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Gmail - Email by Google Reviews

Published by on 2019-12-09

The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail. With the Gmail app, you can: • Undo Send, to prevent embarrassing mistakes • Switch between multiple accounts • Get notified of n...

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Gmail - Email by Google Reviews

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    Slow, glitchy, and this redesign :(

    I didn’t update gmail in a while, and when I finally did, I thought things would run smoother, but then I get this weird redesign. The redesign makes it difficult to know which email account you’re using and makes it more convoluted to switch accounts. They also made the font in the app smaller so it’s harder to read. Overall, I think it’s just messy. Maybe I’m just not used to it yet, but I think this redesign makes the app harder to use. And with the redesign, the app reset my original settings on swiping to archive or delete which was just annoying. Plus, as I try to write emails, I keep getting the notification “some changes may not have saved” or something like that, and it would pop up every few seconds, making my email infuriating to write. My inbox takes longer to load now too with the redesign, and sometimes my notifications don’t go through, but that might be because of my phone, not the app. I don’t know, it just feels like gmail’s getting worse. I wish they would stop trying to put in all these new features like Google Pay in emails, and just aim to make the app comfortable to use... Trying to attach multiple files in an email on mobile is so tedious.

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    Still having notification issues with latest iOS 13.

    iOS 13 has screwed up notifications with Gmail. No badges showing me unread messages. I have to go into the app to know that. New emails don’t trigger any notifications and my job is email dependent. I’ve turning every setting off & back on, cycling the power, getting the latest iOS 13, checking for the latest Gmail update, plus I read that another user tried restoring their iPhone to no avail. Lastly, there was a strange few days, before the last Gmail update that supposedly fixed the problem, where Gmail notifications were working just fine. On it’s own. Just decided to work again. Then it went back to the same issues for no reason. This reminds me... seems like the trigger for these issues started when I finally deleted over 100 unread messages, digging back a few months & having to use the search bar to get them all together for a marathon deletion of swipe after swipe. So maybe that shakes the iOS or the app up enough to try to figure out how many unread msgs there are ... for better or for worse. Maybe if I let it build up again, it’ll be for the better? Here’s to hoping. Google!! Please fix this mess! It’s 2019, for crying out loud. Go back to basic, reliable functionality! You too, Apple! :/

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    Severely limited functionality

    I use my iPad for work, as I need to take high resolution videos and have quick access to apps. The Gmail app has such terribly limited usability in key areas. First, it is crazy that I cannot create bulleted or numbered lists. This seems like a key component to writing succinct emails and I am not sure why this is not included. Second, I cannot copy and paste tables from other Google apps and keep the formatting! We send programs to clients that we create in Google sheets, but we do not need to send the entire sheet at one time, only a part. You simply cannot do this without creating an entirely new sheet, and then sharing it with them, which is simply not functional. I would rather be able to copy and paste the section of the sheet that is necessary to use. Lastly, the emails I send from my iPad do not have the same formatting as the desktop site. Again, I am at a loss as to why this is the case. We have a specific signature that we need to use in order to send protected information, and I have to set this signature up again instead of it carrying over from my desktop accessibility. The only good thing about this app is that I can access my email from it. However, it severely limits my ability to send useful emails and this kills my productivity during work hours with my iPad.

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    Why does gmail have a web browser?

    Why does this app have a built in web browser? If you click on a link in an email a little window comes up that asks if you want to open it in chrome or safari. I don't have chrome installed because I feel that google harvests enough information about me as it is. So i select open in safari. However when I do this it does not open safari. It opens this miniature web browser that is baked into gmail, there is a button on the bottom of the screen that forwards you to safari. But its too late. The link has been opened in a google made web browser. This is annoying and deceitful. If its a link that can only be used once, then opening it in this mini browser has just ruined the link so that I would have do whenever it is in this built in browser. I would say its okay if I could just delete all cookies and such from this mini bowser but there is no option. And even even if i could delete the information its too late because google already saw what I was doing in that session. I can only assume that google now has any and all information that has been put into the mini browser. I would use a different email app however google has made it so that I cant use any other email app with a gmail account... so I guess I’m just screwed.

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    DON’T get this app.

    1. You can’t mass delete emails in this app. You have to select every email, one by one. That’s usually multiple clicks (or a swipe and click) per email. 2. Your inbox is automatically separated into different inboxes, including social and “promotions.” Emails are seemingly put into other categories AT RANDOM. Multiple times now, emails from addresses which previously went into my inbox went into these other two categories, and one of the times, it was a work email. That email was also labeled as important, another category that has NO notifications by default, and it could not be seen when I went into the “All mail” tab. I’ve tried to make sense of why emails from certain addresses (of the same topic every time) would randomly go into different folders, but I have no idea still. All in all, this is unnecessarily complicated, unhelpful, and you have to fix it all yourself because those are the default settings. I can’t believe we get advertisements in the same area and with the same look as other, unread emails as well. If you can, don’t get this app. Use gmail on your browser, or maybe don’t use gmail unless you have to. Maybe this is less terrible on a different device (my device is an iPad Pro), but I somehow doubt that.

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    Great functionality with few flaws

    In the corporate world I am forced to use Microsoft Outlook as my primary email client. In the private sector, i use Gmail for almost everything else. Gmail has become a standard that other email sites attempt to emulate. The integration of its own suite of office programs has eliminated the need for more costly applications for senior users and youngsters. Google has learned from Apple in placing Gmail and Google Docs on entry level tablets and Chrome Books. I could continue this thread but I mentioned “flaws” in the title. Some people complain about the steady stream of bug fixes and see it as evidence of how poorly Gmail and other Google products were written. This is a false impression. What it does show is the speed with which the technical teams that Support Gmail and Google are adapting to the ever-changing environment of hackers spammers and other nefarious groups that are attempting to disrupt our lives. Most things that appear as flaws are really undocumented tools. —- 30 —-

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    Inferior to “Inbox” (updated after a feed days of use)

    Inbox was my favorite email experience I’ve had since the glory days of BlackBerry, but as others have pointed out, it was a huge disappointment having it taken away. After a few days of use, my opinion has not changed. Organization is painfully lacking compared to Inbox, both in visual style and feature set. I loved how finance and purchase categories were built in to the experience. Gone. Now a lack of visual divide between emails and the inclusion of ads in my inbox has me hating the email experience altogether. I have no interest in using this app for much longer and will be seeking alternatives. I don’t care much about this stuff, but google had a solid program in Inbox, and I would go back without hesitation if I could. Seriously, ads at the top of my mailbox? I actually got a pop up message after deleting one that they would “try not to include ads like that,” but there’s always ads. I would pay not to have ads, but that’s where google makes their money I guess. I’ll go somewhere else. Inbox was wonderful from the moment I first installed it, and the gmail app? It’s like going from freshly made lemonade to Minute Maid. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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    Warning about adding emails to your gmail

    You will run out of memory faster because the other accounts you can add will add to your memory with ALL google products. I was enticed to add my yahoo account to a gmail address last year. What happened is that I’ve had gmail since 2005 and love it. I lost my free “legacy” added memory because I had to upgrade or I’d lose my emails.I spent hours going through my messages and deleting them because I received warnings if I didn’t upgrade soon, messages would disappear and if I did upgrade I’d lose my free space. I upgraded and I have my memory back on Apple products but for about a month or two on my Windows 10 laptop that I use for business, it was still showing that warning. Eventually it synced. So before you put all your emails in your gmail feed, check out if the “new gmail”will eat your memory and force an upgrade $$$$ before memory runs out and it’s pay to play. I’ve been a huge fan but I didn’t understand the takeaway of legacy memory. It was supposed to be lifetime but if I added on, it was gone and that’s what happened to “do no harm”

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    Great mail app except for browser preference

    In general I like this mail app a lot. I am happy to have my inbox sorted as it is on the desktop. I wish it was easier to attach documents from “Pages” and “Files” instead of only from the camera, recent attachments and drive. But my biggest complaint is this: When I go to open a link from an email and it asks if I want to use chrome or safari, I choose safari because that is my preference on my iPhone. I switch off the little “ask me every time” button. The very next time I go to open a link from an email, it could be the exact same link one second later, the browser preference window opens again, with the button switched on. It adds an unnecessary step every time I look at things from an email. Also, my saved safari things don’t all translate over to the safari that pops up within the app. I know you want me to use chrome because it is your product, but you offer a choice so it would be nice if that choice worked 😊

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    One of the best apps ever

    This app is one of the best apps I’ve ever used! It has almost everything that I could’ve ever imagined an app even having! I mean... you can EMAIL people with it, you can also RECEIVE emails from different people, and so much more! If I was to be asked what app would I recommend to anyone that lets you email people, I would most DEFINITELY say that I would recommend THIS app to about almost ANYONE! Since I’ve had this app I have NOT had ANY problems with it at all really. Except for that ONE time where I could not really receive any emails from anyone. But I was kinda glad that I couldn’t really receive any emails from anyone cause I have KINDA been getting some random emails from people. Other than that... I would give this app a five star rating. Thank you, gmail creators, for creating an app that lets me be able to email different people. 📧 I don’t really know what I would do without this app. ESPECIALLY for those people who I can’t really text their phone numbers.

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    New Update Hurts My Eyes

    I have migraine and vision issues. The new, jarring, super white look makes my eyes hurt, especially when I have a migraine. With no color separation or clear boundary demarcation, it strains my eyes, if I have to spend any real time checking my email. I no longer use a desktop or laptop computer, so I depend on using the app. The new changes make it almost impossible for me to use, though, because it literally hurts my eyes and causes my vision to blur. Additionally, the placement of the option to change accounts in the previous version made sense. Where it is placed in the new version is not intuitive or user friendly. It now takes extra steps to pull up a separate screen in order to switch between accounts. This means I have to spend additional time on the stark white, visually unappealing app, which literally causes me pain, if I want to check my mail. This is a HORRIBLE update, that does not give any consideration for those with eye strain or vision problems. I won’t even go into the serious need to add options for color coding, for people who rely on visual cues to stay organized. Or the fact that nearly every other email app had a dark mode, at the very least. Please, please, PLEASE fix this!

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    I’ve used gmail and it’s app for yrs. However with these resent new updates it’s been frustrating. For yrs I’ve always had it linked to my yahoo email and it was super convenient and easy for me to navigate through the different emails. But with this new update it’s like it’s syncing all of my email accounts together. So now my yahoo email is now synced with gmail, and my yahoo email is my priority account... I can’t tell my emails apart from one another because now it’s all under 1 email account which is the gmail account. There’s no option to separate the two (I’ve tried everything) I even deleted my yahoo account off gmail and placing it back on as a separate account and it still linked all the yahoo emails with my gmail account email. This is frustrating I can’t tell my emails apart because it’s like everything is under that one gmail account smh, it has to be another way..maybe something more simple an easy. Out of all the yrs I’ve had this app an linked emails this has NEVER happened before until now. This used to be my fav email app, there was never a problem in the past so why fix what wasn’t broken.

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    Pretty sad response time from Google

    This is a pretty good app by Google. Currently there is a problem that I'm seeing with badge notifications not properly updating. I've tried to remove the app from my phone and reinstall it but that didn't solve the issue. Started with iOS11 so I'm guessing it is related. I would like an option to mark something as read from the notification screen instead of, or in addition to archiving. Maybe I'm alone in this but I don't really use the archive feature. Anyway, 3 stars until the badges issue is resolved. It lets you check your email so it does its job. Nothing flashy or special. Like most of Google's apps. It's functional which is good enough. Dropping rating to 1 star and uninstalling in a week if Google, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, can't fix a notification bug. I mean come on. I'm guessing that at least 1 guys job at Google is to care about the app working. Even if it's just 1 guy he could have already fixed this in a day. Get it together. We give you all our private information willingly and you can't have a guy fix the red badge that a 13 year old kid that is learning to make apps for the first time can edit and change?

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    Such a crappy product

    When I open this app, it's all overwhelmingly full of information. You get labels that you can partially define on your phone but have to use the actual webpage to do advanced stuff, you get the "tabs" that hides emails partially and sometimes spam goes into primary, which renders the "primary" nonsense, when you click on "All mail" it shows ALL mails from ALL accounts, but how about seeing all the mails from one account? There's no way, you have the star function but nearly useless because it shows just everything including archived emails from years ago. Now why I need this app? Hell, it's because I need two factor for my google account! Hell, I think Microsoft Outlook is nowadays better than this cluster piece of complicated app that probably people just want to shove in bunch of personal goals into it to get some bonus or whatever instead of making this useful to the end user. They killed inbox and said this has all my favorite features in it, or is it straightly lying? It's not all the features! All the useful ones including swipe to archive a bundle of emails, the reminder to-do list feature, ALL of them are gone, and now we have this! With Ads built in!

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    Is this Really for Ages 4,5,6,and 7?

    Hi Gmail, I love the app, but I’m kind of confused if this app is really for kids ages 4. If you scroll up to the top you will see something that says “For Ages 4 and up.” I think the Idea of having kids in elementary school and that 5,6, and 7 isn’t a very smart idea, if kids not mature enough use the app what do you think is going to happen? I personally think what's going to happen is that kids are going to get messages from random people asking for pictures of them naked or something, the 2nd thing I think is going to happen is that kids are going to message people like murderers and they might give away their address or something so that’s bad, and the last thing I think is going to happen is that kids are going to run away and meet the “love of their life” (the child predator that asked he or she to meet him or her) and get kidnapped. So I recommend you change that so parents can not get confused and let these happen to their children. Sincerely, Jeniffer.

Is Gmail - Email by Google Safe?

Yes. Gmail - Email by Google is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 299,791 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Gmail - Email by Google Is 70/100.

Is Gmail - Email by Google Legit?

Yes. Gmail - Email by Google is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 299,791 Gmail - Email by Google User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Gmail - Email by Google Is 50/100.

Is Gmail - Email by Google not working?

Gmail - Email by Google works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Gmail - Email by Google

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@sajjad9698 @Google @googleearth @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@sajjad9698 @Google @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@sajjad9698 @GoogleStartups @Google @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

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@sajjad9698 @gsuite @gmail @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

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@kasrakhalili @zdon89 @gmail I use @zapier to automate all emails - archiving, deleting, or moving to @ClickUp_app auto assigning it to following day. For example, when I move an email to different folders that triggers an auto replies. Also, I share a link in signature that explains how I email.

@RavenclawSoc23 Is there a #techhelp or #techsupport Twitter? Is there a @gmail help line? Im still locked out of my email & the only help my Univ gave was to change my password. That didnt work bc the issue is this fake Google site saying create a new a password whenever I enter my password

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@sajjad9698 @Google @swongful @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@makinbeatz100 Sorry to chime in but You forgot to mention 90% of your emails to actual A&R biz emails do not accept messages

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@lifeisgood913 Somehow my @gmail account started sending me"morning briefings" from @nytimes notified from my phone! I DID NOT NOR WOULD NOT EVER sign up for that #FakeNews ! I hardly ever use this account but somehow my phone just randomly selected that b.s. to come through! #GoogleSux

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@sajjad9698 @Google @TEDTalks @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@mema_5 @gmail what is going on? I have not been able to access my 2 gmail acct's since 8:30am CST today & I also can not access my Google suite either just as long. I am using my laptop and using Chrome. My hubby can not access it either.

@AnisaMazaki23 @gmail @Google Alyuh want verification? Well here! I get locked out my [email protected] cuz your stupid 2 step verification system NOT WORKING!!! Codes refuse to be sent to my phone & YOU want to tell me in hotmail that I can't get my account (that I HAD FOR YRS!) #STEUPS

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@AnisaMazaki23 @gmail @Google & yes - I understand that it's Covid Lockdown Season - ie I should be patient cuz nobody is working at full capacity. And yes it's true that I reset my password too often in a short space of time - (due to the fact that someone hacked my Twitter.) But come on!

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@defundcorruptio hi @gmail @gsuite HELP! my mobile android (ver. 9) gmail is not accurately marking emails as Read! on my windows pc earliest Unread is July 9. On my android phone Unread goes back to July 2! all those old messages WERE read. mobile Sync claims to be up to date. YIKES!

@JesusBalarezo @gmail @JamesMarsh2020 I can reach my gmail account from gmail webpage, but I can't reach my gmail from outlook. the message "could not login to google - imap try again later" appear

@AskAmex @Nityalakshmi @KamalaHarris @TulsiGabbard @Lexus @WellsFargo @gmail @Nityalakshmi We’re not here right now, but we’ll reply when we’re back in the morning. If you need immediate assistance go to for helpful resources or chat with us by logging in at and clicking the Chat button.

@sajjad9698 @Google @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@rakeshgadde @gmail No, It doesn't work. Even though i added mail ids to my contacts still the promotional mails are moving to #Spam folder. #Gmail's automatic Spam detection has to be improved. It is not working correctly for some scenarios. #Defect #Bug @gmail @inboxbygmail

@bverity600 @gmail I tryed to go on another device it's knows my number but not my password asked for them to send me a code to reset my passwod by text nothing came through x

@572Chara @google @gmail please help!!! I tried everything to contact you 😥 I really want to recover my account but I'm not getting any help 😭 pls respond so you can help me!!

@krishnabhbarman @rjpahiredfm - Is it your original page on @Facebook ?? Because the @YouTube link and @gmail id mentioned in the page not likely to be yours.

@kaushikpai1 @chaibapat @gmail Yup. Unlike excel, csv needs to be imported which is not happening. If you haven't figured out - Choose “File” → “Import” → “Upload” → “Select a file from your computer".

@bverity600 @gmail good evening I have tryed to log on a diffrent device I changed my password 22 June it saying knows my telephone number but not password ,I asked for them to send me reset code by txt nothing came through help please x

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@572Chara Lol @gmail and @google won't even write me back or solve my problem 🤦‍♀️even though they respond to everyone else in a flash, unless they do it randomly. I just want my account back 🤷‍♀️

@sajjad9698 @Google @localguides @gmail I have forgotten my password for my Gmail account.I'm getting the OTP on my registered mobile number but not on my recovery email.That's why I'm not able to access my Gmail account with which my youtube channel is associated. @YouTubeIndia @YouTube @ytcreators

@officials_07 I have forgotten my gmail password. Trying for password recovery. So my times also coming OTP. And does not open even after adding OTP. And in the, last a letter is coming from Google. google couldn't very that this account belong to you . So plese help me @gmail @googleindia

@MakeItWithFifi Another suggestion @gmail ... a way to access your other apps through the gmail app and not having to download 10,000 apps. Thank you

@ivyfluidz @gmail why can I not access my own email that’s connected to my phone number with my WHOLE ENTIRE name meanwhile I can access email accounts I made when I was 10?????? I’m so???????