McDonald's Reviews

McDonald's Reviews

Published by on 2021-10-28

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McDonald's Reviews

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    Moved rating from 3 to 4 stars-

    I have found this app to be very useful to avoid long drive-thru lines or having to go inside a store - the closest store near me, for example, is notoriously slow. I like pre-ordering and pulling to a curbside pickup spot to wait while I relax. I also like the discounts. That is worth 5 stars. But the reason I (originally) give the app 3 stars is that I've had about a 75% success rate using the app due to a variety of issue. Here are some problems I've encountered at different times and different locations: App said a store was closed (it was 11:30 am and store was very open), the app wouldn't let me enter a curbside pick-up spot so I had to go in to get food, one store didn't have a designated pick-up spot at all and one time I ordered and paid for two apple pies (in app purchase) but upon delivery the store said it had ran out of apple pies so I got unwanted cherry instead - is there a way to know this before I order and pay? Overall I will continue to use this nice-to-have app. Updated: I have deleted and re-installed app and no longer have issue with entering curbside pick-up spot being missing. 2nd update: growing much more happy with this app. Last several uses have all been spot-on with no issues and fast curb-side delivery results thus I’m moving rating to four stars.

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    No Good Deals

    This review is long overdue and after not being able to use the only good coupon I have got on this app in months because my McDonald’s that I always go to is no longer a “participating location,” I finally feel the need to write this review. This app used to be SPECTACULAR and there were always plenty of coupons I could use daily and they were very good deals too! I was able to purchase food for myself and my family without breaking the bank too much. Then randomly one day they changed the entire app and removed all of the good coupons. Now there is one coupon daily (If I’m lucky two) and it can hardly be considered a “deal” as I’m saving like 30¢ rather than the $3-4 I used to save from a coupon. You can also get a coupon from this Plinko style game that you sometimes have to play a few times to even land something in the bag. From my experience you can play until you win however the $1 off coupon you receive after is normally never for anything I want so it’s hardly worth it. Not to mention it seems you have to use this coupon while ordering through the app and sitting in the parking lot, which is not my preferred way to eat at McDonald’s. They should bring this app back to its former glory so that it may have a purpose again because it’s current state is trash and I don’t even feel the need to open it as I wait in line at McDonald’s since I already know there will be no coupons worthwhile.

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    Used to be better

    I have had the McDonald’s app since the beginning and always been an advocate and even encouraged my friends to get it. The thing is I don’t eat anything at McDonald’s besides fries and salads items, occasionally I may get a dessert or chicken item. In the beginning I was really able to take advantage of the $1 fry deals and the $3 off $10 or $1 off $7. As of recently, about 2 months, those deals are no longer there so I really no longer have anything to gain which is quite disappointing because I do love the app and have been such a fan. I just purchased some items that would have been $4 less had I still had my regular deals. If these new changes to the app will be permanent I only wish McDonald’s would consider deals that are frequented by consumers so that they can be tailored and continue to be taken advantage of. Also consider dietary needs and restrictions I used to have 10-20 deal to select from now I have 3-7 that I know I will not use. For example, I have a free any size soft beverage deal in my app right now, I can’t drink soda so I have no use for such a coupon. I have a $1 off a quarter pounder or Big Mac, also something I can’t have so it will go to waste. Then I have 2 others for a total of 4 deals that I cannot even take advantage of. Disappointing, especially because I know how great it used to be.

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    Can’t view coupons

    I hate that you can’t view available coupons unless you’re at a McDonald’s location. I understand they’re different depending on the particular restaurant but why can’t I select the restaurant and then view their coupons? I would order McDonald’s way more often if I could see the current promotions beforehand. Now the only time I use the app is if I’m already planning to eat there. In the earlier days of the app it was possible to view coupons and that actually made me go order food when I normally wouldn’t have that day. If there’s a good deal I will make a special trip just to get it but now not knowing what’s gonna be discounted, I just don’t go because it’s not worth it if there’s nothing I want with a coupon when I get there. I thought the whole point in a coupon is to attract customers to your store but this is costing you customers by keeping them hidden. Yes there’s coupons for mobile orders but they’re always different from the normal coupons. Sometimes people don’t want to or don’t have time to use the mobile ordering and be their own cashier and ring up their own order, then process their own payment. This is just to cut down costs on the need of actual employees if people put in their own orders. What’s next? Am I supposed to package and bag my own food like we have to at the grocery store now? Hell, I might as well go back to the kitchen and cook it too. At least then my order will be right.

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    Sometimes works sometimes works like it should, but it’s still buggy. And...I’ve experienced that the employees at various locations aren’t well trained with mobile ordering. On more than one occasion I’ve tried to pick up my order in the drive-thru, but the employee couldn’t close it out on their end. My card ends up getting charged several times, and I don’t get my food if I don’t have a way to pay for it on me. Therefore, I usually opt for curbside, which I don’t like doing either. I hate having the employees have to bring my food out to the mobile pickup if the weather is bad. Plus, if the order is wrong, then they have to go inside and come back out. One feature that is problematic with mobile ordering is that whatever phone you place the order from has to be the one arriving at the location because the app is tracking the phone. Almost all other mobile ordering apps don’t do that. For instance, if another family member is out and about and I’m sitting at home, I can’t order from the app and they pick it up. It tells me I’m not at the location. That’s annoying. Lastly, the coupon deals are clunky. The coupon codes differ for each location. Therefore, you have to make sure you have the right location selected to get the correct coupon. It’s cumbersome the way that works.

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    Absolutely worthless

    I’ve now attempted to use this 4 times. The order goes through fine, so maybe it’s actually just the employees in my town, managers included. The first time I used it, they said they didn’t have my order, and then charged my card 2 hours later for the mobile order, after I had already placed and paid for a new order at the store. I tried a different location, the first time the manager told me I had failed to pay for my order so I needed to drive back around to the first window and pay. There is NO OPTION but to make payment in app. The third time, not quite as bad, I had to drive up to the window and tell them my order so they could find it. Third time? I was told repeatedly they didn’t have any mobile orders, I had to go inside to straighten it out. Understand, THERE IS NO WAY TO CHECK IN UNTIL YOU ARE AT THE STORE. It uses GPS to track your location and it won’t check you in until you are almost in the parking lot. I know, I’ve tried. You literally cannot order from the wrong location, so THEY HAVE TO HAVE YOUR ORDER IF YOU CHECK IN. Even now as I type this, they don’t show my order as complete. I picked up my order 22 mins ago, according to my receipt, yet the blue bar at the top of my screen tells me they are still tracking my location! Seriously, if you are going to put the time and effort into making an app, take the time and effort to train the employees how to operate the system.

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    It’s coming along

    Regular updates actually do make improvements to ordering (really glad to see drinks ordered by type in the latest update instead of a ten page long menu of every drink in every size), and the CS team was responsive the one time I contacted them. The sheer scale of McDonald’s locations almost makes a single app a foolhardy idea, but this one works a lot of the time. When it does, it’s fantastic - I like being able to see what’s on a sandwich and specify no (or extra) of a topping, and the Deals are often really good. I also love being able to park in a curbside spot and wait with my radio and AC, rather than wait in the store or at the drive thru lane. The problem is the menu in the app, which appears to cover all markets and includes items my local stores don't offer. Sometimes it stops you before you place the order, and other times the order just errors out with no explanation. So be wary of ordering any items you wouldn't see on the store's displayed menu, like Sweet Chili or Szechuan dipping sauces, or the Oreo Frappe, which is in there even though my local stores act like it doesn't exist. (And come on, just make me a Mocha Frappe and sprinkle some Oreo crumbs from the Flurry station in it. It's not like the ice cream machine is working today anyway.)

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    Worst app ever

    Over engineered and poorly executed. Downloaded the app and placed my first order. We were good up to this point. After placing the order and paying with Apple Pay the app went to a page that told me I had to tell the app when I was close so that the order would be prepared. No option to simply say be ready in 30 minutes. My plan was to place the order and have someone else pick it up. Not happening if I have to tell it I am close using my phone. Drive to McDonald’s where the app tracked my location. It did not automatically submit the order for preparation when I was near so I am not sure why they needed to track my location. When I arrived I pressed the I am already here link in the app. It then popped over to a screen telling me I had to select my pickup option. Unfortunately the screen which I assume was supposed to have options was blank. The employees at McDonald’s had no idea what to do and didn’t really care either way. Restarted the app several time but always ended up on the same blank pickup options screen. I was able to cancel the order and reorder from the kiosk inside the store until that failed when I tried to pay at the kiosk. Took me twice as long to get lunch as it would have to just walk in and place my order at the counter. The reason I rated this app so poorly is not only that it failed to perform but that McDonald’s is capable of so much better than this.

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    This app has come a long way and provides what you would expect from it. The deals are useful as well. My one-star off may be more of a problem with implementation on the restaurant level. The app doesn’t save a whole lot of time because you have to be next to the restaurant to check in anyway. I understand something could come up and prevent you from arriving to receive your order... but with the Starbucks App your order gets started right away (now that app has its own problems, half the time it can’t find the store I’m 2 blocks away from, but that’s another review). Because of this I find myself getting breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks more often even though I would prefer the fresh cracked eggs at McDonald’s. Maybe put a disclaimer box that people can confirm/check when they order that stipulates that if they are unable to pick up their order within 20 min it will be discarded with no refund offered. If you enter a busy McDonald’s nowadays it takes a whiiiile to get your food. Usually I’ll confirm that I’m at the restaurant on my app but then sit in my car for 10 min before going in -and sometimes end up waiting another 10 min anyway! Just can’t win. Maybe McDonald’s menu is just too big for them now.

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    Do not use this app!

    The reason I liked this app was the convenience of ordering food for my kids if they’re hungry and I’m at work. They can walk over and pick up their food, and I pay right from my phone. Convenient right? Nope! I ordered from work one day, it was a little confusing and I had to hit back a few times to get the location right, or so I thought... well my daughter walked over, I screenshot and sent her the order confirmation. She’s waiting and they say no order. So I check the order again and it said it was ordered at another McDonalds down the road and I KNOW I clicked the right McDonalds when I placed my order. Anyways I called both McDonalds to see if they can transfer the order and they were NO HELP! Told me I needed to call the contact number on the app, well I did and was told that the charges are pending but it won’t clear since I never picked up my order. Today I look and see the charges cleared for $20 worth of food that I never got and McDonalds knows it was never picked up and that I was totally scammed! I call again and I am told I need to dispute the charges with my bank. Are you kidding me? This app is a joke and so is McDonalds. Deleting and never using again! I’ve been using the Starbucks app for years and never had problems like this. McDonald’s ripped me off of $20! You’ve been warned, do not use this app because even if you don’t pick up your food, you’re charged and they don’t refund you.

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    Last thing you want

    Me writing a review of this app would be almost as bad as you asking me to review the quality of service at your store in Moorestown NJ. Both are equally as bad. I've found countless stores that get everything right all the time but never one like mine. How is it possible to screw up one customers order ten times in a row? Statistically with all the other customers it is impossible. Just like it should be impossible for the app to fail loading every time I try to use the deals section at prime hours but it does. And only then. Works just fine at two in the morning or ten at night. Go figure. But like I said you don't really want to hear all that from me. You need to wipe that location off the map and start with a new store. Building and all cause it must be cursed. And I've written to HQ and to the actually owner plus the manager for luck. Never heard back which really disappointed me. So now instead of going there several times a week I go to Wendy's or Burger King. And on special occasions I will go to McDonald's but after the attitude the woman gave me at Moorestown I'll probably stop doing that. I broke a cardinal rule. I asked for tenders after nine at night. I once asked at eleven and thought the guy was going to hit me. You'd think if something is that popular you'd order enough to cover the entire day. I guess McDonald's isn't smart enough. Cause that isn't a Moorestown issue. That happens at all of them.

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    I really like McDonald’s food, but what I hate more than anything about McDonald’s is their stupid double lane drive-thrus that they seem to have built everywhere now. From drivers not knowing how to line up in a fair way, to drivers just being plain jerks and not letting you merge, to the store getting orders mixed up (I have inadvertently paid for someone else’s meal before realizing it). It’s a horrible experience that simply discourages me from going to McDonald’s. So I thought ordering through this new app would solve that whole debacle and make for a faster, more pleasant experience. Unfortunately, I have yet to be able to successfully order anything. I added one of the daily deals and then tried to order an additional burger along with it, but could only select from breakfast items (it was definitely past breakfast time), so I gave up for that day. A few days later, I tried ordering again, but when I tried to add a new deal, the app says I can only add one deal per order. Sure enough, the deal I had added before is still in my bag, but expired and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to delete it (I’ve since figured it out, but well after the fact). In addition, I could still only pick from breakfast items (again, it was definitely lunchtime) no matter what I tried to do. In short, this app has been completely unusable and I continue to not want to have anything to do with McDonald’s.

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    Center St Manchester, CT worse experience ever

    I order and pay with app when I get to pick up from the Center st location in Manchester, CT I was told they couldn’t give me what I ordered unless I paid more. Really???? Why did the app allow me to choose the options I did if it wasn’t going to go through at pick up. The manager told me he will refund which will take 3 days and I had to pay AGAIN right now for my order eventhough my “correct” order was less then what I originally paid. Doesn’t make sense AT ALL. I feel it was no way my fault the mobile and pick up locations does not do things the same way and “the manager” couldn’t honor my Mobile order the company would be losing too much seriously $2-3 is too much to honor. Complete BS. The manager then refunded me before even coming to an agreement on if I wanted my order or not but get this he only partially refunded what I paid I had to waste my time go back again to get him to do it correct. What a waste of my time kids at that point was upset all they wanted was their ice cream but instead they end up with a ruin night. Needless to say I did not order there or will ever again. It’s a shame especially when we order from that location at least once a week and well over $20 each time. Over bad management and the ability to make a regular customer wanting to return next time. Def will not be using Mobile order again don’t want another ruin night!!!!!!!

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    Bad App. Give Wrong Information. A Variety of Problems About 50% Of The Time I Use It.

    I've been using the McDonald's app for about a year now and this is literally one of the worst apps out there and it really doesn't and hasn't improved, even when you update the app. I have some problem with this app probably about 50% of the time I use it. #1 - The app won't complete my order so I have to go in and pay without using the app. #2 - For the longest time, if I used a free drink coupon, the app wouldn't let me order a large. The only size it would let me order was a medium. #3 - I order something. Go to get it and would be told that the McDonalds I ordered from does carry that particular food/drink item. #4 - Always *always* says the closest McDonalds is one that is not at all even the closest and the app will do this even when I'm literally around the corner or even parked in the actual parking lot of another McDonalds. #5 - the map feature will not show any other McDonalds other than ones within a 5 mile or so radius. About a month ago I wanted to go to a McDonald's just outside of my city of Chicago and it would not show any McDonald's on the far north side of Chicago or in the suburbs at all. Those are some of the issues I've dealt with that I can think of off the top of my head but I'm sure there are more. It's just a bad app overall and I can't believe their IT department is allowed to do such a bad job on this app.

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    Easy to use but super limited customization

    I enjoy using the McDonald’s app for the coupons & placing my order. I will only give 2-stars because customizing your order they way you need is VERY LIMITED & stingy. For example, whenever i want to order the McChicken, there is no option to add onions on the mobile app & I really want the onions (both dehydrated one & fried one) & I have to go inside & order to cashier. If I order fries, there’s no option to order few side of sauces. If it’s 6-pc McNuggets, there’s only one choice for one sauce, not two, three, or all sauces. The app should allow the flexibility for customer to have ALL OPTIONS TO CHOOSE ALL the available veggies & sauces that McDonald’s offer. Like any mobile food app, it’s customers buying the food & should have choices to add-in whatever they want. Even if it’s cost 10¢. Another thing is to have a waiting time to pick up food. so often I use the app & pick up curbside, I waited 20-30mins for my food & it’s not busy with drive-thru or in-store. Lastly, if ordering a McCafe drink or ice cream, often I’m told there’s no supply of the drink or the machine is broken or already clean that can’t use anymore for the day. Please add an note indicator that the restaurant items: food, drink, or sauce is not available or will be available soon. If McD can fix this, i surely will re-review with 5-stars.

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Is McDonald's Safe?

Yes. McDonald's is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 577,149 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for McDonald's Is 32.0/100.

Is McDonald's Legit?

Yes. McDonald's is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 577,149 McDonald's User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for McDonald's Is 32.0/100.

Is McDonald's not working?

McDonald's works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 11 Comments

By Rabeeca Sanderson
Jan 04 2022

Yes I placed an order on the McDonald's app today for Rockport, Texas how did it get picked up in Ripley Mississippi please explain I live in Rockport Texas and myself and my phone have been here all day.

By Joe
Nov 17 2021

Mc donalds app.
Mc Cafe was great .
used to buy 2 cups of coffee every morning for years. Buy 5 get a free cup . You get 100 points for every dollar you spend now I have 21325 points
Yes 21325 and do not have the option to get a free cup of coffee. Could get a frape for 4500 points ($45.00) . Now you raised the price of coffee to $1.50 a cup. I went from $2.16 to $3.24 in one day. I will no longer be getting coffee in the morning from mC donalds. Tired of waiting in drive thru for five minutes waiting to order when I am the only vehicle there.

By Diane cartwright
Nov 15 2021

This has become the worst app McDonald’s has come up with!!! Sad part is everyone knows it and McDonald’s DOESN’T do anything about it !!! Your reputation for this reason has become terrible!!! Wendy’s has a much better app!!

By Arslan
Oct 13 2021

Just cuz we rent a basement, we were told we won't be given our prize from the stickers. Shameful!
Tried to have someone else in the family claim the prize and they told them "you husband doesn't work in the country so we can't give it to you."

By james m bennett
Aug 26 2021

The McDonald's rewards are points you earn spending your money at McDonald's,as such you would think you can use them whenever you... but you can't. I used a deal "buy one double cheeseburger get second cut 25cents". I also had enough points for a desert item but the app wouldn't let me use both in the same transaction. And of course McDonalds has wait time between using discounts. So that was disappointing.

By Ellen Waddell
Aug 17 2021

The offers are useless this summer, my teen hates eggs, and donuts and ice cream (which is always $1 anyway). Used to be able to feed him here, but no longer. Gone elsewhere now.

By Farren Flener
Aug 13 2021

My McDonald's app would not let me confirm my deal. And I just want to say as a several times a week customer, the prices are getting ridiculous. Almost $4 for six chicken nuggets that's ridiculous. When you can go across the street in Litchfield at Wendy's and get four nuggets for a dollar

By Troy Greene
Aug 03 2021

on the customization part of the app, 2 things I wish would get updated. 1st the is no button to request light anything. it is either regular or extra. example I like light sauce on my big Mac. also for the quarter pounder I wud like to add the chopped onions which is placed on the hamburger vice the raw onions. there isn't a place to put this request

By Jai
Jul 03 2021

I grab a McDonalds coffee about 6 days a week as it's right by work and take half the time as Starbucks.
I decided to try the app last week. I grab a breakfast there a couple times a week. Maybe a dinner twice a month.

It worked great the first time. And it gave me a credit for one of five coffees for a free coffee. Cool. Nice Loyalty Perk. Loaded in my Credit Card for purchase and ease of future purchase.

The second time, the app was in an endless loop on the GEO tracker trying to direct me to the McDonalds, WHILE I'M STANDING AT THE REGISTER in THE STORE!!! Give me a BREAK. Walked away in disgust.

On the 3rd & 4th attempts, rather than give me access to the Menu & order features, the app presented a 4 screen 'Rewards' acceptance check box and submit button, where you have to sign away your personal data. YOU CAN'T DISMISS IT. There is no way to get to the MENU to ORDER FOOD . I tried for at least 10 minutes the last 2 days to pull up the menu. ONLY IF YOU SUBMIT TO 'GIVE' THEM YOUR DATA, could you order.

I'm not just done with the app, I'm thinking I'm done with McDonalds. Bought a 3.17 oz Starbucks Instant Coffee, good for 40 cups, that has caffeinated me for 2 days now, and I'm not sacrificing my purchasing history!

McDonalds, you were the GoTo Friday night Highschool run and the Weekend picnic option. And you have a good menu with some pretty awesome food. Is Your BUSINESS FOOD or DATA COLLECTION & TRACKING?

By leticia
Jun 10 2021

no confidence in mobile app. Placed order on mobile app went to thru drive and manager refused to provide order after showing receipt proof of purchase at correct location. she could. not locate order and it was paid for and proof provided. the order was not honored within the time olaced in drive thru she said get out if line thats your problem to resolve not mine. this happened at 3360 w 18 ave hialeah fl miami dade rhe managers are not trained to be nice and resolve their order problems when orders are correctelyvplaced and paid for

By hunnybunny69
Oct 17 2020

I’ve tried to download the app to my iPhone 4-5 times and it keeps saying it’s a technical issue and to please try again later. This is very frustrating i have closed and opened the app multiple times even rebooted my phone and it keeps giving me that error message. Very disappointing!!!!!

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