Express Scripts Reviews

Express Scripts Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-01

Managing your medicine is easier when our app does it for you. The newly
designed Express Scripts app lets you easily and quickly find everything you
need for your medicine. It’s like having a knowledgeable pharmacist in your
pocket. Find a preferred pharmacy, refill your prescripti...

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Express Scripts Reviews

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    Health Care Plan 5 stars, App could be better

    The reason for only 3 stars are that #1 the app offers to keep track of how much medicine you have, however you have to input when you refill a medicine, rather then them update it automatically when you refill your those pills #2 the app is slow to sync when a prescription is processed/shipped/delivered. And I mean sometimes by three days #3 This may be more of a ‘plan’ issue “con” then ‘app’ but if you refill a prescription and it’s too early to fill (you have the option of as early as a month-online to refill) rather then the day it is dispensed, you will be billed the day you refill online. #4 their is an option to send a secure message to the RX company through the app. But you must log into the app continually to check to see if it was responded to, rather then being alerted through an email, letting you know that it’s been replied to. #5 Twice I’ve had issues logging in. Sometimes it’s after an update, or when your fingerprint doesn’t register but password does. The support center actually recommends that you delete their app, then reinstall. This is under FAQ in the support Center online. Again, these are just small grievances of the APP, nothing that reflects on the overall plan itself. I simply wanted to layout why I only gave the app 3 stars. On a side note: I save an enormous amount of money by using their mail-order service. I think overall they are an excellent plan D for Medicare patients.

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    Shipping/Contact fail

    When I realized that my new prescription was not set up for automatic refill (my bad —I assumed that once I set it up that it would do that for all prescriptions that were submitted), I ordered a refill through the app and selected 2 Day Shipping since I knew the holidays would mess up the arrival day. I checked the confirmation email that I received and noticed that 1 Day Shipping had been confirmed. Since I didn't want to pay that much, I went back into the app and re-selected 2 Day Shipping. I didn’t bother checking the confirmation email because I mistakenly assumed the problem was fixed. Just out of curiosity to track my package, I opened the email the next day and noticed Free Ground Shipping had been confirmed (I should have checked the email the same day). Apparently selecting 2 Day Shipping will either set you up for 1 Day Shipping OR Free Ground Shipping—but not the actual 2 Day Shipping. The order was placed well within business hours Friday and the order did not get processed until Monday (day before Xmas). So after two days of going cold turkey off my new prescription I should finally get it in the mail tonight, a week later. When I went to contact ExpressScripts I was put on hold and told a wait time of 36mins. So I went online to contact through secure message and it told me all day that sorry, the service was temporarily down and to try again later.

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    Mixed Feelings

    This coverage is provided to me due to my husbands service to this glorious country. I dread having to refill my prescriptions, because there is a huge disconnect between the provider and the pharmacy. I always have pleasant representatives when I call, but the company has so many restrictions on medications, that I have seriously thought of just giving up on this company, and just paying cash. Again, this is not about the wonderful reps, this is about a company that has gotten too large and unmanageable. When I have asked to speak to the CEO, they put me on hold and then the call is dropped. So in wrapping up, representatives are knowledgeable and patient, but the company need to ease up on restrictions and policy. If the CEO want more information, you have my phone #, so call and discuss. I am a Physician Assistant that worked my entire career in Emergency Medicine, at night (6p-6a), 3-4 nights a week for 30+ years, so I have written many prescriptions and know how the system works. I urge the management to reach out to patients and ask them about the service that are getting from this corporation. I gave you 2 stars because you really need to work on the patient-pharmacy-physician disconnect.

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    Ok but not great.

    The app is good, and it is easy to order scripts. Cons: Changing an alert is next to impossible. Removing a medication is not possible as far as I can see. The virtual pharmacy ID card is not printable and does not contain all of the information the hard copy card has. (I have ordered a hard copy about 25 times, and have yet to receive a hard copy) There is not a section for drugs you may be allergic to. If you are looking to see your claims and history, or medicine history; you are out of luck. The search thinking wheel spins forever and almost always times out giving the message “9999: We are sorry, we are unable to complete your transaction at this time. Please try again later.”. Should you actually reach your history of any kind, forget actually printing it out. Pricing a medication by history is a long shot Only about 10 current medications show up and only about half of those are actually current up to date medications that you are taking. You better be an ace speller. If you misspell any drugs when searching within the app, the search is not smart and will not recognize even a close misspelled medication. In the world of apps, this one needs some work.

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    Love The Express Script’App

    Love The Express Script’App😊👍 And How Well Easy To Transfer From ‘Like Walgreens -> When , my ‘ Doctor finally got a prescription accepted my insurance!! Was so excited to see that the medication was listed on my account for future fillings!!! And I received my letter from my insurance shortly afterwards! I believe that the pharmacist were trying to call me before i went to refill at Walgreens , but we have such terrible phone signal service here where we are temporarily & that is another awesome!! We are helping my mother in another & express & our’Dr have been awesome at helping us with being away from our home State ! We so appreciate everything and both my husband & I are feeling healthier because of the great team effort!! I know now that I will have consistent good results every month now in getting better!! Thank you so very much!!!♥️

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    So so but service very poor

    The app is fairly good at keeping up with prescriptions but the processing of orders and communications is horrible. I have ordered and paid for scripts only to not have scripts arrive. Then go on app to find out script needs to be renewed. Really? Why didn't it say that when I ordered it?? Why did I pay for an expired script?? Then have to get on phone and deal with that mess trying to get the script updated between my doc and ES. They are horrible at communicating with docs. My doc would send and the person at ES can't tell if received because they have different depts that don't communicate well. Their people have had me screaming on the phone after giving me false info or not habing any info. I paid for overnight shipping on an order that didn't get shipped. When it finally shipped, it took about 5 days to get to me. Thry never reimbursed me for overnight shipping. The worst service ever. The app is not fully functional on billing so when I have a past due balance,I can only pay it going to the website. Their service is my biggest complaint. It seems as though they are working to improve and they have announced a partnership with Walgreens on home delivery so I'll be using Walgreens whenever possible.

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    Express Scripts Medicare 2018 Formulary and Express Scripts App

    27 AUG 2018 The Express Scripts app quoted me incorrect pricing on 23 AUG 2018. Before I visited the pharmacy on Friday, 24 AUG 2018 I telephoned Express Scripts just to verify the prices I looked up in the app were correct. I am glad I did because both medications were priced incorrectly on the app. The representative quoted both as about $3.00 higher. Persons reading my review be aware that the app is not displaying correct pricing. I would strongly discourage using the app. I will delete the app as soon as I finish this review. Also the Express Scripts Medicare 2018 Formulary has typographical errors. Persons reading this review do not trust the formulary either. I would like to say I am not indicating every entry in the formulary is wrong but you never know if your medication listed is incorrectly listed or not in the book at all. The same applies to checking medication never know if the price that displays on the Express Scripts app is accurate. In the future I will telephone Medicare for all my needs; as well as Express Scripts for all my Pharmacy needs. Keep in mind we are dealing with the United States government. Thank all of you who read my review.

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    Slow, clunky, reminders can’t be turned off

    This app has potential. It would be so nice if it automatically updated whenever I get a new prescription with the amount of pills in the new Rx. Right now I have to remember to update the app when I get a new Rx or the refill reminder will keep telling me I need a refill. Based on what a lot of other apps are able to do I don't think that's very complicated functionality to add. As I mentioned in the title, the interface is also very clunky. The whole menu bar on the left hand side is not intuitive and options are difficult to locate. On the whole it doesn't feel like a lot of time or effort has been spent on this app. The part that's the most frustrating, however, is that if I want to turn off a single reminder I can't get it to work. No matter how many times I updated, I keep getting all of the reminders that I previously set up. This includes for medications that I no longer take. As a result, I'm having to turn off all reminders. This was the main reason I installed the app in the first place.

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    Awesome App

    My wife & I had to switch to Express Scripts because of a change in my wife’s insurance and we were worried about that because we were already happy with many of the features that the brick and mortar drug stores and pharmacies have built into their particular apps. We were concerned that we would lose that convenience. However we can’t be more happier with this app! Set up was easy, linking our HSA card to the app as well as being confident that it was a secure transaction was evident. And once set up, with a couple clicks, I have my prescription refilled and on its way. And the price? Wow — compared to what I was paying? For what I’m getting? The number of pills that I get with Express Scripts for the price is unbeatable! Thank you for such a good app and system for prescription drugs ordering and tracking!

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    Outdated technology, often down

    Checking the status of your order should be a piece of cake, but how many times have I gotten the spinning disk of death, and a few MINUTES later that the system is down. Why didn’t you tell me that first before wasting my time. Oh, and if you want to contact them, there’s no number to call (why have the opportunity to chat about life saving medications with a human?) you are directed to fill out a form (not in the app mind you, in your browser), where, even though you were logged in, makes you fill out all your information again (forget the form being able to see most of your information in you “pre fill form” feature in your browser), you hit submit to get the message that yes, your message was unsuccessful because their was a technical problem. The frustrating and maddening thing, among many, is I reported this exact same error a year ago. I guess there’s no way to improve things so that angry reviews like this aren’t posted! Boo.

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    Discontinued medication coverage

    A medication I have been on for over five years has all of the sudden been removed from TriCare’s approved medication list. Back when I was prescribed the medication I had to try 3 or 4 other medications before the prescribed medication would be covered. I completed the required trials and none worked. Then, it was approved. I have had good outcomes with the medication. My family has a history of stomach issues and my grandfather died of stomach cancer. For TriCare to just decide to cancel the coverage without talking to current patients on the medication is irresponsible and inconsiderate. Now, I must return to the doctor and begin a new set of experimental trials... for what??? I do not appreciate the lack of support from TriCare and Express Scripts. I will complete the trial, as required but when/if they don’t work again, I will write my senator and congressman. I am not a test monkey and feel like that is how it is being treated.

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    You’ve really made an app which was easy to use to one which is almost impossible to use! The list format was much easier to navigate. Please change back. Now there are so many duplicate listings of the same meds and some meds are not being shown at all. Please correct since providing accurate medicine information to doctors is essential to maintaining good health. Your recent changes make this extremely more difficult! The medicine chest is missing. The portion of the app which showed how many remaining pills should be in a current prescription is also missing. These were the MOST USER FRIENDLY aspects of the previous version and now they are no longer available! Pure stupidity and uncaring attitudes for your customers is demonstrated by these recent changes. Reply from Express Scripts If you still need prescription assistance please private message your member id, phone number and date of birth. Thanks. -Stephanie That’s not going to help. I handle my parent’s meds and a once useful app has been reduced to uselessness with these changes. Previously, I could just hand my phone to the doctor and nurse and all meds were neatly arranged. Now its nothing but an unorganized mess. Useless to me, doctors and nurses. I cannot contact you while at the doctor’s office to get the information needed while we are there. That was why the previous version of the app was so useful. Now, it has no user friendly navigation and this latest version is an insult to your end users.

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    This app saved me from headaches

    I give this app a five star because it makes my job so much easier. They notify me when it time to reorder, I know exactly what I will be paying, and I know exactly when my prescriptions will arrive. With this app I have never ran short on my medication, and the customer service is right on, they have answered all my questions on one Single call. And believe me I don’t get five stars easily, because everything needs room for improvement, but for now it doesn’t seem to need any improvement at this time. Thanks for this app life for me is much better, I don’t have to run to the local pharmacy, or wait for a text telling me that my prescriptions are ready, express scripts app have make my life a little more stress free.

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    Some rarely used fields needs some work

    Overall the app worked great from signon to selection of Rx that needed to be refilled. Easy to navigate between patients and prescriptions. All goes well if you need the item shipped to your permanent address. Due to a flexing work situation I had to except and work in a different state, obviously with a different address. The app does have the option for a temporary address which seems fine, until you have to enter in a temporary start and end date for the address. I found these two fields were not editable and I was unable to add a date and therefore got a invalid date error. Was a bit frustrating to try to enter something in these fields but it just wouldn’t work with my iPhone. Ended up having to change the permit address which was not my preference but I did get the job done. Please take a look at addressing the date field from an iPhone.

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    Worst app ever

    I have never written a review for an app. However this app is so terrible I had to. The app is equivalent to a rock. Pointless, you can look at it but it has absolutely no value. You can modify anything on your account, you need to use the website. This app once again similar to a rock sits there on you phone worthless, just like express scrips. Who do nothing, give you terrible service. Call you at all random hours throughout the day/night. Oh and last but not least OVERCHARGE you for medication. Zyrtec (OTC allergy medication) they wanted $70 for a 30 day supply. This is like I said an OTC allergy medication that ranges from $7 to $20 on the high end. When I explained this the operator this is what they said “oh I’m sorry sir”. Not they will look into it or try an help nothing. Using this company at free will, I feel is similar to giving yourself a voluntary enema. Being forced to use this shoddy company due to insurance providers. Priceless. Fire whoever runs this god-awful dumpster fire you guys call express scrips.

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Is Express Scripts Safe?

Yes. Express Scripts is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 107,132 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Express Scripts Is 43.2/100.

Is Express Scripts Legit?

Yes. Express Scripts is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 107,132 Express Scripts User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Express Scripts Is 43.2/100.

Is Express Scripts not working?

Express Scripts works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By B fortenberry
May 27 2021

Express scripts is in my opinion...a scam. What a place to be in when you have worked 33years, retire,and now a pharmacy program pays for absolutely NOTHING! I just reviewed my monthly drug summary, and now I see they pay for ZERO percent. Oh but wait they will start paying after I pay for remaining out of pocket and that’s over $3600.00. Yes that’s right $3600.00!!! I will then move to the next tier. Isn’t that great. Oh and now they aren’t even paying for my pain meds because they need a prior authorization from my md. But I’ve only been on for over ten years and in such debilitating pain that I can’t even get out of bed. I just have metal cages holding my spine together, neuropathy down my lt leg and feelings of hot nails being hammered into my foot. There is no getting better for me and since having a cerebral brain aneurysm and then a heart attack, congestive heart fail, high blood pressure, seizures, chronic anemia,GERD, and oh do I need medications...obviously so. What a social injustice this is. You don’t have to have a home invasion or a car jacking just wait for express scripts to rob you people...because they will. Quietly and right under your nose and no guns consent to this because they are going to help you in your old age. Just wait because before you know it they will rob you and when you come to terms with this, you’ve lost your fight. You’re old and tired and they are counting on this. I was also diagnosed with takotsubo syndrome aka “broken heart syndrome “. As the md asks have you had a breakup or a severe loss, yes I have doc. You have no idea and as he leaves and I’m wearing a life vest...I think I have all my insurance in order, worked all my life, and to what avail...NONE. And then you remember you have Express scripts to help you get your medicine . And I have no help from them...but wait...only $3600.00 more out of pocket and then they will help. Whew...and I thought I would grow old gracefully. But no... I’m left with such a social injustice, so sick and hurting,and I can do absolutely nothing about it! I wish I had my fight,my righting of wrongs ....but all I have is a few words that I doubt will help no one, that will mean nothing...because I’m retired, sick,and absolutely no one cares. So thanks express scripts for Not being there when I needed the help I pay for , never missing a payment, and no one cares...NO ONE...AND THAT IS WHAT THEY COUNT ON. Because I’m just an old,babbling fool that is invisible to the rest of the world. And ain’t retirement great and grand!

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