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Published by on 2022-09-26


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Reported Issues: 28 Comments

By Sharon robbins
Aug 21 2022

It won't allow me to leave a review. When I go to type a comment to freezes and disables my phone with keyboard being stuck on the screen. Done this a few times.

By Janet Warren
Aug 14 2022

I am trying to book a hotel it’s asking for cvc no on card but there’s nowhere to add it

By Gordana Dujmović
Aug 13 2022

Cannot write review. It blocks me and even blocks disables my phone from working

By Alex
Jul 17 2022 app is so slow it's almost unbearable to use. I have a Google pixel 3a with the latest Android.

By Nadja Schulze
Jul 11 2022

It is very slow, pages and pictures don't load, it crashes... Only started doing that recently. I did an outstanding update this morning hoping that fixes it, but unfortunately it didn't.

By Steven Osborne
Jun 21 2022

Cannot view any properties no pictures

By Jakob N
Jun 05 2022

Each time I log in, I am just referred back to the log in page. Absolutely annoying

By Grant Watson
Jun 03 2022

When I close the app I can’t log back in. I have to delete the app then reload it so that I can log back in. Then if I close the app I have to do the same all again.

By Lee engert
May 30 2022

App Won't install on my Oppo phone just gets to 97% install everytime buffers then that's it same over I'm on Android tried a hundred times over a month at least .

By Jen Prusa
May 21 2022

Won’t let me reserve a room from my iPhone. I can search and select a room but it errors out when I try to pay. It works fine on my iPad.

By Shirley
May 21 2022

I cannot download the app to my iphone using the message that sent me.

By Lisa
May 20 2022

App launches but then freezes, can’t click on anything at all - iPhone 13 on iOS 15.4.1

By Raina
May 19 2022

Constant buffering on the phone and iPad, even when I’ve deleted and signed in again . Not working at all!

By Jirasakdi Sarayodhin
May 18 2022

Unable to open app, it always crashes. My iPhone 12 iOS has latest updated recently 15.5 and also has latest updated

By Tracy deeley
May 16 2022

Not working, won’t allow me to put in any destination, just keeps buffering

By Wendy
May 15 2022

Constant buffering

By Pauline Giles
May 15 2022

I am having trouble loading various information, eg photos of a property, room details of a recent booking. I have tried over several days to sort the issue thinking it was just a temporary problem with the site. Can you please help?

By Malcolm
May 14 2022 app very slow to not working on my iPad. But it is working fine on my iphone

By Alison
May 13 2022

Constant buffering even when I’ve deleted and signed in again . N browser just takes me to app again Which isn’t working . Just buffering

By Elena
May 12 2022

App not been working for days!! I wanna book a holiday!

By Yvonne Jones
May 11 2022

Constant buffering on my app
Doesn’t accept my destination - displays ‘ searching for accommodation in [my] current location’

By Colette Knight
May 09 2022

My app is buffering and very slow when I do eventually get on. I’ve tried using the browser but it too is very slow. I’ve used for years and this has never happened before .

By Michelle Sanchez
May 07 2022

App not working for days!

By Grace
May 07 2022

App keeps buffering

By CTaylor
May 02 2022

Constant buffering - am not sure if bookings have registered! Not experienced this before

By Shirley Flynn
May 02 2022

Hi there,
my app is not showing any photos since April 29th!!!!

By Chris Matthews
Mar 01 2022

App stopped working so uninstalled and tried to download again. Now unable to re install.

By Criostoir O'Mongain
Feb 28 2022

I have downloaded the booking app on my iPhone and it opens at a blue splash screen and then nothing else.

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