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Published by on 2022-09-13

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Reported Issues: 20 Comments

By Kim
Nov 04 2022

I keep having a problem with your app were I can log in but not scroll up or down or do anything. This keeps happening and it is very frustrating. Luckily I'm still with another bank so it doesn't completely disrupt my life to much but I would still appreciate knowing if this is an ongoing problem or if it will be fixed any time soon?
Many thanks

By Benjamin Schick
Oct 29 2022

Mobil app not showing checks nor deposits for 2 days

By TLJones
Aug 30 2022

Chase bank could not figure out how or why I kept getting messages from them that I opted out of credit journey online when I never did. So I simply locked my card and hid my accounts...problem solved! Now the show and hide accounts option does not work. I basically have to call and ask permission to use my money because my account must stay locked to prevent potential access to my money. Chase says this has been going on for a month. No timetable for resolution. It’s like Chase has become my parent.

By J El
Aug 17 2022

App freezes after scanning in check, just says "thanks for waiting, we're almost done, this will just take a moment', and then sits there indefinitely.

By Sandra L Thomas
Jul 17 2022

Chase app freezes up when entered

By Julia Stone
Jul 13 2022

I have a new Chase account, access through my iPad. The screen keeps freezing and I can’t move anywhere else on it.

By Pauline Rutter
Jul 12 2022

App has frozen on my mobile phone and I cannot make transfers. Worrying as need to use asap.

By Sandra Farley
Jul 06 2022


By Amanda Newman
May 31 2022

I take pictures of the check I want to deposit, but error message keeps recurring: "We can't read all of the check info. Take another picture._____OK" I retook the picture 10+ times. I deleted & reinstalled Chase Mobile App. I cleaned my camera lens. I restarted my iPhone 6s Pls, (has latest iOS 15.4.1)

By Martin Bell
May 28 2022

App frozen

By Angie Fowler
May 27 2022

App opens but freezes. Does not react to any touch on any part of the screen.

By Mallory
May 22 2022

Keeps pending my transactions on my account. when you guys gonna fix that?

By Ludovic Weekers
May 22 2022

I cannot access my app I login and it freezes

By Margaret
May 11 2022

Option to 'see pin' not working

By Kelli Pfeiffer
May 05 2022

I cannot access my banking info with the chase app.
It asks for codes and then freezes.
I need a bank app that works!
Please assist me
Thank you

By Malorie Bader
May 04 2022

Tonight kept shutting me out and closing down. Dreadful app. Constantly shutting down. Even during security entry it shuts down and disappears from screen. Obstructing all access to my money. No other app on my phone crashes and shuts like this. Considering the bank is accessed by app only, SHAME on this bank. And I can't even use it on more than one phone and I need to access my account using two phones . Not the case with other banks. Highly disappointed and very angry it is crashing again tonight.

By Bev Watson
May 01 2022

I can login but is not responding

By Alison Wood
Apr 29 2022

The app on my phone is frozen. It will open but does not respond when I click on anything else to open accounts or move money.

By Chris
Apr 11 2022

I can't see my account balance on the App or my computer. Called the call center and they sent me to four departments that couldn't do anything and then said I needed to go the a Chase Bank?!? I can sign on to the app and online to my account, but it asks me to open an account when I have one. When I sign on to my computer, Chase can send me a text with a security code but the call center can't send me a code. They just shuffled me around to different departments until I got frustrated and hung up. The outsourcing call centers are a waste of time and money, get people that know how to fix the problems

By Perliza Cancino
Mar 03 2022

Not loading on my phone. I cleared the cache and keep asking for reset. I can open on my laptop but not on my mobile apps

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