Pregnancy + | Tracker App Reviews

Pregnancy + | Tracker App Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-02

Download the world's leading pregnancy tracker app today, for free week-by-week
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Reviews (23)


I paid for the premium but it’s saying I didn’t.

So I originally got PregnancyTrackerApp with my 1st pregnancy, but I didn’t pay for the premium because at the time I thought it was bonkers to pay $4.99 for a pregnancy app when all the other pregnancy apps are free. I decided to purchase PregnancyTrackerApp with my current pregnancy back when so found out I was pregnant in August 2020. I KNOW I paid for PregnancyTrackerApp because I would not have been able to use a majority of the features however.... when I decided that I wanted to make a birth plan and use PregnancyTrackerApp to do it, it says I have to purchase the premium for $1.99 which I couldn’t understand because I paid $4.99 for premium. Every once in a while I’ll have apps that do this so I’ll just tap “restore” and it restores my purchase and everything is fine. NOT WITH PregnancyTrackerApp. I tapped “restore” and a message pops up that says “Alert: You have not purchased PregnancyTrackerApp .” YES I HAVE PURCHASED PregnancyTrackerApp . This leads me to think that even though you have to pay $4.99 for the premium, there is also an additional $1.99 charge for the premium that they have snuck in making PregnancyTrackerApp actually $6.98. Phillips what are you doing????


Great Images, Actual Information Less Helpful

The images it provides of you and the baby are fantastic. The overall interface is also very well done- easy to navigate, love that it updates daily. I’m only giving three stars because the actual info provided is often not very helpful (I don’t think most people need a full article to tell them pregnancy during sex is safe these days) or a bit off the right timeline (I’m not quite 14wks and it told me today the baby can now hear me, which is just wrong). The sizes are a bit off because it always shows where you will be at the end of the week, but doesn’t tell you that— at 13 weeks, 0 days it will say “you’re now...” and give you info that any other source shows for 14 weeks, including your doctor. I overlooked a lot of the faults for the things I do like and kept using, but just found out I’ll get charged to continue in about 2 days, which isn’t worth the money to me for information that may have small inaccuracies.


Used for all three pregnancies!

This is my favorite pregnancy app and I’ve used it for all three of my pregnancies! The articles about how my baby is growing and what’s happening to my body that specific week is my favorite part and has been very accurate for me personally. When I was 9 weeks pregnant with my third, I started feeling really hormonal and nauseous…I opened up PregnancyTrackerApp and it literally said that this week I might feel more nauseous and hormonal than before! It then went on to share different ways I could help nauseous etc. This type of thing has happened multiple times on PregnancyTrackerApp and I love that! I feel like it knows me haha. It’s filled with the kind of information I want during pregnancy. It’s also easy to use. I’ve recommended PregnancyTrackerApp to all my pregnant friends🥰


Just unhappy

My partner and I found out I’m pregnant recently, so I downloaded PregnancyTrackerApp and a few others. It was great at first, but it’s always one week ahead? I’m not sure if that’s normal or not, but I’d rather have it show what’s currently going on and then read about the future weeks. I would go to show my friends and they’d love the comparison and actual size but then I’d look and say “oh wait that’s next week *taps back a week* THIS is currently.” My due date is in there accurately, and it shows up as the right week on all my other apps except this one. Another thing is I hate the update. So much. The new set up is more confusing than the old. The diary entry part is gone so all of my notes are gone. I’m just very unhappy with this whole experience. The only saving grace of PregnancyTrackerApp is the (week ahead but you can always go back to the beginning) 3D model of your baby. That’s literally the only reason I’m keeping PregnancyTrackerApp . Other than that, I probably won’t be using it.


*Nearly* perfect - can’t adjust cycle length

PregnancyTrackerApp is absolutely incredible. It’s really everything you could need and want in a pregnancy app. Lots of information, planning capabilities, and my most favorite feature - the weekly growth aspect that offers true to size fetal development. My ONLY gripe is that you cannot adjust your menstrual cycle length, so if your periods aren’t exactly 28 days, the only way to track your pregnancy is through a due date. That’s certainly not a deal breaker, but when I look at my calendar I would like to be able to see my LMP. I have PCOS and ovulate close to 3 weeks into my cycle, so I would just like to be able to customize my calendar to reflect that. Other than that very nitpicky critique, I think this is the best pregnancy app out there!


Almost perfect!

I’m 29 weeks pregnant with twins and have used several apps to track my pregnancy. Out of all the ones i use this is by far my favorite and best one. I love all the features. However at 29 weeks pregnant i can honestly say some of the daily articles are recycled. You read similar articles about things that was already touched earlier in your pregnancy with PregnancyTrackerApp . How many times are you going to tell me about morning sickness, backpains etc. My other biggest complaint is that there are literally no app that caters to a twin pregnancy... this gives a little weekly paragraph about twins. But there should be a feature that lets you set it to twin pregnancy and all of your content is twin related. Because let me tell you as a first time mom and having twins not many places you can go for more info outside of your doctor. PregnancyTrackerApp should really improve on that ...


Wish I could like this

I really loved PregnancyTrackerApp up until 14 weeks. After that, you have to pay. Listen, I work for a mobile app company so I understand that apps need to make money somehow, but I agree with other reviewers that the developer goes about it the wrong way. I don’t want to pay for an app that I won’t be using past my due date. There are plenty of ways to keep your users active past this “cut-off” time of 14 weeks while still being able to monetize. Unobtrusive ads in a free version and an ad-free version is one way. It’s how so many apps do business these days and users will understand. Just shutting your app off completely to users after 14 weeks unless they pay feels like a crappy way to make money off your users. Especially since this will be a temporary app for so many. This is a crowded app space and there are so many other free apps that offer me the weekly updates I want, so I no longer use PregnancyTrackerApp. I hope the developers reconsider their paid structure one day bc it is truly a wonderful app up until 14 weeks.


This is a great app!

This is an amazing app to track your pregnancy! It was my number one pregnancy tracking app in the beginning. But when I was around 20 weeks the picture on PregnancyTrackerApp did not match how many weeks pregnant I was. Like it would show me my baby at 21 weeks when I am only 20 weeks. And it did that throughout the entire app. I deleted PregnancyTrackerApp and recently downloaded it back now that I am 35 weeks and I still have the same problem. Please fix this! It’s an amazing app besides this glitch. If this is changed, I will give PregnancyTrackerApp 5 stars. Update: After following the developers comments I was able to fix the issue and now my app works the way it’s supposed to! I would totally recommend PregnancyTrackerApp to track your pregnancy!


Poor articles; great images

The interactive images are beautifully rendered. But like other reviews have noted, the articles are bland, out of date with current medical advice and uninformative. For example, it says to be limit fish to 1-2 times a week and only 1 oily fish, while most OBs are increasingly emphasizing the importance of the omegas in oily fish. Other articles are the typical round up of vapid takes on the usual topics of what to eat and buying clothes and talking to your doctor if you feel down. These could be much more interesting! Also, in an article about possible Down syndrome testing in early pregnancy, they say only that “some women prefer to find out during their pregnancy so they can learn more about the condition and what special care is required.” It undermines the pain and extreme difficultly women wrestle with as they decide whether to keep a pregnancy with confirmed chromosomal problems. Pretending that doesn’t exist at all is really weird whitewashing. It’s not a political issue.


Great app for pregnancy

Wonderful app for pregnancy and for a few bucks you can use it after the 1st trimester which is totally worth it. They do mention that it DOES cost money to continue after 1st trimester but they do NOT flood you with advertisements so it doesn’t interrupt ur experience at all. Like some other apps flood you with requests to upgrade. Not so here. Which is a giant plus. PregnancyTrackerApp Has a kick counter included. I love how it reminds me every week when I turn to the next week, also gives helpful articles on what to except etc. the images are in range from 2D to 4D to computer generated animations which are beautiful. Also shows timeline of tests that are done at ur OBGYN s. Included appointment tracker and reminder, so u can easily store the info for scrapbook later. Other features as well.


Great app

My husband and I were trying to conceive for 6.5 years and when we got pregnant after our first medicated cycle we were very nervous. I downloaded a bunch of apps like the baby center and the glow apps and they were great but they both had communities which is usually great but for me only increased my anxiety. People posted about their early or second trimester losses and though they have every right to be talked about and need to be it made me so scared and not able to enjoy my pregnancy at all. I deleted those apps and downloaded this one after reading reviews and I am so thankful and impressed with it. It is much better than the other apps in general and doesn’t have the communities. It’s helped my anxiety ten fold!


Sizing and info off

I used PregnancyTrackerApp exclusively for my first pregnancy in 2015 and loved it. Accurate info and better images. However, I was disappointed to discover this time around that they changed the beautiful images they once had, and the biggest of all, their baby sizing and info is NOT correct. I am getting ultrasounds every 2 weeks since 6 weeks and the sizing is off by a week. They tried to tell me its due to some weird setting and it’s not - their info is just incorrect. Also, this is insane, baby size jumps from 6 inches at 18 weeks to over 10 inches at 19 weeks?! Absolutely does not match information that’s out there, nor the actual real life sizing according to my US’s, which have been lining up with other apps. I am disappointed in PregnancyTrackerApp this time around and have been using others. Seems like they changed drastically from their earlier days - which were better IMO.


FANTASTIC APP. Nonstop use since 2014 🤣🤣

ANOTHER REVIEW UPDATE--I didn't THINK I would be using PregnancyTrackerApp again for a while. My 3rd granddaughter was born in May of this year and my 4th granddaughter is due Jan 2018. I will have 4 squealing little granddaughters under the age of two and a half 😍😍😍😍! My daughter and daughter in law were pregnant at the same time-AGAIN. I’ve actually been using PregnancyTrackerApp nonstop since late 2014. I feel pretty sure, this may be it, at least for a while. I’ve been getting a granddaughter every year since 2015, and as much as I’d love more, I think my daughter and daughter in law may be done. One thing’s for— sure-Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney World is going to cost me a small fortune in outfitting my brood of 4 Disney Princesses in a few years lol.


Be Upfront

Just like the other reviews, I was pretty surprised to find PregnancyTrackerApp was useless after 14 weeks without paying. There is nothing that tells you or warns you that that's the case. I get all the arguments for charging, and pay for quite a few apps. However, there is no notice that this is going to happen until it just stops working. Surprising your users with the fee does nothing but alienate them. I should have read these reviews before I downloaded. Also, I don't think PregnancyTrackerApp is useful enough, at least for me, to warrant the $4.99 fee. Maybe $1.99, but not $4.99. Updated post developer reply: I never once said to make PregnancyTrackerApp full of ads. I said be upfront about the fact PregnancyTrackerApp only works until week 14 instead of it being a surprise to users and make PregnancyTrackerApp worthy of the "small" price you've set for it. Considering I can get the same info on the internet for free, I think $5 is too much. You are simply putting it all in one place. Again, never said to use ads.


Not happy...

I had PregnancyTrackerApp when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby girl, however I recently after giving birth on May 15th this year came back into PregnancyTrackerApp & somehow my info changed & I couldn’t change it back. Like my due date was May 19th-2019 but it said a different date and I tried fixing it but it wouldn’t let me pick my dam due date to fix it even if i already had my baby. You should really fix it because I was loving PregnancyTrackerApp since it was my first baby & wanted to keep the memory of it...I had to reset my app with all the memories of my daughter & I'm very upset about it..maybe I’m the only one but this was sentimental to me seeing I wasn’t able to have kids at all & she was my miracle & rainbow baby. I wanted to keep PregnancyTrackerApp & all the info for my memories & safe keeping but it wouldn’t let me simply change it back to my due date/day she was born, it needs an option to go back whether the date was another year or whatever. Please fix this 😡


Off weekly dates

Says I’m 24 weeks and 6 days but according to my due date and every other app and my doctor I’m 25 weeks today. PregnancyTrackerApp gives readings 1 day behind even with an accurate due date. It has been doing this since the last update and this update did not improve or give an accurate reading. Baby center is better. I’m updating my review because the developer was responsive and I appreciate seeing that they’re taking the reviews and putting them into the updates! I have kept PregnancyTrackerApp as the weekly pictures are astounding in comparison to other apps and I enjoy the different daily articles. Definitely worth the download.


Please consider these?

I love PregnancyTrackerApp I used it with my first pregnancy. However I feel there should be the option to eliminate the partner info. As well as articles involving partners. Not everyone is blessed enough to have someone by their side. Some people lose their partner and some never have one. I find it a bit depressing, scrolling and having to see the partner stuff every time, being one who no longer has someone to share this with. I think this should be recognized. Also this is my second child and I find most articles are geared more toward first time mothers. It would be nice to choose an option of whether you are a new mom or have had children. That way content could be better filtered. Update: thank you for responding with the tip on changing to single mother.


Wonderful app!

I can’t say enough about PregnancyTrackerApp! I love everything about it and the best THE BEST PART IS NO COMMUNITY! Some other apps have a community portal and the people are so horribly rude and nasty. Idk why anyone would pay $50 a year for a crappy app with zero support and rude people. Pregnancy + is the absolute best app I’ve ever downloaded for pregnancy support! And to “unlock” it’s full potential is only $2! PregnancyTrackerApp has won my heart 💜 thank you for creating PregnancyTrackerApp! So supportive and informative with lots of great things like contraction counter, different loggers like weight and even appt reminders, even a checklist for hospital/birth center bags. This is number 1 go to app and I’ve had 8 babies! I recommend PregnancyTrackerApp to everyone.


This has been my go to prego app

This is my second pregnancy and by far my favorite prego app. Love the weekly photos and “actual size” images. The articles are typically interesting and relatable. I just spent the $1.99 to purchase PregnancyTrackerApp , figuring I at least owe it to the company for building an app I use regularly and enjoy. My complaint is the kick counter... there needs to be two options to count kicks. Unlike most are taught kicks are not only about how many you get in a certain amount of time, but it’s more about finding your baby’s pattern, what time of day you feel kicks and for how long. I now use a second kicks count app that allows me to mark what time of day baby is moving, but would love if it were integrated into PregnancyTrackerApp. After a pregnancy loss at 36 weeks you learn exactly how important movement is.


Great for first pregnancy then...

I used PregnancyTrackerApp for my first pregnancy in 2017 and recommended it to EVERYONE!! Even paid for the update because PregnancyTrackerApp was perfect! Definitely would have given 5 stars... before the update! The #1 reason I loved PregnancyTrackerApp so much was for the images and easy navigation. I downloaded again now and all those beautiful baby images are gone and they have the alien looking graphics like any other app!😭 sure it’s cool because it wiggles when you touch it but definitely not as good as before! Don’t fix what isn’t broken! I find this update much much much harder to navigate than before. If they could bring back the lively images instead of the aliens I’ll be one happy camper! However I do enjoy that that’s still provide a 2d and 3d scan of baby for almost every week!


Out of ALL the other apps, this won is my favorite.

It helped me bond with my baby later on in pregnancy because you get to pick your baby’s model in PregnancyTrackerApp . The pictures are so realistic and it’s as if you’re looking in your belly! The stimulation of the baby is so impressive and they not only provide pictures but they have ultrasounds and 3Ds to see too!! The information they share is such a plus. I love how it shows you everything as soon as you open PregnancyTrackerApp and not a whole bunch of words and articles. You see your baby and can easily scroll down to see tips and articles! Besides the fact that it doesn’t have a “community”, I still love it.


Almost Perfect

The reason why I’ve given four stars & state almost perfect is because, I’m a first time mom with a twin pregnancy & there are very little short glimpses of anything pertaining to a twin pregnancy. Please developers take pregnant mothers with twins into consideration without PregnancyTrackerApp. For example, make an option in registration that asks if you are expecting twins & there genders, put more twin ultrasound images in the week photos Of the babies, place articles that can relate to twins mothers as well. I love the articles, I read them while in my 4 hour infusions to help me stay positive and distracted. I’m having a high risk pregnancy and I haven’t been able to keep down any liquids or food for the last 5 months, your app has given me hope.


Finally an app with valuable content!

I got ALL the apps when I became pregnant. I slowly deleted others as I realized that PregnancyTrackerApp was worlds better than the others. Few and subtle ads, no BS articles on “what to wear!?” and “the prettiest nurseries!” PregnancyTrackerApp has FACTS about what is happening to your body, exactly what part of your baby is growing, medical issues to be aware of, etc. I feel confident and knowledgeable when I go to the doctor and already know what they’re talking about. There is an awesome 3D graphic of the baby that updates each week showing how your baby is developing, and a 2D graphic of the mother’s body showing how the body changes each month. My husband also downloaded PregnancyTrackerApp and used the same login so he can see all of our baby’s stats and read the same articles. There are NO good apps just for fathers, believe me I looked, and he loves this one. Bravo to this group for making an exceptional and truly useful app- I don’t know why the others are so far behind, but I’m glad PregnancyTrackerApp exists and am sincerely thankful to have found it!!!!

Is Pregnancy Tracker App Safe?

Yes. Pregnancy + | Tracker App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 47,430 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Pregnancy + | Tracker App Is 50.8/100.

Is Pregnancy Tracker App Legit?

Yes. Pregnancy + | Tracker App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 47,430 Pregnancy + | Tracker App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pregnancy + | Tracker App Is 50.8/100.

Is Pregnancy + | Tracker App not working?

Pregnancy + | Tracker App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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