MDLIVE Reviews

MDLIVE Reviews

Published by on 2020-10-21

Have an MDLIVE virtual doctor visit with board-certified physicians from the
comfort and convenience of your own home or from wherever you are, whenever you
want – nights, after hours, weekends, and holidays. MDLIVE also offers
behavioral health appointments with licensed therapists an...

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MDLIVE Reviews

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    Doctors still do house calls!!

    We recently moved and wasn’t established with a local doctor yet. My 15 year old dgtr had a horrific sore throat with the back of her throat covered in white patches. I took her to Urgent Care. They said her Rapid Strep was negative, I knew it was wrong... She was sooo sick and they refused antibiotics. Her head was so full of liquid, her eyes were constantly draining fluid along with her nose!! One of my friends is an administrator at a local college. She praised this app and it’s awesome convenience! I set it up, put in our insurance info in and Shazam!! I was in touch with a live doctor within minutes!! I even sent him a close up shot of her nasty looking throat. He concluded she was very in need of an antibiotic ASAP!! He electronically sent a script to the local pharmacy within minutes! I can honestly say, I won’t ever go back to another Urgent Care again!! I am a very happy Mom knowing I have a Doctor who does “House Calls” 24/7!!! Thank you very much and continue your great work!! I am forever grateful that I have you at my fingertips!!

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    Just Go to a Walk In Clinic

    I have pinkeye. Not that big of deal to see an online dr and get a prescription for it. Unless, you use MDLIVE. I saw the dr. Took like five minutes. He said he would call in the prescription and it would be ready in about an hour. My eye hurts and he was sympathetic and said he would put it right in. Drove to the pharmacy, not called in. Called MDLIVE and explained. Waited an hour went to the pharmacy. Not called in. Called MDLIVE got it called in but out of stock. Called MDLIVE to get a different prescription called in. Waited an hour. Not called in. So on and so forth. Every time I called I have to explain all this to the person who answers the phone and go through each person trying to figure this out. Not that complicated but taking way to much time. Also, MDLIVE’s phones did not work all morning so I called and called to get disconnected as soon as their phone system picked up. I was told this morning that I would have to have another dr consultation in order to get my prescription. I refused and they did manage to get it called in but something tells me when I go to pick it up it won’t be there. This is the most inefficient dr visit I ever had. So much for making life easier with online dr visits. On a positive note, everyone who I spoke with on the phone was very nice. Just unable to do their job.

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    Go to Urgent care instead.

    I was hesitant to try MDLIVE but was reassured by their customer service that if it was an issue that they could not manage via online consult I would be refunded. During the consult the Dr. was very good, and very polite, but due to the limitations of telehealth was not able to help me determine any method of treatment for my condition. It was recommended that I go see a physician in person. This was not a referral to a specialist or a greater level of care, just a lateral transfer to an physician of the same qualifications who could manage my health issue in person. This outcome is understandable but earlier I had been reassured by MDLive’s Customer Service Rep that in cases that the could not treat patients would be refunded. When I contacted MDLIVE and explained the situation to their case manager they were unwilling to provide a refund but she was more than willing to engage in a long argument. I would recommend skipping MDLIVE and going to your see you local Dr or Urgent care instead. No need to pay MDLIVEs fees only to pay again when they send you to see a Dr in person who can repeat the exact same consult just without the limitations of Telehealth. In the future I’ll save the extra fees and just go to urgent care or my primary the first time. I am quite displeased by MDLIVE and their customer service.

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    This used to be a good option for our family because we do not have traditional health insurance. The idea is great. No waiting in a doctor’s office filled with flu germs. It is accessible any time of day or night. You don’t even have to drag your poor, sick child out of bed. I used to love this service and think it was worth the money. Not anymore! I’m not sure who is in charge of when and how many antibiotics can be prescribed, but EVERY time one of my family members are sick, we are told that it is viral and no antibiotic. So what is the use of this service if we can’t get an antibiotic when we are sick? Just to let you know, because we don’t have traditional health insurance, we do everything we can at home to treat our symptoms first before we seek out medical attention. All of us, even our little 5 year old, wash out our sinuses with saline rinses, gargle, and take more vitamins than anyone else I know. If we call in and ask for medicine, it’s because one of us is feeling really badly and the home remedies have not worked. Most of the time the home remedies do work, but in the few cases when they don’t, we just need an antibiotic! In today’s world, no one has the luxury of staying in bed for a week to 10 days waiting for the sickness to run its course!

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    I used the desktop version of this service but came here to warn people about this company. My husband went through the sign up process (which was fairly easy/efficient) and selected the video call. Was told the wait time was less then 30 minutes and displayed name of doctor he would be “seeing”. 15 minutes later, we received an automated phone call stating that the wait would be longer and offering to switch to a phone call instead. We declined and continued to wait for the video call. After another 15 minutes, we opted to switch to the phone call because it was taking too long waiting around the computer. This time the page updated with a different doctor. After another half hour we still were not called. I attempted to use the online chat with customer service to see what was up but no one replied. Husband tried calling customer service but couldn’t talk to anyone until he took a survey where they tried to sell him a this a joke????? Checked the activity log and it states that a doctor called us for a consultation. This didn’t occur! We have the phone records to prove it! We ended up cancelling the appointment because it became apparent it was a scam. They charged us $40 for literally NOTHING. Disgusting.

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    Quick, Convenient, and Great Customer Service!

    I have been fighting a UTI for 3 days that I’ve been trying to treat without antibiotics. However, after 2 nights of NO sleep, excruciating burning/pain and sitting on the toilet all night, I registered for MDLIVE through my insurance provider at 3 am. I downloaded the app and was set up in maybe 5 minutes! Personal info, medical history, height/weight, and symptoms all very quickly and easily. I selected a doctor to talk with at 6:30am. He cancelled at 6:30 and I got a little worried, until I received a text confirmation and immediately Dr. Honig was calling. She was super helpful and had exceptional customer service. After a 3 to 5 minute phone call, she was sending a prescription for an antibiotic to my pharmacy listed on my profile and she was giving me other advice/tips to help in the mean time (AZO/probiotics/etc). This service is so convenient especially when you can’t leave your house to go to the doctor or work. Life saver! Thanks so much Dr. Honig and MDLIVE!! - Shelby

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    Waste of money/no treatment

    I selected an appointment with a doctor based on my filtered results. The doctor I selected didn’t call, instead it was another doctor and he called 20min after my scheduled appointment time. This doctor couldn’t tell me if I would be charged for trying to locate my original doctor or not, so I decided to stay on the call. He advised me to visit an urgent care facility for what he thought sounded like a sinus infection. This call cost me $59. Urgent care cost is $90. I explained the reason I wanted to use MDlive was because it was cheaper and that I didn’t have the additional money to pay for urgent care. He said he would not prescribe me antibiotics and apologized for not being able to do anything but offer advice. I wish I never signed up, took the call or wasted money on this service. Now I’m still sick and don’t have enough to seek medical help at an urgent care. The reason I signed up was because I have Cigna insurance but still was charged $59 for a call from the wrong doctor who didn’t help me in anyway. Update: Tried to email the address provided in the response from “App Developer” for further help and this email address does not accept incoming emails from anyone. More frustrated than before - bad service all around.

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    Fantastic experience and would return!!

    I started to notice a UTI was beginning and with it being a holiday break I decided to try MDLIVE. Downloaded the app and created my account. I added my pharmacy and answered a few health questions. Next, I paid the $75, and within 5 min I was talking to a lovely Doctor. She asked some questions, and I answered. She then sent over my prescriptions to the pharmacy. All along this process, I received an email of my receipt of payment, email notification the doctor sent over my orders to the pharmacy, email of appointment completed. I received about 30 min later a phone call from CVS that my medication was ready for pick up ... and I did all this in my PJs and slippers at home. This is not something I would have done if I had never had a UTI before but having them throughout my life I know what to expect.

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    Not a bad app

    So I’m feeling horrible today, and had received an email from my insurance provider recently to sign up for this app. I downloaded it, and while it took awhile to get all my info into the system, it was easy enough to follow the instructions. Once I did that, I requested an “appointment” immediately. I requested video but ended up on a phone call instead. From the request to the end of the call was less than an hour. It would have ordinarily been a trip to the ER 25 miles away, and then sitting in a waiting room with other sick people with who knows what diseases for another 2-3 hours. This was far better. The doctor was kind, knowledgeable, understood my illness, and provided help. I would use it again because we don’t have a close enough ER. The only downfall was my insurance was not listed. It should have been because my insurance provider sent me an email about it. That doesn’t make sense to me. I paid through an FSA program. Still ... that needs to be fixed. All in all, a good app.

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    I recently gave a call in for simple symptoms of the common cold and while speaking to the doctor he advised that it was his personal decision not to prescribe an antibiotic and I stated that was ok and asked what next step I should take. He advised that I would need to set up another call, so I did. I had to contact the hotline due to the “24hour rule” and was told that another doctor would reach out to me to see about the antibiotic/steroid I was requesting. After waiting, a representative reaches out to me, I tell them my experience and that the previous doctor and phone representative tell me I may speak to another doctor to discuss the symptoms only for her to tell me I had to wait another 24 hours to even be eligible to speak to another doctor. I recommend to just rely on your family physician or urgent care so they can actually see your symptoms face to face. This application might be good if you’re needing very basic medication. **updated** I received a response stating they would further this response to a medical director. I emailed the email they requested and it states “this organization only allows emails from people within its organization”.... again, my response above wouldn’t change.

  • Things You Should Know

    Do you have an IPhone? The call goes straight to voicemail. This would have been helpful to know and saved me time. When I finally called customer service to ask she said that something needs to be turned off. I gave another number and waited...waited...waited...and then cancelled. The doctor then called and I told him my symptoms (it’s a sinus infection...which I already knew) and would like to suggest that it would save time to be able to check off any symptoms in advance, which might help the doctor save time in diagnosing. This could result in lower backed up call times. Plus, some directions on fixing the iPhone glitch would be helpful. Anyway, it took so long to get a doctor that the pharmacy was closed by the time I got through with the appointment, so this morning I was able to go pick it up. Overall, doctor was fine (no personality, but frankly I don’t care), however the wait time was long and the iPhone glitch is silly.

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    Well at least my insurance accepts it....

    I love where telehealth is going! If this app worked and didn’t glitch out... if they had enough doctors employed to answer the volume of patients and if their customer service was more on point... it would be so much better. I love when it works!! But the extra call they give you, just to let you know someone will be with you is extremely annoying...but/and there’s no call queue to let you know where you’re at in line. So you basically have to put everything on hold because if you miss the call, you miss the appointment and get thrown to the very beginning again... the only positive part is not having to go to the doctor. And it takes my insurance. But if your insurance accepts a different service, I would go there until these guys polish up their act. Save your time and patience, patient. =] oh I forgot, make sure you answer the right phone call, otherwise they won’t keep your appointment!! Even tho it’s scheduled on the app, they will cancel you if you don’t answer the SECOND-THIRD CALL. So annoying.

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    Never been able to speak to a doc!

    I have tried using this app as well as their website as this is supposed to be a replacement for a doctor in most cases. The first two times I got calls whereby I was told there were no doctors—after waiting over an hour both times. The third and final time I tried using the app for a mental health issue after waiting a long time I was called to apologize that I would need to contact my HR department because their psychiatrists aren’t on my plan. The lady on the phone even seemed to be kind of laughing. I live in a community where it is hard to get a general practitioner, a regular doctor, so to speak. I have gone without one for years because of this and this app should be perfect for someone like me who currently can only go to Urgent Care or ER despite having health insurance. It is not. I have tried and tried to use this app. Did you know you can’t get mental health care from Urgent Care or ER? Therefore I have no access to mental health care because this app doesn’t do what it offers. Whether it is your body or your mind, this app will not work for you. Good luck.

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    Don’t believe the bad reviews

    I had pink eye and was going to go to the walk-in clinic, but my mom had recommended I do a virtual visit. When I went to download the app the first review was a horrible review from someone with pink eye and after reading some more reviews people had left bad comments. I was weary and was going to go to the clinic, but my mom said I should at least give it a try and I’m so glad I did!! This was the coolest, fastest and most pleasant doctors visit ever! I was seen in less than 15 minutes from sign up and my check up lasted less than 10. I saved money and was thoroughly impressed with how everything went. Before I could walk from my living room to my office I had a prescription called in and a sick note for work. This is the way of the future!! You guys are awesome!!

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    Best thing ever lemme tell you why

    Prices are amazing! I have a busy schedule and it’s 1030 at night and I noticed I have a very bad bug bite on my toe where it burns and it’s bruising and there wasn’t any possible way I can see a doctor with my work schedule and the office being closed because it’s Thursday night . I work Friday while my doctors office is open and they are closed on the weekend and Monday is a holiday. I was desperate to know what it was without having to go to the emergency room ( don’t want the bill) . I used MDlive filled out a couple things had a doctor call me in less then 5 minutes. I sent photos of my bugbite so she could see it too! She gave me some meds and now I can sleep easy knowing my foots not going to fall off. Cause I would hate to be footless.

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Is MDLIVE Legit?

Yes. MDLIVE is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 43,914 MDLIVE User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MDLIVE Is 24.2/100.

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MDLIVE works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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