Zelle Reviews

Zelle Reviews

Published by on 2022-03-01

Zelle® has partnered with leading banks and credit unions across the U.S. to
bring you a fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends and family. Money
moves quickly - directly from bank account to bank account. If your bank or
credit union offers Zelle, you already have it in your m...

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Zelle Reviews: 20 Reviews


Limitations for Multiple Accounts

Zelle will be great if you are part of their network. However. If you happen to have multiple debit cards (in my case 2), you can change which account you want funds to go to or from however doing so will erase the history of your account. This was fine for me as I used it for personal transactions and never really needed it for anything else. However I did have a need to change accounts every now and then so I could save myself the hassle of having to wire myself money after receiving money. Or so I thought. I had first created an account with my old phone number and it was great. I then had to port my number, NOT CHANGE IT, and then I was locked out. Why? Zelle does not support Google Voice or any numbers like it. I was ultimately frustrated but fine. I understand the security issue. I signed up with my new phone number. Everything was going great. I used it for a few months and tried changing my account (again, back and forth between the same 2 accounts for years), then it locked me out. The representative tells me my account can never use the zelle app again because I was too “new” and changed my debit information too many times. So I said fine, I’ll keep the information the same just give me access to my account. They said no. I need to go through one of their national level partner banks and use it through them. I can never use the zelle app again. So I won’t.


Can’t do anything without allowing full contacts access

The app has a message saying quite clearly how if you allow full contacts access you can send quicker, but that there is an alternative, in which you can either hit the “+” button, or the “Add a new Recipient” [capitalization theirs] button to send funds. However, neither of these buttons exist. I have no idea if they only exist after sharing contacts, but I don’t want to do that and it really is not necessary for a financial transactions service. The only point of forcing it is for sketchy data mining. UPDATE: So, against better judgment, I allowed contacts access. I still do not have a “+” or “Add a new Recipient” [sic] button anywhere. Also, all contacts were added once for every method of contact, so I have between 2-7 entries per person. Also it added one for every number I’ve ever blocked. It looks literally nothing like the screenshots on the App Store page, it’s just a heinous mess. ALSO if I hit the big fat “Request” button it still takes me to the same screen asking me to select a “recipient”, which sounds like I’d be sending money not receiving it. This app has been 3 consecutive dumpster fires so far, and I’ve had it for a couple of hours. How does anyone even use it for its intended purpose? Does it have any functionality at all? People trust financial transactions to stuff that looks this bad? I wouldn’t trust them to make me a ham and cheese sandwich.


Unable to verify password

When you make an app that directly links a user's DEBIT CARD to their account (with no other options or protections provided), you'd better make sure it's operational, but instead we have this. About a week ago, I got a 3:45AM text from Zelle for an automatic transfer (no one was sending me money that early in the morning). I went to change notification settings -- only to discover that I needed my password to turn off their text messaging. That's when I realized I had forgotten my password. At the time I couldn't find any place on their app to reset it, and because I have an outside bank, I don't have access to a web account. I did try "forgot password?" on the Zelle portal but never received an email. This didn't lock me out of my account; I just couldn't make any account changes. Fast forward to today -- the app has logged me out (possibly due to an update?), and while it does now give me a "forgot password" option, after resetting it, I get the error message "unable to verify password." I even wrote it down to make sure I re-entered it correctly, but no luck. And that's where I am stuck -- completely locked out of my account. I am beyond frustrated. I use this to get money transfers from family, and I never had a single issue with clearxchange. Now with this forced switchover to Zelle, I can't do even the simplest task. Either fix the app or give us a website, because right now this is absolutely useless.


Won’t work on most phones

After 4 days and over 9 hrs total on hold, was finally told that this service WILL NOT WORK ON MOST PHONE NETWORKS. The second level tech support told me that “Unfortunately the zelle app and service will not function on wi-fi, and only recognizes a few (att, verizon, and sprint) phone carriers. All others are locked out, but WILL TAKE your banking and personal information and retain it in their system.” The reason this company is headquartered in the Philippines is because they are safe from federal criminal charges being filed against them. For such a young company, they have an overwhelming number of complaints lodged against them..(check out the reviews on the app page). The zelle rep even told me to change phone companies so I can get their service. Clear exchange had no problems... zelle is nothing but one giant problem that is illegally mining peoples banking and personal information for their own personal gain, while forcing those who are/were set up through a direct deposit system to receive their paychecks from work.... who are now unable to receive those funds, as zelle holds those funds in limbo refusing to refund the money back to original sender for 30 days. CRIMINAL !!!!!!! How the apple app store even allowed this financial virus into it’s app system is mind boggling. BEWARE!!!! and stay far away from zelle. You have been warned by someone who stayed diligent until they got the answers and truth from this scam organization.


Poor customer service

If I could give this app zero stars, I would. I received a new cell phone # (all other information is the same—same address, same phone , same bank information, etc) and because I have a new cell, it will not allow me to use Zelle or update my information. I have called customer service all week and no luck and the last representative that I spoke to was rude (kept cutting me off when I was talking and was rushing me off the phone). I asked to speak to a supervisor and she refused to let me speak to them. When she was verifying my information, she asked questions that “their” system generated instead of questions that I provided answers to. Example: she asked , “What color is your car? Blue, white, or yellow?” (Answer: neither because I have ALWAYS purchased brand new cars that were either silver or grey so it’s not like I purchased used cars that had paint jobs; she also asked , “Which individual from this list do you know? Brandy Locke , Steve Smith or Paul Tyson?” I answered : I don’t know any of those people. Her response , well these are the questions that our system generates based on the names of the individuals that are near your address. I asked to speak to a supervisor and that’s when she began cutting me off, rushing me off the phone and was being rude). I will never use Zelle again and I’m sharing my review with al my friends and family who use Zelle.


Poor quality password setup

Went to create a password; saw list of requirements. Created a strong, 100-character password in 1Password. Pasted it in; got all green checkmarks. Great! Hit “Done;” got “Invalid password,” with NO EXPLANATION. 1. It’s 2021; there is literally no excuse for not giving users *complete* information on *all* password requirements *at the start.* AMC (the movie theater) has been able to do it since 2013; you should be able to do it. 2. It’s 2021; error messages that don’t tell users how to fix the error are simply amateurish. 3. It’s 2021; passwords of *any length* should be acceptable (because I’m betting the issue is that you hid a length requirement there and that’s why it’s being rejected; either that, or there are ASCII special characters that you can’t handle, even though, again, decent systems have been able to handle any combo of characters for years now - and don’t try to use the, “oh, we’re trying to prevent injection attacks” thing, because again, a decent system can recognize those and block them). Do better. EDIT: Indeed - when I updated the length from 100 char to 64 char, your system accepted it without issue. For the love of God, why did you decide to hide this requirement from users??? Have I mentioned it’s 2021 and anyone who knows anything about good design practice has known to do this for years??


Zelle’s Niche is your bank.

Zelle would be the perfect digital checkbook, if they could convince banks to treat them like a separate, trusted app. Instead, most of the time it gets reduced to a crappy widget hidden in online banking apps. If you’re the typical Zelle customer, Zelle has the ability to instantly add money to your traditional bank account as soon as you get paid. No more bogus 2-business-day transfers or 1% transfer fees. In a world where everyone keeps a bank account that uses Zelle, Zelle would be perfect. Your checks, debit card, savings account, and ATM access would be joined by a powerful, simple mobile app that allows you to pay someone using your bank without having an external balance (which is the case for Venmo, Apple Cash, Google Pay, PayPal, and so many others). This is Zelle’s leg up on the competition. Unfortunately, Zelle’s features themselves typically are only available through the mobile banking app that your bank offers, leaving it subject to frequent log-outs and wonky security barriers that the average user isn’t able to deal with in casual situations. This makes asking people to “pay me with Zelle” in the moment a non-option and largely defeats the purpose of the app.


The JOYS of money!

To be honest I was a little skeptic about it, then once I downloaded it and played around with it, I knew I was going to be using this FOREVER! No waiting for the weekend to be over to receive your money, no 5-7 business days on waiting either for your money to be sent over, no hassle on asking if anyone or I have received the money. This app literally allows the money being sent over to go straight into your card with no holds, no fees, no hassle at all. Me, my family and friends use this app all the time when one has forgotten money or their wallets- LOL! I can say that using this app really is a life saver. Only, ONE bad thing I do have to say is that you can’t send others money unless you have their correct mobile phone numbers. I’ve tried to see if I can add people through my contacts but it only allows to input numbers, like literally I gotta grab a pen and paper to write down peoples numbers because once you input a number or an incorrect phone number it’s a good bye to whoever you’re sending money too. So make sure the number you’re sending money to is ALWAYS CORRECT! I hope that they do update this app and allow us to add friends on here.


I wish I could give ZERO stars!

This is the dumbest money-transferring app I have ever used in my life!!! Originally all was fine, but after several months of not using the app, I got a new phone. Fast forward 6-8 months. My dad sent me money through Zelle. So I download the app on my new phone and prepare to login. It continued to give me an error message. So I call CS and what they tell me literally blew my mind. They said “oh well, your account was closed due to something that either your bank or your cell phone provider reported to us. I can’t tell you what because it’s confidential, but it could have been anhthing from your bank account got hacked, or your bank account went to a $0 balance at some point, or that you changed cell phone providers” and I said “well I ported my # from t-mobile to Verizon” and she says “yeah that very well could have been it.” I said “ok well how do I get my account re-opened?” And she says…..”oh you can’t it’s just closed.” I said “forever?” She says “possibly. We don’t know how long it will keep you from re-opening.” 🤯🤯🤯🤯 seriously?!? We aren’t talking about an instance of fraud here. I literally changed cell providers. This is asinine!!! That makes zero sense!!! With policies like this, I guess I am grateful that they closed my account.



This company has the absolute, most atrocious customer service that I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. I kept getting a wrong password error after trying the only few passwords I use for my accounts, and there was not any “Forgot Password” links to be found on the website or app. Upon calling Customer Service the first time, I was talked to like I was an idiot and was never actually helped with resetting my password. I was told that he had done some re-figuring on his end and I could try to log back in as a new user (keep in mind - I already have had an account) in 10 minutes. Upon trying to gain access to my account yet again, my number had been blocked. I contacted Customer Service and they told me there was nothing they could do and that the app would give me the option to deactivate my account later, but that I would not be able to use the app or get into my account for 30 days. I told the lady to deactivate my account today and I’m hoping that actually went through. Why isn’t there an option to change my password if forgotten?? It’s absolutely ridiculous. I also find it unsettling that there supposedly is no way to get into the account that has my banking information in it for at least 30 days. With that being said - do NOT use this app!



Ten days ago a friend sent me a payment via Zelle from their bank. I didn’t have the Zelle app and my bank wasn’t listed on their site, so I downloaded the app and followed the steps listed on their site to receive my funds. The app froze twice as I was trying to register. In most cases this would be a warning flag to me that something was sketchy - for an app to freeze up after I’ve provided my debut info and password. On the third try it took. I waited for the payment being sent to me to show up on the activity tab. Two days and nothing, so I call. I’m told the money will go through to my bank in two to three days. The customer support guy made no effort to look up the transaction, my account, or explain anything at all other than to say it will happen. A week after receiving the payment text from my friend I still hadn’t received the funds and nothing showed on my activity screen of the app. Yet the app has my phone number, emails, and debit card info correct. Again, sketchy. If not for the reviews and apparent fact that many banks utilize this app, I’d delete it and put in an alert with my bank. Now, ten days since this initiated, I’ve yet to receive my money or hear back from Zelle in response to my email from four days ago.


Great idea, poor execution

So the idea is simple enough, but there are some flaws in the app, the biggest being that, when a payment fails (and you receive an error message), your activity feed still shows as payment sent! Your payment didn’t send. Payment sent! Seriously. Customer service was rough. I completed the form online, and 2 days later I received and email saying to call customer service. So I did. I navigated my way through a wonky “press 2 for...” style menu, and after 2 circular rounds, I sat waiting for 18 minutes. Once the rep answered, we went through 3 rounds of her going silent. She could hear everything I was saying, but I couldn’t hear her. And then after 30 seconds she’d come back, until she didn’t around minute 23. She also opined that a slow app load was likely related to the same network problems they were clearly having with their phones. Only problem...the app always seems to load slow and take longer to log me in. I think PayPal is smoother, provides faster and more comprehensive service, and provides me better records and accuracy. Fix the kinks, align payment/send/activity, and there’s potential to bump up the rating.


Worked one until it didn’t!

For a while (maybe a year) Zelle had been working perfectly! The people I worked for would text me that they had sent money, I would receive the notification from zelle, and there it was! IN MY ACCOUNT, IMMEDIATELY. The past couple of weeks as been an entirely different story. I’ve had people tell me they’ve sent me money multiple times to receive nothing, I have pending transactions for clients trying to pay me and they’re telling me that zelle isn’t going to let it go through for a few days. Your convenience is quickly becoming an inconvenience to myself and my clients. I depend on my money to purchase supplies for the next job and now I have to wait for meager funds to arrive multiple days later, when I could have just taken a check to the bank and had money THAT day. This is the only reason I use your service and will not continue to use you if this is going to be the new standard. And YES I have registered both my phone and email through zelle, despite what their useless phone recording poorly suggests. Being annoyed with an app is one thing, but don’t screw around with people’s livelihoods.



I received an email saying that “we noticed that a different name was used to re-enroll with Zelle which doesn’t match with what you previously used to enroll with Zelle”. I have not used Zelle in months and honestly do not like the app at all as I use cashapp and PayPal. I tried in the past to delete the account, but it wouldn’t let me. I called customer service and was not given a name of the agent. He was rude and completely disregarded my issues by pushing me to keep the account open. I told him several times that I am worried about my identity as my email is being used on an account that I did not create and in the email it said I “re-enrolled” even though I did not do such thing. He kept saying that my email was unlinked and I could relink it. After pretty much having to get quite aggressive with this man for not helping me at all, I hung up. They do not care about helping you. My email, which is used on my bank accounts, my many bills, and other subscriptions is being used on a Zelle account I did not create. I am extremely upset about the outcome and hope no one uses Zelle in the future or god forbid have any problems with it as they are not of help.


Do NOT install... 0 STARS if I had that option!

Coming from a very honest and educated person do yourself a favor and do NOT use Zelle. I have been on hold multiple hours due to technical issues on their end which has not allowed me to receive any payments. My account is in “limbo” as the representative stated and needs to be deactivated however I cannot deactivate it as it is something they do on their end. I have been promised multiple times to receive a call backs from management, customer support, and technical support, I have yet to receive any calls from anyone. They guaranteed deactivation within 48 hours and my account is still showing active. The company I subcontract for has done multiple cancellations as Zelle requested and sent new payments and I still cannot receive payments because of a technical issue on their end. Please do yourself a favor find another outfit to send and receive payments unless you don’t mind terrible customer service, long hours on hold to speak to a representative (if you’re lucky to get through), dishonest promises for call backs and errors on Zelle’s end with accounts they can’t seem to deactivate along with your money and account being in “limbo.” If you don’t mind that then this app might be for you.


Most Pathetic Customer Service

I recently had to speak to Zelle Level 2 support because apparently changing my network carrier (even without changing phone numbers or devices) causes problems with the way Zelle works. I started receiving some A410 error while trying to login. On a quick Google, I found one option to delete and reinstall the app. While that got around the problem of login issues, the app wouldn’t allow me to register my debit card. The level 2 support guy (Lewis) said it was a bank problem!! Even after explaining that it was the same card I was using earlier and that when I had a similar problem earlier, it was fixed by Zelle and not the bank. He literally told me to use alternate banks or go use another app - saying I was free to use alternate apps. For one, I cannot imagine this is an uncommon issue of switching carriers. The fact that I have to call in level 2 support for such an issue is pathetic. And then the support person had the audacity to simply tell me to switch by banking provider or go use another app just tells me they don’t really care. I am done with Zelle for life unless it’s integrated with my bank and that’s the only choice I have.


Terrible Customer Service

Not even sure where to start. It’s been 13 days since I received an email from asking to create my account so I could receive a transfer of funds. To this day... I have yet to receive any money!! ... I set up my account with the email sent to me. I then added my phone number so I could confirm my account. All of this took place the same day. I waited 4 days and send in an email ticket to discover the status of my transfer. Note trying to talk to a REAL human is yet another excruciating experience.... Their email support reply said that I had to contact my bank to make sure my account was set up.. I did and my bank (Chase, who is one of their listed partner banks) confirmed that Zelle was linked to my account and I could receive transfers. I waited another day and sent another email asking where my funds are. They then replied saying that the person sending the funds had to check with their bank. He did and his bank confirmed the funds had been transferred and the money was gone. Now Zelle is saying they never touch the money? Talk about pointing fingers elsewhere.. my friend now had to File a claim with his bank to get the money back.. which will take more time... and I still do not have any money...


Hard to enroll, insecure, no release notes

It’s what you’d expect from yet another attempt at making transferring money easier. If you’re unfortunate enough to be the recipient of money through Zelle, you might keep your sanity if your bank is one of the 10 or so supported ones. Otherwise you get to download this “easy” app, verify your phone number (if you get through the errors), enter and verify your email address, enter a debit card (of which you at least can take a picture instead of entering the number; you still need to enter the exp date, CCV, name and billing address though), and type, by hand, an insecure password that you can both type on your phone and remember. If you use a password manager, you’re out of luck, because you can’t copy or paste the password; Makes Zelle an easy target for hackers. Once you’ve done all that, maybe it’s easy to send and receive money. But, it would have been much easier to use PayPal or just enter an account and routing number. Or send a paper check, walk to the bank, go in instead of using the ATM, chat with the teller a bit, deposit it, and pick up a mint on the way out - that’d be easier and you’d get exercise, conversation, and a free mint. Do that instead.


Zelle works great!

I am going to tell you I use Zelle a lot. It is instant and it is free. I am only giving this a 1 star because I wrote a 3 star in the past and it got NO attention by the company. However, I want to see which bank I have attached to my email, phone number, etc. I have a local bank because there are just some things you can’t do online, yet. I also have a credit union that I use for their higher interest rates. I have yet another bank that deals quite a bit with stocks and crypto and can’t keep up with which bank uses: my email, phone number, etc. I just ask there could be a list somewhere within the app or an easier way to check/update this within the zelle program within the banking apps. This “list” is really the only reason I have give this a 1 star and when this is updated, I will absolutely be changing this to a 5 star. The app is great. Please don’t keep from using this app because of this one rating. If you only use one institution or only use to pay a buddy to split a food bill at a restaurant, this app is amazing. It just needs an update with which institution on the app is attached to which phone, email, etc.


Debit cards are not supported

I have a couple different debit cards and needed to get this app for an emergency money transfer from someone who only had this app and didn’t know how to use other apps so I said ok I’ll just get Zelle and that will be that..I thought. Then the simplest and easiest part of signing up for any cash transfer app (connecting to your checking account) was impossible. So I figured I’d use my secondary checking account only to be stiff armed, “invalid debit card” ok so then maybe it would be better if you had a list of banks that are compatible since my MasterCard AND my visa debit were both invalid. I’m so sick of everything becoming so complicated. Going back to Venmo which hasn’t given me a single issue. Zelle- take notes from other cash transfer apps, yours is unusable and seems like with all the endless 1 Star (probably more like 0 Star) reviews with frustrated users who are probably competent enough to do anything else that can be done on any app, that means the problem is on your end. I hope (and suggest!) that you hire some tech professionals who can configure your app to be more user friendly, or functional would be good too!

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Zelle customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact Zelle directly

Is Zelle Safe?

No. Zelle does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 389,511 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Zelle Is 14.2/100.

Is Zelle Legit?

No. Zelle does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 389,511 Zelle User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Zelle Is 14.2/100.

Is Zelle not working?

Zelle works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Brian
May 23 2021

Downloaded this app to collect a debt from someone. I sent a request for funds to this individual and received a screenshot confirming my REQUEST. Instead of receiving funds Zelle transferred funds from my account to the person who already owed me money. When I contacted them they refused to correct their mistake

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
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