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Our virtual credit cards helps you stay safe and protects your privacy on the Internet.

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Benefits of Our Credit Card for Free Trials

Justuseapp helps you stay safe on the Internet. Be protected no matter the online service you use.

Generates a random credit card
We create a temporary virtual credit card with randomly generated card numbers and name so you don't give up your real information.
Approves only free trials
You can then use the virtual credit card to signup for free trials on the web and on apps without worry. We approve only free trials and not actual purchases.
Blocks auto-renewals or automated subscriptions
You can finally experience a truly free trial subscription without worrying about unexpected charges to your bank account.
Keep your money safe
Keep yourself safe online. JustUseApp ensures that you will be absolutely protected when you sign up for online services. Your credit card information and real name are hidden.
Subscription only by choice
If you decide that you would like to continue the subscription after the free trial period is over, you can then provide your real credit card details to the service.
Access the American market
Our credit card comes with a U.S. billing address, so you can unlock features restricted to the U.S or Western markets especially if you don't live there.

Keep track of Subscriptions

Most services make it so easy to Subscribe but a nightmare to Cancel. Some even renew your subscription after you cancel!

The most popular complaint by Justuseapp users are that they are unaware of these charges until they check their bank account or credit card transactions records, usually months after the charges started. Lots of users have lost lots of money before they realized what was happening. This is why we created the Free Trial Debit Card.

Track your free trial and paid subscriptions
Bring more transparency to your spending. Monitor recurring expenses so you can cancel unwanted subscriptions. Review monthly spending at-a-glance.
Get timely reminders
Our constant reminders makes sure you never forget when a recurring payment is coming up so you can cancel on time. Don't let an unmonitored free trial cost you money.
Organize your finances
Add more organization to your financial life with Spaces. Spaces helps you group your subscriptions by categories. Create spaces for apps, music/video streaming, fitness centers, clubs, cable, etc.

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