Blood Donor American Red Cross Reviews

Blood Donor American Red Cross Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-20

The American Red Cross Blood Donor App puts the power to save lives in the palm
of your hand. Donating blood, platelets and AB Plasma is now easier than ever.
Features: · Find local blood drives and donation centers quickly and
easily · Convenient, easy appointment scheduling and resc...

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Blood Donor American Red Cross Reviews

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    Useful for RapidPass only

    It’s great for saving time by being able to answer all the questions via RapidPass before going to donate. It could be useful for other things but so much about the app seems off or unnecessary. The digital donor card would be great for me to show a history of BP readings. Unfortunately, it shows only the last three readings, and if you have it show the full history, the only information shown is the type of donation, date, and location (full history of BP, pulse, and hemoglobin IS available on the website). Consistency of information would be good here. The Blood Journey is interesting but would be more so with a little more information and if it were more up to date (right now doesn’t have the info from my donation of over 3 months ago). And although I figured out that the Blood Journey is showing the donations in reverse chronological order, why isn’t the full date (showing the year) displayed? Most other informational features are unnecessary once you’ve donated once or twice, and the badges are lame. I’m a Power Red donor so only need to use this three times a year, so instead of bogging down my phone I use it on my iPad. Only got it for the benefit of seeing the Blood Journey, and have been waiting to see some improvements but have yet to be rewarded. I may just forgo the little information I do get about the Blood Journey (only available through the app) and just go back to using RapidPass on the website.

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    Where’s the “Found Information about Power Red” Badge?

    What’s great: The profile contains a lot of interesting information. The badges are a great, fun way to get people motivated to give! The app opens and functions really well. You can quickly and easily move from page to page. What’s not so great: Accessing information about all the different types of blood donation, requirements, and general blood donation tips and concerns ARE NOT EASY TO FIND. I was curious what a “Power Red” donation was. My friend looked it up on google, read the answer, and I still had not found it in the app. Finally after tunneling through several pages I found a list outlining the different types of donations. This shouldn’t happen. You should be able to access this information from several points. Maybe where it gives you the date when you can next donate (tap the box that has the name of donation method— you’re taken to an information on method. Perhaps being able to access this information from the badges section of the app would be another way to find it.

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    Donation Data to HealthKit

    This is a beautifully designed app with simple controls, fluid responsiveness, and low-user memory load. The app makes scheduling appointments easy and fun, and is the only reason why I donate as often as I do. The only improvement I’d like to see is more access to our health statistics sent to Apple’s Health app. This would add accurate and enriching data to log my health over longer periods of time. I like to think of my blood donations as mini checkups to spot potential health issues down the road, so it’d be amazing to see that data actually logged into the Health app. This data (blood pressure, pulse, hemoglobin, etc) is already displayed minimally when flipping the digital donor card to the history side, but I’d like it to be recorded forever to give me more accurate health data and make my donations even more valuable to me as a donor. Thanks!

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    Blood donation

    18 years ago just a few weeks after I had my last daughter, I began to hemorrhage really badly. When the ambulance arrived , and the EMT’s were assessing my situation, I remember hearing one of them say that I needed a blood transfusion right away. They said that I was in dire need of a blood transfusion to save my life. I praise God and will forever be thankful and grateful that someone chose to donate blood so that it was there when I was the one in need. Donating our Blood, Platelets and Plasma is a very important and honorable thing that each of us can do for others , as well as ourselves. We have no way of knowing that we may very well end up being the one that needs a blood transfusion at some point in our lives. So if we are physically and medically able, I truly believe that it is our duty to donate blood products that can and does help save peoples lives.

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    A nice app, but could use a little more.

    First off, I LOVE to donate blood, and this is a great app to keep me motivated. It allows you to book appointments, see your donation history, and even earn badges to keep you motivated. The app is very useful. However, it could use more programming to turn a great app to an AMAZING app. First, we need to be able to complete the RapidPass via the app. Second, there needs to be more badges. Third, more connectivity to social media so we can share our pride for giving and hopefully inspire others. And fourth, more interactive tracking of the blood donations. I love knowing where my donation goes! Again, this is a GREAT app already, but wish it had a little more.

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    Not as Described

    It’s been explained to my by Red Cross personnel as all encompassing, however, it falls short in several key areas. Useful for: *my donor card *viewing donation history *viewing upcoming appointment (made online - see below) Not useful for: *Finding nearby drives on certain date range needs more flexibility. *Booking appointments was cumbersome and I gave up (search is clunky, results are limited). I much prefer website functionality. *Badge alerts popped up, however, there isn’t a summary screen where I can view them. I want to see my vampire badge and post it to my social media! It vaporized! Where can I see them? Reps at the drive could not find them either. This could be such a fun, motivating feature if I could see them. *Rapid Pass - I completed it online yet the app didn’t “know” thus prompted me to do it again; there was no synchronization with my account which perplexed me since it “knew” about my appointment... I had to present the email version Rapid Pass. Based on past issues with other Red Cross systems being out of synch, such as phone recruitment within days of a donation, I’m not surprised by the hiccups. However, it does significantly reduce the utility of this app for me and makes it tough to justify the storage space.

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    Adequate app, when it works

    I use the app to schedule platelet appointments, but it is often glitchy and frustrating to use. This particular time, after choosing a day/time/location for donating, the log-in page wouldn’t load no matter what I tried. So I closed the app and started all over again, only to find that the appointment I was trying to schedule HAD been confirmed — even though I hadn’t “logged in” which was described as a required step. Confusing, but typical. The previous time I tried to schedule a same-day appointment. Three time slots were available, but the app wouldn’t confirm any of them so I called the scheduling department and was told (after a lengthy delay) that the staff didn’t want to stay around for the last two open times. So why were they shown on the app???

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    Good- not great

    I’m a 70 time donor to Red Cross. One of the perplexing things about blood donation is how much time it takes to get ready to donate, then the actual blood draw takes 5 minutes. Rapidpass is a huge improvement, but it relies on ppl telling the truth about travels, sexual activity, etc. Red Cross and the FDA already recognizes this and put blood through intensive lab testing for quality control, so why ask the questions in the first place. Same is true of all the identity monitoring. Why do they need to know one’s name address and birthdate, and repeat it over and over? I finally forced them to stop asking for my SSN which they had insisted they needed. A few bottom lines here: - I don’t trust Red Cross (any more or less than any other outfit) with my info. - ARC should decline to ask for info they don’t need; not having it means they aren’t responsible for safeguarding it. - Given the shortage of blood, ARC and the FDA need to come to grips with the basic notion of how easy it is to not give blood. It’s easier and more convenient to not do it than it is to do it. Given this uphill difficulty to enlist new donors and keep old ones, they need to make it as easy and convenient as possible.

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    Donate Blood: Pay it Forward

    I have been donating blood for awhile now. I love having the chance to be able to save someone’s life, and make a difference for other people. The process to donate whole blood is that not long a good 30minutes and that is it, next is Plasma for me. You feel great after, and the Red Cross does a great job making you feel at ease, no pressured into doing things you don’t want to do. The app is great, easy to manage. The only downfall to the app is when you have your appointment the day of, I wish you could be able to see the location of were it is at instead of taking screenshots, I’m not very good with directions. Lol, well worth it!!

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    Great App, But...

    I love the app. It makes it easy for me to book my appointments, complete my rapid pass and have my donor is ready to go. But I wish it would give me the info I need to prepare for a platelet donation. If newbies were looking to see what they need to do to get ready, they would think it was just like a blood donation because that’s the info they give when you click the “how to prepare for your donation”. Definitely needs to be updated with all the info we need. I know it’s easily accessible on the website, but just the sake for convenience, I think providing the correct information would be beneficial to everyone. Otherwise, I highly recommend this app for you to book your appointments and earn some badges for all the good you do in donating.

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    Not Team Friendly

    You can create teams but then the members you try to invite can’t join! I am a board member for an organization and thought this would be an interactive way for our members to track our progress as a whole. I created the team but members can’t join when I invite them, I can’t control the basic “profile” of the team, I’m supposedly not allowed to add our logo to the picture for easier search access for our members (you know because people are likely to associate with a picture than scroll through and find a name), and every time I donate our team impact/lives changed number never changes. This potentially can be a very good interactive tool for groups to get involved, but until these basic things are fixed it will still lack and be sub-par.

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    A usable app

    I’ve been donating for 45 years and just hit the 100 pint mark. I like the app for the donor card and rapid pass. Impossible to find what my next eligibility date is. Put it right on the main screen! Making an appointment is a little weird but gets easier as one gets closer to eligibility date. Just tell me upfront when I’m eligible next and I’ll make an appointment as close to that date as I can. I don’t need a program to do it for me and I don’t need all the social media garbage. Just tell when I’m eligible next and where and when are the blood drives. Perfectly capable of the rest. I will continue donating no matter what. The Red Cross is a phenomenal organization and it’s well worth the time and ever so slight inconvenience to donate. I wish everyone felt it was their personal responsibility to donate.

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    Would appreciate iPhone wallet incorporation

    A nicely put together app. I very much appreciate the fact that it DOES NOT play with all the social media platforms. Not everything we do needs to be shared with everyone all the time. Thank you for that. However, what I would like to see is the option to add your donor card to the wallet on iPhones. Sometimes it’s easier just to open up the wallet widget and sort that way than it is to open an app. Plus, donors wouldn’t have to worry with reception issues at a donation center if their cell coverage is sketchy. Just open up the wallet and boom, there’s your donor card. Thank you!

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    Needs work

    There’s a rewards section? Where? The app has issues. The Red Cross is aware of these issues and are working on them. For most uses, it works. I schedule all my donations on the app. The journey section now works. Rapid pass gives me a few issues, but I remind myself that I’m saving lives with each donation. For the most part, I’m happy with the app. The reason for a 3 rating is: 1. Here in the App Store, this app has a rewards section. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every section in the app and never seen a rewards section. 2. There are other issues with the app, but I know for a fact the Red Cross is working on them. These are known issues (not requests) and when these issues are fixed, I will change my rating.

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    Pay it forward

    Thank you for developing this app & getting it to be interactive and up to speed. I am hoping the appointments can be connected to the calendar, posting to Facebook and there can be an area to list medications in future application updates. The rapid pass could also ask questions with previous answers in mind. (ie. any changes since last donation? If I answered ‘no’ to questions about the 1980’s- I can never answer ‘yes’. Of course, this will have to change when time travel is invented.). Other than that- I love it and am proud & honored to give with or without an app.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Blood Donor American Red Cross customer service directly
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Is Blood Donor American Red Cross Safe?

Yes. Blood Donor American Red Cross is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,654 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Blood Donor American Red Cross Is 52.4/100.

Is Blood Donor American Red Cross Legit?

Yes. Blood Donor American Red Cross is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,654 Blood Donor American Red Cross User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Blood Donor American Red Cross Is 52.4/100.

Is Blood Donor American Red Cross not working?

Blood Donor American Red Cross works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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