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DoorDash - Food Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2020-01-07

Food delivery anywhere you are, from a family picnic in the park to your date night at home. DoorDash offers the greatest selection of your favourite local and national restaurants -- more than 110,000 menus across 800+ cities in the U.S. and Canada. New restaurants and delivery locations added acro...

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DoorDash - Food Delivery Reviews

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    I wish I could give them less

    I have ordered from this app 5 times between my girlfriend and I. We have not a signal time received our food on time or even with in the first estimate of time and this time I order at 9:40 and the app tells me the order went through and takes my money. I patiently waited until the 10:33 when the first estimate was up and then it pushed it back until 10:53, Mind you we live about 3 minutes away but we have a newborn and did not want to take our child out at night while it’s freezing, so over an hour is just insane, so I used the chat to see what was going on to find out that their system is just pushing back the time but that they can’t actually send the food because there system stops working with Taco Bell at 10. So I wait an hour after they knew the food would not be able to be sent for it to be figured out. Also the chat agent gave me that info and asked if I would like them to reassign the driver to get the food, when I asked why that wasn’t done in the first place he told me that the restaurant was closed for them and they could not send the food and then asked if I would like to cancel the order. If you get the agent “Jesus B” expect to be run around before getting a real answer. I will only be using door dash from now on, they have more options anyways.

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    Horrible delivery app and service

    This app is horrible and so is their service. There have been multiple occasions with coworkers and friends of mine where the food has just never made it to them. It happened to me today. We couldn't get ahold of my Dasher after the app was telling me for 30 min that they were on their way to the restaurant. I called the restaurant and they said no one ever came to pick up the food. Then when I finally got in contact with door dash help chat they told me they were experiencing a language communication with the driver and couldn't give me an answer as to why she never picked up my food. They then assigned me a new dasher, to which on top of my already waiting 40 min for my food to NOT arrive, would now take another plus hour. Their only action to reconcile this HUGE inconvenience was a $5 credit for my next delivery with them. Not a refund. They didn't offer me the refund until they said they would need to cancel the order completely. They wasted my time. And they had complete horrible service and refused to fix the problem that they were responsible for. Why would I want a $5 credit when I will never be using your service again after this horrible incident?! Unbelievable. Unreliable. Unacceptable.

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    Bad Experience, Great Customer Service

    I’ve ordered food through door dash quite a few times and never had an issue with my food until I ordered from Frisches. Frisches sent me some old food wrong drink food was cold sloppily put together it was just horrible. I never had to dispute anything and there was no customer service number to call so I was worried considering I had spent almost $50 to feed my family. However I was able to contact Door dash and after sending them pictures them pictures via email, they refunded me back for my entire order minus the tip which was understandable. I’m very pleased with the service. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because there’s some kind of glitch in the system that wasn’t showing my messages were sent through the app and I kept trying to submit the message thinking they hadn’t got it. Then I got an automated message saying it appeared I had an issue with my last few orders. I only had an issue with ONE order and tried several times to submit my message but kept getting some kind of error. Obviously and thankfully they got my messages. The other reason is there’s no number to call to speak with someone directly. Other than that GREAT service and I’m definitely comfortable knowing doordash will put in the effort to keep me as a customer.

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    Almost Unusable

    First of all, the app is way too slow to load. Secondly, even when I did get it to load, whenever (by which I mean, “EVERY TIME”) I tried to add an item to my cart, the app gave an error message suggesting that the item couldn’t be added to my cart—which was a bald-faced lie because it turns out that those items WERE getting added to my cart. This led to my third problem; whenever I tried to remove one of the four orders of enchiladas that the app had tricked me into putting in my cart, the app got stuck on a loading wheel. Through a tedious process of going back a page and clicking on “My Cart” repeatedly, I was finally able to remove the extra items and add the item that I wanted to (after sitting through the aforementioned load times and BS error messages). Then, when I tried to checkout, I got an error message that just read, “Oops.” I kid you not. After confirming that this error message was telling the truth, i.e. that my order had not gone through, I tried again until, by some miracle, the order went through. Or so I thought, because as I was in the middle of writing this review, I got a call from DoorDash saying that my order was cancelled because of problems on the restaurant’s end. Luckily, they offered a full refund. I’ll give them a second chance, in case they weren’t full of it, and the problems were caused by the restaurant (I’ve read online reviews that strongly suggest otherwise), but I would not recommend that anyone else give them a first.

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    App Failed & the Worst Customer Support Ever!

    I used the app and was able to order food when traveling. The second time when ordering at work it did not process so I tried to submit again and it told me my account was deactivated. I reached out to support to find out what happened as my credit card is in good standing. Support sent me an email saying they would look into it. A week later I followed up to see if there was any resolution which they replied back with a link to their legal terms page and said I had violated their terms. THAT WAS IT. That was their customer service response to their app failing during normal use. I even checked with my credit card company which told me they had not denied any transactions from DoorDash and my card was still active and valid. I also tried to place an order using a different email address to see if I could still order and it came back as account deactivated most likely since I used the same credit card. So that was my experience with the worst customer service and app fail. Their app failed and their response was THAT I VIOLATED their terms during normal use of placing a lunch order. I find it so funny. They could’ve replied with a different response to discover what error may be happening with their service and chose to place the blame on me. Good luck with anyone choosing to use this company. I wish DoorDash the best and hope they will do better in the future with their service and how they decide to treat their customers.

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    Downhill Spiral

    When I first started using the DoorDash app it was great! I could see when the dasher picked up my food, if my order was successful, I received my food hot and in a timely manner. As I continued to use the app more I noticed a decline in the delivery of my food. It was arrive way later (10-15 mins) that estimated. It would also arrive cold. The worst experience had to be yesterday after ordering I had to wait 45 minutes for my food when suddenly my dasher called me (instead of contacting DoorDash) to ask me where the restaurant was. Apparently the app sent her to a totally different location far from where where she was supposed to go. I contacted DoorDash and they suggested I cancel my order and reorder once they gave me a credit to my app. I really didn’t want a credit and would of preferred my money back. I didn’t want to order anything else through the app at that point. I reordered and had to wait another 40 minutes for my food. This entire ordeal took 2 hours! I was so over eating anything by that point. I could have picked my food up myself without all the hassle. Also, the credit I received was the total for the meal, delivery, and the tip for the dasher. But when I reordered I had to spend money again for the dasher. That part was very scammy to me. DoorDash should of refunded my money for the dasher at least so that I could use it for the new dasher. Instead they kept it by giving me that credit on the DoorDash account.

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    Worst delivery service ever

    Ordered from McDonald’s. Waited an hour and a half total for it. I got paired with a dasher Margret after a little while and when I went back on the app 15 minutes later, she disappeared from up app so I figured she ended up cancelling my order. The tracker will still continue to count down though according to what they told you when you initially ordered. Then, 45 minutes later, I got a notification saying my dasher was still on the way to the restaurant and that my food would be delayed. Lie lie lie- they still had not even found a dasher to pair me with probably. It’s incredibly frustrating because if DoorDash knows they can’t fulfill the order but they will not tell you that- they will just keep playing you. Instead of giving you an option to order from other places before they close, they have you sit there on the edge of your seat hoping. It went past the delayed time they provided and still nothing. Now I’m trying to cancel and “this may take a few seconds” has taken about 15 minutes now but go figure lol I literally expected it. When I went to cancel, it automatically offered me a refund to my card which they obviously did because they messed up. Just ordered from UberEats and my food is picked up and on its way, got the call from the driver already. I regret not just going with UberEats from the beginning. It’s 4AM. Doordash, this is pathetic and you seriously can’t expect to retain a customer base like this. Truly ridiculous.

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    App only works part of the time

    I like to use DoorDash because they offer delivery from more restaurants than the other options. Lately though, it is slow and freezes up. Then it reopens and tells me I need to log in. Close and reopen, and I’m logged in again... This always seems to happen around the time restaurants are starting to close and I’m trying to get an order in so there’s plenty of time for the dasher to get there. I keep waiting for these bugs to get worked out but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Also, I believe these apps are all too expensive... I wish they would just charge a good fee and get rid of the tipping part. I currently have to tip $5 or no dasher wants the order and it just sits there. (I understand it’s their income). So a $5 tip plus the delivery fee raises the cost more than $10 nearly every time. On top of this, the food prices are often inflated as well. I just think the overall charge is ridiculous. Pizza delivery is only about $7 over the food cost you would spend to pick it up yourself and that’s with a decent tip included. Also you have to tip before you get the delivery unless you tip cash so if you get terrible service, you can’t adjust your tip accordingly... this completely defeats the purpose of a tip. I only took stars off for the app bugs though.

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    I am surprised this company is still in business! I have only ordered from them twice.. First time was a year ago and my entire order was wrong. I did not receive any of the food I ordered. The only way to contact them was email so I was never fully refunded because you can't get in touch with anyone.. My order was $40 and they would only refund me $14! Then tonight was my second order. I figured it's been a year maybe they worked out the stupid issues they have. NOPE!! Tonight my food just never came! I went to the chat box in the app and I was in line behind over 2000 other people! Since I never received a refund on my first order I was going to wait to chat with someone. That never happened! Over 3 hours waiting.. I got down to # 124 in line.. and the chat just closes and my order in the app disappears. So I go and check my email and see that they have sent me a message 2 hours after my order should have arrived.. saying that my order has been canceled and I would be refunded in 3-5 days.. No reason as to what the heck happened or even a simple apology. At least I am getting a refund this time. I'll believe that when I see it! Doordash you are the worst!! Also I am a restaurant GM and you have contacted me before to use your service. After giving you two chances it is clear you do not care at all about the customer. My restaurants will never work with you and I will be sure to tell everyone I know that they should use anything but Doordash.

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    I used to love this app until

    I used to be a big fan of this app! It was great and convenient, but last night I made an order from captain D’s, it was a normal order for three people so not a whole lot of food, well we had been waiting about 20 minutes which was normal, it was 7:45 around that time and around 7:55 I get a text saying “your DoorDash order has been canceled because the restaurant is now closed” I was upset because I’d already been waiting 20-30 minutes! So I called captain D’s and asked their hours, it was a Saturday night, surely they stay open last 8:00pm, they confirmed they were open until 11:00 pm!!!! The only thing I can imagine is the door dasher got tired of waiting and clicked the button saying the store was closed! This is extremely unprofessional and uncalled for! So we went down to captain D’s and ordered through the drive through, when we looked at the menu we saw that in fact door dash was raising all of the prices by about $3 each plate! Plus taxes and fees, plus a delivery fee, plus a tip! When I ordered from door dash my total was $45 and some change, when I ordered the exact same food from the drive through it was $27 and some change! That is almost twice as much!!! I am just finished with door dash all together after this instance. like I said before, I liked them to begin with but this whole situation made me never want to order again! Will be deleting the app!

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    Poor quality, bad delivery and refusal to make it right

    Up until my most recent experience I was a frequent door dash user. However, my last order was the last straw and the reason I will never use door dash again. I ordered a very expensive dish and I received a phone call from the restaurant saying that they did not have all do the ingredients to make the dish. I said “no problem” sub it for crispy shrimp and credit me the difference. What I received was a chicken dish and no re-edit. Upon contacting door dash, they refused to make it right and credit just the difference between the two dishes. I guess in hindsight I should have cancelled the whole order but I was hungry and at 930pm on a Sunday running out of options. Additionally, I received a sandwich with hair on it and despite offering to show them picture proof they clearly don’t care. It seems every time I order there is something wrong, items left out, items not made properly or poor delivery. I even noticed that there are hidden charges like extra charge for soup or salad that is included in a lunch combo at my local sushi place for example. As a comparison, I put together an order on door dash and the total came to $80. For comparison, I went to the restaurant and placed the EXACT same order. The total was $51. This “service” is a rip off and there are way better delivery services out there such as Grubhub and uber eats. If you are ok with subpar food and customer service that falls short, DoorDash is your app.

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    Bad dasher.

    Husband ordered food for our kids after I got back from a 12 hour flight from Europe. Our order from Wendy’s was wrong and when asking the dasher where our chili or second salad was he merely shrugged, said this is all he was given and it was Wendy’s fault and to call door dash. When I went to Wendy’s, they blamed the dasher. Meanwhile something that was supposed to make my life simpler and cost more then it was worth wound up taking twice as long. I received no apology from the dasher or Wendy’s. I don’t think it’s inappropriate to expect the dashers to double check the food the same way I might on the way of if drive through line. This won’t make up for everything, but at a minimum it’s a dashers job to at least ensure the approximate number of items are accounted for. Two salads, two chilis, two fries and two burgers looks a lot different than one salad, two burgers and two fries. I don’t understand how this all works and it’s not my job to understand. I do, however, expect kindness and an apology when there’s an oversight that I not only have to drive out for but also pay out of pocket for - a second time. This appears to be basic customer service that’s missing. Disappointed with this dasher.

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    Poor customer service and app security.

    Account was hacked due to poor security on their side. When I was notified by DoorDash I confirmed that I had not changed my email address however it took them 48 hours to respond. When they did they wanted to know if I maybe had a different email address that I had forgotten about. I’d already confirmed that I did not change the email. I did not receive a response so I called them and explained the situation over the phone. After once again confirming that I have not changed the email I received a 3rd email saying that congratulations my phone number was correct on the account and that it matched both my real email him the fake email. How this is a good thing I do not know? I then called a second time to figure out what was going on and every time I called I have to re-explain what the problem is from jump. After explaining it again twice tonight, they can’t seem to understand that the fake email is fake and the real email is the one i keep confirming. Ended up having to do a chargeback on my credit card and get a new credit card and all new information from American Express. Not once did doorDash ever offer to compensate or to refund or to do anything other than “escalate” the call. However when they did that I never received a response from a supervisor or the next level. Ended up having to close the account due to the incompetence and poor security of this app. If I could give it s negative number I would.

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    Overcharging Menu Prices

    My experience with DoorDash was going fairly well during my 30-day free trial of no delivery fees. I was aware of the higher fees for service, but thought that the menu prices for each restaurant did always seem rather high. It wasn’t until my most recent and last order that I discovered DoorDash sets and charges the menu prices that they see fit for each restaurant. When I received my order from a very friendly Dasher, she made a comment that I got a bargain for my order. I asked how so, and she responded because it was only $14. Only however, I paid $35 for my food, tax, service fee, and dasher tip ($5.60). (I was waived delivery fee during my trial) Therefore, for the food and tax I paid roughly $25. How did the dasher only pay $14 for the food when I paid for $25? (Before service fee and tip). DoorDash is over charging menu items. I found this out first hand, and by a customer service rep slipping up over the phone. The company already charges for deliver fees and service fees, how is it that they also inflate the menu prices?! Customer service somewhat solved the issue, but if I had not of called to correct it, the company would have more money in their pockets. There was also no receipt in my bag, so if that Dasher had never mentioned how much she paid, I would have never known. I understand a company needs to make profit which is why there are fees, but this dishonesty has lost my business.

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    Absolutely terrible!

    Every time I ordered through this app there was issue(aside from one Chinese restaurant). Food was missing mostly every single time, this last time, I spent $28 on JIB and received cold food because JIB employees forgot to let the dasher know it was ready for pickup, and instead of remaking the ice cold food, they just sent it with the dasher. I let DD know, and they issue a $14 credit. Ok, no? I paid double that and nobody ate the ice cold food. My cousin just ordered pizza instead. Now DD is giving me a run around and saying they’ll refund $19 “a partial refund”. Why partial? I had ordered from BK three times, cuz how many times can they mess up the exact same order, right?? The answer is every single time. I ordered the bundles that are offered and they left out the sides. Every. Single. Time. Basically, DD doesn’t care if you get what you paid for. Only that they get their share of the money. Horrible app and I’ve already deleted it. Every time you let them know you didn’t get items, or that something is wrong that want to throw around the word “compensation”. As if they are giving you something for free. I haven’t been able to order anything for three days through the app and the website just says there’s an error. There’s no way everyone is having this problem, they’d be losing tons of money and would’ve fixed it right away. I believe they put a block on my account hoping they can steal my money that’s added to it like they originally tried to do.

Is DoorDash - Food Delivery Safe?

No. DoorDash - Food Delivery does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,154,917 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for DoorDash - Food Delivery Is 20/100.

Is DoorDash - Food Delivery Legit?

No. DoorDash - Food Delivery does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,154,917 DoorDash - Food Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DoorDash - Food Delivery Is 10/100.

Is DoorDash - Food Delivery not working?

DoorDash - Food Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for DoorDash - Food Delivery

@_Marissa_Kate_ I will never order from @DoorDash again! I was told i would receive a refund from an order that I never placed but was charged for and I still haven’t received my money and it has been over a week. This is ridiculous, why do you need to steel my money?!

@botsMustBeCrazy @DoorDash, you're app malfunctioned on Father's Day. It eventually went through, but then one of the first attempts went through too. I immediately phoned the restaurant and desperately tried to cancel one order there and via the app. You took my money twice, but delivered...

@lol75834112 @ddis4dipdaddy @sto_sports @alexcutler247 @BURGERFI @Postmates @UberEats @DoorDash @Grubhub @stocktrader300 It's my fault for listening but Alex convinced me to get in at 65 dollars a share lol. It's not his problem though I should've done my own DD, I can't blame him

@Leiceee @DoorDash how to give a shitty first impression. 1st time order. Waited 10 min, order cancelled by restaurant. No refund, no email. Fine, called restaurant, no answer. Went on doordash website, no contact details. Just wanted simple dinner & now the whole house is frustrated.

@davidrepola So Uber Eats sucks and Uber just acquired Postmates. What’s the next best food delivery app to use? @DoorDash ? @Grubhub ? @Caviar ?

@farqa3 @philistweeting @CIJAinfo @ritual_co @Uber__Canada @DoorDash @SkipTheDishes See but that’s the thing, it’s almost never without issue. Maybe the lady’s wording was ambiguous and thus wrongfully used, but she clarified her stance very clearly multiple times to no avail.

@DiningDrunkDC Ordered @DoorDash & the delivery person took my photo w/o my permission. Not a no-contact delivery. The food was handed to me. Photo was of me from behind going into my home. If this practice is for no contact deliveries, then educate the drivers or end this practice.

@farqa3 @philistweeting @CIJAinfo @ritual_co @Uber__Canada @DoorDash @SkipTheDishes Because whether you like it or not, “Zionism” was implemented in a inhumane, illegal, and brutal way. Which is why when she says “zionists” she doesn’t mean the Jewish people, but rather the people who believe that what israel did, does, and will continue to do is ok.

@JoannaClaus @DoorDash why are you not requiring your employees to wear a mask!? they are rude to food service workers when asked about it too.

@chlowgothatflow Just letting y’all know someone tried ordering $100+ worth of food from my @DoorDash account to Gary, IN. Didn’t even know that was a thing. Awesome great. Love this day.

@wonderfultime Happy 20th anniversary to us. COVID-19 cancelled our plans and now we are at home with nothing to do to celebrate our day except a delivery from @DoorDash tonight. Please wear a mask, everyone. Let’s get our lives back. #COVID19 #coronavirus #delivery #doordash #anniversary #love

@kimallur This has been the worst experience in my life from a company @DoorDash @DoorDash_Help I haven’t dashed in ONE ENTIRE MONTH because you people haven’t sent me a red card. I will never recommend people [email protected] for this unprofessional company who doesn’t take their drivers seriously

@PstcrdsFrmMrs @UberEats please explain why ALL of the black owned restaurants are closed on your app when everything else is open. And these same restaurants are open on other apps like @DoorDash like...? Today is #BLACKOUTDAY2020 and you decide to “black out” out restaurants? We need answers.

@abbyl0n would be nice if there was an easy way to find black owned restaurants on @DoorDash cuz i rly do not want to cook today 🗿

@MichaelRecruits Hey @DoorDash how come the "rate my order" feature seems to be disabled?

@RightousKiwi @doordash, I’ll be deleting my account and not using your company due to your million dollar pledge of support for @blm which is an openly Marxist anti American group currently spring rioting and looting across our country. Shame on you for this woke crap. #boycottdoordash

@comnin1 @McDonalds Do something about Store #1942, S. Route 9W, Haverstrae, NY 10927 who can't manage to keep their @Ubereats @Uber @UberFacts @Grubhub @DoorDash apos up-to-date concerning availability of mocha frappuccino. If not going to have EVER again, then say so!

@mrs_duggan_ehs @UberEats How long before you get a refund when your food was never delivered? Going on two days now and about 6 emails to costumer service. Will stick to @DoorDash in the future.

@PstcrdsFrmMrs @DeAnnain85250 @UberEats @DoorDash Nope it is not. I scrolled thru the other restaurants on the app in this video to show that.

@Jasmen48258554 Shame on you, Uber, for attacking Foodbinders and becoming partners in the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians. Criticizing Israel’s crimes and exposing them to the world is not considered anti-Semitic.🇵🇸🇵🇸 #boycottuber @DoorDash @Uber @UberEats

@jennakraatz1 @DoorDash @DoorDash_Help this dasher Martin sent a picture of my order claiming it was at my house (when it was NOT) and then proceeded to tell me I was wrong, like i can forget where i live?! mind you my trailer is white NOT tan. AWFUL SERVICE.

@brandonsalinas_ @littlecaesars @DoorDash On hold and have spoken to yall already and they did not help us the 1st time. No refund or remake order.

@gigdrivers Gig workers, freelancers, etc. Can receive a $1000 advance from the SBA that does not need to be paid back. And yes, this includes drivers for @doordash, @grubhub, @postmates, @ubereats, etc. #doordash #grubhub #postmates #ubereats #deliverydrivers

@todcordill Employers of the world... Just because your team members are working from home doesn't mean you can't provide meals for working lunches. It's time to get to know: @Postmates @UberEats @DoorDash #WFHWF #CMWorld

@RevJamesJones @Musikaravaa @IPTinstitute @salvationarmy @ChickfilA @PapaJohns @DoorDash r/Arkansas has a link to local farmers that deliver. Have not checked out yet but might be worth a look. 🚜

@bffjossy @DoorDash Its a normal expectation for any kind of food service that workers should be following health rules. So what gives? its truly disgusting that you have drivers not wearing masks and breathing on the food that your customers are about to eat.

@klwilliams__ @ms_amber_carr @DoorDash @UberEats That option isnt on mine. I usually order through the Uber app and just switch it to eats. I wonder if I download the individual Uber eats app if it’ll give me this option! Brb ✊🏼

@tiredassbitcch @0v3rthOught @DoorDash girlll, i don’t even read when i reply to promote, i just did though and it was definitely not appropriate for me to post that. sorry love

@Emily_taylorrrr Trying to relog in to my @DoorDash to make some $, and change my location since I recently moved, but it’s not letting me in. 🙁

@brandonsalinas_ that we have to go through little ceasers. Either way neither party will issue a refund and we cant even get our $30 worth of food. How freaking amazing is that. @littlecaesars @DoorDash

@NYJuve I was banned on @DoorDash @DoorDash_Help for requesting a refund for a messed up order. I received the refund and I asked for the money to be received as credit instead of back on my card and 1 day later I’m deactivated. Many calls later and still nothing resolved. Someone Help

@justmo_nique @DoorDash are your chat employees supposed to be this nasty when answering customers complaints... Your driver refused to bring my order to my door so I had to stop working to walk to wherever she was to get my food and when I got it it was a glob mashed together. Unacceptable

@mobile_alliance Shouldn’t gig workers be protected from harassment on the job? Not according to @Uber @lyft @DoorDash @Postmates & @Instacart! They funded Prop 22, which denies these protections, and doesn’t explicitly prohibit discrimination against immigrant workers:

@Jaccuse_org A Toronto eatery has announced that Zionists are not welcome at its establishment & posted an antisemitic cartoon on Instagram. @bnaibrithcanada is urging food delivery services like @DoorDash to cut ties with them. See other actions you can take here:

@comnin1 @McDonalds @Ubereats @Uber @UberFacts @Grubhub @DoorDash Please do something about WRONG app. If not going to EVER sell mocha frappuccino remove from app already.

@_MattHarris_ @DoorDash @DoorDash_Help Hey folks, I love your service and use it frequently, but can you please explain why you're still offering service to a vile racist restaurant in Toronto even when Uber removed them?

@farqa3 @philistweeting @CIJAinfo @ritual_co @Uber__Canada @DoorDash @SkipTheDishes But what brought Mohammed and violence into this? You realize Palestine is a state not a religion right? You’re taking things out of context in order to justify a vulgar act. That’s part of the problem. This blatant vandalism was a response to a peaceful showing of solidarity.

@farqa3 @philistweeting @CIJAinfo @ritual_co @Uber__Canada @DoorDash @SkipTheDishes I understand that the Jewish community believes in their right to a homeland, and how Zionism as an ideology can become so sacred and revered between the Jewish people. But you need to understand that Zionism in theory is not the same as it’s implementation in the real world.

@MeteuWuliechsin Today was my final fucking straw with @DoorDash @DoorDash_Help I've continued to use them because I want to support local restaurants we love. But we ordered from a location 15 minutes from our house, and they assigned the order to a driver going 25 min in the opposite way.

@farqa3 @philistweeting @CIJAinfo @ritual_co @Uber__Canada @DoorDash @SkipTheDishes Once again, equating the Jewish people to a governmental body like the Mossad (aka Israel’s intelligence institute) is wrong. Republicans don’t represent all Americans, Liberals don’t represent all Canadians. Stop conflating the two. This is the epitome of the problem.

@Bryna55772259 @NaughtyProfess5 @amyklobuchar @UberEats @DoorDash It's not a matter of whether you actually use the competitor's. But having them allow the market to regulate how the companies behave. If UE is the only game in town they can charge customers and restaurants more and pay drivers less.

@JewishVoice Uber @Uber to Buy Major #fooddelivery Food Delivery App in $2.65 Billion Deal @Uber @Postmates #COVID19 #coronavirus @Grubhub @DoorDash #pandemic @CNBCi #fooddelivery

@brandonsalinas_ Ordered Pizza throught the little ceasers app and door dash are the ones who are suppose to deliver. After waiting and getting the text notifications it said delivered.....BUT WHERES THE PIZZA??? Our delivery driver because they couldnt find our location marked it down @DoorDash

@cinnzeo Get twisty, Tuesday! With many people still #workingfromhome, order our Twists & get that same cinnamon spice mixture + blended sugar you've come to love to mix up your workweek. @DoorDash @UberEats @SkipTheDishes #Cinnzeotwists

@k3v2481 @DoorDash Worst past 3 experiences and Door Dash cannot even help me resolve my issue!! I say we boycott or they need to train people better!!

@JennaBellaJ @DoorDash Your customer service needs work. You charged me for membership, didn't bring my food & won't refund my fee. Then gave me a credit for food hoping I'd be stupid enough to order again. You charged me $30 for a shake. I have 20 yrs in hospitality. Bad mistake.

@TheMrWulff12 @MikeKillam @DoorDash Call the business and if she’s not following protocol, she deserves to be let go from that position.

@meow2008 @EqualRightsAdv @Uber @lyft @DoorDash @Postmates @Instacart we are NOT their workers. they have "cheated" us out of NOTHING. you are doing a LOT of harm to minorities and women and the ELDERLY with your false claims.

@farqa3 @philistweeting @CIJAinfo @ritual_co @Uber__Canada @DoorDash @SkipTheDishes No I’m not denying any of that. But that’s what you’re choosing to hear. What I’m saying is that none of the historical claims, or crimes committed against the Jewish people justify the Israeli government’s atrocities. What I’m saying is that NONE of this is antisemitic.

@farqa3 @philistweeting @CIJAinfo @ritual_co @Uber__Canada @DoorDash @SkipTheDishes You need to get it through your head that it does not justify the ruthless way in which it was implemented in the region, nor the subsequent oppressive, discriminatory, occupational regime that was cultivated as a result of it.