Zelle Reviews

Zelle Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-03

Zelle® has partnered with leading banks and credit unions across the U.S. to
bring you a fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends and family. Money
moves quickly - directly from bank account to bank account. If your bank or
credit union offers Zelle, you already have it in your m...

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Zelle Reviews

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    Unable to verify password

    When you make an app that directly links a user's DEBIT CARD to their account (with no other options or protections provided), you'd better make sure it's operational, but instead we have this. About a week ago, I got a 3:45AM text from Zelle for an automatic transfer (no one was sending me money that early in the morning). I went to change notification settings -- only to discover that I needed my password to turn off their text messaging. That's when I realized I had forgotten my password. At the time I couldn't find any place on their app to reset it, and because I have an outside bank, I don't have access to a web account. I did try "forgot password?" on the Zelle portal but never received an email. This didn't lock me out of my account; I just couldn't make any account changes. Fast forward to today -- the app has logged me out (possibly due to an update?), and while it does now give me a "forgot password" option, after resetting it, I get the error message "unable to verify password." I even wrote it down to make sure I re-entered it correctly, but no luck. And that's where I am stuck -- completely locked out of my account. I am beyond frustrated. I use this to get money transfers from family, and I never had a single issue with clearxchange. Now with this forced switchover to Zelle, I can't do even the simplest task. Either fix the app or give us a website, because right now this is absolutely useless.

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    Won’t work on most phones

    After 4 days and over 9 hrs total on hold, was finally told that this service WILL NOT WORK ON MOST PHONE NETWORKS. The second level tech support told me that “Unfortunately the zelle app and service will not function on wi-fi, and only recognizes a few (att, verizon, and sprint) phone carriers. All others are locked out, but WILL TAKE your banking and personal information and retain it in their system.” The reason this company is headquartered in the Philippines is because they are safe from federal criminal charges being filed against them. For such a young company, they have an overwhelming number of complaints lodged against them..(check out the reviews on the app page). The zelle rep even told me to change phone companies so I can get their service. Clear exchange had no problems... zelle is nothing but one giant problem that is illegally mining peoples banking and personal information for their own personal gain, while forcing those who are/were set up through a direct deposit system to receive their paychecks from work.... who are now unable to receive those funds, as zelle holds those funds in limbo refusing to refund the money back to original sender for 30 days. CRIMINAL !!!!!!! How the apple app store even allowed this financial virus into it’s app system is mind boggling. BEWARE!!!! and stay far away from zelle. You have been warned by someone who stayed diligent until they got the answers and truth from this scam organization.

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    The JOYS of money!

    To be honest I was a little skeptic about it, then once I downloaded it and played around with it, I knew I was going to be using this FOREVER! No waiting for the weekend to be over to receive your money, no 5-7 business days on waiting either for your money to be sent over, no hassle on asking if anyone or I have received the money. This app literally allows the money being sent over to go straight into your card with no holds, no fees, no hassle at all. Me, my family and friends use this app all the time when one has forgotten money or their wallets- LOL! I can say that using this app really is a life saver. Only, ONE bad thing I do have to say is that you can’t send others money unless you have their correct mobile phone numbers. I’ve tried to see if I can add people through my contacts but it only allows to input numbers, like literally I gotta grab a pen and paper to write down peoples numbers because once you input a number or an incorrect phone number it’s a good bye to whoever you’re sending money too. So make sure the number you’re sending money to is ALWAYS CORRECT! I hope that they do update this app and allow us to add friends on here.

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    This company has the absolute, most atrocious customer service that I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. I kept getting a wrong password error after trying the only few passwords I use for my accounts, and there was not any “Forgot Password” links to be found on the website or app. Upon calling Customer Service the first time, I was talked to like I was an idiot and was never actually helped with resetting my password. I was told that he had done some re-figuring on his end and I could try to log back in as a new user (keep in mind - I already have had an account) in 10 minutes. Upon trying to gain access to my account yet again, my number had been blocked. I contacted Customer Service and they told me there was nothing they could do and that the app would give me the option to deactivate my account later, but that I would not be able to use the app or get into my account for 30 days. I told the lady to deactivate my account today and I’m hoping that actually went through. Why isn’t there an option to change my password if forgotten?? It’s absolutely ridiculous. I also find it unsettling that there supposedly is no way to get into the account that has my banking information in it for at least 30 days. With that being said - do NOT use this app!

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    Do NOT install... 0 STARS if I had that option!

    Coming from a very honest and educated person do yourself a favor and do NOT use Zelle. I have been on hold multiple hours due to technical issues on their end which has not allowed me to receive any payments. My account is in “limbo” as the representative stated and needs to be deactivated however I cannot deactivate it as it is something they do on their end. I have been promised multiple times to receive a call backs from management, customer support, and technical support, I have yet to receive any calls from anyone. They guaranteed deactivation within 48 hours and my account is still showing active. The company I subcontract for has done multiple cancellations as Zelle requested and sent new payments and I still cannot receive payments because of a technical issue on their end. Please do yourself a favor find another outfit to send and receive payments unless you don’t mind terrible customer service, long hours on hold to speak to a representative (if you’re lucky to get through), dishonest promises for call backs and errors on Zelle’s end with accounts they can’t seem to deactivate along with your money and account being in “limbo.” If you don’t mind that then this app might be for you.

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    Terrible Customer Service

    Not even sure where to start. It’s been 13 days since I received an email from asking to create my account so I could receive a transfer of funds. To this day... I have yet to receive any money!! ... I set up my account with the email sent to me. I then added my phone number so I could confirm my account. All of this took place the same day. I waited 4 days and send in an email ticket to discover the status of my transfer. Note trying to talk to a REAL human is yet another excruciating experience.... Their email support reply said that I had to contact my bank to make sure my account was set up.. I did and my bank (Chase, who is one of their listed partner banks) confirmed that Zelle was linked to my account and I could receive transfers. I waited another day and sent another email asking where my funds are. They then replied saying that the person sending the funds had to check with their bank. He did and his bank confirmed the funds had been transferred and the money was gone. Now Zelle is saying they never touch the money? Talk about pointing fingers elsewhere.. my friend now had to File a claim with his bank to get the money back.. which will take more time... and I still do not have any money...

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    Hard to enroll, insecure, no release notes

    It’s what you’d expect from yet another attempt at making transferring money easier. If you’re unfortunate enough to be the recipient of money through Zelle, you might keep your sanity if your bank is one of the 10 or so supported ones. Otherwise you get to download this “easy” app, verify your phone number (if you get through the errors), enter and verify your email address, enter a debit card (of which you at least can take a picture instead of entering the number; you still need to enter the exp date, CCV, name and billing address though), and type, by hand, an insecure password that you can both type on your phone and remember. If you use a password manager, you’re out of luck, because you can’t copy or paste the password; Makes Zelle an easy target for hackers. Once you’ve done all that, maybe it’s easy to send and receive money. But, it would have been much easier to use PayPal or just enter an account and routing number. Or send a paper check, walk to the bank, go in instead of using the ATM, chat with the teller a bit, deposit it, and pick up a mint on the way out - that’d be easier and you’d get exercise, conversation, and a free mint. Do that instead.

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    Unable to authenticate

    For reasons unknown they can’t authenticate my account I believe is because I switched carriers and my information is not fully linked with my new carrier or new bank or whatever. I used it through a bank in the past but the app itself is complicated and the support picks up the phone quick but they can’t actually do anything. If the app denies accessibility because it can’t authenticate your information the support team can’t identify which information is incorrect Or even look into further. Once you get that error it’s over apparently my thing is it’s wrong! I had the same information for a long period of time my address on file, number, email are all the same with my bank and carrier it makes no sense at all! The fact that they can’t even refresh the process or have anyone who can do a deep investigation on the problem is beyond me. What billion dollar app is in complete control of itself? Maybe the support specialist I talked to was misinformed that’s always a possibility. Looking on google it seems maybe even my carrier (spectrum mobile) and/ or my credit union is the reason for this but I wouldn’t know because they don’t have that information.

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    Avoid Zelle. One star because zero stars is not an option. If you have to change your bank info good luck getting paid. You can’t change the debit card info in the app or online. You have to call them. After an endless wait you get first level support, which is useless. They don’t know anything, can’t do anything, and some of them barely speak English. After you struggle to understand them and to make yourself understood, they finally transfer you to second level support. This is where you go to die. The wait there is interminable. If you give up you can’t get paid. If you persist chances are you’ll still end up in limbo while they muck around with your account and hold your payments. If you have to add a different debit card they have to delete your account so you can register as a new user and add a new debit card. When they finally called to say my account was deleted and I could now register, I got an error message that my profile was locked, have to call them. Another interminable hold with no resolution. In the meantime of course I can’t receive payments. This company should not be allowed to handle people’s money and Apple should remove their app from the App Store.

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    Suddenly decided I was not eligible.

    I am a nanny for a family who’s parents live in another state and I watch the children when they’re in town, and this is how I got paid. It was working just fine I got my payment with no problem. I use a bank that they don’t have a partnership with but it worked just fine if I just put in my card number. So the mother tried to pay me again today and said the transaction could not be processed, so I check my account and it says there’s suspicious activity related to my phone number. Which is bull because when I called that was not the problem at all. So I wait on hold for maybe 20 minutes and the woman who answered was very nice but she checked out my account and said “I was no longer eligible.” My account was just working fine when the last payment came through 2 weeks ago so you can imagine my confusion. So I asked and she said I am no longer eligible for the stand alone app and basically that there was nothing I can do. She said “so you can go ahead and delete the app” like it was a good thing. If you’re going to offer accounts to those who don’t have a partnership, don’t randomly go through and decide who is and is not eligible.

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    Don’t bother with this app

    This company is a joke! The process for migrating from ClearXchange to Zelle is beyond atrocious. A bunch of 6 year olds could do it better, but that’s the banking industry for ya! On the phone for almost 2 hours only to find out there’s no way to continue to receive company payments with ClearXchange - despite the ClearXchange FAQ’s stating to call customer support if you’re concerned about this. Because... surprise, customer service is now Zelle and can’t do anything for you under ClearXchange. Then why do you have it in the FAQ’s to call?! And the “201” error I kept getting when trying to use the Zelle app is because I’m “no longer qualified to use Zelle.” That really had to be escalated to a Level 2 tech?? What a waste of time! It took nearly an hour to get that answer. Also, it’s fine if you’re going to outsource your call center, but for the love of god please ensure those answering the calls have a firm grasp on the English language. My time on the phone could’ve been greatly minimized had the men who answered my calls been able understand my issue instead of being so confused and going in circles giving me the same canned answer every time. Never again.

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    It does not work

    After downloading the app and set it up I was unable to use Zelle with the incorporated account in my another bank. Then the bank deleted my email that was creating incompatibility. After that the Zelle app never worked again. First gave me the error: “log in error, please review your credentials and try again”. I changed the password so many times and never worked. Called Zelle support and the first line of service I believe are abroad, no kindness, no customer service driven, yet talk rude, I felt I was bothering them by calling. The second line of service is better but did not solve the problem. They blamed on my iOS version, my WiFi connection, my cellphone provider. They made me delete, download the app and reset my phone more times that I can remember. The last straw was when they try to blame in the bank from which I am using the debit card, since it is the same bank I work I figured they were just guessing and they did not know what is wrong with the app. I requested to have another line of support and they simply said that there was no solution for me. Very bad experience and very poor customer service.

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    Error fixed promptly

    Someone had sent me some $$ so I had to set up this app. So when I went to set up the app it gave an error because my bank is not high profile so I just called them ...they asked some questions and they fixed error in a very efficient and timely manner. Very polite and though I know it takes a little time to see what was wrong, patient would be the word I would use for folks who don’t have any. I read a review that seemed quit completely incorrect in facts. In review a lot of business and it is important to support business. When there is a problem we should be respectful to the process as people are not machines but performing a service as protocol and process evolves. I have reviewed business with low stars to help them positively and respectfully that they can make the adjustments needed to customers satisfaction and resolve any further conflicts or concerns. Thank you ZELLE for being very professional and communication with tech department was outstanding.

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    It would have been easier to just go to the bank

    This service is the most user u friendly service I’ve ever seen. I registered for Zelle via my bank’s mobile app using my email, but that wouldn’t pop up when my friend searched me to send me money, so I had to reregister using my phone number. I then got a confirmation text that she deposited funds into my account, but I guess the first time one uses the app it can take several business days to deposit the funds, which currently still aren’t in my account. But hey for some reason I got a reminder text that my friend sent me funds even though there appears to currently be nothing I can do to access the funds. So I tried registering on the Zelle app as well (even though I already registered via my bank), however the funds still aren’t appearing anywhere. I called the customer service number, but there isn’t even an option to speak to a person, you just go through a maze of an automated recording system that is suppose to answer all your questions. It would have just been easier, and faster, for my friend and I to drive to the bank and withdraw the funds.

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    Garbage & Bad Tech Support

    I know this platform has someone managed to win Integration contracts with banks all over the country, but I’ve attempted to use this app a total of 3 times and have had major issues 2 of those times, including the first time I was sent funds. I spent close to 2 collective hours with multiple tech support individuals who told me everything from my Debit card number automatically excluded me from being able to use their service, to my bank not working with Zelle yet is why I couldn’t collect the money sent me. Finally I spoke to someone with a brain in their head who was able to figure out a solution, but the literal hours I spent on the phone left me with a terrible taste about this company. Today i tried to use the app to Send money to someone else, this time that individual being the first time user, and of course, it won’t process the transaction. Tech support tells me that all my information is fine, her bank tells her that it’s me. Facebook and Google/Apple have got this figured out - I don’t know why the company the banks have chosen to work with has so much trouble.

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Is Zelle Safe?

No. Zelle does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 355,219 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Zelle Is 13.1/100.

Is Zelle Legit?

No. Zelle does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 355,219 Zelle User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Zelle Is 13.1/100.

Is Zelle not working?

Zelle works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Brian
May 23 2021

Downloaded this app to collect a debt from someone. I sent a request for funds to this individual and received a screenshot confirming my REQUEST. Instead of receiving funds Zelle transferred funds from my account to the person who already owed me money. When I contacted them they refused to correct their mistake

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