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Published by on 2019-12-10

Get more done with the new Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad. Now more simple, secure and faster-than-ever, with Google Smarts built-in. • FASTER BROWSING - Chrome’s address bar uses Google Search to make any fact-finding mission fast and simple. It also searches your Google Drive, so diving into n...

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Google Chrome Reviews

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    Google Chrome as a Browser

    Google Chrome over the years has become a must have Browser across all my main devices like computers tablets iPads, no matter what the native browser you have that comes with your device, google chrome should be a second browser you download, its up to date it has modern features/ latest features and its incredibly fast and reliable THE ONLY THING i strongly RECOMMEND or would like to have now is the same feature safari has where it will display the desktop class website For Every Site without you having to manually request it every time, i want it to be like a check for all websites in the settings and then boom, one time done deal ... Keep making google chrome an awesome browser to use!!! And keep our use safe

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    Degrading steadily, poor privacy

    Used chrome happily for years but in the past two noticed performance steadily eroding while ad tracking increasing exponentially. I locked down all the settings I could within my phone, on the google site, and on the ad council and other sites but still the cookies multiplied. The browser has worked less reliably over the past two years with slower and slower loading and multiple reloads while reading and finally freq crashes. I used to be ok with googles tentacles in everything but something has changed now, and I no longer feel they have much of any interest in providing a quality product anymore- they are all about exploiting the data they collect on users and I’m fed up now. I am deleting chrome in favor of Firefox, and no longer use google as my search engine, and I’m going to transition off gmail in the coming months (it will be a huge job). Google is eating itself, and I no longer want to be on the menu.

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    New UI

    First off... I love Google’s products. Chrome has been my favorite browser for all devices for a very long time. Normally I’d rate the app 5 stars but I’m not sure I understand the rationale behind the recent change to the UI for iOS. The new toolbar at the bottom of the app takes up a lot of real estate and a few sites I use tend to use sticky footers for key actions (Coinbase Pro for example). This creates a clutter of buttons all concentrated in a single area. I’m not sure I understand why the search icon is so prominent since the toolbar essentially triggers the same action and works well. Maybe you’re laying the foundation to integrate more apps in that area as a menu with a long press, and if so, then I get it. Still my favorite browser but wish I could free up that real estate at the bottom of the app, or just have the ability to maximize the page content.

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    Never had any problems with it

    I use it on my desktop, laptop, my phone, and pretty much every device I can put it on. I've been using chrome every since I was just a kid - and there's definitely not a better web application than this. it has more features than any other regular web browser that I have seen. furthermore, I absolutely have no idea why it has a 3 star rating on this app store. it should definitely have more considering the work and dedication Google has put Into this app. the interface is very smooth and comfortable to me and every single webpage loads flawlessly. if you are reading this I would definitely recommend chrome to you, no matter what anybody says. keep up the good work Google!

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    New layout ehh

    Its ok, i liked it at first but its to slow and i really dont like that i have to keep re entering things cuz the page wont register the input, also when im trying to navagate away from a page, trapping me on that page so that it must load before i can do anything else is unacceptable, if the page is malicious and i have other tabs open in order to avoid that page i must loose all my tabs, also if i am on a metered connection, which I frequently am, you are needlessly running up my meter. I never thought id be deleting google, but i replaced you on my desktop 2weeks ago with no regrets, getting ready to say goodbye to your SLOW dis functional clutter on my phone as well, please make me something EFFICIENT. Less clicks per task. More information in display at my control. It was your decision to make the drive applications completely inept that resulted in my prompt deletion of them.

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    Just a blank screen and a sweet search bar,

    Baby, that’s all we need. I have always liked googles minimalist approach and that’s why I use it over aol. Because I’m easily distracted. And now my phone, the brick of metal and glass that I use to obtain all my knowledge, is tainted. When I open my phone to search on chrome “who sings that song about a plastic cup?”, I have to get past all of my other notifications and try not to get sidetracked. And now, by adding news stories to the new tab tab, you have ruined everything. I can’t simply search for something. I’m now inundated with more “news” that I don’t care about interfering with my quest for knowledge. I’ve looked for a toggle to turn if off to no avail. I’ve used chrome for awhile but this is too much. I’m also upset you got rid of the 3D Touch, copy/paste option. That was the only time I ever used 3D Touch was to open articles (I found elsewhere) and read them. Please address these issues. Sour in Saskatoon

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    Despite the fact that I have checked my settings numerous times and have “block pop-ups” enabled, I continue to be bombarded by quite obviously malicious pop-ups. The only options I have are to press “ok” and quickly close the tab that is now open to a malicious site, or completely delete the app every time that happens (about every 45 seconds on certain sites.) I used to love using this app for all of my internet browsing, but it has been rendered unusable. Constantly getting pop-ups on wikipedia pages and articles from reputable sources (which I have no problems with on my computer) is absolutely unacceptable. I love google products and the company, and if this problem is fixed then I will most certainly continue using this app as my main browser, but for now I simply cannot because I have to protect my device and my security. Truly disappointing.

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    Problem saving bookmarks

    Right now, it is really annoying to save bookmarks. My Bookmark Bar has 14 main folders and 186 subfolders (yes, I just counted), plus hundreds of actual bookmarked sites. The bookmarked sites don't show up while I try to save a new bookmark... but the 186 subfolders do. So if I need to save a new bookmark, this app forces me to scroll past ALL of my folders and subfolders (which this app alphabetizes - meaning they are NOT arranged in the order I have them on desktop) to FIND the folder I want to Save Bookmark in. This is ridiculous. I would LOVE to be able to FIRST select one of the 14 main folders in my Bookmarks Bar, and THEN scroll to the correct subfolder and simply save the new bookmark. Funny enough, this is the EXACT system you have in place for FINDING a bookmark that I've already saved. Sooo... you have a great system in place for FINDING a bookmark, but SAVING A NEW ONE is a nightmare. If you could find it in your hearts to update this, I'd be hugely grateful!!

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    Old look is dead

    Google officially killed the old look of Chrome. You used to be able to revert to the older and more functional layout by adjusting hidden flags. This was removed in the latest update and I really hate it. The new look makes everything too big. Finding tabs is actually harder and the new tab manager makes tabs not “feel” like web pages. Every time I open a new tab I almost hit the “close all” button which would be catastrophic. This looks closer to Safari than ever. If I wanted Safari, I’d just use it since it’s already in my phone. Google should be setting themselves apart and pushing the standards and not following other tech companies. I also just don’t understand why the new “in” look is flat graphics, oversized buttons or icons, and huge amounts of wasted whitespace. I have a large phone. I don’t need help with giant menus and buttons that look like they were designed for a senior citizen who forgot their glasses. And what does Google have against labels on the bottom menu bar and in the tab switcher? Sometimes I like to read what I’m about to select before I touch it. The one good thing is the compact menu. It’s concise and reachable. Bring back the customizability that used to exist in software and let me choose how I make my own device look. I don’t need to be forced into the user experience that you think I want.

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    Change to look of chrome

    I first have to say that I love chrome. It was always my browser of choice. I just updated it and now it’s not as good. I’m sure bugs were fixed and things were improved but what I really don’t like about the new chrome is the new set look. The think I loved about the only look was the sharpness of everything. It looked really good and totally different from any browser. Then you roll out this new look, and let me say that it is terrible the sharpness is gone and everything feels like it’s made for the elderly and children. It is terrible looking. Everything is sized up to be bigger and everything looks like it’s child guarded. It just doesn’t look right. I’ve searched for a way to change it back but that doesn't seem to be an option. I would delete this review if an option was made to allow you to change it back.

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    Overall a great browser for mobile with some kinks

    I love chrome mostly because it saves my passwords and bookmarks in the same place. I use chrome on my PC, and its also nice to see my open tabs on my iPad or phone when I walk into another room and forget what the screen said. Writing this reveiew because I just found a pretty horrendous bug in this app involving the Gmail web client on the iPad 9.6 running iOS 11.4. Was trying to send an email within the “compose” popup within the Chrome Browser. I typed my whole email then selected to add an attachment. I didn’t see my file, so I selected to cancel the file upload. This brought me to a blank Chrome logo and the Chrome app was unresponsive. I was forced to reset the app causing me to lose my work. Hope they fix this quick because its a repro rate of 100%.

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    Unnecessary Changes

    I really liked the interface of Chrome. It was fairly similar to adjust to from the PC because they are so similar. Now I have to adapt to this new interface that looks similar to Safari. I dislike Safari's interface with the tabs and other settings in a low bar because I felt that it was inconvenient. Now that Chrome has switched to this new interface, I find it very difficult to adjust my mind on this system especially since this is the browser that I only use. I do like that I can access many of the settings (e.g. History) without having to open up a new tab. Other than this, there weren't any issues the previous interface. It would be lovely if the developers reach back for a conversation with this. If not, then either give us the option to use the previous interface or undo the update.

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    Stopped using due to full screen spam ads

    I've always enjoyed using Chrome as my default browser on iPhone, until about two months ago i began experiencing spam ads that would pop up and take over the entire app functioning. Even when I would close the window and the app and reopen it, the ad would pop up again. There was no option except to click on the ad, which one time i did, and it led me to further spam pages that asked me for my personal info. I have even deleted the app from my phone and then downloaded it again, but inevitably the same thing would happen again. Because of this, unfortunately I have had to stop using Chrome. This problem has not occurred with Safari, so for now I'm sticking with that. I'm writing this in the hopes that it can be addressed, so I can safely return to using Chrome again. Thank you!

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    New update is a tad buggy

    The recent March update has a few issues with it? The main issue I face is when I try to hit the tab button and look at all of my open tabs. When I exit a tab to do that, all of my tabs disappear and I can only see the black/grey background, along with the New Tab, Tab Count, and Options buttons. When I hit them they don't do anything, and I have to restart the app to have my tabs come back. I can't tell if it's because I have a gazillion tabs open (which I wasn't facing this issue a few days ago, before I updated and had a bunch of tabs open) or if it's just a bug with the new update. Otherwise, it works great! I just hope this gets fixed :D

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    Increasingly poor & invasive updates

    Breaking my silence in the 7yrs I’ve shopped in the App Store w/o one review to express my frustration w/ the most recent update to the Google Chrome app that I’m using on my new generation iPad. One, it auto-updated; so that p*ssed me off, on sight. Then, when I saw how utterly hideous the pages were, that added a whole other level of outrage. I’ve been too busy this week to research ways to reverse the update (like I successfully did with my phone) and got a feel for the performance, which - not to my surprise - is also lackluster. Additionally, the bottom toolbar that holds the autocorrect/-fill covers the content near the bottom of the page, which was not the case in previous versions. So not only am I being force-fed your incompetence, I will also be forced to look at your ugly mug during that realization..? No bueno. The Google’s privacy violations were more than enough, actively researching alternatives.

Is Google Chrome Safe?

Yes. Google Chrome is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 120,436 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Google Chrome Is 100/100.

Is Google Chrome Legit?

Yes. Google Chrome is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 120,436 Google Chrome User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Google Chrome Is 90/100.

Is Google Chrome not working?

Google Chrome works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Google Chrome

@henrylim96 #PSA: Google has decided to kill the @AdSense native app since they believe the web is better. And they promised to deliver optimized features faster than ever. And this is the result: (Wtf @Google?)

@akil__ahamed A sharing feature we've all been waiting for.... But no one to share...!!! @GoogleIndia @Google @MKBHD @MaxWinebach @Mrwhosetheboss @jon_prosser @UnboxTherapy #SocialDistancing #nearbyshare #lockdown #SaturdayThoughts #googlenewfeatures

@jim663 @Google 2/2 And while we're at it, why does Google send the "security alert" email to the email account they WILL NOT LET ME INTO? How the fuck am I supposed to read that email asking whether it's me or not? (THEY WON'T LET ME IN!) Is @Google really that stoopid? Yes, they are.

@_JaneyLaney @Swizzlerz @YouTube @Google @amazon I'm not a sellout. I like what I like. If somebody wants me to try a product I will try it, but if I like a brand then I like a brand. It's a personal preference . I prefer Google. Not that big of a deal .

@cannonfodder16 @Microsoft what’s the big deal with the latest windows update shoving edge in my face and causing @Google chrome not to load pages? I’d like to remove edge yet it’s forced to take up space on my storage and blocking my use of chrome

@chrisprograms I am planning to purchase the next pixel XL but if any part of it is made in China, I will not @Google @GoogleIndia

@khitesh @Google could you please share a contact (email/phone) to discuss a serious data privacy issue with Gmail. Unable to find a confidential way to connect beyond the customer support . A very very serious data privacy issue with Gmail. #privacyissue #dataissue #gmail #privacyatrisk

@singh_amarkant @Google any chance you can bring back #Orkut ? 😊 I am not really using @Facebook & @instagram the way I used to.

@Bludiva16 @NWSL @SecretDeodorant @Google The NWSL games will not show up in cbs all access when using Apple TV. It’s very difficult to find anything at all. DO BETTER.

@akil__ahamed @Google A sharing feature we've all been waiting for.... But no one to share...!!! @GoogleIndia @Google @MKBHD @MaxWinebach @Mrwhosetheboss @jon_prosser @UnboxTherapy #SocialDistancing #nearbyshare #lockdown #SaturdayThoughts #googlenewfeatures

@RhiDowling Unbelievable that the @Google search engine would allow baby monkey dolls to be advertised when searching for ethnic baby dolls. This is not acceptable, sort it out. @theJeremyVine #BLMUK

@angelica_sham I'm done. @Google I just want to know what my Hawaiian people look like with their hair, not vvhite people. Fix your racist search engine.

@VidaVakil @JeffDean @Google We still don’t have equal rights for women in this country! If we had, that teacher would never have dared to say something that outrageous to that little girl, and companies like Google and Intel would not have dared to discriminate based on gender.

@sushant_k9 @VodafoneIN you better explain why @DuckDuckGo is blocked, cause this ain't right, I'm paying you to shut up and provide internet. Y'all made some deal with @Google aint u? Do you not care about privacy? Stop selling our data you out of touch pricks, tell us

@iltercengiz @muratcorlu @neoberg @Google True, it’s not preventing apps from accessing, but if they access it will be visible to user as Burak shared. What I meant is, apps can use the new APIs like to check if it contains a data they are interested in without irking the user.

@Swizzlerz @_JaneyLaney @YouTube @Google @amazon So so you're not a genuine person then you're a sellout to big corporations??

@desai_nikhar @GooglePay @Google I had find a security vulnerability in google pay app and i reported it to the google bug bounty program , but they are not responding to my report so i had written about this. So, please help me with this as this is a very critical bug.

@nethead @harrycovair @googlephotos Thank you 😊 she has a big project to remove dups; Mac Photo app stopped 2300+ from importing; but I’m sure there are a lot more With @google having killed of ease of use of @googlephotos yrs ago, it was time move on

@AnujSha94707563 Love to see if #Orkut again arrive in #2020 @Google bring Orkut back again

@thetotalreason @google forget google glass in glasses.. put it as a see thru screen on smartphones. Full color augmented reality in ur hand. Hold it up to see the world and the display seamlessly working together to improve life. Just an idea.

@Turk809 @Google Hi, my Play Music Subscription was cancelled fir some odd reason not too long after i paid it. When I tried listening to YouTube music it made me sign up for a free month. Now it's saying my monthly payment due is higher than it was originally. What's up with that?

@USAbassist @RealJamesWoods Exactly. And for idiots who still believe the media isn't biased, all they have to do is search @Google & @YouTube for "Trump Rushmore Speech" & just look at the headlines. Then tell me that's objective journalism & not pandemic #TrumpDerangementSyndrome.

@J_Policastro Some big companies like @Apple, @IBM, and @Google are making an effort to hire workers without a degree. Now, the federal government is getting onboard. I have the details in an EXCLUSIVE interview with presidential advisor @IvankaTrump.

@Swizzlerz @_JaneyLaney @YouTube @Google @amazon If your goals to be a twitch partner you should probably be supporting and promoting Amazon not Google. Lol

@_JaneyLaney @Swizzlerz @YouTube @Google @amazon 1) I have been an @Amazon Prime member since they first started Prime 2) I ONLY support products that I have used and love 3) You are not contracted to ONLY supporting Amazon products as a Twitch Partner 4) If they would like to send me one to try out then they can 🤷🏾‍♀️

@ShirleyImMilk Hey @jeffersongraham! Just read your cord cutting article with @Google vs @Sling. Pretty nice comparisons . What about @PlutoTV? I’ve had it for a minute and love it. Plus it’s free. So as the logo says, “It’s free. Drop in”. Just wanted to put that out there. Thanks! Keep it up!

@davidea79508415 Purchased a $900 Pixel 4 XL from Google Fi. They admit it is faulty as audio notifications don't work. Phone is 6 months old. Google Fi offered to send me a refurb phone and gave me disinfection instructions. Not the way to treat a premium flagship customer!!! @googlefi @google

@sejournal In an update to Google Analytics, bot traffic will be automatically filtered out of reports for Web + App properties. via @MattGSouthern: #Google #HeyGoogle @Google #GoogleAnalytics @GoogleAnalytics @Google

@1010rocky @VijoVarghese_44 @Flipkart @Google @flipkartsupport @FlipkartStories @nytimes @Twitter @Facebook @fbnewsroom shared it to my friend in whats app. please ask your friends too to make it viral.

@kwerondaa @AndroidDev @FlutterDev @Google @googledevs I've got an important question. For someone that wants to build a career in mob app development, would u advise they concentrate on learning @FlutterDev or native Android devt using @java

@EstrasBlogTips Spent 15 minutes trying to #Logout of @gmail. #InsurerHackers had remove button until I submitted request to @google then added it back. #Cyberbullying #TotalInternetAccess

@pppabblo i had to uninstall @Google’s gboard bc it had been glitching for so long. i thought it was just my old phone but it was just as bad on my new phone. i rly love gboard but like it literally became unusable. now i’m on apples keyboard and it’s so bad i hate it here

@gesker @Looknerd_Army @Google @googlev @parler_app @Twitter Appreciate the tip. Hopefully, @parler_app support will assist in my account recovery issue or @googlev will allow text messages from @parler_app I suspect the issue is on the @Google side as I used my @googlev number to setup my #ParlerApp account.

@Omkar_Raii Initiatives like Build for #DigitalIndia Program by @GoI_MeitY & @Google to encourage students from India for building technology solutions for various problem areas pertinent to Indian context is a laudable step to rev up indigenous product development.

@Looknerd_Army @gesker @Google @googlev @parler_app @Twitter need to tweet out your direct Parler link below much easier for people to find you directly

@imithileshsingh I would request to @Google @GoogleKeep to add buttons like Bold (B) , Italics (I), Underline (U), paragraph positioning (like center, middle, left), strike through and other very similar editing or writing features to make using @GoogleKeep a very seemless experience . Thanks .

@CBoomerVazquez We really had so much fun with this @Google #Dino #AR-enabled search feature yesterday morning. We are now learning there are other animals we can bring to life at home. “Google Search now conjures AR animals for you”

@maxtm @b82987481 @Dadameq @MKatyco @TheAffinityMag @Google Racism? What? Also Google is not going to reply to some bot lol

@Ayomidey Here's a mock-up of the Music app am creating, I'm open to review and comments. #UI #UIUX #tech #uiux #designtwitter #UXdesigner @Google @Apple @Twitter

@karlnicholson @googlenest So how can I get the best cam aware pricing if I can’t migrate to the @Google home app?

@shokolate9 @Google you have some ridiculous ass customer support trying to get my to pay 0.85 a day when I called with a single EASY issue that just needed some basic trouble shooting. Not about to buy any more google products with that kinda nonsense going on.

@JustTradingHoy @thehill So he wants to have airlines fly empty planes at a loss so that he can have the plane all to himself? Maybe he should stay put in DC, and not fly at all during a pandemic. He can always use @Webex or @google meet. If you can't #StayinPlace , don't complain!

@CaliBrat10 @Mike121948 @RealJamesWoods That's the point...We shouldn't have to freeze frame video to grab screenshot of @FLOTUS alone or w/@POTUS. We keep seeing more proof @Google IS A PROPAGANDA MACHINE--continuously burying info, deleting info or not even posting info. WHEN WILL WE GET AN UNBIASED SEARCH ENGINE?

@Smply_Blsd @jack @Facebook @Google etc I'd encourage you to help @LindseyGrahamSC @SenFeinstein etc with the encryption bill like you did Sesta. If this article doesn't show you why I'm not sure what will or if you even have a heart/soul. Children deserve our best!

@JeromeTaylor Hong Kong police have been given “unfettered power” to compel internet companies to provide information in national security cases. That means companies like @Facebook, @Twitter and @Google are going to have to decide whether they cooperate or not

@SjBarrister @childrenlawyer @_millymoo @Google I used "Date Duration Calculator" used to tell me dates 4 weeks from now, as well as doing age calculations. Also 160 minutes is 2 hours and 40 minutes, not 1.

@Sir_Lancelot74 @Google, I'm going to need your to quit jacking with queries on my browser and just give me the unfiltered, adult version of my responses. And, no..... By 'adult', I do not mean porn.

@TennesseeRich21 @Google nice to see how biased you retards actually are when looking at Trump articles and such.. but not much about your favorite pedophiles and Democrooks

@tvjames Um... @Google you suggested this query to me, but yeah.... no.... @Independent had a sidebar (seen in cache but not live page) about others in entertainment who had died including Dean Ford. Wikipedia and the FAA say Harrison Ford is still alive.

@jeffersongraham I canceled my #YouTubeTV subscription and switched to @Sling for my basic cutting the cord TV, a savings of over $400 yearly. I hope you all join me so @Google gets the message that 30% price hikes will not be tolerated.