I'm new. New or not, find someone who does know the answers. While on the phone with this associate she seemed very rushed to get off the phone. I'm not sure if associates get points/ commission for getting people off the phone fast but answering the customers questions should be priority. The associate also used language that was accusatory like "well since you don't want to create a password" which was not the case, I physically could not create a password, hence my phone call. If you have people who can not answer questions at least require them to have common sense and some semblance of curtesy. I'm happy to have questions that help someone become better at their job and am willing to work through it with them spending more time if the individual is patient and willing to learn. This will better help people with the same problem in the future rather than someone feeding me the line I'm new and rushing through everything. My email was entered incorrectly despite telling her twice and reading it back. She then said If I have any further issues to call back. I asked her to remain on the line while I login as I spent 30 minutes on the phone already. (This is how I knew she entered my information incorrectly). I am not sure how the actual system works as I have not yet been able to sign in due to an issue with my primary care physician entering my social incorrectly but the customer service is a real concern.

By Susan T Petronella
Mar 17 2021

Every time I try to get into My Chart it keeps saying invalid
I have spoken to a few people over the phone and they got me into it. But it never saves my password. It's a very poor set up for patients. Super irritating. Why doesn't it save your Information so you can just sign in and not have to go through the whole process over and over and over again.

By Daniel Werman
Mar 01 2021

Horrible site. Most of my blood test and previous test results are missing. I hope my doctor can pull the up. Tried to make an appointment with my current urologist on line I couldn't even pull up the hospital where the practice is. No search function either. Very frustrating.

By Cj
Feb 24 2021

Terrible app, if your doctor sends any link after you check in it is on a different tab. No notification appears for thses messages. Confusing process. Link should be provided after check in. Misleading message says a link will be sent but doesn't tell you where. Check in process is a joke if it doesn't actually set you up with anything.

By jacquelyn
Feb 08 2021

This is the most convoluted system I have ever had to deal with. I'm supposed to be able to make an appointment to get my second dose of COVID vaccine but there are no appointments available, ever. How is this a medical system? I called and spoke to a woman who had no idea how to help me. What country is this again? god only knows.

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