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Published by on 2020-01-08

Outlook lets you bring all your email accounts and calendars in one convenient spot. Whether it's staying on top of your inbox or scheduling the next big thing, we make it easy to be your most productive, organized, and connected self. Here's what you'll love about Outlook for iOS: - Focus on the...

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Microsoft Outlook Reviews

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    So good in some areas and 1990 in others.

    Hello, I love the outlook app and I need to use it on a day to day basis. Some of the items like calendar events and sending notifications is great in parts but lack in editing. First off. Why is there no copy and paste in Outlook. I had a whole email typed up and I needed to input a link. So what would I have to do? Copy and paste it in. Nope. I have to go to safari and click share and then outlook so I can send a link in outlook. Well then when I get in outlook I have to retype my message or just paste in the other one right. Nope. Paste does not work from previous to new message. So I have to manually copy something by hand. Link or original message. Come on Microsoft. Make copy and paste work the. You get a solid 4. Add some polish and sub folder notifications and some editing tools you will have a 5 Star app again. Please fix these little flaws. You have office and should be able to make a solid app. Now let’s make it happen. Thanks.

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    User friendliness and efficiency needs improvement

    So when you use gmail you can do a search and it will bring up emails specifically from the word you searched. For example, if you search for Apple Pay it will pull up emails from Apple Pay first. If you do the same search in outlook it will give you all emails that include those words as the sender, subject, mention, etc. This means you have to navigate through a list of unimportant emails to get to the one you want if you don’t give up in utter disappointment in the process. If that’s not frustrating enough when you write an email and it goes past a certain line you better hope you can type really well because you won’t be able to see past that line. I would have to stop scroll up and check the sentence, correct it blindly because it toggles back down where it can’t be seen and continue typing. So I started writing in other apps like gmail and forwarding it to outlook or doing a copy paste and forwarding it to my recipient if it was a longer message. That is not how I want to send my emails but outlook hasn’t seemed to be able to figure out how to make it work. Thus I have several apps for emails. Ugh

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    Last update puts badge on menu and settings icon?

    Rating is generous for encouragement... more like 3.5 stars. Reasonably functional. No crashes problems. Lacks a lot of the functionality of other, more mature, Exchange email clients. My wish list would be for a collapsible email folder structure. Also for a contacts screen/window for viewing and scrolling through Exchange contacts, isolated from iPad contacts, so I can keep my work and my personal contact separated. Note that I use the iPad email and contacts apps for personal stuff. Annoyingly, after last update I see a badge (little gray dot) in the upper left on the nav (menu) icon. When I click the nav icon to open the left side nav panel, I see the same little gray dot on the settings gear at the bottom. Like bread crumbs. When I click this to open the settings panel, I now see there is an Add Account “1 new”. I click this (why do I need an add account reminder) then immediately dismiss it, close out of settings and go back to mail. The little gray badge is now gone. But when I later open Outlook, there it is again. Marketing people need to stay out of this.

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    The only thing worse than this app is their customer service

    I’m trying to use this app to access my work email from home. The app has continually deleted my entire inbox for no consistent reason I can figure out. I will open a new email and it will delete the email while I’m reading it and then my entire inbox. My inbox on my work computer will still be intact, but any email I attempted to open in the app will be missing. When I contacted customer service through the app they told me it simply wasn’t possible that the app was deleting emails and never responded again. When I attempted to email customer service on my work computer it said their customer service email address is undeliverable. I missed a very important email from my boss this morning while out sick, and even drove into work to try and see if I could access the email there to find nothing. I very well might loose my job over this and their customer service frankly does not care. If you can avoid using Microsoft (which I know is impossible) do all you can to stay away from them. They are a heartless company, and their substandard products will not only make your life hell, their customer service department seems to get joy out of your pain. If I could give them zero stars I would!

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    God Forbid You Have to Rest Your Password

    I was notified today that my account was disabled for “suspicious activity.” No explanation of that activity - just directions to reset my password. Tried resetting using the request form which asked for a previous password, the email address of my previous sent email and the subject line of the previous sent email, etc. Now, if I could remember my password, I wouldn’t be trying to reset it! Anywho, send the form to wherever it goes after answering the questions to the best of my ability only to be sent something saying they couldn’t verify it was really me!!! Finally got on a chat with support and was basically told “for security purposes” staff can not enable an account. When I asked how they can disable an account with no explanation and without being able to enable it, I was told to create another account... 🤬. Now I can’t correspond with my attorney via email or send anything from this account. It’s 10 levels of frustrating and has convinced me to stop using this service and to make sure everyone I talk to knows how stupid this “recovery” system is and that your account can end up disabled with no explanation or viable means to reset your password. Just a hard lesson in frustration and a waste of time.

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    Poor Features Compared To Others

    Let me first say I do like Outlook on a web platform and on Microsoft’s system - however, we changed over to IPad and IOS because of the Windows phone discontinuation. This APP has been a bugger since I set it up. I have reloaded it 2 or 3 times in the last couple of months because it fails to send- despite correct settings through our broadband supplier. Now, I can receive mail but will not send even though it worked fine for about 2 weeks - no settings changes. Besides that, the app has a very basic signature line and hardly customizable, no mail read receipts. This would be handy because I have many emails that show in the “Sent” folder that didn’t go anywhere. I understand we use this as an interface, but I shouldn’t get a banner showing a new email and have to wait 5-10 minutes for it to actually show up in the inbox. Support is via ticket not live and I have waited 20+ hours at times to get a response. Personal email is one thing, but for a business.. can’t have it. There are other things however I believe i have typed enough. Version 3.5 at the moment. Again, I enjoy outlook on a Microsoft system or as used via web - but this app and it’s updates/features for IOS are lacking.

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    The App is Ok

    The app has worked great since I got it last year, especially for school. But recently it’s stopped sending me notifications for some emails which has caused me to miss several emails and dead-lines. It’s too late for me at this point so please fix this issue. I don’t know if it’s because I had 2 inboxes from 2 different school emails or what, but this problem has caused me a lot of stress and I’d prefer it not happen in the future. Edit: The issue that I believed was originally occurring is not the only one. It appears the reason I am not getting notifications for emails is because these emails aren’t appearing in my inbox until days later. For example, several emails I received on the 30th of July did not appear in my inbox until today. I did not get any notifications for any emails on that 30th. This is really frustrating because I’ve received emails from university faculty who have been sending and requesting information and it is really creating a huge hassle for me and causing more stress than is needed. Maybe this is something I need to talk to my school about? If it is please let me know.

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    Performance issues, functionality issues

    Slow, buggy, sometimes takes 5 seconds for a letter to show up on the screen after typing on an iPhone XS running the latest iOS and also an iPhone 8 with latest iOS. Both phones have no issues with other apps. Although I’ve allowed the app to run in the background on my phone, it often takes 10-20 seconds to open. Often crashes. Unable to tap on an address to open in maps, which used to work but Microsoft broke that functionality with an app “update.” After going back and forth with tech support for 2 weeks and sending them a screen record video of me opening the calendar and tapping on an address and nothing happening, (which I had to provide via a box account I had to create specially for this purpose because Microsoft doesn’t have their own way to share videos apparently - lame), they said “the app is working as designed.” Why did you take away this functionality? And why is there still an option in settings to open addresses in google or Apple Maps??? Fix the performance issues. Bring back the maps integration. Provide better tech support.

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    Terrible for GSuite Accounts

    I’ve been a dedicated user of this app for several years and have been pretty satisfied, until recently. I started a business, got a gsuite account for it, and when I started sending mail from iOS Outlook, all of the mail from the gsuite accounts would be routed to spam by my customers email providers. At first, I thought it must be my new email address...then I tried sending mail directly from gmail on safari. No problem - no emails routed to spam. Then I downloaded Edison mail (thinking maybe it’s a third party app thing?!) and sent an email. Again, no problem - no emails routed to spam. I tried iOS outlook again...and my email got sent to spam. I reported it to the customer service team, and they brushed it off saying it wasn’t their problem. I beg to differ if the emails I send from your app get flagged as spam by recipients and yet the exact same email sent by a different app isn’t flagged by spam...I think that is your problem! And to top it off, to tell me that they won’t do anything about it, is doubly annoying. I’m removing outlook from my phone and recommend anyone with business gsuite accounts to stear clear!

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    i'm not giving this app more than 1 star until you guys fix Calendar reminders that were created on the desktop version of outlook but somehow are not able to sync on to this mobile version. Thats a crucial part of a calendar app, is it not? UPDATE: calendar issue fixed but this app is still completely useless if I can't log in with One Touch. I have to completely reboot my phone each time it starts throwing an error. This is an enterprise app how are you guys allowing this to happen. Still one star because I can't even enter the darn app. ONE-YEAR LATER UPDATE: this app still is unfortunately unreliable. For most professionals, calendar appointments are extremely important in their day-to-day business schedule. There are NOT ENOUGH notification capabilities through this app to remind people of upcoming appointments. My other calendar app, Calendars by Readdle, that I use for my personal life, I can set multiple reminders at 1 day, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes before an important appointment so I can feel confident that I NOT MISS that crucial meeting. Unfortunately that type of functionality is missing with Outlook.

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    Not possible to access iCloud files

    My employer uses Microsoft outlook for email. This would not be a problem if not for this apps inability to attach documents I store on my iCloud. All my devices (watch, phone, laptop, iPads) are apple devices. I store all of my important files on iCloud. If I am replying to an email and want to send an attachment, I’m out of luck. When I click on attach, the Files section does not include iCloud. I decided to have my Google Drive sync my most heavily used work-related folder on my iCloud. But when I try to set up that account under Files, it fails and I get a notification to contact support. Support seems really communicative however. They are definitely interested in helping me make this work. Unfortunately, when I see a support notification pop up, I cannot even open the conversation without first trying to set up my Google Drive, then having it fail, then seeing the pop up with a link to contact customer support. There is no way to access the customer support chat without forcing something to go wrong then opening up the chat window. This is a definite flaw in the iPad version of this app!

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    I hate outlook

    This is the worst email app I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, I have to use it because my university uses it. First of all, it’s the ugliest email app. There’s no contact photos shown next to an email, like in gmail of yahoo mail, so it’s hard to differentiate between who is sending you an email. All the emails blend together into a born blob of black and white, making me check this email the least. Also, you can’t search a phrase or sender and then select multiple emails to delete them. That’s half the reason I even use the search function. Perhaps you can delete emails this way on a laptop, but I mainly check my email on my phone, so it’s egregiously inconvenient. In addition the focused and other email tabs are so stupid. The app just arbitrarily organizes them with no knowledge of what emails are actually important to you and which ones aren’t. As a result, I often don’t see important emails in a timely manner because they go into the other tab. Checking my email shouldn’t have this many complications, and being able to delete my emails by search should be an option. Please fix your dysfunctional app. I’m hoping I never have to have another outlook email after I graduate.

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    Thank you...

    This is the mail app I needed and wish I knew about it years ago. I have 4 email accounts and one is through ECPI. They use an exchange server, so guess what, yahoo mail can’t connect to it, Apple mail needs to have a password entered and a verification process is done, just to look at an email...for school. I don’t get it. Yesterday I downloaded this app and it’s already a life saver. It took a little bit for email to show up in my folders for yahoo, but I only had to verify yahoo one time when setting it up. I just finished customizing my settings and it’s even better. There’s a focused mail box thingy, I didn’t like it and it let me turn it off. I noticed you have to go through notifications and click each mail server you want notifications from, because your default is automatically selected. Oh, btw, I deleted yahoo and Apple mail apps and moved this one next to my hand receiver icon.

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    Apple Watch App is a Fail

    The Outlook iOS app gets 4.5 stars in my opinion. I actually think I like it better than Apple’s mail and calendar apps. It does everything those apps do with a slicker UI and a little more fidelity. It loses half a star because it is not quite as simple to setup and required my to create an iCloud email to sync my iCloud calendar. Where is fails miserably is the Apple Watch app. Basically, the calendar function doesn’t work at all. It always says I have no events when I have a packed calendar pretty much every day. Randomly an event will show up, but then it’s gone the next minute. It never shows events on the complication on the home screen. Also, the number icon to show how many new or unread emails changes between a number and zero every few minutes even though nothing in my inbox has changed. There is some kind of sync issue between the IOS app and the Apple Watch App. I’ve tried everything to remedy it. My Apple Watch is how I most frequently access my calendar. So regardless of how good the Outlook app is, as a package it cannot replace Apple’s apps until they can fix the Apple Watch app.

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    Looks Nice but☹️

    This app seems clunky and obsolete lacking fluidity, user interface and basic functionality preventing user from easily executing simple, everyday tasks. Cannot SELECT ALL and DELETE emails in Trash Bin—the mobile app only selects 7 emails at a time; the Trash Icon is not easily seen at top of screen but rather I had to scroll through 90 emails to locate the Trash Icon at the bottom of the list of emails—highlighting 7 email maximum, scrolling a long list to get to the icon at the bottom of lengthy list of emails is not practical and requires an inordinate amount of time and steps to expedite a simple function. The REPLY field appears at the bottom of an email rather than easily, conveniently above an incoming email. The only readily available function choices appear to be Focus & Filter—user has to log online to use the few Settings options. The Search magnifying glass does not appear to be readily/easily available. The ONLY reason I use the app is I am unable to email a Word file unless from within the app. Simple, basic tasks are not straightforward some inaccessible on iOS Xs Max and iPad Pro.

Is Microsoft Outlook Safe?

Yes. Microsoft Outlook is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,363,795 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Microsoft Outlook Is 100/100.

Is Microsoft Outlook Legit?

Yes. Microsoft Outlook is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,363,795 Microsoft Outlook User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Microsoft Outlook Is 90/100.

Is Microsoft Outlook not working?

Microsoft Outlook works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Microsoft Outlook

@davidfromkansas I remember when @Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told women at Grace Hopper that they should just "trust the system" to promote them accordingly. We would NOT be having this convo if that were actually true.🙄

@Kylynnian @FramedGames @Halo @WatchMixer @Microsoft Oh right, I keep forgetting MS owns Bungie. But STILL, you would think that it would be in their best interest to not consider it "changing contracts" when they straight up killed your original contract... Don't they want to retain good talent?

@chintankamin @AneeshMehta1 @rajivdparikh @NJGov @Microsoft Also, contrary to the desires of many, New Jersey is not an island! 🤣

@Ocramius @CiaranMcNulty @ijpatricio @jrf_nl @jon_bossenger @derickr @Microsoft @Windows Logs not going to stderr, processes crashing, no clear exit code, environment variables not being passed to processes, user mismatch

@diervilla @Anth_McGregor @MarkHaselgrove @feathered_ape @Apple @Android @Microsoft But you need to do some jiggery pokery with the data first? I can use code to generate the graphs from the raw data, and be sure I've not made any errors copying the wrong means across or similar.

@MichaelBower93 @Microsoft @Windows all of your stupid updates suck. Thanks so much for STRONG ARMING ME INTO AN UPDATE. Not only is it unnecessary, I have lost out on work because instead if presenting my presentation, I got to present A FREAKING UPDATE. FIX YO SHIT

@GeniusSmash @whatabadmeme69 @Sony @PlayStation @Nintendo @Microsoft you should ask to @Activision, they own Crash, not Sony

@Extnsion @RawXtv @WatchMixer @Microsoft Nope, not one single recognition from either company and certainly nothing from them about the sexual abuse either. Typical @Microsoft though, to bury shit under the carpet. How do you think @BillGates got so rich, certainly not from working legally....

@qtnate1 @batmaniac92 @IronFist_Kombat @Microsoft @wbgames @NetherRealm @RocksteadyGames The only thing that is WB games own license is Mortal Kombat and all of Midways stuff. Everything else belongs to the parent company. Batman would probably not be exclusive because that would sell like hot cakes, and brings a lot of money for ATT.

@shahselbe Interesting job opportunity at @Microsoft working to make it a better company environmentally alongside @lucasjoppa: "Sustainability Science Global Lead"

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@nomadphp [email protected] announces it will no longer support versions of #PHP greater than 7.4 on #windows. More details to come, but you can read more on @BleepinComputer

@CMaster1980 @ronny1707 @SenTomCotton @Microsoft Cancel Azure cloud contract of 10 Billion dollar or so. USA gov should not trust any private company for its gov data. It is going to land outside US.

@MiKAuditore @JekidoSergal777 @LegacyKillaHD @Xbox @platinumgames @Microsoft They cancel the games becuase F Platinum F Xbox 4.5 years of development and the Game was not Even close to finish. They move most of the devs to nier and have tehe F balls yo así for more money and time 😂 F kamija

@pamtrader @3IntrpdPossums @Microsoft I had to update this morning in order to make turbo tax update so I can finally finish my taxes...I pray that didn't happen to mine as I have not logged onto that computer since..

@TechnoAza @naman_nan @Microsoft @windowsdev @MicrosoftIndia Bro mujhe ye problem tab face hoti jab hardware virtualization on rahta hai....Try to disable it

@GrahamJCampbell @CiaranMcNulty @derickr @Ocramius @ijpatricio @jrf_nl @jon_bossenger @Microsoft @Windows Not in usual operation. One would not expect to see a tag of a package appear on packagist, and then someone re-tag the same release later...

@J2Ruto @RawXtv @WatchMixer @Microsoft NOPE, and they won't be getting off the hook so easily. They love to pay lip service as a PR move, but they lack real meaningful action.

@chris33013 @mattm089 @Microsoft @MicrosoftUK @MicrosoftHelps @majornelson @XboxSupport Glad to hear yours is all good. One of the paddles on mine doesn’t work correctly. For example when I Hold it down the controller thinks I’m either tapping it repeatedly OR not even touching it at all. But at least I’m getting a replacement. Just gotta wait for it.

@chyang888 @TechDeals_16 @Jescape_k @Adobe @Microsoft There is already MS office for ARM. MS also migrating towards ARM (with QCOM). Adobe on cloud so it is virtualized. Reason is to free from X86 patents, gives ability to build own CPU (MS, AMZN, FB, GOOG, NVDA all have projects). It is industry wide not Apple only thing.

@ENCR0ACHER @play_pso2 PLEASE. Get off of @Microsoft @Windows Store. I am done. No more AC or monetary support until this game moves platforms. I'm frustrated. I LOVE your game @SEGA but I can NOT continue to lose hdd space, manually recover it and reinstall multiple times a week. The Store is GARBAGE.

@Diamond69102877 @Microsoft I think you should really put your effort Into buying wb games and epic games. Because if you buy wb you own mortal kombat and I don't have to say how many people love that game. Plus if you buy epic games, you'll be able to get games like fortnite and others.Its good

@matthewalner @MrTEdgeEsq @Microsoft Yea I agree it seems like an overstep, on the other hand I love it. As someone who's work is still supporting IE. The more people who move to chromium based Edge the better.

@big75husky75 DAY 38... SOOO important question @Microsoft, @XboxSupport & @XBox why a new XBox App that is "replacing the companion app" but theres no option to stream on the new app. Im a XBox Streamer who uses the companion app to do this....youve removed that feature in the new app? HELP

@BreatheNewWinds @BNeidhardt @petermckinnon @BernieSanders @People4Bernie The ol laptop crapped out not more than 5 hours in to starting 😑 *stares at @microsoft*

@rachbron @SkypeSupport According to @Skype , my account 'does not exist' so I tried to make one with the same e-mail and it states that 'I already have an account'. How come @SkypeSupport? 😑@Microsoft you gotta step up your database game. Contact me by DM, please.

@derickr @GrahamJCampbell @CiaranMcNulty @Ocramius @ijpatricio @jrf_nl @jon_bossenger @Microsoft @Windows And that is exactly how it should be, because once in a while, what we tag on Tuesday is not what we release on Thursday. For example, the 7.4.8 tarballs/tags we did last Tuesday, was not the 7.4.8 we released, due to:

@inteltechGSO [email protected] developed a mobile app in 24 hours using Power Apps and #PowerBI to safely address real-time employee needs, and support their customers during #COVID19. Learn how: via @Microsoft

@shahselbe Interesting job opportunity at @Microsoft working to make it a better company environmentally alongside @lucasjoppa: "Sustainability Science Global Lead"

@AllforEd2020 Mac Glovinsky, project manager, @UNICEF says that to achieve ambitions goals in education, collaboration is key. UNICEF works closely not just with GOVT but also with private sector such @Microsoft to make learning accessible for everyone #allforeducation

@nhelleringer @jayminsuthar93 @nadrealista @Microsoft We did it. At maximum we had 12k Windows servers in production (not only for this app). But it is not suitable anymore given the tooling and people exp compared to the Linux world ones.

@nbirtcil @RussellLowery10 @HarvardBiz @Microsoft @Gladwell @JBlonien @SactownTalks Happy to although there are others that are WAY more knowelgable. @theehrnerd would be someone I’d recommend!

@DataSloth0869 @Microsoft just so you know EDGE SUCKS!!!!!! I do not now or ever want to use and in the future don't hold my computer hostage until I go through your shitty set up routine for a program I WILL NEVER USE. MORONS....

@Debo76430430 Help please @WS_Recoverit asus laptop I am having error when trying to reinstall windows 10 I tried all the commands to format /clean but it showing an error "diskpart has encountered an error a device which does not exist was specified"@Seagate @ASUS @ASUS @Windows @Microsoft

@yogendr_k Hey @Microsoft in my pc there is window 10 pro Yesterday in my pc a virus (maas virus) inserted and it affected my all pdf, images files Files was not important so i don't need to pay What is solution to remove maas virus 1 should i whole reset my pc ? 2 should i flash new window

@SteampunkPaganX @Microsoft has removed XBL as a reward for #MicrosoftRewards pushing more & more to force you into the much higher priced @XboxGamePass which is not even close to being a good buy for all I do NOT play enough games for this to be a value. Not even any sales on XBL of late just GP

@MrComics2000 @IdleSloth84 Lol it's scummy to say, not really but I hope Phil isn't too generous when @Microsoft makes the inevitable deal.

@diervilla @MarkHaselgrove @feathered_ape @Anth_McGregor @Apple @Android @Microsoft If you've done much coding in the past, its not so bad to learn. But if you have students who are keen, get them to learn instead ;)

@He_Bot8 So @Crytek themselves didn't want to make a sequel because of the lower install base. At this time @Xbox one sales were at 5 million units. It was not @MSStudiosBlog @Microsoft who didn't want to make the sequel. Plus I thought Xbox one only sold 15 million units life time!!!

@XA_Noah @SoCalSoulVocals @Xbox @XboxSupport @Microsoft It is great you want to help keep the community safe when on XBL but reaching out to Xbox Support on twitter about reporting a player has no effect as it can not go through the system. Please report and block them, enforcement will then deal with it.

@RussellLowery10 @nbirtcil @HarvardBiz @Microsoft @Gladwell You ought to talk to @JBlonien from @SactownTalks this kind of issue sounds perfect for his show.

@jayminsuthar93 @nhelleringer @nadrealista @Microsoft On windows you were not able to achieve this ? I have not deployed such huge app so I am really interested to know

@neuralinkd This just in from our @TheJusticeDept in response to uniformity of @DHSgov, please call @Microsoft we have a major E&O and D&O issue for Bill Gates and Harvard!

@productfails1 Hey @Microsoft @LinkedIn Clipboard reading is not just an "accident" you pieces of shit. Programs don't do anything unless you program them to do the functions.

@ZGV2ZWxvcGVy @TechDeals_16 @Jescape_k @Adobe @Microsoft I believe you don’t need to rewrite code if it’s not heavily dependent on x86, you need to just build it for new architecture.

@diervilla @feathered_ape @MarkHaselgrove @Anth_McGregor @Apple @Android @Microsoft My 12 year old mac pro that I got second hand is still going fine - would love to see a windows machine last that long! learn to do graphs in R, rather than update Prism.

@jplonie I assume @Microsoft delaying its may update to its own hardware is really a special feature that only people who buy its hardware get.

@WormsAndCheese @Microsoft idk how else to tell you this but stop pushing your garbage browser on me, I will not be using it under any circumstances.

@TheKaboomSlayer @LunarTiger69 @Microsoft @AltspaceVR It was not assault you fragile little snowflake, at worst it was a MILD insult, you have to remember that just because someone works for a company doesn’t mean they’re a mindless drone that only has the customers best interest at heart 100% of the time.

@manishdixit988 @Microsoft after may 2020 update my lappy wifi is broken and the issue is not sorted called several times but no use nor microsoft nor lenovo is helping me out to sort this issue