Virtual Payment Cards

Justuseapp Virtual Payment Cards helps you stay safe online while making payments and protects your real cards from fraudsters.

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What are Virtual Cards?

Virtual cards are non-physical debit/credit cards that you can use for online payments. It consists of a randomly created 16-digit number. You can verify these cards and they expire after a period of time, just like the physical debit/credit cards you know and are used to.

Virtual payment cards are linked to an original debit/credit account and can be used for making purchases.

You cannot use a virtual card to buy an item physically but you can use it over the phone or online.




Why use Virtual Payment Cards?

Justuseapp Virtual cards are intended for secure digital payments and are engineered to help you stay safe online. Our cards are useful for:

Online subscription and streaming services like Disney+, Peacock, NetFlix, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, etc.
Purchasing apps from the Android and iOS AppStores, including other types of subscription software directly from the provider's website.
Paying for products and services at online stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, PayPal, and AliExpress.
Online gaming on different networks like PlayStation Plus, XBox Live, Valve's Steam, Blizzard, EA Games,
Paying for employee perks like Neflix or Spotify subscriptions, ClassPass, Dropbox, amongst others.

Benefits of Justuseapp Virtual Cards

Staying safe and protected online is only a part of what we do. We also help you manage your expenses and be in control of your finances. Here is what we offer:

Create upto 24 Virtual Cards monthly
Justuseapp caters to everyone - from users with simple needs of 1 card per month to power users with more demanding needs.
Set Spending limits, Freeze spending, Deactivate Card, etc
You can set limits on your card, deactivate your card at anytime and freeze spending all from your dashboard. Controling your expenditures becomes easy.
Fund Cards with upto $3000 per month
Fund you cards with any amount you please, capped at $30 per day to reduce fraud and increasing with better account conduct.
See and Monitor Card Transactions
See all transactions and card authorizations across all cards, in one place. You can also download your account statement anytime you please. You are always in control.
Accepted by all merchants
Our virtual payment cards are valid and issued in partnership with Celtic Bank USA (FDIC Insured). The cards are accepted anywhere virtual cards are accepted worldwide, with Low risk of getting declined by merchants.

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Are Virtual Credit Cards Legal?

Yes, virtual credit cards are legal. Reputable companies like Mastercard, Visa, etc. provide these virtual cards so it is safe to use virtual credit cards.
These cards will be verified before use, as part of security and protocol so they are totally safe.

What are JustUseApp Virtual Cards?

Justuseapp virtual cards helps you protect your real information and details and stay safe while making online payments. You can access virtual credit cards on JustUseApp for free trials and to protect your privacy.

Are Justuseapp Cards private?

Yes. Justuseapp virtual payment cards are private and mask your details from fraudulent websites and apps just like

What countries does Justuseapp work in?

Justuseapp Cards accepts users from most countries except Vietnam and Indonesia. You get a U.S billing address on your cards for payments.