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Published by on 2020-01-02

Looking for inspiration? Whether you’re designing a home or searching for travel ideas, good ideas start on Pinterest. Explore over 100 billion new ideas for every part of your life, from what haircut to get to what to make for dinner. Create extra storage space in your home, turn an old t-shirt in...

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Pinterest Reviews

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    ❤️Love This App❤️

    I’ve had Pinterest for maybe about four days now and I love it. It’s a great app for ideas for a dream room, or a birthday party. On the other hand though, there is some issues. I don’t know weather or not to call these adds or adds that are pins, but some are inappropriate. Nothing real bad, but a lot of them show boobs! A child under 13 should probably not have this app. Another slight problem is that some pins take me to websites. Ok most people don’t have a problem with this, but I do I find it quite annoying. I don’t want to go to a whole other website, or download an app to learn how to loose weight, or do a diy. And if it isn’t going to take me to a website then it doesn’t tell me at all. If I click on a pin that says it will teach me how to whiten my teeth, and doesn’t show me how then how am I supposed to do it. Not all pins do either of these things of coarse. Pinterest is still a great app just some things need to be fixed. I have been addicted to this app despite my problems, so everything is still workable. I’m about to move, so this is app is really helpful currently. If the developers could just fix these slight bugs, I believe this would be a great and helpful app to all ages. Thanks for taking time to read my review if you did, and I hope it was helpful to those about to download the app.

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    Pinterest is the jack of all trades

    So I love love Pinterest and I always have!! But I recently got the iPhone 10 max and now it just constantly freezes up when I’m on Pinterest for a while and my phone doesn’t do this on ANY other app or any other time. So I have no idea why it keeps doing this... but it is pretty aggravating. Other than that though this app is the GREATEST!! I come here for- it used to be just for like crafts and food, but now I have come to use it for makeup ideas, for like if I have a khaki jacket and I want to see what other looks and styles and colors may go with it (that matches what I may have in my closet) I go on here for an idea of what the possibilities are to wear with it. I recently used it to find out what kinds of dresses and outfits to wear to a Christmas party.. so you can get ideas and picture yourself in the clothes, you can have a idea of what you’re looking for locally. And of course this is where I go for beautiful quotes to add on Instagram. Or funny memes even to describe super specific situations 😂 you can use Pinterest to find basically anything! Gift ideas, crafts, DIY, recipes, home decor ideas, outfit ideas, makeup tutorials, if you want a hair cut and you are looking for different styles... like you name it and they have it! Oh yea and Starbucks drinks to try!! That’s my favorite!

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    Best thing ever

    Thanks to Pinterest I can express myself throughout creativity and just art boards and just all these boards that I can make and I can express myself through them I think my favorite two boards is probably my Jesus Christ one and my photography because those are two really important things in my life and this is a really great app for all ages and I do recommend it to anyone who is eligible to have it. And I first got it when I was about 11 and I just got an iPod not a phone but my parents wouldn’t let me have any kind of social media so this was kind of like a social media for me and I very much enjoyed it you can fine inappropriate things on there if you search them up I have never search them up but if you click on the wrong link or something it could lead to something so just be mindful when you have your kids on there it will ask you of like things that you’re interested in just make sure that you are looking over that because there are things on there that maybe you should look over with them other than that it’s an excellent app and in less you’re truly searching for something or you just click the wrong link you won’t find anything bad and I truly absolutely for the very last time do you recommend it to all thanks!

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    Have I reached the end of Pinterest?

    I think I've reached the end of Pinterest! I keep seeing the same content over and over again. I only follow around 3000 people's Ms follow more every week. I have 9000 followers--which my number of followers slowed down significantly when they changed the feeds and algorithms. I can no longer see the people who follow me--even though my number of followers go up, it's no longer adding profiles to the followers section. I am so sick of seeing advertisements and sponsored content that have NOTHING to do with anything that I would ever want to see from Home Depot (I think we all kinda know about Home Depot at this point) to Pantene hair commercials. The settings for automatic video play do not work. And dare I use the "show me more like this button"; CLEARLY Pinterest's taste level has a bug since it usually looks NOTHING like what I've just pinned. I preferred the only method of see who else has pinned this pinned so that you could start following others with your same taste level and subject matter. Pinterest has become almost as bad as Houzz for the masses and has become very hard to curate sophisticated collections of idea boards. I use Pinterest to work with my clients and promote my business. There are very few settings that you can change and I am so tired of seeing the same content over and over again! Oh wait, I already said that--well now you know how it feels!

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    Pinterest user since 2011

    I can’t imagine not having Pinterest. I could be without all other websites and social media, but the creative side of me needs my Pinterest fix. I’m able to organize all of my ideas which is great for me because my mind runs 90mph with these ideas every day either way. I love my secret boards. I love trying new things. This year I have a new raised garden bed and redoing my front yard. One of my favorite things about it is that I can make Pinterest my MAIN Wishlist/Registry I don’t have to make a bunch of different registries for events... I can add people to a board and pin things from ANY website. So I don’t have to remember all those passwords for those individual sites. (Example: You’re having a baby and want to have a Target Registry, Babies R Us Registry, Buy Buy Baby Registry, etc etc...) Instead of doing them all separately you can just pin all the products you want from those websites directly to ONE BOARD on Pinterest. You can add your friends and family to the board or you can just send them your board link. They can follow the link and look at everything you’ve pinned in one place and make a purchase. You don’t need to create registries anymore. Everything I need is available on Pinterest. Thanks y’all!

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    None of my comments are being saved to my pins!

    I mostly love Pinterest and the app, but there is definite room for improvement. Severely dislike the new way to search! Please go back to the way it was before this last update. Also, the constant refreshing means that as soon as I focus on a pin I might want to click on it’s gone. Please allow us Pinners to manually refresh our feed! Probably my biggest complaint is the lack of ability to edit the title or description of the pins we pin via the app. It was there and now exists only on the full site. Now I’m having to go back through EACH pin I’ve saved in the last few weeks and edit EVERY ONE on my computer. PLEASE fix this! The comments are where we, as Pinners, get to add our own thoughts to the ideas we are pinning and it’s the way we can search our own pins to find the ones we’ve saved. It is an essential function of the pinning process! That is the point right? To actually use the pins we save? Looking forward to having this bug squashed soon! Lastly, if I could have Pinterest the way I really liked it best I would return the like button and remove the tried button. I don’t really care who has tried a pin that I save. If I needed to gather several ideas quickly I would go through and like several pertinent pins so they were saved and go back to pin them later when I had time to add my own descriptions. Feeling nostalgic just now! Please bring back the likes! Thanks!

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    ALL Ads & Algorithm. NO (real) friends

    The Sponsored Pins are out of control. I see sponsored content more than I see my own friend’s post (and I mean face-to-face friends). On multiple occasions the sponsored posts have opened without any intentional interaction on my part; just from my scrolling through the app or when searching for something. But I have to put an effort just to see what an individual friend’s personal activity/recent pins. I feel like a creep. And now I’m getting told “Hire an interior designer from [sponsor]” when I’m just tryna look at a bookcase! That’s too far. I’ve been on Pinterest since it’s was invite only and now it’s overcrowded with multi-level marketing schemes and aggressive sponsored ads posing as real pins. I miss seeing my REAL life friend’s posts, not just what some AI algorithm thinks I want. And what’s up with the pop-up asking “did you find what you were looking for?”, why do you need an answer when I don’t even know what I was looking for? It’s just as uncomfortable as having a sales associate invading your personal space and following you around the store tryna make a sale sell when you’re just trying look around. That behavior is what keeps people from making a purchase or coming back again. Now I’m concerned with how my data is being used. Don’t pull a Facebook Pinterest, I’d hate to see you go down like them and lose the trust of your users.

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    Great App but Needs Some Work...

    Hi! Before I go into my suggestions I would just like to say I don't leave ratings a whole lot so I don't know if there is a proper way to set up my comment LOL. Anyway I think this app is AWESOME. It runs really well and the quality is just amazing. There is one improvement I have. There are A LOT of pins that have some serious vulgar language. Now I understand you can't really tell people to stop swearing but maybe there is a way to block these pins? Of course I know you can block pinners but maybe instead there is a way to block the pins that have vulgar language instead of blocking the pinner. So you are just blocking one of their pins and not all of there boards. Maybe like a child-friendly mode? It is just really annoying when you are just scrolling through your home feed and boom there is this pin that swears like crazy. I have already turned off recommend pins and unfollowed people that pin pins that have vulgar language but I still run in to this problem. I just don't want to see that stuff. Anyway I don't know if this is possible but if it is I think it would be an awesome improvement. Again this is a great app and I totally suggest downloading it.

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    Used to love it

    This used to be one of my favorite apps. I got my husband hooked on it as well. But now it seems that ads are taking over. Too many buyable pins that have nothing to do with anything I’ve ever looked at or saved. And way too much pornography for a site that claims they don’t allow it. I highly doubt that a picture of a naked woman with her legs spread and that links to a xxx site is considered “art”. I agree that in artistic instances nudity would be acceptable, but on a site that I am supposed to be able to hand my phone over to my child to play on, these things shouldn’t be on there. I get that it’s the same risk you run with using the net, but these things show up in home feeds when you’ve never looked at anything remotely close to it. My husband showed me a funny gun meme and as her scrolled through the “more like this” several naked women came up. If the pinning rules aren’t going to be enforced, there should be some sort of family filter you can click on. I’ve also noticed over the past couple days, my husband has a recents tab in his boards page that I don’t have. This is actually pretty handy if I’ve looked at something but didn’t pin. Seems like if I try to go back and find something I’ve seen earlier in the day, it’s impossible to find again. With a few improvements and enforcements it could be better.

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    I love Pinterest, but..

    i love pinterest so much and i’ve had it for a while but now, it’s starting to act up. one day i was just on pinterest after growing my account a good amount. and then suddenly it logged me out i was so confused and thought it was just a glitch and i could log back in. but i couldn’t. it said i had done something wrong and i was suspended from that account. i had no idea what it was talking about. i hadn’t done anything wrong. and i couldn’t check my email to see why i was suspended because it was hooked up with another pinterest account. so i made a new account and it was ok. but i was glitching, a lot. i couldn’t follow anyone. i would follow someone and pinterest would unfollow them. i also couldn’t message anyone. when ever i tried it would say “oops! there’s been an error” it was sooo annoying. i tried everything, restarting my phone, deleting pinterest then downloading it again. nothing worked. then free two days maybe. it logged me out and said i was suspended, again! i created a new account and maybe ten minutes into the account, which i still couldn’t follow anyone or message anyone, i got suspended from that account! i am so aggravated! it is so annoying. could you please fix this? i love pinterest not i can’t do anything anymore! thanks!

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    Suggestion to the app developers

    I love this app for finding and organizing all sorts of crafts, recipes, home tips, etc. but it is really irritating to continuously have a bar popping up at the top of each webpage asking if I have found what I want. Most of the time I am pulling these sites from my own saved pins so yes, I have found what I wanted because that’s why I use your app, to find what I have saved here. That, and when I am choosing a pin from a search I notice that this question bar loads before the page even loads and takes up part of the page. At that point it’s just annoying to be asked if I found what I wanted because I can’t see the webpage yet and certainly don’t know what is within the page yet to know if I did indeed find what I wanted. Please consider altering how and when you ask your users if they found what they wanted. Maybe the pop-up could be altered to only pop up when a search from the home page is done. Also, maybe change it to pop up 30 seconds after the user clicks a link so they have a chance to see what is on the page before being asked for feedback. Overall, I still love your app and use it all the time. I just want to stop seeing this pop-up every time I open a link I’ve had saved for years. Thank you.

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    I cant see new ideas anymore, it makes me not get on this app like ever

    My favorite part of this app was the fact that I could go to explore and find new ideas, hence why I always have so many boards. New ideas would pop up in the explore and i would love it and go crazy looking for new ideas from pinterest by looking through the explore every chance I got but you guys got rid of the explore. Now when i click one pin even by accident i get 50 more pins for the exact same pin. Sometimes It would be one simple recipe of pie and now i have 30 of them everyday. So then you guys created an option where I can not get specific suggestions from what I clicked but even when I unfollow what I clicked it doesnt matter because my feed is literally still exact suggestions from my boards I created. So i feel like i dont get anywhere with this app. I am literally on instagram all the time because I can see different new things not different versions of the same thing especially ones I pinned already. Its fine when im searching for something but after a while I get the point and I get off the app. I wont even bring up the ads. Sorry but Im done with this app. I sure i wont be the last. Your new users dont know what their missing but seeing the same sweater everyday will get boring for them too eventually. Bring back explore so we can see new ideas, stop thinking i want to see 80 different versions of a pink Christmas tree.

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    Over all the stuff that I don’t follow but am forced to look at!

    I use to love Pinterest. It was my favorite. I chose what I wanted to look at. Then they started changing things and changing things more and more. Made us have to look at their stupid ads and suggested posts. Now it has gotten to the point to where 90 percent of everything is ads and suggested posts-guess what I don’t want to see what you have suggested. I want to see what I want to see-what I chose to follow. There is no way to remove the crap and even if you report and remove the incessant ones, they just add that many more. Here’s a little tip-I do not want to see and have no interest in pins that are in a foreign language and I have to look at them constantly. So I’m really getting over Pinterest. Add in the fact that I can’t see who pins what anymore-I like seeing when the people I follow that I like have pinned something but now I can’t tell because it’s blank where a user use to be listed. Every update it gets worse and I find myself getting on Pinterest less and less. I am quickly losing my interest in Pinterest. They need to go back to letting people control what they look at. I could understand having some ads but the amount of content on my board that I didn’t follow has gotten way out of control. If it doesn’t get any better and I keep getting pins in foreign languages then I will just quit using it. I hope it improves soon. If not then I will stop using it.

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    High Praise, but why change the feed on ‘following’ to single pix?

    I note the feed for ‘home’ is thankfully the same as before, with multiple pix across the page, but the feed for ‘following’ is single, large format pix., making it difficult to consume many photos for time spent. Please, please change this back! That said, I have been a long-time Pinterest user and have seen it go through a lot of changes. I have to say they have been pretty responsive to requests, overall. You can now opt between suggested pin feed, or feed from people you follow. You can once more arrange boards to suit. You can also choose how you want to view boards, 3 across, 4 across, or a page of small thumbnails. Also, as many Secret boards as you like. Something for everyone. It used to be far more social, as far as associating people with their pins, even when they were re-pinned...although problems sprang up with people being very protective about the artistry of their boards and discouraging people from pinning more than a few pins a day, and so things changed. I agree with many that the promoted pins can be a bit much, and I would prefer not being automatically taken to a site. Still, it is a great app and still allows for lots of creativity and enjoyment.

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    the statement below was my previous rating, till I realized that Pinterest created an old-school space under the "following" tag where I only see images from people I'm following... exactly why people fell in love with Pinterest to begin with. thank you so much for going back to the basics, and even though you still have these whack ads, they're on the "home" section, not the "following" one, so yay!!! please don't muck it up with ads on the "following" section. what you did is genius, and now everyone should be happy. old review: why, Pinterest? why? I don't understand why you continue to push pins from people I don't follow. I don't follow them for a reason. don't you understand that pinterest is visual therapy for many, that is, they log in and get much relief from seeing all the ideas they've pinned as well as pins from people or boards they follow. but then we see ugly images that are supposedly taken from our own interests, and they muck up the whole flow of image therapy. then I have to click "hide" one image after the other after the other until I get so sick and tired of seeing the same ugly pics and just close the app. you guys are whack.

Is Pinterest Safe?

Yes. Pinterest is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,880,053 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Pinterest Is 100/100.

Is Pinterest Legit?

Yes. Pinterest is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,880,053 Pinterest User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Pinterest Is 90/100.

Is Pinterest not working?

Pinterest works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Pinterest

@Chef_uk @Pinterest seeing as I was asleep at the time this all happened, I'm not sure it should be possible for someone to use my email address to create and use the account before it is verified. What do you think?

@rach_tweeter @CarrieJonesEsty @ContainerStore @Pinterest The love that the @containerstore links their shop with @pinterest it makes it so easy to get the exact item you found online #MCO335 I will be pinning their organization tips forever, thank you for sharing!

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@ReachMoreDMA As new Pay-per-click (PPC) trends emerge every day, it is difficult to keep up with the most recent ones. Also, some may not be effective and suitable for every business. #Payperclick #DigitalMarketing #PPC via @Pinterest

@sisterj103 Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the #attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your #mind looks at what happens. #KhalilGibran via @pinterest #depth #awareness #spirituality #power

@Hinshelwood_S As new Pay-per-click (PPC) trends emerge every day, it is difficult to keep up with the most recent ones. Also, some may not be effective and suitable for every business. #Payperclick #DigitalMarketing #PPC via @Pinterest

@raghavmodi As much as I love @Pinterest there have been far too many issues with it lately. Can’t pin properly from blog, pictures don’t load up, and being non-technical I can’t spend too much time trying to figure it out. Disappointing since I miss out on getting hits 😐

@MudRunGuide Pinned to Quotes for Mud & Fun on @Pinterest: and it's not even that I don't want too. It's just that it's not worth it. So I don't. Or try not too ... most of the time ;)

@Touchretail Making Social Media Shoppable... Retailers will soon be able to create 'shoppable' pins on @Pinterest via an app on the ecommerce platform, @Shopify. Find out more at #shopify #pinterest #ecommerce #socialmediashopping #retail #omnichannel

@JoeMers @PJC76 @SkrticX @Pinterest @LauraDeMarcoCle I used to work in Brooklyn Heights and we had lunch at the Jigsaw a couple of times a month for six or seven years. Great burgers as I recall, not to mention the french fries. A nice place to stop after work for a couple of brewskis to boot.

@nurijanian Awesome UX fail by the @Pinterest app 😬 Go ahead and try to figure out how to add a new PIN from your photos? You cannot. I spent 10 mins and haven’t found it. This is an app that allows you to PIN visual ideas 😂

@ebmom This is the first year I'm not going to Fiji because of Covid-19. Normally I do not go because I am poor. via @pinterest

@adashofdee_ Spending a little time working on @Pinterest today - it's so valuable and way too many of us (myself very much included) don't take advantage of it. Time to get caught up and start using it to boost my traffic! Share your Pinterest tips 👇👇👇

@OguzSerdar @AdamSinger @danielleorourk @Pinterest I'm sure they're aware of this problem but it's not an easy one to solve. They'd have to build something like @internetarchive for dead websites/links

@cindygallop 'The feature wasn't connected to systems that screen content for porn, harassment ..As a result @Pinterest saw a surge in pornographic content uploaded to the service..“About one out of every dozen photos uploaded was a penis for a good while" @CaseyNewton

@BizPartnerMag As new Pay-per-click (PPC) trends emerge every day, it is difficult to keep up with the most recent ones. Also, some may not be effective and suitable for every business. #Payperclick #DigitalMarketing #PPC via @Pinterest

@JaquelineStone_ They had many you see, of all sizes of love and skill. She groomed them, fed them, and cared for their needs until it was time to sever their stems. A family of dead weeds and floating secrets. Home:John Kenn via @pinterest #stoners #horrrofam #bookboost

@CarrieJonesEsty I need to stay organized to stay sane so I love the @ContainerStore. Their Pinterest has so many good ideas, tips and more. The Original Storage and Organization Store via @pinterest #MCO335

@Godmaid27Sharon @Pinterest The "problem" I'm having is Pinterest's REMOVING THE SEARCH FEATURE when looking for a certain pin that I had saved. I've spent 10 years carefully leaving text on pins for this precise purpose, to find "Happy Birthday XXX" or "Kahlua" for my homemade recipe, among 30 boards.

@iwan_ross SOLVED: Thank you @Pinterest for reactivating my @ReedFrogShop business account. Love you to the moon and back! Like I always did. No hard feelings. ❤️😀❤️

@BMORE_NHENT [OUTREACH🗣📣🌍] Want to grow your small business + campaigns? @nh_ent helps #entrepreneurs manage #marketing . Share what you're working on our platforms @pinterest @instagram @twitter @facebook @linkedIn Access #free group  : #md #pa #va #dc #atl

@rietoria Here’s your guide for how to get started with house plants! With ideas for house plant decor, tips to keep plants alive and easy plants to not kill. #houseplants #easyplants #houseplantdecor via @pinterest

@MattPeale @mayereditor @Pinterest Mental health has definitely not been discussed to the level needed

@logicsayz @Pinterest My problem is the pics are now so small there are too many to a page, too hard on my old eyes

@AMN_PRESS [OUTREACH] Want to grow your small business + campaigns? @amnglobalmedia helps #entrepreneurs manage #marketing . Share what you're working on our platforms @pinterest @instagram @twitter @facebook @linkedIn Access #free group : #md #pa #va #dc #atl

@cambinnooo @CaptiveThought @Pinterest Exactly & I love Pinterest but that gets on my nerves!!! We need a black platform similar to it.

@cindygallop '@Pinterest hired the team behind Highlight, a boldly invasive app that broadcast your name, photo and other information to other users in hopes of introducing you to strangers.' A female lens would have killed that one at birth. @caseynewton

@WeAreRetroGirls A board full of gorgeous beach theme wedding invitations for the coastal bride and groom. Browse through to find a beach wedding invite that you'll love almost as much as your spouse-to-be! #beach #wedding #invitations via @pinterest

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@DoyenThoughts In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond. So hold the hand of the person whom you put faith and trust in rather than expecting them to hold yours. via @pinterest #trust #Leadership

@WehyphensPvt Do you have a Restaurant? Is your daily sales got hampered due to Covid-19? Don't Worry; we have the solution. Get your own food delivery app and start your Business online. via @pinterest

@mem1490 He knew the officer who tried to hurt his love Was transported to another place He ordered some jinn to appear as a mount The officer was moving early Swearing his luck via @pinterest

@Sweetestmoonuk Pinned to Latest posts on @Pinterest: #newhair #newhaircut #life #love #hairstyle #new #happy

@Littlelittles17 via @pinterest this, the #beginning of #Sustainable #Fashion #Revolution. #Evolution is working on catching up, #fashion is a #big #platform for change. We are at the 1st wave of #Sustainable #fashion, would you like to help us #save the world.

@MudRunGuide Pinned to Quotes for Mud & Fun on @Pinterest: DEAD LAST is greater than DID NOT FINISH which trumps DID NOT START.

@MudRunGuide Pinned to Quotes for Mud & Fun on @Pinterest: “People were like Russian nesting dolls – versions stacked inside the latest edition. But they all still lived inside, unchanged, just out of sight.” (Miranda) Running- not a sport for the fa…

@CSwain1991 Hey @Pinterest, I'm trying to look at something on your site, but I need to log in. I can't remember my password though, and have tried to reset it. The email link it gives you, takes you to a page of your site, where I need to log in to use it... Spot the problem.

@JeanneArcc5916 We are on @Pinterest !! We love to share our blogs, VOTD, studies, and we also have some super fun boards for crafting, @Minecraft ideas and more! Would love to connect with you there!! #crafts #crochet #sewing #biblestudy #Blog #blogger

@mem1490 He knew the officer who tried to hurt his love Was transported to another place He ordered some jinn to appear as a mount The officer was moving early Swearing his luck via @pinterest

@JustinWWaldrop Sadly I don't have a link to this recipe and it's not legally on @Pinterest. Hopefully @badmannersfood gets it on their site soon! In the meantime, buy the book. 👇 You won't be disappointed! (NOT SPONSORED IN ANY WAY) #ThugKitchen

@mem1490 She damned her at herself She closed the phone after saying," you talked the truth" She reviled with bad worst, she did not talk since his husband was a live The only person was his husband who was silent to move via @pinterest

@ktzhu love 2 “cyber bully” tech cos & VCs & @terrycrews to put their money where their mouth is!!!! can y’all help out & match???? im matching $5k. who’s got next??? 😏 @pmarca @a16z @Pinterest @Nextdoor @Snapchat @Facebook @instagram @Google @Microsoft @github @Stanford 👀

@sun_elvira @AdamSinger @Pinterest ☑️Actually it's the artistry platform selective and self selective for no kitch publishers. Worth spending time on. Liberalising for marketing to too commercial advertisers would rather deteriorate current quality. Perhaps working on educating more into adhering? Least noisy too

@judyschenk5 Shrimp Lo Mein is a family favorite! It's quick and easy to make, and everyone will love the sweet and savory Asian sauce! #spendwithpennies #shrimplomein #recipe #maindish #homemade #easy via @pinterest

@BrookeSorenso10 @CarrieJonesEsty @ContainerStore @Pinterest I love how this company is using their Pinterest account. Not only are the images aesthetically pleasing but also really helpful for inspiration on how to getting started in the world of organizing! #MCO335

@MudRunGuide Pinned to Quotes for Mud & Fun on @Pinterest: and it's not even that I don't want too. It's just that it's not worth it. So I don't. Or try not too ... most of the time ;)

@IllustrateLaw Take PRIDE in who you are and wear your heart on your tee! Illustrated big cat portraits featuring lgbtq pride flags. Be a Cheetah not a cheater! More big cats to come. Follow "illustratelaw" on the socials for more! x via @pinterest

@mem1490 He told she did all of that To save only you Your case was so stopped She loved you that we did not see her doing like that" He stopped and thought He returned and asked for water When he had a bottle, he poured and threw water into her h via @pinterest