Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE Reviews

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

Get the pregnancy app and baby tracker chosen by more than 15 million
moms. What to Expect, the world’s best known, most trusted pregnancy and
parenting brand, offers a pregnancy app that helps you prepare for parenthood
and guides you through your journey day-by-day and week-by-week....

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Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE Reviews

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    Mostly a great thing

    I’m liking this app- it has daily advice and videos and fun tools to utilize. It also has weekly posts on what’s happening with baby at whatever stage you’re in. I like that it offers advice in all areas of pregnancy and even gives sections on top rated customer reviewed products! Way better than googling it all! My complaint is in the groups section. Once you put in baby due date info it suggests groups based on estimated month due. While this is cool, I’m finding that the people who Join the group aren’t even pregnant! They are trying to get pregnant and clog up the discussions by posting pics of their pregnancy tests 4 days after they ovulate and desperately ask people “can you see a positive line?!” It really irks me. I know the simple solution is to not go to the group discussions, but I feel it’d be better if they had a “trying to conceive” group and didn’t have anyone join one of month groups until they can enter their due date. My having so many people who are hyper paranoid about trying to conceive in the group it makes it too hard to have discussions with people who are actually on the same trajectory as you and it doesn’t make me want to start a discussion because the majority of the people I see posting aren’t even pregnant.

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    Best App EVER

    I don’t usually ever write reviews but this app has helped me in ways I can never repay so it’s only fair. I swear this app would tell me everything I needed to know and has saved me and my husband from worrying about anything. As a first time mom, Anytime I get a new symptom I was concerned about and wondering if it was normal, my husband would say “Did you check the app?” And usually when I opened it and read that week’s message my symptom would be addressed! I really feel like this app was like an obgyn in my pocket! My actual doctors appointments were not at all satisfying, I was always rushed and didn’t get to ask many questions. They also never told me what to expect that month. Thankfully this app told me what to expect every week! And even now that I have the baby, there are weekly updates on what to expect from him! Thanks for saving a first time mom from worrying! I hope you guys see this and know that I’m eternally grateful !

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    Information is marginal, community is horrid

    The app provides very little information to expectant mothers, a few short non-meaningful articles and the size of the baby as it develops. The videos are absolutely horrid. The email spam is ridiculous. The community, especially Hot Topics is an echo chamber for bitter, miserable women who will beat down anyone who do not agree with them politically. When I say echo chamber, it’s just that. Even to the point where some of the regulars create new accounts with different user names just to agree with themselves in a debate. WTE is obviously ran by people who are politically left, as they allow anyone with leftist ideology to bully and name call those who aren’t. It’s an extremely toxic environment - with women who have been around since the beginning of the App. Ugh. I don’t recommend this at all to anyone who actually wants to enjoy their pregnancy, stress free and untainted by the miserable musings of rich stay at home left leaning women who feel superior to everyone else. They have found a sounding board to spend their miserable lives in and cyber bully people who aren’t like them and then pat each other on the backs and comfort each other about what great sensitive caring people they are. Find something better to do, there are certainly more informative less ridiculous pregnancy apps out there.

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    Well rounded & Reassuring

    This app is amazing. This is my first pregnancy and this app gives just as much or as little information a as I want. It has been more helpful than my pregnancy books! It doesn’t promote a culture of fear around pregnancy, there are great guidelines for managing symptoms and preparing for doctor visits and there a forums with great advice. There are updates and videos that help you follow the development of your little one and help you share the progress with friends and family. The development videos are my favorite. I look forward to them every week and they walk you through every step of what’s going on accurately and gently. The most helpful part for me has been the weekly “your body” section. It has helped me to keep my sanity and help me figure out what in the world is happening with my body and is reassuring of how normal a lot of these initially concerning symptoms are. I highly recommend this app!

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    Little consistency

    I’m very disappointed in this app, as I thought it would be a great way to track the size of our baby between appointments, knowing it of course wouldn’t be exact. I have the app on my phone, and my husband has it on his phone. All the same information entered about our pregnancy but it rarely has the same information regarding size. We are 38 weeks currently, and it’s telling me that she’s the size of a small watermelon, 19-20in & 7lb, where his days she’s the size of Swiss chard 19-22in & 6.5lb. Again I know it won’t sync with exactly how big our baby is, but I don’t understand why our apps are telling us two different things. SOME of the articles/videos are appropriate but they don’t always cater to the season, or where you are in the pregnancy, which is annoying, as pre-pregnancy stuff is useless to me. Then as others have mentioned, there is the amount of spam emails received, to the point where I unsubscribed to the emails because it was annoying and way too much. Overall I think next time I’m pregnant I will be finding a different app to use, as this one has been very lacking!

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    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Very informative!

    I greatly recommend this app for 1st time pregnancies & high risk/complicated pregnancies. Pregnancy is scary! But this app allows you to ease your mind some. App gives interesting & accurate information about your baby AND your body! Information is very thorough, yet explained/written in a way that’s understandable (Even provides pictures). App also has a simple layout, which makes navigating/searching topics easy. APP HIGHLIGHTS: 1. Weekly growth tracking of baby -become informed with what’s happening to ur baby inside the womb. Information is throughly explained + u can view pictures & watch videos. (It’s cool to compare with your dr visits & ultrasounds) 2. Weekly tracking/explanation of changes ur body goes thru, will go thru & WHY it must do so - Start to truly understand & become in tune with ur body. (Things u may normally go to the dr for is probably just an annoying pregnancy symptom) 3. Able to Look ahead for u & baby - want to know when those Charlie horses will stop happening in the middle of the night?! Download this app! Lol 4. Baby’s size is compared to fruit & a few other things that’ll fascinate you & make you giggle. 5. Helpful & informative articles available for numerous pregnancy topics. 6. Due date/Account Easy to change/update - had 2 unsuccessful pregnancies, used app for all 3 pregnancies & was easy to update & prior information was deleted.

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    Worth the download!

    I have this app for my first pregnancy and so far everything on it is helpful 👏🏽 only reason I didn’t put 5!star is because I know this app will get even better as it updates. Update Aug 2018: this app has been so amazing especially for first time mom, sometimes you just don’t want to call the doc and ask a question that just might seem stupid or ask family member question and not sound so annoying about thing or them just criticizing you about your parenting. This app lets you speak your mind and real mom out there answer to your questions or to you just venting your mind. It’s also helpful to get updates as your baby grows and gives you facts and helpful tips. This app just has so much valuable information for one to read and look up and they recommend many things as well. You must try it out even if you use one part of the app. It’s is worth it!

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    Favorite baby tracking app.

    I love this app and all the great info it offers, but I especially appreciate that this app and its creators were thoughtful enough to add features that allow you to unfollow the news letter and shut off notifications. During my last pregnancy I was super excited and I added several apps to my phone, but my pregnancy ended tragically and I lost my baby. With other apps I wasn’t able to unsubscribe from their news letters and I continued to get painful reminders of how big my baby would have been getting. I also wasn’t able to delete my account on other apps, all I could do was delete the app. This app allowed me to do all of that and then gently offered resources for my grieving and sent me a, “We’re so sorry for your loss,” email and that was it. I appreciate that so much and it’s now the only app I’ll use.

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    Love this app!

    This is by far my favorite app to use to during my pregnancy 🤰❤️! It’s so informative and tells me absolutely everything I need to know about my growing baby and body. My husband even downloaded it and uses it to track our babies growth 🙌🏻. The articles are so helpful and often times are even a topic I discuss with my doctor 😀. I used the app with my first pregnancy along with a few others but liked this one so much more that it’s now the only app I use with my second pregnancy ❤️. The community is amazing and so helpful. I love my group and have actually made some great local mom friends through the app. I highly recommend this app to all parents to be!

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    Super helpful app, could use few more things as listed

    You can post Muh as you’d like and there’s always someone in the similar situation to reply , always helpful and makes you feel less alone !! keeps track of you and baby’s health and size ! Also has recommendations on products you can use also great. Two things I would add as options is a tab where you can view all you own posts to look back on , review and save things from. Also another tab where you can keep a list of products or things you need yourself ! Similar to a mini baby registry except you can add things you need as well along w side notes ! I don’t know how many countless times I’ve had really good suggestions and had to go back find my post, scroll through all the responses to find the info , I think these two suggestions would really up and add to the already great app! recommend to any mama !

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    Pages gets lost, no video transcripts

    1. I love this app and would also give it five stars but I just noticed that when I’m reading an article and need to switch to another app (which I do when taking notes or logging Baby movement) or even just press home or anything else, the app returns to home page and I lost my place. It’s particularly frustrating if I’m reading an article I arrived at from links within a home page article. Lucky if it’s only one link away but sometimes I could go more than three deep. It’s actually enough to put one off from reading anything in depth or browsing through the app at all. Presently I have to finish an article before doing anything else - which will not always happen - or just count the article as lost and get tired of having to search for it every time. iPhone 7plus, iOS 11.3.1 up to date. 2. I like the videos that have a summary at the end so don’t have to go through it, especially if you’ve seen it before. Some of the interviews would benefit from that so I could just scrub to the end. Sometimes I just don’t feel like watching people and it’s faster to read so I prefer to “read” some of the videos. It’s about content anyway and not production value. Update: worse than I thought - even searches get lost completely if you move out of the app. You are brought back to home and have to start again. :(

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    I like it

    I haven’t downloaded other apps like this, I read the reviews and seen it had the most downloads and here we are. It’s so nice and convenient, I can’t give it 5 stars because I’m a critic and what if there’s better but I don’t know ? So 5 or 4 I found no problems other then pesky ads but what app doesn’t have those these days ( I mean like free apps of course). So yeah, if you really want your baby and the best care for your little nugget then this app is a huge help. Too many outlets and articles to help you out. And it’s just and app, you don’t need to feel embarrassed by asking anyone (if you do) and can always lean on this app for lots of help. But not all of it of course, talk to your providers if you really need assistance with anything and can’t find it on this app. I don’t write reviews but I’m pregnant and Happy with my results and this app. Happy first time momma ! Lol

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    Love the app, hate its functionality

    I use this app multiple times every day however it is extremely frustrating when I’m typing out a long blog post and my Low Power battery signal pops up interrupting and I lose everything I’ve typed! Or it just shuts down randomly while I’m in the middle of typing something and when I click back into the app it’s back at the home screen. They need to develop the software to SAVE the last spot you were on, and save whatever you’ve typed as a draft if you haven’t completed it for situations like that. I love the information on there but it is by far the most frustrating app I use due to it being so unfriendly when it shuts itself down or when anything interrupts, text, call, low battery, and makes you lose what you were on. I hope to see a fix for this one day. Then it would be a 5 star review for sure!

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    Many boards become hateful places

    I loved this app when I used it for my daughter who was born in 2016. It was a supportive place where people helped each other through the difficulties and triumphs of pregnancy. It has great information and good resources. When I had my son in 2018, it was a much different experience. Since I had already had a child, many of the resources were not useful and the “communities” have become a place for internet trolls to attack other moms. Many of the boards become a place where there is constant arguing and attacking. When you reported another user for personal attacks or profanity, the comment you reported gets taken down but nothing is done to the user even after repeat offenses. For this reason I had to delete the app because of the amount of negativity it brought into my life. I rated it 2 stars only because it does have great resources and it is helpful if you are a FTM.

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    Simple, usable and (mostly) no nonsense

    The app is clean and simple to use, providing expectant parents with very quick daily tips only a few sentences long. This makes for a great little boost during the day when you’re thinking about your growing baby and just want a little tidbit of information. The one caveat is that some of the articles can feel a bit alarmist. Sometimes there are suggestions for an over abundance of caution that are actually not strictly necessary. This type of thinking is certainly cultural in the US (just try Googling an American list of what pregnant women shouldn’t eat, and you’ll see!), and “What to Expect” is not nearly as bad as some other sites at promoting these types of hyper vigilant information. I would definitely recommend this app more than others.

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Is Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE Safe?

Yes. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 280,089 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE Is 53.8/100.

Is Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE Legit?

Yes. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 280,089 Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE Is 53.8/100.

Is Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE not working?

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker WTE works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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