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Published by on 2022-09-19

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Reported Issues: 35 Comments

By Eugene Shafer
Feb 02 2023

after clicking on test results, test details do not show, just a green page, but if you right click on green page windows will read aloud the results. I need to see the details and be able to print out.

By Sandra Schroeder
Jan 20 2023

Has disappeared from my favorites list ?

By Ken Betz
Jan 19 2023

After several emails with Epic about the same MyChart problems across four different health care systems and three different Windows 10 and Windows 11 laptops, Epic support said they can't help me. They said I need to contact the individual health care providers for support, even though I find it difficult to believe they'll have the experience necessary to debug the faulty MyChart app(s).

By digging into the code itself, I'm seeing that the problems lie with site permissions, even though I've given the app full permissions across the board.

Apart from reporting Epic to the Software Publishers Association and the BBB, does any have any suggestions?

Please note that Epic is required by law to provide all features and functionality advertised in their software.

By Ken Betz
Jan 03 2023

No option to manually input a new PCP or other physicians found in the network.

By Ken Betz
Jan 03 2023

Can't view/open test results on any of our four PCs, three of which use Windows 10 and one uses Windows 11 (a high-end, gaming laptop). Very frustrating!

By Miranda DeBurgh
Jan 02 2023

I have my son's account linked to mine. A couple weeks ago his menu changed and I can no longer schedule appointments for him. I can still access his account from mine, but his menu has changed.

By Betty Lou Whittaker
Dec 07 2022

MyChart not working. It seems that an option of BrowserTool is blocking everything.

By Edward B Campbell
Oct 27 2022

I have an important statement from my physician on MVHS MyChart. But, when I try to log into MyChart, I get the message: This site can't provide a secure connection. I have changed the security settings and cleared cache and browser history on my computer. But, I still get the same message. Any help you can give me to correct this problem would be helpful.

By Dennis Broadbent
Oct 22 2022

On Navigator, my wife and I previously signed on to the same account. Now, it appears that she needs her own account, using a different email address. I could not create an account for her because I was informed that she already had an account at My Chart. Then I was directed to the signup page.

By Shelby Raines
Oct 18 2022

I have a new telephone and am trying to set up an account on the new phone, I keep getting a message that says the email is already used. I know it was used on may past account. What should I do? Also I do not have my old password. Please provide it or accept my new one.
Thanks. I am 84 and have some problems with the computer.

By Lonnie g collins
Oct 07 2022

Not able to see bloodwork results from today. Oct6 2033

By Jill Michelle Trumble
Sep 02 2022

I've been using this app for awhile now with no trouble. 3 days ago, I logged in to check a test result and it would not load anything. I can get to the page but one you hit test results, it acts like it can't load. I've tried on and off for 3 days with the same results

By Santhe Nagaraj
Sep 01 2022

I cannot print test results from my android whereas we ycan print them fromm wife's iPhone. On IPhone a share icon appears. On my Android it does not.

My phone is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.


By Shawna Cosey
Aug 31 2022

App worked until about 2 weeks ago. Getting black screen for virtual. Am able to access other things on the app. Removed app and resitalled the app and am still getting the black screen for the virtual meetings,. Getting cannot connect to server,

By Jackie Martsching
Aug 29 2022

Iv’e gotten 2 emails stationing I have a statement that needs reviewed. The only button lit up is the C19. The other message results pay bill do nothing. How can I pay a bill if you don’t bill me?

By Diana L Koros
Aug 25 2022

Was using my iPhone. Was writing a detailed message to my doc using the in-app form. The app crashed. Can I recover the info I typed (but has not sent.) Do crashed messages automatically saved to a drafts folder?
I’m annoyed & frustrated.

Thank you for advising where I can find that which I’d typed.


By Judith A Dicorcia
Aug 15 2022

My Chart asking to verify account. I am not receiving verification code via email or text. Tried several times yesterday and today.

By Diane
Aug 01 2022

Error occurred on the server. Can not get to messages

By Jessica Flinton
Aug 01 2022

Messages say there is a load error on your system

By Lee Burke O'Neal
Jul 27 2022

(using Lenovo laptop running current version of Windows 10) MyChart gives you the option to skip the email verification code for 90 days to log in by checking a box. It doesn't work. I check the skip verification email code every time I log in, but I still have to enter the new code when I log in or I can't view MyChart info. It's been this way as long as I've used MyChart. Why do you offer this alleged option if it doesn't work? I am a Quartz subscriber. My browser is Firefox current version.

By Barbara Morahan
Jul 05 2022

I'm on my HP laptop. I had the old version of mychart, no problems. I use two sources, DULY, and EEhealth. I did not receive my test results from EEHealth or my Doctor with test requests and after visit summary. HELP!! I never did download the newer version of MYCHART, I don't think. I'm really old, and need someone to walk me through the problem or walk me through downloading the new app. I do have access to both sites, but I only see my doctors from DULY, Thanks!!

By Patricia Johnson
Jun 08 2022

I go to login and they want a verification code now. I go to my email get the code and then put it in and it states it is not the right code. And then I go in again and try again with another code. Now I cannot get into my own account. It states it will give you 10 minutes to put the code in, but it does not. So how am I able to get into my account now. It is very frustrating.

By Ingrid R. Huber
Jun 05 2022

I am quite a healthy 84 year old woman
Always tried to eat healthy exercised
Never had a Weight Problem
But I always had High Cholesterol, something I inherited
for my father a Tall very Athletic Man
But his Liver made too much Cholesterol
For the last year or so, ALL my LAB WORK TESTING came
That CANNOT be MYCHARD did NOT have one single
bad item
Same for my husband of 60 years A month ago his doctor
Ordered quite a few Lab-Work done
Again like me MYCHARD send the TEST RESULTS like mine
Something is WRONG here.
Next week I will go out-side Kaiser to a LAB Company
to see if everything is PERFECT
It would be nice but I know that is not The Case
God Bless,
Ingrid R. Huber
Roseville, CA 95661
[email protected]

By Rene Diaz
Jun 03 2022

I can connect to mychart on the phone but not in my computer. Any suggestions?

By Frieda Campbell
Jun 01 2022

My Chart Providence Oregon tech support:

Please tell me if there is or is not a way to retrieve a MyChartmessage to my pcp’s office that I
sweated over, got it right, then lost it. Working with only my aged iphone

By Stephen Noland
May 11 2022

MyChart is demanding verification of my email address/phone number. I have requested a verification code many times but it never shows up in my email (not in Junk either). The email on file is correct. What can I do?

By Brian Tillinghast
May 10 2022

Can't log in, change the password, or change the username.

By Nicholas T Brilhart
May 10 2022

I can log on via the app but can't access anything. The website won't even allow me to log in on my laptop.

By Patricia Nicholas
Apr 26 2022

Lost MyChart App

By Ronald M VanMeter
Apr 26 2022

Cant login

By Arlene Shearer
Apr 24 2022

I cannot get results of foot x-ray done 4/22/2022. When I click on the link provided I am signed out of MyChart.

By ronald e scheel
Apr 19 2022

will not send message to dr, no matter how many times I try

By ronald e scheel
Apr 19 2022

I have been trying to send a message to Dr, Kazzan and it will not send the message no matter how many times I try
Ron Scheel

By Bonnie Purcell
Mar 14 2022

Im trying to pay a bill and it keeps telling me my routing number is invalid but im copying it from my check

Feb 27 2022


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