ScreenCastsOnline Magazine Reviews

ScreenCastsOnline Magazine Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-01

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ScreenCastsOnline Magazine Reviews

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    Best tech magazine in the store!

    I love the Screencast On-Line Magazine. It is full of good advice and information regarding software and hardware on any Apple device you have. The screencasts are professionally done but the presenters do not talk above the audience. I love being able to watch a segment and then be able to try it out on my own. The advantage of the magazine is its print articles. These are easy to read quickly and are quite informative. Because of the digital set-up you can easily skip to what interests. Many of the print articles are of a more general nature and of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about technology. Thank you s go to Don and his fabulous team for making a wonderful resource that I look forward to monthly.

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    Outstanding Resource

    I’ve been a subscriber to these tutorials and these monthly e-magazines for years. I find them extremely informative, easy to follow, and they have helped me so much! Anyone owning Apple products would be well advised to at least try the free trial. The screencasts are professional and base level to assure everyone can understand them. I’ll be honest, there are some, just a few subjects that I am not “into” and don’t have any interest in. I just skip them. But 95% of the others are watched, and rewatched, on a regular basis. Couldn’t be happier.

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    Many years a member of SCO

    If you would like to learn how to use Mac and iOS apps to there full capacity this is the place. I have used many apps over the years but I just scratch the surface. Then Don I watch Don show me items I had no idea even existed. These tutorials have expanded my work capacity in so many ways. When I show our members in the Apple user group they ask how do you know all this stuff. Thanks Don.

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    Magazine is a fantastic companion to ScreenCasts Online tutorials

    I look forward each month to this magazine! Even though I watch every episode of ScreenCasts online the magazine gives me extra content as well as an easy way to look back at the programs I viewed. This is an amazing service. Keep up the great work!

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    Outstanding macOS and iOS Tutorials!

    Don and his crew at ScreenCastsOnline are masters at producing professional, high quality video tutorials of macOS and iOS apps. I’ve been a devoted subscriber since (almost) the beginning. They have no peers. If you want to quickly get up to speed on Apple’s apps, look no further than SCO.

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    Fantastic magazine

    I have been a subscriber to screen cast online for probably over 7 to 10 years now. Don is excellent at helping us get through a lot of these apps with a thorough review. I suggest subscribing to his magazine. You won’t be disappointed.

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    Fantastic! The tutorials are extremely helpful and really help you get the most out of your Mac and iOS device. The articles are also very enjoyable. Highly recommend!

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    Essential Resource for anything MacOS, IOS, or iPadOS related

    I’ve been a subscriber since these monthly magazines were first available. They are invaluable & totally complementary to the ScreenCastsOnline Podcasts. One of the first 3 apps I load onto any Mac or iPad I own. A truly Great Asset!!

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    No better resource anywhere

    Don McAllister's Screencasts and magazine are the best resources an Apple user could possibly have. I can't begin to describe how much I've learned.

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    Love SCO

    I am a member of screencasts online. I have learned a lot. They have mac tutorials and iPhone iPad tutorials which are really good. Don does a fantastic job

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    One of the BEST and Most Important Resources Available!!!!

    From a person who has never written a review on the app store, SCO deserves a review. I have been a member of ScreenCastsOnline (SCO) for many years. I haven't used the magazine so much because I watch the video tutorials which I subscribe to at ScreenCastsOnline and download through iTunes. Whenever I want or need to learn a program, I just search to see if Don at SCO has done a tutorial demonstration and the vast majority of times I can find what I need. The subscription has paid for itself over and over in terms of time and money savings so immensely that it has become one of my most valuable resources. Think about it, you have to learn a program / app, Don McAllister has you understanding everything beyond just the basics by way of a very clear demonstration and using that program in a very short time. He is candid and doesn't cover apps that are time wasters, he doesn't sugarcoat. If Don recommends it, I get it and I have yet to regret any of his advice. Additionally, he frequently either has a discount for an application or can show you where to find a discount. Subscribing to ScreenCastsOnline is a no brainer!

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    Crashes constantly on videos

    I like ScreenCastsOnline and am a subscriber. I saw this magazine and downloaded to my brand new iPad. Unfortunately, the app hard crashes every time I play a video. Last update was 2 years ago so I guess that’s why.

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    SCO Continues Excellent Content and Customer Support

    I have been a customer of SCO for about a year. Since watching my first video lesson, I was impressed with the clarity, both video and audio, of the material presented. I have owned Macs since the first one in 1984, but am still a "user, a beginner"...constantly in need of instruction and guidance in this fast moving environment. Even before major software has been officially released (Yosemite and IOS8 for example), Don and his staff have preparation lessons for what's coming! He is so far ahead of the curve that his educational material can help a person decide to even upgrade or buy...if not then, when? I've needed a bit of handholding when I've not found an SCO answer on the Member's Area, and was pleased to receive a personal email from Don or staff...immediately. I feel I get more than the value of my annual SCO membership each MONTH! Clear, consistent, understandable, current, high quality lessons each month...and yet I feel almost part of a small family, not just a subscriber.

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    This is what an online magazine should look like!

    I have been a member of Screencasts on Line ever since Don McAllister began his podcasts and I have yet to find anyone else who comes close to providing the same quality he provides in his Screencastsonline tutorial podcasts. He presents the material in an easy to understand manner and is able to translate often difficult-to-use applications and apps into an easy to understand fashion. He also helps me keep up on current Mac OS and iOS features. The magazine is very impressive. I initially had a problem finding my way back to the home page but it didn't take to long to figure it out. I like the mix of videos, articles and screen shots that are used throughout the magazine and the page formats are easy on the eye. If I could I would give this magazine 6 stars.

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    SCO is Awesome!

    After decades on Windows, I got a Mac 4 years ago and felt a bit lost, then I found Screen Casts Online. The SCO tutorials and monthly magazine are a great source of info about all things iOS and OS X and have helped me learn a lot. I've been a subscriber for a few years now and still look forward to each new release. The lessons for iOS and OS X are well organized and get me up to speed quickly by pointing out useful app features that really improve my workflow on both my Mac and my iPad. Some features I'm sure I wouldn't easily find on my own. I love that as an SCO Member I have access to the older videos on the web. It's great to see tutorials on so many apps--it helps me figure out which apps will work best for me, so I waste less money on apps I can't really use. I love my Mac and iPad. I highly recommend SCO for iOS and OS X.

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Is ScreenCastsOnline Magazine Safe?

Yes. ScreenCastsOnline Magazine is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 30 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ScreenCastsOnline Magazine Is 42.1/100.

Is ScreenCastsOnline Magazine Legit?

Yes. ScreenCastsOnline Magazine is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 30 ScreenCastsOnline Magazine User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ScreenCastsOnline Magazine Is 42.1/100.

Is ScreenCastsOnline Magazine not working?

ScreenCastsOnline Magazine works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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