Baby Tracker - Newborn Log Reviews

Baby Tracker - Newborn Log Reviews

Published by on 2020-11-06

Baby Tracker features native user interface for both iPhone and iPad, and is the
only log for your baby’s health that allows syncing among multiple devices
without compromising your privacy. Designed by busy parents, for busy parents,
Baby Tracker offers a simple, streamlined way to tra...

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Baby Tracker - Newborn Log Reviews

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    A newborn necessity

    I don't write reviews, but this app is a must have with a newborn. We have only been using it for the past 4 days but it has added some organization and sanity to our lives. Our son had jaundice and we needed to pay attention to what kind of diapers and when/how much he was feeding. Being so exhausted, it is easy to not pay attention to what time the baby ate last or was changed last. I remember at my last appointment I was trying to calculate how often the baby fed and how much etc. I'm ready for our 1 month appointment now. I can literally show his doctor how often he eats, is having wet/dirty diapers, and how much he is sleeping. I tried writing all this down on a log, but we kept forgetting to do it and was guesstimating times. At 4 am in the morning I can just press the plus sign and log how much and it records the time etc. I haven't played with too many features, but have noticed you can log activities like tummy time, the babies weight/ length. I love that there is a chart to see where he is on the charts with growth. I wish I had looked or found an app like this with my last baby. I also love that this app doesn't cater to just breastfed babies or formula fed, but both. This is also great for moms supplementing as they can log both very easy. It gives an option to log pumping sessions as well. You can also add notes with all of your logs.

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    Great app! So easy to use!

    I am very thankful for Baby Tracker! I just had my first baby a couple months ago and this free app has been a life saver in keeping track of feedings and soiled diapers. I’m very glad it is free! That was one of the main things that drew me to it initially. Then after using it a while I realized the many other benefits of the app. I looked a lots of baby tracking apps before my baby came and this one takes the cake! So easy to use and not filled with needless stuff. There are three suggestions I would like to make to the developers. It would be nice to have a calendar built in to track baby we’ll visit appointments and also a place to put any questions for baby’s doctor. I find I am not as apt to write down my questions since there is no option to record them in the app. A second thing that would be EXTREMELY helpful would be to be able to access the timer when nursing even if my phone is locked. For example, on an iPhone if I swiped down my notification screen, or just lit up my phone while locked, it would be so helpful to be able to pause the timer quick. With a squirming or crying baby, I often forget to pause it and then my time is incorrect of how long I nursed. Lastly, it would be very helpful to have the ability to pause the sleep timer.

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    Great app! Love everything about it.

    I am using the free version of the app. I love it! The different trackers all have good uses. The diaper tracker can be helpful for newborns, but now I use it to track when baby spits up or has a leaky diaper. I can just put in a comment to describe the incident. The feeding tracker is nice because it summarizes the feedings for the day, has options for different kinds of feedings: formula or breast feeding or expressed milk in a bottle. The nursing option keeps track of which side you used last time. Pumping tracker allows for pumping both sides simultaneously, and has a milk storage inventory section. Then the last is the sleep tracker, which you can use to track sleep from when baby falls asleep to wake up. I think the thing I like the most about this app is that you can start tracking an activity and exit out of it. So if baby falls asleep you can start timing the sleep and then do a pumping session (or any other tracker). Then if baby wakes up, you can go back into the sleep option to show that, and the pumping tracker will keep going. You can delete entries too, like if you think baby is sleeping, but he's really not, or wakes up, you can go into the records and delete the entry so that you can see how long since the last nap again.

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    Incredible app for all parents!

    I’ve been using this app every day since my baby was just a few days old and now he’s 3.5 months. I track every single feed and nap (there are other things you can track, too). It is SO helpful to know when he last ate and napped. As soon as he starts to fuss and I’m not quite sure why, I look to the app to see—oh, it’s been two hours since the last feeding, time to eat soon! Or he yawns—look to the app to see he’s nearing the end of his wake window and it’s time to start calming down for a nap. It takes the guesswork and worry out of keeping track of things in your head (which we know a parents’ mind is often sleep deprived and has a million other things to think about). Also, it’s helpful to track his patterns. After some time tracking you start to see that if you wake up around the same time every day, naps and eating become fairly consistent (at least with mine). This helps me plan outings. I can see that he’s on average awake around the 1 pm mark after his best nap of the day, so that’s when I plan to run errands, meet up for friends for lunch, or just get out. There are just so many great uses for tracking baby. If you’re the caregiver of a baby, you must use this app!

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    Love the app, gave feedback about the updates and they made some adjustments! See EDIT.

    This app is easy to use but since it’s most recent update, I do not like that the start stop and pause buttons and the time are smaller. Also, as much as I like seeing my babies face, I don’t like that the rows for what action I’m dong is smaller. I mostly use this app just for nursing and I’d prefer them be the size they were before. I don’t know about you, but most of the time when I use this app, I’m half asleep and the last thing I want to do is to guess where to tap my phone and have to put my glasses on to see what my time is. Please change it back. EDIT: Thank you so much for listening to my concerns! I like that the times are on a different row now and the font is much easier and bigger to see. I’ve also noticed that I don’t have to press just on the icon to select my action and that I can press anywhere on the row AND the rows are bigger again! I don’t really use any other part of the app besides the nursing tracker anymore since my baby is older now so i don’t know if there were or have been other adjustments. Again, I appreciate you listening to my feedback and I’m excited to keep using this app!

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    Almost perfect

    I have a 5 month old and have used this app daily since she was about 4 weeks old. It's so great to see how long it's been since I've nursed the baby or changed her - let's face it, during the newborn stage it's really hard to remember. And forget about trying to remember which side you started on last time! This app tells you everything. It's very user friendly. When my LO was a newborn she didn't sleep much and it was helpful for me to see just how much sleep she was getting each day! My only complaint that I've had since day 1 is that I'd like the nursing part to "lock" the screen when in use. Near the end of my pregnancy I had an app that would lock while counting contractions, which was so helpful to not have to turn the phone back on constantly. When she is nursing, my phone will go to sleep and when she's done I have to fiddle with my phone, pick up my phone, enter the password, get everything set up just to tell it that she stopped eating. This happens all day every day and gets a little annoying. I've since changed the settings on my phone so it won't go to sleep for a longer period. I don't care for this since I only adjusted the time for this app. Please app, keep my phone on while she's nursing and this will be a 5+ star app!

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    Used for 1 year!!

    I don’t rate apps until I have used them for awhile, unless they are garbage and they get rated ASAP, but this is one app that I will come to in the future (if I have another child). I COMPLETELY recommend this app for any breastfeeding mama!! Pshhh even if you use formula, download this!!! It has been my best friend!! I started using it Sept. 6th 2017- trust me. You know when you go to them doctors visit and they ask you all those questions “how many wet diapers? How many poops? What color? How long are you nursing periods? How many nursing periods a day?...etc!” This was my key to all of it, yes it would be nice if they gave you the averages (that you have to pay 4.99 for) but I understand the money maker part of it. I had no problem doing it on my own every week, when it came time for a dr. Appointment, I was ready for the questions. My son is a year old now and I am weaning him onto whole milk, and I am still going to use this app. I have learned my sons routine on this app, without its help I would’ve most likely been lost! So for timing purposes ( Feedings and naps/sleeping) I am keeping it for now! So all in all, yes this is “THE” app for a new first time mama!! 5 stars!!

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    Classic version better, bring it back or fix the new one!

    I would rate the classic version 5 stars but this new updated version 4.0 is so flawed. Aside from the new look, they changed the functions and it’s just not as practical. I’d say the only improvement I like is changing the word of “pumped” feed to “expressed.” But that’s where the improvements stop. My biggest problem with the new update is they removed the toggle feature of knowing what time a feed/sleep/pump was and how long ago it was. Now you can’t toggle on the front menu screen and I have to look at the time of sleep and do the math in my head of how long ago baby’s nap was. Seriously?? I’d like to know how long my baby’s been awake so I know when she should take a nap. Same with feeding her. (Edit: just saw from another review this is a settings feature you have to turn on to see “time lapse”. I swear I saw that but didn’t even understand what it was to turn on). I used this app for my first child and it was great. Now using it for my second baby and this update is all sorts of impractical. Ugh, and the ads are now on top of the screen which obstructs baby’s picture and is super distracting. I’m reading lots of user reviews complain of all the same things. I hope the developers are paying attention and fix these problems soon.

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    Good app that's almost perfect.

    Baby Tracker is truly a lifesaver for keeping up with how long it's been and how much baby is eating, with a host of things you can log quite simply (i.e. Sleep, medications, diaper changes, weight, etc, etc). Logging is fast, intuitive and you can log common things (sleep, diapers, feeds, breast pumping) from the Apple Watch app which is really nice when baby is falling asleep on you and the phone is just out of reach. Syncing with other phones works really well so both mom and dad can easily see where things are at when taking over for each other (or other family members that help care for baby). However, I've deducted a star because the app does not seem to sync data in the background. This causes two problems: the widget doesn't update until you open the app, defeating the purpose of a widget. Secondly, the Apple Watch information is not updated until the app is opened on the phone. This is a shame because the Apple Watch app is very well designed and highly functional otherwise (this is probably the most useful non-workout app I've used on Watch). If they could fix the app to sync data in the background and trigger a sync when you open the app on Watch, this would definitely be a 5-star app.

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    My Dream App

    After trying out a few others and being less than impressed, my husband and I are super happy with Baby Tracker. It lets us see everything we need easily and makes inputting times as easy as can be. We've been trying to get an idea of our two-month-old's natural rhythms (eating, sleeping, diapering) from day to day, and BT's chart view is perfect for this. I'm also pumping, and BT keeps track of which sides I've pumped and when and how much, and makes it just so easy to see how much breastmilk versus formula she's taking in on any given day. This is 1000x better than when I was jotting down times and amounts in my Notes app and adding the totals by hand... This app has features I didn't even know I wanted. It has truly simplified our parenting. As a bonus, when we had a technical question, they got back to us right away and solved the problem. (Free tip: if you decide you like this enough to upgrade to full functionality, then, to take advantage of family sharing of iPhone apps, download the Pro version, rather than upgrading from the free version. The iTunes Store doesn't let you share in-app purchases.)

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    Not happy with updates

    I wrote a review right after the update came out but apparently they didn’t approve it or something because there’s only 1 review showing: 5 stars of course. I really like this app better than several others I tried. I’ve been using it for 11 months. It’s simple and tracks everything I need. It’s been very helpful to be able to check the app when baby’s fussy and see “ok, it’s been about 2 hours, she’s probably getting hungry.” I especially like that you can choose what you want to track and hide the rest as I was only interested in breastfeeding and diaper changes at first. Then when I got the hang of it and needed to track her sleep, medication, and supplemental feedings later on I was able to add those. However, the new design is a lot smaller and very hard to read at night when I wake up to feed her. Also, the nursing section is the only one that doesn’t say “X hours ago” for how long it’s been since the last feeding. It says the time but it was so much easier with the “hours ago” reading. The other thing I don’t like is the chart. It’s very hard to read with all the lines and blocks of color. Seems like they could have used a simpler style of chart. I wish I could have seen it before paying for that.

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    New parents, this app is fantastic if you’re trying to remember what you did and when constantly

    This app is a game changer for new parents. In the first month of having our newborn home from the NICU, my husband and I were just trying to keep our heads above water. We took turns sleeping and when it was the other’s turn to care for our baby, we couldn’t remember how long it had been since we had last fed her, how long she had been asleep, etc. to tell each other. Relevant info that is really difficult for a sleep deprived person to recall. Documenting and tracking our baby’s feeding was especially important for us as our baby had been in the NICU for difficulties with feeding. This app took out the frustration of a parent trying to do mental math in the middle of the night. When my husband and I switch out, it’s so easy to just walk into our baby’s room and know exactly what’s been going on all day or night. Our only problem with the app (which really has nothing to do with the app itself) is when our family members care for the baby, the app is too confusing for less tech-minded grandparents.

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    My #1 app

    I never write app reviews but this is my all time favorite app. My son is 5 months old and I still use this every single day for every single feeding. I have an oversupply so I block feed and I would never remember which side I used last without this. By now I have it so customized to display exactly the stuff I need to track and nothing else, and it’s awesome! When he started teething, I added the medicine button to track his Tylenol. When he went through a sleep regression, I tracked his sleep to figure out the pattern to maximize my rest. I started him on solids recently and I was just saying to my husband how I wish the app had an option to record solids. No joke the next day there was an update with the supplement button! I bought the full version early on but I shouldn’t have. The charts are interesting to look at now and then but unless you’re crazy or have a child with medical issues you won’t be bringing a chart of every single time your child ate, pooped, and slept to all your doctors appointments. I get all of my mom friends to download this app and they all think it’s a lifesaver.

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    Best baby app.

    I have used this from day one (and newly 1yo now). Being able to anticipate reds and identify patterns is unmatched. Ultra easy to use and they've thought of everything- even extra dim setting! I compulsively log EVERYTHING still! - My husband keeps asking when I might stop - but even he sees the benefit of "Oh, he's slept nearly 3 hrs less than normal!" Or "He is fussy - I feel like he just pooped but really has been 48 hrs!" One of the best features is the medicine/fever section. When you're 3-4days deep into a sleep deprived coma - tracking fevers at 2 am and also not only logging how long since last Tylenol but also having a place to prompt you with the correct dose is awesome! You barely can spell your name at this point and certainly don't want to accidentally overdose or underdose your child! I can't say enough about this app. I rarely write reviews but have found this so useful. Part of it for me is the need to control. Whether with a crying newborn or with a walking toddler - I don't get much control. So tracking the chaos brings just that to me. 😊

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    Great app!

    This app has the capability to track many details about your newborn. It came to be a life saver for me as I struggled with milk production; the app helped to make sure I knew exactly when I had last pumped or my baby had fed and to appreciate trends during the day that could help me decide when I could feasibly plan a pumping session. My favorite aspects are: 1. Capability to have the same account uploaded on several devices. My family and I can log from either my phone, spouse phone or our iPad. The latter becomes helpful when Family is in town and helping to change dirty diapers and feed. 2. Ease of use! All the functions are clearly labeled - if this overtired Mom can figure it out at 1am while holding a baby well you can too! 3. Versatility in appearance. Initially we were using all the logging g functions ( diapers, feeding, weight checks, medications) however as we got into a groove we used the app exclusively to track feeding and pumping. It was nice that we could personalize the appearance to remove the diaper buttons!!

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