OptumRx Reviews

OptumRx Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-24

The new OptumRx mobile app empowers you to become an informed advocate of your
health. The completely redesigned user interface is easy to navigate and makes
managing your pharmacy benefit and your health simple. OptumRx Members –
take care of your home delivery prescriptions at any ho...

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OptumRx Reviews

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    Login broken rendering app useless and suspicious reviews

    Ever since iOS 12, the app has become unusable. I decided to wait 2-3 weeks after the system release, before writing this critical review; in fairness to the developer giving them time to fix the log-in issue. Apple gives developers ample time (usually about 6 months) with their beta program to fix any issues before the launch of a new operating system, so it’s pretty shameful if your app has major issues on release date. Considering this is an app that many people rely on for their health, it makes it all the more shameful. I have not been able to login to this app using the fingerprint scanner for weeks. It’s not a systemwide problem, as all my other apps with fingerprint security logins work fine. When the app works, it’s provides the pertinent information needed, however the user interface is not very intuitive, and sways away from most of Apple’s good practices design standards. It’s not accessible and does not take advantage of Apple’s system-wide text resizing, which is imperative for people with poor or low vision. We should expect more from a company which we choose to safeguard our health. I couldn’t help but notice recent extraordinary amount of 5-star, one-sentence, generic reviews. Appears very suspicious. It’s possible these reviews were written are by positive individuals with little to say, or maybe they are fake reviews paid for by the developer, however that would violate Apple’s rules.

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    The app on the mobile device

    It is convenient however sometimes it’s very confusing I also think it should keep your first part of logging in permanent so that you don’t have to keep typing it and that you would only have to type in your password and then when you request medication if the doctor will not fill it by mail order then they should have the doctor notify the patient immediately and or have optimum RX notify the patient as well and then this way the patient can call the doctor and see about getting the medication that they need I hope that helps have a wonderful day plus it would be great if some medications you could just get immediately like if you go to the doctors and you’re sick and you need an antibiotic it will be great if your price and your terms would be honored at local pharmacies just my humble opinion but maybe it is and I’m on aware plus there isn’t a clear precise notification of just how many times patient may get this medication filled per month the quantity or if you put limitations and and then if there are limitations why are there limitations are they just your policy or are they a federal and state policy/law because if they are only your policy then in all actuality you are hindering the treatment process of every patient you deal with

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    So far so good...

    So far so good since I started using the app about 2 months or so... I’ve refilled a few prescriptions using the app and had to call them only once so far and that was the first time I used the app to refill and switch to home delivery at the same time for that same prescription, so that was completely understandable! And the rep was patient and understanding because I wasn’t 😂 and she made sure everything was taking care of in the most professional way before letting me go because I had no patience or tolerance at that moment! She collectively got answers from the pharmaceutical unit and I think we both learned a lot that day ☺️ I was totally the opposite person that first called then when I hung up! 😇 Keep up the great work OptumRx ✊🏾

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    Fairly good service

    Service used to be so much better at OptumRx. Don’t know what happened. Whenever calling in, the representatives are always very nice, courteous and helpful; however, the meds ordered and received now are often miscounted, late being received, if received at all — unless a call is made. My physician has been alerted that I like the mail order med service but if you can’t get meds to me before my last ones run out, it’s not worth getting that far behind and I will notify the insurance company about the problems with OptumRx. If I have to call because I’m out of a med, then you goofed and I have to go without needed meds for a week or more waiting for OptumRx to send them. I don’t know if new, inexperienced employees are miscounting the pills or if a hateful, mean, or bad boss/manager/supervisor is stressing everyone out (which would cause these type of errors) but it should be quietly investigated and remove the problem from that area. Some people are just not cut out to be in charge of other individuals. Thank you for your attention to this breach of confidence. Should the issue be resolved within 3 months I will upgrade this message and number of stars awarded.

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    OptumRx is the best!

    I have switched to OptumRx about a year ago and I have never been happier. Not only does it save me a lot of money but it also saves me time and aggravation. I do not have to stop at the grocery store and wait in long lines to pick up my prescription or to drop it off. I know people are at the age where every minute is precious and long lines are a pain, especially with kids screaming or dinner waiting to be cooked or you’re just tired and achy. Well it is very nice to know that your prescriptions will be waiting for you in the mailbox when you get home. The OptumRx app allows you to re-order your prescriptions in seconds and to check on how many re-orders you have left or which ones need to be refilled with a doctors call. If you do not have time to call the doctor for a refill OptumRX will call the doctor for you and it is a whole lot easier to get hold of OptumRx at whatever time you want 24/7 than it is a doctors office from 9:00-5:00, right? Susan Churbuck A very satisfied OptumRx Subscriber

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    Horrible Mistake

    The selling point for switching to Optumrx was that I would save some money and have the convenience of home delivery. I couldn’t really see a downside. So, I picked my two prescriptions and choose to transfer them over. They never filled. They kept canceling my orders without notification. I would look on the app and see that they were either canceled or non-existant. I had to keep calling to find out why. They kept contacting my doctor and I received emails saying that they were approved. I kept having to inform them that there is an existing prescription -one that was filled easily with Walgreens (the original ones I transferred in the app). They kept claiming that my two prescriptions duplicated each other, despite them being on the same script from the same doctor and having been previously filled. Again, they canceled my order without notice. Eventually, I ran out of medication and became incredibly sick. They told me that they would expedite it, but later canceled my order without explanation. After two rounds and weeks of fake expedited orders I decided to switch back to Walgreens. Save yourself some grief and avoid this app. A couple dollars saved isn’t worth dying over.

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    Worst app I have ever used!

    I’m pretty computer and electronic savvy but this app will make even Bill Gates feel computer-illiterate. The interface is not user-friendly whatsoever and the data is always inaccurate! I am a 37-yo helping out my retired parents so I signed them up for OptumRx so that they don’t have to travel to the pharmacy or pay out-of-pocket. From the get-go I have had the worst customer service over the phone which made me reconsider going back to retail pharmacy but for the sake of my parents I decided to battle thru the rudeness and inconsistencies along with the incompetence of some of their agents. When I finally succeeded in signing them up after months and way too many phone calls, I thought I can simply use this app and never have to speak to an agent ever again. But boy was I wrong! The app is so hard to navigate through and the information is not up-to-date therefore I am not able to make “quick and easy” refill requests which means having to call and speak with these “awesome agents” once again. Can someone please just update the darn app and make it easy for senior citizens and myself to use? Otherwise just decommission the OptumRx app and stop toying with your customers.

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    Almost Useless

    The app is almost as horrible as the website. Logging in and loading various pages can take forever as I’m stuck watching the spinning circle for 5+ minutes before I give up and try again another day just to have the same problems. The app says I have zero orders sometimes and that I have one order a few minutes later. Medications will be listed in an order then suddenly not listed anywhere; then given a delivery date, then go missing from my list again. Order tracking gives no valuable information. My very critical meds have been sitting states away for six days “pending acceptance”. I reached out to Optum through their online system. I received an email saying I had a document pending my review. I assume it’s a response to my message, but the app doesn’t list documents anywhere and the website shows I have no documents. I really regret attempting to move my prescriptions to this service. It’s caused more stress not knowing if my meds will show up in time and fighting to navigate a clunky, non-intuitive, unresponsive app. I’m sorely disappointed. There is really no excuse for such a poorly designed, amateurish app from such a large company.

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    I want to see the date eligible for a refill and I want to opt in to hassle free refills

    I would like to see you the date each prescription is available for refill at the online OptumRX pharmacy. I have to call OptumRX and speak to an employee to find out that information (date a prescription is eligible for refill) or look on the prior medicine bottle. It should just be listed on the page where you refill each medication from. Right now on the app there is a box that is already checked that in enrolls you in to the no hassle refill service. Every time I refill a prescription I have to remember and go in and un-check the box if I would like to not be enrolled. It is a very big hassle to remember to uncheck the box every time I refill a prescription. I have forgotten it three times now and had to call customer service to cancel the hassle free refill service. I am going to stop using the app and start calling a actual employee every time I would like to refill a prescription because of this problem. It’s a game changer for me and I will stop using this app. You could fix this problem by having to check the box to opt into the hassle free refills instead of out of.

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    Auto refill

    I signed up for auto refill (or so I thought). I completely ran out of 2 of my medications. My Lovastatin & Amyltriptylin. When I checked on the “status” they hadn’t even shipped yet. Forcing me to get them filled locally. The reason I signed up for this service in the first place was for the convenience of not having to run around to different pharmacies to fill prescriptions, & for the $0 copay. I received 2 of my prescriptions, & the other 2 just ran out. When I filled them locally, I would get “reminder” texts saying I had a prescription that was close to running out & was due for a refill. I assumed with me filling out my prescriptions with you, I would get a similar service. However I received no texts, calls, etc., advising me to take an action to receive me medications. Do I have to review my account every other week to make sure they’ll be shipping when I’m due? Or will it ever be an “automatic “ renewal system?

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    Very secure

    If you like logging in and spending lots of time changing passwords and verification of identity, you will love this app. You will be able to spend more time trying to access the app then order your meds. True you could be sure to log on at least once every 2 weeks to avoid fingerprint access expiration or sign up for auto refill to avoid the issue but then you will have a stockpile of meds lying around for others to get into. Using this app will guarantee that you will meet new people by calling the support call center when your account gets locked out or you get sucked into the auto refill default option. For those suffering from loneliness, this could possibly curtail the need for the meds you will end up stockpiling by using this app. Kind of like the movie RED, except adding prescription drugs to the storyline. So download the app and prepare to medicate beyond your wildest dreams while you try to access the app to stop the auto refill feature.

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    I hope this works...

    I wish I could withhold rating Until I see if I receive my medication. I initially placed an order for one of my medications a few weeks ago. After I hadn’t received it and when I thought it be a timely manner I looked on the app and it said that the medication was processed, it was about midway through the checkmarks. Rather than call someone I assumed that the order would be processed and I would receive my medication. That was not the case. I ran out of my medication and have been without it for at least a week. Since it was a holiday weekend, I had to wait until this morning to call your company. I logged onto the app to get a contact number; Lo and behold there was no record of my order ever being placed. It was no longer midway through processing , not in my cart, it just was gone. I have now placed my order again and I’m going to see if I receive my medications. We just switched to OptumRx so I have to say that my overall feeling is not a positive one. I hope that changes.

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    Please do not use this service

    When placing my order for my medication, I requested it to be expedite. I spoke with a representative on the phone who confirmed this type of shipment and then pre-authorized my credit card for the expedited shipping. When calling back two days later to inquire about my package, I was told it was not sent expedited. When asking if I can change it, I was told it was already sent to USPS and I would have to call them to expedite it. I wasn't able to intercept it because it was sent standard mail. My medication will now be coming late because of this error on OptumRx's part and this is my first order with you as I'm a new customer. I will not be continuing to use OptumRx and seriously hope you can implement some type of written confirmation when there is phone correspondence with your representatives because clearly they are incapable of following through with phone orders. My medical condition isn't life-threatening but for people who rely on their medication for survival, I would never recommend them using OptumRx for home delivery.

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    Login constantly broken - still

    The login for this crap program is always down and won’t let you use your fingerprint. Then when you manually enter you credentials, it tells you the password is wrong (even though I know for certain it wasn’t). After several attempts you get the joy of being locked out and have to make up a new password over and over. Lots of questionable reviews on here as well. I’m betting they are paid reviews because I can’t see anyone thinking the UI or the experience logging in could ever be a 5 star experience. Sad that a healthcare company can’t get their app right... Update- I was contacted saying it was a bug and it was fixed. Lies. Still won’t use my finger print and tells me my new password isn’t correct and will lock my account so I will get to create another new password. Just have a list ready because each time you log in you will need to come up w a new password. App developers here should be fired and replaced with someone who knows what they’re doing.

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    Good for the most part

    Refills are generally easy. If you want your refill to fill automatically, you can set it that way or you can set it to fill when you choose. The default is auto fill so be aware. It will be that way when your doctor sends the script. If you need to print out receipts for housing at the end of the year, be aware this is not easy from the application especially if you have controlled substances. The application can’t separate those prescriptions out as you would have filled thoselocally and not through OptumRx. You can call & ask for a custom print out but allow for 30 or more days for that service as I have come to expect from several years of requests. Also, make sure that if you want your medication to be manual to change then as soon as your doctor posts a new or renewed script. Otherwise they will auto fill

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact OptumRx customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact OptumRx directly

Is OptumRx Safe?

No. OptumRx does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,750 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for OptumRx Is 13.8/100.

Is OptumRx Legit?

No. OptumRx does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,750 OptumRx User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for OptumRx Is 13.8/100.

Is OptumRx not working?

OptumRx works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Chanel rehn
Apr 26 2021

Cannot see order status or mail order rx. Only see retail rx.

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  4. If you are a OptumRx customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using OptumRx.

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