Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD Reviews

Weedmaps: Cannabis, Weed & CBD Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-11

About: Need help navigating the cannabis universe? Weedmaps is your convenient and
complete guide to cannabis - your one-stop shop for cannabis information and the
latest industry news & laws. Discover local licensed dispensaries, weed
delivery services, and medical marijuana doctors near you.

About Weedmaps

What is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps is a comprehensive guide to cannabis that provides information on local licensed dispensaries, weed delivery services, and medical marijuana doctors. It also offers deals on cannabis products and exclusive sales and discounts on CBD and other 420 needs. Users can explore cannabis products and brands, browse verified user reviews, and find valuable information on local licensed retailers. The app also allows users to stay up-to-date with notifications on weed deals, coupons, and promo codes for their favorite pot and hemp retailers and products. Additionally, Weedmaps offers a cannabis education resource and dedicated news site for new and experienced users.



- Discover local licensed dispensaries, weed delivery services, and medical marijuana doctors near you

- Find deals on your favorite cannabis products and get first access to exclusive sales and discounts on CBD and all your 420 needs

- Explore cannabis products and brands to find the weed and hemp products you want

- Browse verified user reviews from our active community across strains, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and more

- Browse interactive maps for dispensaries and delivery services

- Find valuable information on local licensed retailers including live menus updated in real-time, store amenities, hours, contact information, directions, reviews, deals, and more

- Save your favorite retailers, products, and strains for quick access later and receive notifications on weed deals, coupons, and promo codes for your favorite pot and hemp retailers and products

- Use sorting and filtering features to browse verified brands, hemp and weed products, and reviews

- Explore new and popular strains by searching by effect, flavor, and strain type

- Expand your marijuana knowledge with WM Learn, our cannabis education resource and dedicated news site for new and experienced users

- Weedmaps does not sell or participate in any marijuana-related trades. Features vary by jurisdictions.

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Key Benefits of Weedmaps

• The amount of information available within Weedmaps is astounding.

• Prices, locations, doctors referrals, coupons. . .

• Easy and friendly experience.

• Simply order online and choose from their wide variety of products.

• Once you order you’ll receive a text message telling you they are preparing your order.

• Every person I have came in contact with at this store has been amazing and friendly.

22 Weedmaps Reviews

4.9 out of 5


Weed maps

Hello so we use your app probably on daily thank you so much we really enjoy everything about Weedmaps but last night I came into the living room where my 14 year old was watching these videos and there were a couple of kids on there “rapping” showing guns showing drugs drugs real hard core drugs all the way thru it they were promoting these hard core drugs literally showing them all over their video not to mention the guns again and in the back round it looked like they were at a skate park or something and splattered all on the back wall of this skate ramp is your logo plastered all in the background!Ya!to say the least I was very disappointed that you all would promote all that but it looks you did so I shut it off only remembering they(the rappers)started with an “S” something “Mafia” we’re their names and Iam really saddened by this sorry it was that bad yes so I just wanted to say thank you and see y’all later we’ll go ahead and figure this without y’all sadly mistaken,was a fan☹️Christina


Good application but can be better

I used Weedmaps for a year or two, pretty much daily as a medical patient here in my home state. During that time I've thoroughly enjoyed its features but was frustrated by other lacking features. As a med patient, I truly appreciated the option to be able to see your terpine levels and THC levels all in app. I liked how you can place orders through this app, but it was a bummer when I'd receive a call stating the item I ordered is out of stock, and not correctly updated on Weedmaps . Also, it seems WM applied some sort of backend system for measuring THC, and therefore would only allow certain cultivators and dispensaries to add THC levels to their product. Everyone else is allowed to put it in the description of the item, but it is not searchable or filterable this way. You should allow these companies to submit their tests to you (which are mandated by the state anyway) and update the info on your site accordingly, or allow them to do so themselves... Other than that I loved this app and the vast amount of information it provided. You could even find new dispensaries on a map, see their first time deals, and place an order through their app. Appreciate all the time and money you've saved me WM, it's been real!


Problem with Weedmaps

I have been having a problem with this app for about a week.
I went online to my favorite dispensary and I stupidly picked the brand names I really like. Well, I noticed after I did this it was the wrong thing to do! It was only showing those brands in one form and not any others. So, I went and removed my selections and reset the filters & sorting or so I thought. I went back online and it was exactly the same. So, I called the dispensary and told them what was going on. They stayed on the phone with me and I walked them through exactly what I had done. We were on the exact device, (an iPad) at the same time repeating step by step what was happening and when they did exactly what I did. They then hit reset and it went back to normal and I hit reset and it didn't change. They had me try several things and none of them worked. I even called this app which is located in California. I told them what was going on and she said she would fix it. They called back and told me it should work now. Guess what, it did not fix the problem. I called back and told them it was still not working. They took another look and said the problem was on the dispensary's end. So, now if I want something from a dispensary either my husband or I have to call them to find out what they have and order over the phone with them. If I could have I wouldn't even give them 1 star!!!! ABSOLUTELY NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT FROM this app!!!!!!!


Backpack boys

What an experience it’s been with this place both times horrible experiences first time spent happily over $200 one of those packages was off didn’t weight out to what it should of been, contacted them no response just the run around finally decided to see what they had again mentioned to them the situation and it’s amazing such a big company and brand and all they can compensate is a 10% 🤣 they must think hard working people just want that type of curtesy but a small Lil DP same thing happened and they were so concerned about there name being put out there as ripping anyone off let alone as much as was spent there then the dumb rep sold me some other weed on my second trip and it was horrible completely dry I purchased there branded gear and costed over $200 just in gear and it was only 2 items that expensive for it to be dry I crushed my whole 1/8 in my palm off how dry it was! Completely disappointed in backpack boys in San Diego I would nvr recommend nor return and I highly doubt they even care same way they didn’t answer I spent maybe like $700 together or $600 in only 2 trips and to be ripped off and then completely RAPED! In this dispensary please be aware and trust me I’m not cheap I love my stuff but this was being RAPED! By BACKPACK 🎒 BOYS


A marijuana purveyors best friend

The amount of information available within this app is astounding. Prices, locations, doctors referrals, coupons... and that’s not including the help and advice you can get from the social section of Weedmaps. If you live where medical or recreational Marijuana use is legal, than you need Weedmaps. With your card (available via online conference with a physician), a smartphone and cash, you can have anything from flower or concentrates to Vaping gear and edibles delivered right to the safety of your own home if you so choose. Of course if you are out and about, you can locate dispensaries closest to your current location so you can peruse the current selection and pick the medication that suits your needs. I cannot stress enough how helpful Weedmaps is in locating and pricing my medicine. Gone are the old days of “you get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit”, with this app knowledge is truly power.


Love weed maps BUT......

this app has been amazing tool. However I am finding that the “Big Money” Corporate America gets to have the name at the top of the list by asking people to rate them on this app to get a good deal leaving small business owners not able to afford to keep up with the big money.
Shame on you this app for this practice! This is the one industry that belongs to “We The People” the rest of America is engulfed with corporate coldness all the way to our healthcare!
What is boils down to is this........ Profit of patient care is killing America and the working class American people!! It’s proven all the time!
This is the industry that politicians and corporate America shut down hard core in the 1930’s!
Let’s erase profit over patients in this industry and show patients over profit is what will win in the end!! I would know! I am a RN that has been working in hospitals and for Private Practice Physicians since 1988!!! I saw the flip of patient care vs profit!!! It is a dying industry!!! Slowly dying but modern healthcare in America is killing itself by greed! Let’s not let that happen to this industry.


Great place highly recommend!

From start to finish the whole experience is easy and friendly. Simply order online and choose from their wide variety of products. Once you order you’ll receive a text message telling you they are preparing your order and within minutes they have it ready to go! Pull up to the front door call the number posted outside and they will quickly come to your car and greet you. Every person I have came in contact with at this store has been amazing and friendly. It really makes the whole experience that much better when you have someone come to your car that actually cares about what they are doing and cares about the customer! I’ll continue to to shop here and I recommend you try it as well, never been disappointed with any of their products!



I’m reviewing High Profiles in Ann Harbor.
This was my first visit to this store. Found
it accidentally. In March I drove to Ann Harbor to another very small shop. I was looking for a shop in Detroit, couldn’t figure out where stores were since Detroit is a totally unique experience.

I changed my mind and headed to the one I went to in March. While driving to other shop I found HIGH PROFILE!! With COVID-19 precautions still in effect I got curb side service. Hopefully the next time I go north to High Profiles the shop will be open to the public. GREAT SERVICE, GREAT PRICES, and GREAT FUN BUYING POT ON THE STREET CORNER!! TAKES ME BACK TO THE GOOD ILD DAYS!

I moved to Ohio 2 years ago from Seattle. We were one the first states to legalize POT!! It took me 2 years to finally enter a POT Shop!! I picked one of the smaller shops, then a converted restaurant, and finally my sister took me to a shop that had previously been a bank!!

I personally don’t smoke pot, I like the edibles. Not all edibles are created equal!!

In the 60s upper middle class kids were
getting into the pot scene, I didn’t but I
had friends who did.

I’m hoping that Ohio will pass recreational POT, it would be really nice to be able to just go down to the local POT Shop instead of driving 3.5 hours to get to High Profiles.


Love and Appreciate this App! Highly recommend!

If you are looking for any serious medication for you or your loved ones and/or recreational medication then this is an app you must have! It has the most storefronts and deliveries with reviews and shows all the menus! Very user friendly and I appreciate Weedmaps very much and have used it for years! The stigma on mmj is due to untrue propaganda so if you are not sure but have been referred to cbd or ratio of cbd to THC works best due to entourage effect please try for relief of many ailments. They have edibles and tinctures and creams for almost any medical condition and much better than pharmaceuticals, no addicting, and very beneficial! I have found many stores to help with my anxiety and PTSD in many different cities! So please get Weedmaps and get feeling better happier healthier now! :)


1st Timer

As my title suggests I’m new to MM and In looking for a place close to home I picked Best Buds. On entering I found the atmosphere to be quite pleasant with lots of interesting products to look at and examine along with plenty of flower (a new term to me) to see and smell ( we called it buds in my day). There is a nice sitting area and products information to read if you have to wait or are interested. I was greeted by a young man named Dillon who is very well informed about the use and types of cannabis and helped me determine what strains and products are best suited to my personal needs. I highly (no pun intended) recommend Best Buds on the West end of Skiatook Oklahoma the prices are fair and they have a points program on purchase that gets you free goodies so get in and see Dillon he will see to you getting exactly what you need.



Weedmaps is very useful and informative. I wish I could stay logged in or Weedmaps would use a fingerprint login. It seems a little inconsistent because sometimes I am logged in when open Weedmaps and other times I'm not logged in.
Many people who use this valuable app are living with disabilities that make typing on a cell phone almost impossible at times. I can log in to my credit union, credit card apps with my fingerprint. Please consider adding that option.
Testing results are absent which is critical when trying to make product decisions for specific health issues.
Otherwise I am very happy with Weedmaps and have learned a lot from the info available. Hopefully as we have more time with Med marijuana being legal in more states these issues will be addressed.


Best weed dispensary in all Anne Arundel county hands down

I would just like to keep it brief but I currently only have been there once which was on the 14th of October and the employees one of the bud tender name was Adam and he really helped me decide which was the best strain to go with for my problems. If I had to grade his performance it wud be a ten very helpful. Also I would like to say how another bud tender name Paul was the reason I came to this dispensary and he’s very smart and outgoing when it comes to the flowers he’s one of the best people who really knows what there talking about like he will actually listen to you and take time to fulfill all the patients needs. Great staff in general loved the store and the one manger that was working was extremely helpful and kind def the place you want to go and you can’t beat there priceys.


App still immature

Usable, but:

1. Always gets my location wrong based on my ISP’s endpoint, so nearby locations aren’t nearby.
2. Strongly suspect rankings not based on customer feedback but by marketing/ad dollars—the same big, expensive brands are always showcased/highlighted.
3. The vast majority of products recommended aren’t available in my area even when my correct area is shown (see #1). Why show me a product that’s not available in my area?
4. Shopping cart/online purchases barely usable and I’m not interested in doing business with the few merchants that do support it.
5. Inconsistent menu headings across merchants. Some break out concentrates and vape pens, others don’t seem to.
6. Terrible filtering of products. Keywords don’t always work... some products that should be shown aren’t and vice versa.
7. The terrible product filtering is sometimes due to the fact that some fields should be mandatory but aren’t. Weight is a good example. Is that $40 for 0.5 gram or for 1.0 gram? Who knows, it doesn’t say. And half the pictures don’t help. Also often a lot of missing pictures.
8. My biggest complaint is that the number of delivery companies has dwindled to just a few recently. Not sure if that’s for a legal reason (suspect not) or because this app has increased their fees and the small guys can no longer afford to advertise?

I’m going to stop with this app for a while as I have a preferred delivery service and a backup too. Might reevaluate in a year.


Wait! What?

I am confused. Weedmaps seems to be useful when trying to locate dispensaries. I do not understand why people are using it to describe personal experience with individual dispensaries. How would any app be able to monitor individual dispensaries, accurately? Especially, taking in account the individuals who work at the specific dispensaries. It’s impossible.
Maybe there are things wrong with Weedmaps . Most apps can always improve the functionality of their product.
Also, does anyone actually read their comments? It becomes frustrating to understand the comments. And I am not talking about simple grammatical mistakes. I get that. If a person is so upset, why wouldn’t they want to express their concern in a understandable way? It’s really weird to me. Actually, I think I know the answer. It’s mostly about time. It takes more time to re-read and clarify the comment. It’s just laziness. Ugh


Best Customer Service!

I go to this spot all the time. Never once have I been let down. Nothing but good vibes from everyone that works here. A big shoutout to Ivan G. andDevon they have helped me out a lot they knows what they are talking about and everything they have recommended is fire! Great attitude and beyond helpful. Cristian the same he grabs all my stuff fast and is on it appreciate when someone can make sure you got what you want! Gaby is just awesome welcoming helpful pays attention to what you want and you leave with what you want. This store period is just good vibes and fire wax, flower, clothing . People say it could be pricey but good things don’t come free and price isn’t that bad. Also great team work between the coworkers ...trust you won’t be disappointed at all!


5 Star Business Here. Customer Service/ Product.

I’ve been a member for over 2 years now and the customer service here, especially in the morning, is exceptional. I never write reviews but 3C Farms’ Gotta get one today. As matter of fact throughout the entire day the service is Top Notch. I come at all times but lately, in the morning. Ana (ah-na), is always positive, uplifting, professional, informative, patient, and has the best energy- especially that early in the morning she’s peaceful and helpful. That draws in and keeps business flowing and leaves a wonderful impression on guests. EVERY one of 3C Farms STAFF Members exude these qualities and their Bud is incomparable. From a true connoisseur, most shops can’t even mess with their pre-rolls. Ana and EVERY 3C Staff Member, dude thank you guys again for taking care of me, you guys are REAL ONES.


Adjustable price range feature!

This is a pretty decent app all the way around and take to this review in hopes this app would consider this new feature or maybe other people will like the idea and help make it happen.. An Adjustable price feature when scrolling through the different sections of products when viewing menus of dispensaries would be helpful. We all have different price ranges and i think it would be necessary to add this feature for convenience. This would cut the time in half for searching for affordable products buy narrowing down the selection to the desired price range. This could also save some confusion with prices later on down the road when you visit the dispensary. Besides that, Weedmaps works pretty well and deserves its 5-star rating



This site is an awesome tool for anyone who uses THC or CBD!!! No joke, this is the best site in the world. In an instant, in the places where it’s legal (and they’ll know by your phone’s location) you’ll find what is available for delivery, websites, clothing, storefronts, strains, edibles, salves, vape, drinks, oils, candy, cereal, tinctures and the list goes on and on! Incredible with up to date pricing and supply. Key word search for whatever you’re looking for and favorites so you don’t forget what you’re interested in. Sit at home waiting for delivery either up to your door or meet outside or visit the stores. I don’t even know everything this site offers but at this point I can’t be disappointed with what I’ve already seen & used. It’s like a marijuana phonebook. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 420!


Best Cannabis App

I’d say no matter where you are, this app may help you more than you know. The fact that it is Very easy to navigate is key to my satisfaction. No hesitations, no mislabeled buttons, no blurry images. Makes finding weed fun (like it wasn’t already!) There’s menu’s from local stores with up to date prices so you can shop before you even leave your house. Like a store but don’t see deals? Give them a call to see if they have any deals going on! A lot of the time the daily specials don’t get listed as they can be decided upon sporadically by the individual companies. Lots of good info on the Weedmaps. Would recommend downloading along with “Leafly” so you can research the strains more specifically and go to the store knowing exactly what you’re going to get.


Lit like Bic

To be open at 7am started off perfect, FCC was so clutch for me this day and for that anytime I’m in the LA area I will come through. My gal and I were first time patients and the process for intake was very easy. We was greeted by a cool and earth budtender who they call “Nike”. She was knowledgeable and kept it authentic. Gave solid recommendations on all products. Kept us comfortable, and aware of the best deals. The shop had variety of quality brands! I love the old school California vibes. Me being a connoisseur of cannabis and a huge fan of mom and pop style dispensaries, I would recommend FCC to all walks of life from corporate to hipsters lol. In closing, I just finished a big Fronta Leaf filled with the Paris OG blend with the recommended Sizzurp, Best wake and bake I’ve had in the last few months! Stay blessed ~ Blaze



I just got scammed on this app. It was my first time using it. I paid for a tooty fruity Dr. Zodiak cartridge and when I got my order it was empty and also it was the wrong flavor. I am not over exaggerating, it was empty. I had been scammed. I wrote an email with a picture to green frogs and then I called. A lady answered the phone, she answered, I told her the problem and she told me to write an email with an attached picture. I told her I did that prior to calling. She said she would look at the email and call me back. I called back and got sent to voicemail. Mind you I waited over an hour to receive my product. I called back multiple times and here I am over an hour later and I’ve been sent to voicemail at least 8 other times. I have been SCAMMED and they took my money. They then blamed me in the email that I was the third person with an Illinois ID to complain about their order. So now I am a liar and I have smoked a full gram oil catridge by myself in 10 minutes? No! They continue to argue with me telling me they are outside waiting on me to bring it out so I can get my money back. I go outside to all entrances and gates and I don’t see anybody. They proceed to tell me they are outside and they are going to leave and it’s my last chance to get my money back. They were never here!!!!!! I got straight SCAMMED! DO NOT ORDER FROM Weedmaps AND DO NOT ORDER FROM GREEN FROGS IN SACRAMENTO.


Rise Dispensary

To all Medical patients be careful of the BS that comes out of the RISE dispensary they ONLY CARE about GETTING there QUOTAS met not the medical patients wellbeing. Always trying to sell u there highest concentration or flower (which every patient has different needs )not because of what’s good for u(sales lady)but to put little star stickers by there name for selling medical cannabis to patients that need what works for them not what the sales lady wants, yes sales lady’s not BUDTENDERs. Rise is the ONLY dispensary that the employees (females) not All of them don’t know a DAM thang and say oh well it’s just Cannabis.. WRONG is alternative medicine which you ladys at ( Rise) needs to take some classes to help the medical patients with there needs not your QUOTAS. 👍🏻🌬 so new medical patients don’t go there especially if u need help picking your medicine. Some advice for RISE dispensary teach your employees about what they need to know to help a medical patients not say it works for me. It’s about the MEDICAL PATIENTS .. I’m a MMJCAREGIVER to a USMC Combat Vet we don’t care for quotas you quotas. Hope you can be better in the future


Best Cannabis App

I’d say no matter where you are, this app may help you more than you know. The fact that it is Very easy to navigate is key to my satisfaction. No hesitations, no mislabeled buttons, no blurry images. Makes finding weed fun (like it wasn’t already!) There’s menu’s from local stores with up to date prices so you can shop before you even leave your house. Like a store but don’t see deals? Give them a call to see if they have any deals going on! A lot of the time the daily specials don’t get listed as they can be decided upon sporadically by the individual companies. Lots of good info on the Weedmaps. Would recommend downloading along with “Leafly” so you can research the strains more specifically and go to the store knowing exactly what you’re going to get.


Canopi Dispensaries

This review is long overdue....Canopi has been keeping me sooo happy and high that I start the review, then I'll put my phone down for a minute to go do something and totally forget what I was doing. No matter what's the location you choose out of the three they're all the best by far with prices with top tier, middle tier, and with bottom tier selections. Also they frequently have coupons in our local monthly publications Which I really have never seen any other dispensary do the only thing the other dispensaries do is give 10% off and Canopi prices beat them even with their 10% off. And the kicker is they except Debit/Credit cards as long as it has a chip and you have ID. I give this dispensary +10 hands-down!!!


Complete waste of time but they don’t seem to care

I ordered for the first time about 60 days ago had a really great experience since that time customer service has tremendously the client along with horrible company communication. They are really good about taking the order give you an ETA of 60 to 120 minutes estimated. After 2 1/2 hours I reach out to the company and they just tell me to contact the driver. I do and his name was Dylan he did not seem to care much about my order or his time management. And basically told me to just call and complain to the company because he gets his orders late or not the way he knows how to handle apparently. They had a lot of cool things to offer but no point in ordering if you don’t get the stuff you asked for and patiently wait for. This is an industry where your “hook up” should be reliable and prompt if given ample amount of time. Until they re-strategize their business people beware of ordering from this company unless you just like to wait.


Visit to MedMen

Had an awesomely exploring experience here. Since the new management a lot of changes in the place as it relates to retail products offered!!! Went in during holiday where there were major sales promo going on. Worked with Kenisha; who is by the way an excellent addition to their friendly and professional team!
As a newbie to all the new methods of enjoying cannabis I was extremely thankful for her assistance. Her positive; knowledgeable feedback and phenomenal patience made this experience amazing and exciting. I left with a better understanding of both the strains and the supporting products. Her wit and down to earth tone was sincere. Kenisha helped to make the visit vert rewarding instead of extremely overwhelming!!
Thanks Kenisha and the whole team at MedMen. We will look forward to sporting our T-shirts back in NYC!!!!


Simply Amazed!

❤️Wow... walked into this location today and was completely stunned! First, I was greeted upon walking in by the beautiful receptionist and walked me threw the member form step by step. Took me no more then 2 minutes before entering into the back room. Once I walked in I noticed a beautiful sanctuary that I will definitely be back for this Sunday. Once in the back the amazing tenders helped me with all my needs and wants choosing the product that was just right for me. The P.R. Is a go to but, I did not see one bad looking strain! Along with the top shelf selection I chose to do some CBD patches very hard to find! Thankful for this location Quick, Amazing, and flawless! Thank you for all your help! I will be back!

Something along the lines of this

PAUL DUPUIS   1 year ago

Love the app! However I was informed that I had won the $1000 "grab a bag"prize drawing on 06/30/22. As instructed I filled out all the required paper work and was told it would take up to 90 days for my winnings. WTF?

Dee   1 year ago

Great experience!

Is Weedmaps Safe?

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