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Contact Google Maps

Published by on 2022-09-12

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Reported Issues: 16 Comments

By getdemgators

No longer user friendly

App used to be okay. There was a time when this app would give you turn by turn navigation, after you made a turn it would indicate the next regardless of distance, so you could anticipate the next set of directions and change lanes accordingly. A few updates ago they removed this feature for who knows why. Initially it wasn't a big deal because you could simply zoom out quickly to see the next turn yourself. Now they have made it so sensitive if you touch the screen or attempt to move the map to see where to go next it starts spinning wildly and fighting whatever you try and do to see the location you are going towards. For example you are driving straight and are going to make a left turn in 1 mile and the address is only 1.2 miles away. So you think “okay I can zoom out a bit to see if the business is on the left or right side of the road after the turn” WRONG if you try to slide the map further to see where to go it will start orienting itself in opposition of what you are trying to do. Zoom in, zoom out, and flip your always North facing settings for no apparent reason. Stop messing with the apps fundamental settings you are going to be responsible for accidents, erratic lane changes, missed exits off the freeway, etc. It is ridiculous and absolutely irresponsible to make such drastic changes in an apps basic functions that people need to use daily.

By strooberries

worst navigation at the worst time

My friends & I were coming back from SF & our gas was almost out so we had to pull over & the city we got stuck in was Commerce, being from around the Newport area, we were shocked. We were pumping our gas at the mobil station on E 8th street & the men there have zero boundaries. We were already uncomfortable by how dirty the environment was & the amount of homeless people, the smell was rancid as well. This big guy walked up to our car making weird noises, looked at all of us, & just stood right next to my friend & just stared at her to the point where she couldn’t even finish putting a full tank & left. Now that you could imagine how uncomfortable we were, we opened the google maps app to get us back on the freeway, big mistake. It didn’t know where it was going, for every .5 miles we drove, it would constantly say “recalculating” & it took us to a back ally way with graffiti & what looked to be abandoned homes because they were fenced up with wood pinned on their doors & windows. That was only 8 minutes after driving & only pumping gas for 2 minutes & it was still saying “recalculating”. we closed that app & took out maps from apple & was given a much shorter path & we were on the freeway in a minute. Never using google maps again, also mentioning that the app is incredibly slow, hard to use, & gives the slowest directions compared to the maps app on iphone.

By :-/!?


Drove home from New York to Indianapolis and this app increased our trip by 2 hours. Leaving the Bronx should’ve taken 10 minutes because there is an on ramp to I-95 right by the house we were in. We knew how to get to the highway without using the map but we didn’t even bat an eye that we were using the app from the get go because one would think it would just take you on the quickest route. Nah. This app took us 40 minutes through the Bronx and made us sit through morning traffic. Once we crossed the George Washington Bridge, it asked it we wanted to take I-70 instead of I-80 because it’s 3 minutes faster. I clicked no be cause 70 is littered with tolls on the PA Turnpike and 2 minutes later it asks the same question. I said no again. Then I realized an hour later we are still in New Jersey when we should’ve been out of it by now. I thought it was strange we were still on 95. Sure enough I checked the map and saw that we were on I-95 south and headed for 70 after saying no TWICE. The voice never even told us to exit on to I-80 which happens almost immediately after getting off the GW bridge. This app is 5 stars in sending you to the most inconvenient routes and not communicating properly. I would give it no stars if possible. Spent over $100 in tolls when they should’ve been avoided because I should’ve been on I-80. Tired of having my money and time wasted because of this app.

By Steve Sunseri
Nov 18 2022

We need a courthouse address moved from 828 S. Irma Blvd to 607 E. Worthey St. in Gonzales, Louisiana and I need to change the owner to me. It is the 23rd Judicial District Court. it still shows on the old address.

By haydn gregory
Aug 02 2022

i live in a rural area and 12 addresses have the same postcode one being a camp site and google maps sends everyone to my address how can i stop this

By Henry Gilmore / Business Name : Gilmore Mortuary Services 401 West Sugar Creek Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213
Jun 02 2022

I have a false bad nasty review on google maps by Kendal Brown. I don't know who this person is, and it is a false and lying review. Please remove this nasty false review from my reviews. It can hurt my small business. Thanks, Mr. Gilmore, Owner

Jun 02 2022



By P S Ramasubbu
May 20 2022

How to change to ENGLISH?

By William (Bill) Cummings Sr
May 10 2022

The addresses that y’all put for our place , House is wrong when Google came here to do it I even told the guy he put it in wrong the county has tried to correct it by even putting up a new street sign because y’all are trying to change the name of the street it doesn’t work all our deliveries are being shipped 5 miles away from us because I can’t get someone to call me I can’t call no one when I do call Alec it is a damn recording that hangs up on us I would appreciate some help in getting this fixed I know it’s got to be simple. My phone number is 512-818-0884 thank you

By Jane
May 09 2022

I've just looked up my home address.
My car parked on the drive way along with my neighbours vehicles are displaying the full number plates for all to see.
I thought that this information should be private?

By neeraj tiwari
Apr 21 2022

sir maira add kiya huwa placce gyatribhawan pr q&a mai kohi v answer kr raha h jo glat information de kr logon se paise mang rha h or frod kr rha h mai chahta hu ye q&a band ho maire businnes se

By Ferdi
Mar 23 2022

Good day. I just want to hear when google maps updates there maps as this place where I live appears on the map but there is no fence around it and this business has always had fencing around it. There are businesses next to me which cannot appear on the maps as there is something else in that place. How do I get updated maps?

By richard H gross
Feb 11 2022

I live at 4238 Bucanan TRL W. Greencastle, PA 17225 and I work FROM home witch I have to clock in useing my cell phone and google maping the problem is you have my address as the woods next to me so every morning I have to go out of my house go to the woods next to my house to clock in. so is their anything you can do to fix this THANKS, Richard Gross

By Pete Golden
Jan 08 2022

We live on Double Bridge Rd. Demorest Ga. When we navigate our Tesla up Double Bridge Rd just before the end of the road there is a short road, Peyton Place, going left. No mater what way I want to go it turns onto Peyton is a very short. Hardly paved road. Can this be fixed?

By Steve Nelson
May 09 2021

It looks like you've misspelled the word "Vinted" on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. I've used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


By Maria Campbell
Apr 28 2021

It looks like you've misspelled the word "Vinted" on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. I've used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


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