McDonald's Reviews

McDonald's Reviews

Published by on 2022-03-23

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McDonald's Reviews: 20 Reviews


This app has lost it’s purpose

I’m a mega coupon fanatic. Every time I go out I’m always paying for more than one. So coupons have saved my wallet a substantial amount. This app started with a bang. The coupons constantly changed and were always very valuable deals. But with the years passing, I’ve only saw the deals get more and more limited and you’ll only save 50 cent on a 10 dollar order. And when I say limited, I mean it. I’ve had the same coupons for over a year. With very minor changes. But those changes happen every 2-4 months and are gone within a week. The only deal that makes the app worth having anymore is the bogo for 25 cent on the quarter pounders. This one still saves the hole in my pocket. But then I’m limited to eating a quarter pounder anytime I’m at McDonald’s. Which I wouldn’t complain about normally but after a year, it’ll burnout, trust me. It’s just very disappointing to see something that was so good turn into something so bad. I very much hope the developers will look into the main aspect of the app a bit more. Till then, if anyone feels the way I do, you can check out the Wendys app. They have incredible deals that change almost weekly. I’m actually on my way to get a burger,fry,drink,chicken nuggets and chili cheese fries. All for the price of one McDonald’s quarter pounder. I hope I can say something similar about the McDonald’s app in the near future.

Terrible service

I work at a large hospital and walk by McDonalds which is by the entrance to the hospital on my way in. While in the parking garage I will place an order for two hot mocha McCafes for pick up on my app. I then walk to an area where I get a face mask and have my temperature taken then eneter the building. This is around 8:00 am. If I’m lucky someone will be behind the counter to help me. My order is never ready and I always have to wait for my coffees to be made. Meanwhile people are coming in behind me placing orders, getting their food and drinks and leaving. There are also times when I walk into the restaurant and not only is no one behind the counter, no one is anywhere to be found, not even in the food prep area. I have to call out or shout so someone will come out from a closed door to wait on me. Then again I have to wait for my coffees to be made. I got the McDonald's app hoping my order while placed in advance would be ready for me upon arrival. Not once has it been. I skip paying since the app has no problem taking my payment. I wish your service was that efficient! But it isn’t! I have found my experiences dissapointing and frustrating! A waste of time which has caused me on several occasions to be late for work!


Don’t turn your screen off

I recently had to place an order three times because the app timed out when my screen went to sleep. Thankfully it only charged me once. I placed the initial order on our way to the restaurant. My screen turned off on the way there after placing the order. When we arrived at the restaurant there was no record of my order in the app. My debit card was recently destroyed so Apple Pay was the only option until my new card came in. So I tried to place the order at the restaurant, but the entire app had timed out meaning I had to log in again. For some reason it wouldn’t log me in. I kept getting error messages. We were in a hurry so I had to leave the restaurant. The app started working again when we got home and since my husband had promised our toddler nuggets, I went back out to get the meal (I really didn’t mind). Since I was having issues ordering at the restaurant, I placed the order at home and then drove over. Again, the order was not on record. Thankfully the entire app didn’t time out and I was able to place the order at the restaurant. Took them 25 minutes to get my food out to the car. I doubt I will use the app again. It was such a hassle and took so much longer than the drive through or even ordering through door dash. Other stores, like chick fil a, have figured out how to let people place an order before getting to the restaurant. It doesn’t seem like it’d be a difficult thing to do.


Unable to Even Use the App

I don’t even know what more to do about this app... I guess I just won’t ever get to use the daily deals or use a mobile order since it has NEVER worked on my phone. I have an IPhone 12 Pro that has the newest software update and have tried over and over again to delete the app and re download without any success. Even before I got the 12 Pro I had the X and for over a year now I’ve always gotten a message when I tried logging in that said “Critical Error has Occurred, App needs to restart.” I tried logging into an existing account that I had created a few years back and got this message every single time so I tried signing up for a new account and still received this message. I contacted McDonald’s via phone and someone in their IT department said they would “pass along the information to their developers and hopefully with the next update it would be fixed.” Today I tried to re download the app again since it’s $1 fries for mobile users and I thought just maybe today it will work for me... nope! So now when I download the app it just completely crashed and doesn’t even load. I have missed out on so many deals and feel beyond frustrated that I can’t even do a mobile order for pickup. I researched online and other people have had this same issue without getting it resolved. You would think that with McDonald’s being one of the largest corporations in the world that they would have figured out all these bugs and issues by now. So disappointed 😡


Terribly designed app, many stores not fully trained for the app

For starters, I’m generally against fast food apps because it’s typically faster to just order it in the drive through but I thought I would give the McDonald’s app a shot since they have some pretty good deals. I just wish this app were designed a little better and the stores were a little better trained for mobile orders. One big problem I have is the unnecessary requirement to share your location. This just feels like a huge violation of privacy and for no gain. They want you to share your location and it actively uses it anytime you even open the app. I can kind of understand it so they can estimate when they need to prepare your order and I believe that is their reason, but; 1) if it already tracks your location why should you have to click in the app that you arrived at the restaurant? 2) since it is a fast food restaurant, most of the time your order should already be ready. I guess the app just guarantees it? The app actively tracks your location, and not request a location like it should if it wants that. The deals are kind of annoying because they cannot be combined and can only be used once per hour. Overall, the app just feels like a way for McDonald’s to steal your information and takes a lot of work to save $1. The app doesn’t even improve the ordering process because some stores will have problems finding your order


Great in theory, not so much in execution.

I’ve been using this app for a couple months now, and it has become increasingly frustrating. Yeah, you gain points quick and there are good deals on there, so overall I would say it’s worth having, but the glitches are too much. For starters, every single time I open my app (unless it’s multiple times in one day) it says I’ve been logged out due to an error, and have to log back in again. It is just a few clicks, but it’s beyond annoying, especially when you’re trying to get food from a fast food restaurant, well, fast. Secondly, there have been countless times I’ve had to completely redo an order because a promo/deal was not longer available at my location…even though it takes me literal minutes to order because most of my stuff is saved. If it was no longer available, why show it as an option? Finally, the stress with workers not wanting to honor deals when I don’t do mobile ordering is terrible. 90% of the time they scan a reward they say it’s not valid, just to have a manager have to come and tell them how to enter it manually because it’s an app issue not a promo issue. I’ve come to use it less and less because saving a couple bucks really isn’t always worth the frustration and work I have to put into something that supposed to streamline and make a process more efficient.


Beware of changes

The McDonald’s app has been great generally over the years. But when they change it you lose earned rewards. I’ve done so many times, the worst recentlyWhen they changed from my café rewards to the regular McDonald’s rewards. In the past for every five coffee drinks you bought you would get one free. I had bought coffee almost daily on my way to work and hardly ever redeemed them. At one time I had over 28 or 29 mccafé coffee’s to redeem. Even though the expiration date had passed one day I noticed seven or eight of them had disappeared. So I started using them. I built them up again and again and use them here and there. Maybe a month ago I had 22 Mccafé drinks and they change the app again to rewards instead of the café drinks. I checked the app and I were seven showing four or five of which had to be redeemed within a few days or they would disappear/expire. I didn’t have time to use the mall and ended up losing four or five of those. If you figure those drinks run an average of 4 to 5 dollars each and lost a couple hundred dollars and drinks over the years. And I bought a couple hundred coffees a year from McDonald’s. For many years... this has made me much less trusting of the McDonald’s app.


“Upgraded” but still far from perfect

It’s mind-boggling how an app is promoted for a fast food joint but yet not have everything on the App Menu as the “restaurant” would. I searched through the app, through the “deals” and it was simply not there. I go to the “restaurant” and it’s available as an option. The two need to be synced for optimal experience for the user. Update (1) - now when you Checkout and state you are at the location for pickup, it wouldn’t allow for me to select an option of how I want to pick up (curbside, drive-thru, etc.). Small item as such needs to be fixed. Update (2) - now it seems the Meals are “synced” along with the option of how to pick up BUT one outstanding issue still remains - When the location is to make the food. It won’t allow you to do it while on route or close by. Nope. You have to select it while you are in the parking lot of the location. Why is that bad? Because when you select to pick up in store, the food is still not ready. At times, the folks on the line get their food first still. Pickup for Drive-thru…well you would have to wait if there is a long line (still!). “Curbside” - similar issue as pick-up in-store option. Food is not yet ready. Another main competitor allows for the food to be made ahead of time - when the user selects it. Make that happen and you may just get a 5-star rating. Until then. There are still better apps out there.


This App and McDonald’s is garbage

So I had a lovely experience with this app yet again but this one tops it all. I went to McDonald’s today. I ordered through the app because of the deals the app has. I went through the process and got to the screen where it says curbside. I selected number 3 for the third stop. I wait waited 20 minutes only to go through the drive through to have them tell me that there is no record of my order. I showed the rude manager my receipt on the app on my phone and showed my bank statement of the the exact moment when I bought food through their app. She refused to give me my order because she said if it is not in the system then it never existed. But having for forms of prove showing that I did proved her otherwise. She still would not give me my food. McDonald’s I not sure how you train your managers but maybe you need to go back and teach every single one about not just customer service but general manners. Also maybe teach them how to use the app because no one in the building of all of your excellent employees know how to use it. Lesson that I learned today. Your app is garbage, it glitches and when I have 2 forms of proof showing I purchased food at your establishment, please have your manager refrain from insulting my intelligence and when they are in the wrong to apologize and say they made a mistake. All I wanted was food and know you make me not want to every close back. Thank you.


Good for fast food apps but a few bugs.

This is clearly the best app I’ve used for any fast food restaurant. It works. And I don’t mean just the app on your device, but the back office operations that are required to fulfill your order. The worst bug I experience is after one picks up their food. A day or two may go by, and then when I open to use the app again it hasn’t cleared out my past fulfilled order, and it automatically reloads the past order into the cart. Then I have to go manually delete every item that I ordered before, so I can make a new order. Not a giant problem, more like just annoying. Not a formal bug, but a design error IMO, As I wish they made it easier to add condiments to an order. I think it should be the last thing selected before a person confirms their order. It’s easy to forget to add the condiments, then when I pick up my food I ask the personnel on duty for it, and although I get it, I can tell it’s a tiny annoyance for them - a break in their flow. Regardless, I’m impressed and happy with it. The formalized “menu hacks” feature to be released soon sounds awesome.


Used to be great, but now sooooo slooow and very buggy

This started out as a great app, but now, no longer deserves 4-5 stars. They’ve done way too much to make it all fancy, that it makes the app work so slowly, when navigating between the different functions, especially when it first starts up. Also, annoying that certain deals are scan only, mobile only, deliver only...a deal is a deal. Why should it matter if we use it on the app, at the restaurant, or delivery? And stop the restrictions on using one deal for a certain amount of time!!! If I wanna use a deal, and get back to the end of the line to use another deal, I should be able to do so like the app allowed you to do originally! The new updates have not made anything better, but instead made it more buggy. I’ve never had to keep logging back into my account before, but now it seems like the app can’t remember my login, even if I had already logged in 10 minutes prior, which is very annoying when you’re already in line and waiting for the now slow app to load up and then show the deals, with people waiting behind you. There should be a face/finger ID or stay logged in option. And I agree with another user, if I make an order from my phone and want a friend/family member pick it up, there should be a way to do that. If a super basic Little Caesar’s App can do that, then why can’t this one?!!!


Nice exclusive deals but Payment Failures kill it

Overall I enjoyed the app where I could customized my order specifically how I wanted it and could clearly see the price increase for each option - who wouldn’t more pickles for free or a extra slice of cheese for 30 cents. Also there are daily app exclusive deals and coupons like buy one get one that are great and makes ordering tempting. However; the issue and an app killer for me is the payment system. Last 3 trips I ordered and set up for curbside delivery. A few minutes latter the app shows there’s been an error and I need to “go inside to see the cashier”, so in these social distancing days that means going through the drive through. When you pull up they can see your order but they say the Payment is still pending. Each time I check the app and it gives me no option to retry payment or other options. So i tell them at the window to cancel the order and end up leaving with no food. I have now discovered that the charge later went through and still showed up on my credit card statement. So now I have wasted time on trips to the restaurant, no food, and yet still get charged. Now I have to spend more time on phone with credit card disputing the charges. I will no longer use this faulty app. My advise is to save your time and money and shop elsewhere, unless you wanna go through the drive through and pay double the app price.


Used to be better

I have had the McDonald’s app since the beginning and always been an advocate and even encouraged my friends to get it. The thing is I don’t eat anything at McDonald’s besides fries and salads items, occasionally I may get a dessert or chicken item. In the beginning I was really able to take advantage of the $1 fry deals and the $3 off $10 or $1 off $7. As of recently, about 2 months, those deals are no longer there so I really no longer have anything to gain which is quite disappointing because I do love the app and have been such a fan. I just purchased some items that would have been $4 less had I still had my regular deals. If these new changes to the app will be permanent I only wish McDonald’s would consider deals that are frequented by consumers so that they can be tailored and continue to be taken advantage of. Also consider dietary needs and restrictions I used to have 10-20 deal to select from now I have 3-7 that I know I will not use. For example, I have a free any size soft beverage deal in my app right now, I can’t drink soda so I have no use for such a coupon. I have a $1 off a quarter pounder or Big Mac, also something I can’t have so it will go to waste. Then I have 2 others for a total of 4 deals that I cannot even take advantage of. Disappointing, especially because I know how great it used to be.


Waste Of Time

I wasted time setting up an accout. I wasted time trying to set up an order. It goes as far as letting you fill out all your info, but won’t let you enter a card to pay for it. I tried 2 different cards, but the ‘save’ button stays grayed out. I tried placing an order which it allowed me to do. But again, I couldn’t pay, as it wouldn’t allow me to save the card info. I hit ‘place order’ figuring I’d just pay cash when I got there. The app said the order was placed. Gave me an order # and all, so I figured everything was good to go. It (the app) said they would start the order when I got there and hit ‘Check In’. The only thing that came close to ‘check In’ was a button that said ‘I’m Already Here’. I pulled in to the parking lot and hit that button cuz nothing changed and it was the only option. Well... Of course the app is now saying It doesn’t have my order or maybe I’m not close enough OR talk to a crew member. I ended up having to go inside and place a whole new order which I was trying to avoid! Then it STILL took forever for these people to understand what I’m trying to explain what happened! It was so aggravating, the whole thing! Then I have to put up with their condescending attitudes... Unbelievable... And of course there’s no one around to help figure out the problem. So that’s the last time I’ll be going to McDonald’s any more. Who needs the aggravation?


No Good Deals

This review is long overdue and after not being able to use the only good coupon I have got on this app in months because my McDonald’s that I always go to is no longer a “participating location,” I finally feel the need to write this review. This app used to be SPECTACULAR and there were always plenty of coupons I could use daily and they were very good deals too! I was able to purchase food for myself and my family without breaking the bank too much. Then randomly one day they changed the entire app and removed all of the good coupons. Now there is one coupon daily (If I’m lucky two) and it can hardly be considered a “deal” as I’m saving like 30¢ rather than the $3-4 I used to save from a coupon. You can also get a coupon from this Plinko style game that you sometimes have to play a few times to even land something in the bag. From my experience you can play until you win however the $1 off coupon you receive after is normally never for anything I want so it’s hardly worth it. Not to mention it seems you have to use this coupon while ordering through the app and sitting in the parking lot, which is not my preferred way to eat at McDonald’s. They should bring this app back to its former glory so that it may have a purpose again because it’s current state is trash and I don’t even feel the need to open it as I wait in line at McDonald’s since I already know there will be no coupons worthwhile.


Non Existent App Support

Kind of funny how this app lets you store payment info and do transactions, but when something goes wrong, there is no support. Good way to steal your money. Their solution is to just contact your bank and dispute it with them. They’ll do the transactions and take your money, but they want no part in giving you customer service for refunds lol. Such a good joke from such a large company. I’ve done the order from app and skip the line and wait at the stall for them to bring out your order. At two different McDonald’s I had the same experience. No one wants to bring out the food because they are lazy or short staffed so you wait 30 mins to an hour for your food. But your food is made, it is just sitting there getting cold. You can call the number on the sign, but sometimes they won’t answer or they will say they are short staffed because no one wants to work at McDonald’s for such low pay and they will try to get it out. 30 mins later you get your order and it is hard cold almost inedible fries, and a completely old sandwich. That’s where the non existent app support comes in. What do you do if your food is cold and inedible? You get no help on the app for a refund. They just take your money and the McDonald’s that gave you the cold inedible food will say the app is separate and they don’t deal with it. So this is a good way to have your money stolen from McDonald’s.


10-11am is a disaster

At about 10:15am I was thinking to go to McDonald's for breakfast. There is always the question of when breakfast is no longer served - app said 11am for my McDonald's. Great! I have more than enough time. So I get there at about 10:25 and try to place my order via the app. I get an error that certain items are no longer available and those are removed. Darn, I'll need to select something else. I go back to the menu and it's the same menu with all the items available. Try to order again, unavailable. I kill the app and reopen it to try to "refresh" the available items. Same menu, and trying to order many of these items still gave me the same "unavailable" message. At this point I am very frustrated and go to the nearby Starbucks instead. I assume what happened is that perhaps there is a more limited breakfast menu from 10:30-11:00 even though 1) it said breakfast until 11, and 2) the app was giving me the same full breakfast menu even at 10:35. What's frustrating is that the app has the ability to understand the item availability since it errored during checkout, but apparently this information is not incorporated when "building" the menu that is shown. So it's basically trial-and-error to find something available. Perhaps the app should lock down from 10-11am daily if it's not possible to serve an accurate menu during that time.


Sometimes works sometimes works like it should, but it’s still buggy. And...I’ve experienced that the employees at various locations aren’t well trained with mobile ordering. On more than one occasion I’ve tried to pick up my order in the drive-thru, but the employee couldn’t close it out on their end. My card ends up getting charged several times, and I don’t get my food if I don’t have a way to pay for it on me. Therefore, I usually opt for curbside, which I don’t like doing either. I hate having the employees have to bring my food out to the mobile pickup if the weather is bad. Plus, if the order is wrong, then they have to go inside and come back out. One feature that is problematic with mobile ordering is that whatever phone you place the order from has to be the one arriving at the location because the app is tracking the phone. Almost all other mobile ordering apps don’t do that. For instance, if another family member is out and about and I’m sitting at home, I can’t order from the app and they pick it up. It tells me I’m not at the location. That’s annoying. Lastly, the coupon deals are clunky. The coupon codes differ for each location. Therefore, you have to make sure you have the right location selected to get the correct coupon. It’s cumbersome the way that works.


It’s coming along

Regular updates actually do make improvements to ordering (really glad to see drinks ordered by type in the latest update instead of a ten page long menu of every drink in every size), and the CS team was responsive the one time I contacted them. The sheer scale of McDonald’s locations almost makes a single app a foolhardy idea, but this one works a lot of the time. When it does, it’s fantastic - I like being able to see what’s on a sandwich and specify no (or extra) of a topping, and the Deals are often really good. I also love being able to park in a curbside spot and wait with my radio and AC, rather than wait in the store or at the drive thru lane. The problem is the menu in the app, which appears to cover all markets and includes items my local stores don't offer. Sometimes it stops you before you place the order, and other times the order just errors out with no explanation. So be wary of ordering any items you wouldn't see on the store's displayed menu, like Sweet Chili or Szechuan dipping sauces, or the Oreo Frappe, which is in there even though my local stores act like it doesn't exist. (And come on, just make me a Mocha Frappe and sprinkle some Oreo crumbs from the Flurry station in it. It's not like the ice cream machine is working today anyway.)


So the last couple times I’ve ordered..

So the last couple times I’ve ordered, it makes it seemed glitchy not start with while ordering. Tonight I went through making sure I had my $30 order for my family with everything they wanted right before checking out, read it aloud, showed my hubby and all. Think nothing of it bc it said they had my order and we waited. Get my order and it’s barely anything.. so look at my order and what’s in the bag is right, but that order is what I ordered the last time I came through and the order that I actually went through making sure I had, never went through. So I ended up with more McDoubles than I needed and about 90% of the stuff I had to put on a second order to make sure my family ate. By then I was not in the mood and no longer wanted my food bc I’d have to spend more money than I planned if I got my meal plus the extra stuff, not to mention I carefully had put things bundled in meals on the order that should have went through and I had to do things separately now. By then it seemed like the workers were frustrated bc we seemed confused at our order and they just left our Icecream and everything in the pickup inside area even though I ordered curbside both times, even had to type in the 3. So much for trying to save money with McDonald’s. I hope you can fix the glitches bc this is a good app when it works.

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Is McDonald's Safe?

No. McDonald's does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 673,341 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for McDonald's Is 14.6/100.

Is McDonald's Legit?

No. McDonald's does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 673,341 McDonald's User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for McDonald's Is 14.6/100.

Is McDonald's not working?

McDonald's works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 19 Comments

By Gary
Jul 24 2022

The app is a joke. All of the so called offers are lame. Every offer is one you can get just by pulling up to drive thru. No Big Mac specials no other specials. The app is just so they can follow what your eating. There is no good priced specials on anything. McDonald’s now has too many franchisees who are all about greed not offering specials

By Aj
Jul 14 2022

McDonalds Rewards really ! So for every dollar spent you receive 100 points so you spend $20 you get 2000 points so here is the catch … now you redeem reward points say for a McChicken sandwich they subtract 1500 points so really that McChicken sandwich reward just cost you $15 dollars ! Really

By Fiona cooke
Jun 18 2022

This app must be a scam. I paid for our food and it was never delivered despite being sent a message that it had been. I spent ages on the phone and they insisted that the food had been delivered and they’d called me but no missed calls, no delivery and ; hungry children. DO NOT USE THIS DELIVERY APP!

By Melissa Kaczor
Jun 08 2022

Tried 3 times at different locations to redeem points for a sandwich. Would only allow breakfast items but stores do not sell breakfast at dinner. How do you get this fixed? Thank you

By Tricia
Jun 02 2022

Same issue as stated. Only app I have where I'm still waiting for my food when I get there. Thought the point of the app was to order ahead and it would be ready. Other times, people come in and order and leave before me. Then my app timed out, my order is lost and now I have a whole different number than the first time and have to check that I wasn't charged twice. It is, by far, the worst food app out there.

By Elizabeth Stewart
May 29 2022


By Elizabeth Stewart
May 29 2022


By Stephen Hopson
Mar 13 2022

Every time I log in you want a different account if I log in with one email you say though that's associated with Facebook then I try to continue with Facebook and you wanted different email then when I put a different email in you say well that's associated with Google and then you want to Google account I'm done with you

By Rabeeca Sanderson
Jan 04 2022

Yes I placed an order on the McDonald's app today for Rockport, Texas how did it get picked up in Ripley Mississippi please explain I live in Rockport Texas and myself and my phone have been here all day.

By Joe
Nov 17 2021

Mc donalds app.
Mc Cafe was great .
used to buy 2 cups of coffee every morning for years. Buy 5 get a free cup . You get 100 points for every dollar you spend now I have 21325 points
Yes 21325 and do not have the option to get a free cup of coffee. Could get a frape for 4500 points ($45.00) . Now you raised the price of coffee to $1.50 a cup. I went from $2.16 to $3.24 in one day. I will no longer be getting coffee in the morning from mC donalds. Tired of waiting in drive thru for five minutes waiting to order when I am the only vehicle there.

By Diane cartwright
Nov 15 2021

This has become the worst app McDonald’s has come up with!!! Sad part is everyone knows it and McDonald’s DOESN’T do anything about it !!! Your reputation for this reason has become terrible!!! Wendy’s has a much better app!!

By Arslan
Oct 13 2021

Just cuz we rent a basement, we were told we won't be given our prize from the stickers. Shameful!
Tried to have someone else in the family claim the prize and they told them "you husband doesn't work in the country so we can't give it to you."

By james m bennett
Aug 26 2021

The McDonald's rewards are points you earn spending your money at McDonald's,as such you would think you can use them whenever you... but you can't. I used a deal "buy one double cheeseburger get second cut 25cents". I also had enough points for a desert item but the app wouldn't let me use both in the same transaction. And of course McDonalds has wait time between using discounts. So that was disappointing.

By Ellen Waddell
Aug 17 2021

The offers are useless this summer, my teen hates eggs, and donuts and ice cream (which is always $1 anyway). Used to be able to feed him here, but no longer. Gone elsewhere now.

By Farren Flener
Aug 13 2021

My McDonald's app would not let me confirm my deal. And I just want to say as a several times a week customer, the prices are getting ridiculous. Almost $4 for six chicken nuggets that's ridiculous. When you can go across the street in Litchfield at Wendy's and get four nuggets for a dollar

By Troy Greene
Aug 03 2021

on the customization part of the app, 2 things I wish would get updated. 1st the is no button to request light anything. it is either regular or extra. example I like light sauce on my big Mac. also for the quarter pounder I wud like to add the chopped onions which is placed on the hamburger vice the raw onions. there isn't a place to put this request

By Jai
Jul 03 2021

I grab a McDonalds coffee about 6 days a week as it's right by work and take half the time as Starbucks.
I decided to try the app last week. I grab a breakfast there a couple times a week. Maybe a dinner twice a month.

It worked great the first time. And it gave me a credit for one of five coffees for a free coffee. Cool. Nice Loyalty Perk. Loaded in my Credit Card for purchase and ease of future purchase.

The second time, the app was in an endless loop on the GEO tracker trying to direct me to the McDonalds, WHILE I'M STANDING AT THE REGISTER in THE STORE!!! Give me a BREAK. Walked away in disgust.

On the 3rd & 4th attempts, rather than give me access to the Menu & order features, the app presented a 4 screen 'Rewards' acceptance check box and submit button, where you have to sign away your personal data. YOU CAN'T DISMISS IT. There is no way to get to the MENU to ORDER FOOD . I tried for at least 10 minutes the last 2 days to pull up the menu. ONLY IF YOU SUBMIT TO 'GIVE' THEM YOUR DATA, could you order.

I'm not just done with the app, I'm thinking I'm done with McDonalds. Bought a 3.17 oz Starbucks Instant Coffee, good for 40 cups, that has caffeinated me for 2 days now, and I'm not sacrificing my purchasing history!

McDonalds, you were the GoTo Friday night Highschool run and the Weekend picnic option. And you have a good menu with some pretty awesome food. Is Your BUSINESS FOOD or DATA COLLECTION & TRACKING?

By leticia
Jun 10 2021

no confidence in mobile app. Placed order on mobile app went to thru drive and manager refused to provide order after showing receipt proof of purchase at correct location. she could. not locate order and it was paid for and proof provided. the order was not honored within the time olaced in drive thru she said get out if line thats your problem to resolve not mine. this happened at 3360 w 18 ave hialeah fl miami dade rhe managers are not trained to be nice and resolve their order problems when orders are correctelyvplaced and paid for

By hunnybunny69
Oct 17 2020

I’ve tried to download the app to my iPhone 4-5 times and it keeps saying it’s a technical issue and to please try again later. This is very frustrating i have closed and opened the app multiple times even rebooted my phone and it keeps giving me that error message. Very disappointing!!!!!

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