Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-13

About: Connect with friends, family and people who share the same interests as you.
Communicate privately, watch your favorite content, buy and sell items or just
spend time with your community.

About Facebook

What is Facebook? The Facebook app is a social media platform that allows users to connect with friends, family, and people who share similar interests. Users can communicate privately, watch their favorite content, buy and sell items, and spend time with their community. The app also allows users to stay up to date with their loved ones, express themselves through their profile and posts, and discover events happening near them.



- Share what's on your mind, announce major life events through posts, and celebrate everyday moments with Stories

- Express yourself through your profile and posts, watch, react, interact, and stay in touch with friends throughout the day

- Connect with people who share your interests with Groups and discover more groups relevant to you

- Use the Groups tab as a hub to quickly access all your groups content and find relevant groups based on your interests with the new discovery tool and recommendations

- Discover events happening near you, businesses to support, local groups, and activities to be part of

- Check out local recommendations from your friends, then coordinate with them and make plans to get together

- Raise funds for a cause that’s important to you, mentor someone who wants help achieving their goals, and connect with other people to find or give supplies, food, or shelter in the event of a local crisis

- Enjoy entertainment together with Watch and discover all kinds of content from original shows to creators to trending videos in topics like beauty, sports, and entertainment

- Join conversations, share with others, interact with viewers and creators, and watch together like never before

- Buy and sell with Marketplace and discover everything from household items to your next car or apartment

- List your own item for sale and conveniently communicate with buyers and sellers through Messenger.

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Key Benefits of Facebook

- Ability to keep in touch with friends

- Privacy features

- Recent iPhone updated with latest iOS

22 Facebook Reviews

3.6 out of 5


Facebook is causing my phone to malfunction

I have a fairly recent iPhone updated with latest iOS and have had so many issues for a long time now. I’ve had the this app app on my phone since I got it(who hasn’t!) recently I decided to take a social media hiatus (we all need to!) and deleted the this app app completely from my phone. If I logged on I used the browser but it was slow and I couldn’t do the same things such as upload/share/comment certain pics or videos so I decided to re-download Facebook last night. Now the entire time it was off my phone I didn’t have one single issue with my phone. Now that I have this app back on my phone I’ve had nothing but problems. Other apps freezing or completely exiting out of Facebook while I’m using it even my messages are messing up sending duplicates or just keeps bumping the same message to the bottom of the screen like I just sent it over and over. Why would my phone work perfectly without it and then the second it’s back I can’t do anything 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 what’s up zuck! Why is your app interfering with my phone so bad! Highly considering ditching the whole of social media all together now. Bad app!
Note: my phone has no physical damages it is not cracked or broken as it’s spent it’s whole life since unboxing in an otterbox case with a screen protector I have had diagnostics run on it and there were no issues with my internal systems or my connections to networks. The this app app is the only thing that changed.


Horrible not even 1 star

I used to enjoy this app. Now it has become a mediocre social media site with an even worse app interface. Half of the perks and or extras don’t work in it anymore. The GIF keyboard is blank now! So you can’t even use it. My app is up to date and so app version is not the issue. As if that weren’t bad enough, I have to scroll through Ad after ad after ad after ad for well over five minutes before I can even see posts from friends or family. I do not allow this app to track any of my offsite activities because then they show you EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that you have shopped for, scrolled past, etc.. in the last month! There are so many more social media sites on the web, with apps for them, that don’t police your every move! I was banned for 4 days for sharing a story from 18 years ago about some pervert that assaulted an older lady in the grocery line in front of me, who then stepped up to my daughter who was 5 at the time. I am no coward, but I am a momma bear! So, you can picture where that went! Anyhow, If you are looking for a genuine social media app, that supports or even allows Christian values, or conservative opinions, Facebook IS NOT FOR YOU! I would recommend GETTR, TruthSocia, Gab, CloutHub or anything else but Fakebook! Don’t give this Section230 arrogant elitist the opportunity to take away your Constitutional Rights any longer! There are so many options for Social Media that are actually enjoyable



this app’s ever changing “community standards” leave the doors open to violations, account suspensions and even account removals based on posts that are often one, two or as much a seven years old. Like writing a ticket for running a stop sign to someone years before the sign was even installed. Not to mention, the so called “community standards” are interpreted by software and not actual humans, so the level of accuracy is ridiculously high. Certain words now trigger censors, that are common descriptors in different settings, but result in suspensions or post removals. The term “fatty” in the fishing community is a compliment to describe a great looking fish someone has caught, but it now results in posts being flagged on fishing community pages. The term “grammar nazi” to describe those who have nothing to contribute to a post but to correct someone’s grammar, spelling and punctuation….banned. And if someone doesn’t like how a discussion is going, all they have to do is report you as a “bully” or “harassment” and you get flagged in the system….doesn’t matter the content of your posts.
“Private Groups” are subject to the same rules, despite having agreements with members regarding the kind of content that will be posted and that is acceptable. And “public groups” can no longer edit out who they want to join as FB allows everyone to join and SPAM the groups.
And don’t bother trying to use Marketplace on an iPad…it crashes EVERY TIME.


Needs adjustments to algorithms and user support

I loved this app Marketplace, but now it has been “upgraded” and has so many glitches! No user support either. How can you not have a category to list Garage Sale, but you have a category for search of Garage Sale? That makes no sense! How does anyone get their ad listed under garage sale? Also, adding a date range for garage sale listings (and frankly for all listings) would help so much. I can’t tell you how many times I inquire on something only to be told the garage sale was months ago, or the item sold and they forgot to take the ad down. If you had an expiration date, that would be helpful to everyone. No customer support is huge. People get flagged for listing a Seagull statue because it is against community standards to sell animals! It is not an animal, it is a cement statue! These bans or rejections need a real person to review and help customers. If someone does break a standard, please tell them exactly what is wrong, not some obscure “bot” response. Also, the new avatar is horrible! The old one that was a “comic” version was much better. If we wanted a realistic avatar we would use a photograph! Please integrate a group of real end users in to your project team for upgrades or enhancements. I don’t know what Project Manager is running your upgrades, but they sure can’t be PMP certified because they don’t follow any of the standard project rules!


I’m getting really close to being done

FB is how I keep connected with all sorts of people I had lost contact with, but I’m getting fed up. The algorithms that decide what I see are awful and I miss I lot. I usually switch to the Recent view which does a better job, but still filters, but with every new release that gets more cumbersome to get to. Here’s an example: yesterday was my birthday, so I figured I’d see my birthday wishes at or near the top this morning. I saw several ads and then a ton of other stuff. I never did find them in my feed — I had to go to notifications and tapped on one of the notifications telling me I got a birthday wish which took me to my greetings. I’m sorry, but even if they weren’t birthday wishes, shouldn’t I be immediately seeing posts that just happened yesterday? One of my greetings had an avatar in it and a link for me to follow if I want to make an avatar too. I followed it and it said my app is out of date (which is strange since I have auto-update set on apps) and took me to Facebook Store were it did *not* show any updates to be installed. I deleted Facebook and re-installed it, thinking that should fix it, but it didn’t. Since FB has no customer support (I guess they think they’re perfect so they don’t need it) there’s nothing to do. I can try to make an avatar on another device and hope it shows up on my iPad, but that’s it.


Glitches and no fixes in sight

I use this app primarily for the market place, which by itself is an awesome platform. It’s much more user friendly and less fee driven than Etsy. That is where the good ends I’m afraid. Facebook and messenger sidecar constantly have issues updating, showing correct information, presenting errors, not sharing between devices, and show “unread” messages. The updating issues stem from updated listing items. Items on discount don’t always show to the public. I get messages that there are offers on items or that an item has sold and marketplace won’t let me connect to those messages. You have to really really dig to find them. There isn’t a way to filter unread messages and a whole host of notifications give you an unread message notification. If I contact someone about their item and they sell it to someone else or mark it pending I get a message notification but unless I find the exact conversation, that someone sold an item on, it remains in the corner. It can be hard to keep up with actual buyers when the notifications are just red herrings most of the time. For the amount of money this app makes and hopefully a whole team of well payed programmers it employees it is ridiculous the amount of issues on Facebook . Don’t even get my started on the ipad version, you can’t even use it in tandem with your commerce account.


You’re not allowed to be yourself anymore

this app used to be a fun place to connect with old school friends and family..a place where I could freely express my unique self. You used to be able to post anything you wanted whether it was true or not, just because you felt like it and nobody really cared! Some things opened up great discussions! Now, everything you share or comment is scrutinized by behind-the-screen random, ghost people. These people have their own opinions and when you freely express yourself like before, your posts or comments will be taken down, blocked or hidden, and all of your audience will be notified that your opinion or posts just happens to be something they personally disagree with. I did a test and posted 2 polar opposite opinions on an issue just to see what they would do, both of them were false news. The fake news I posted about current and political events had 2 distinct viewpoints. The one the ghost person disagreed with, was covered up and labeled as false with a link to an article for my audience to click proving their viewpoint. The other one that was also fake news, fit their personal viewpoint and they never touched it. I personally disagreed with both things I posted but found out quickly what the viewpoint was of the ghost robots behind the screens reading everybody’s personal stuff. this app is NOT a good thing!!


Thing are not the same

I have been flagged so much it’s like what this app. Half of the time when I’m flagged it does not even make sense as to why. One minute I’m not following the music rules then I go read the rules and ask what did I do wrong after making the announcement that I don’t own right to music I’m playing while workingout. Then it’s in showing nudity by sharing a link to an advertisement that FB sent to me, I go back to look no nudity everything covered but I still was flagged for sharing a link they sent to me. There is no way to really dispute these so called flags and if you do it will just remain pending and still follow you. This babysitting of adult accounts is crazy especially if it’s not being done by real people and simply by “trigger words”. Get it together and make this a place where I can express myself freely again as long as I am not picking on others and harassing them on their page I should be able to post. Instead of restricting people post on their own pages how about when others report them saying they are offended they are forced to tell their “friend” they ain’t like the post or have them forced to be removed from the “friend” page that is always triggering them. Somethings got to give. this app is such a hassle now a days!


It use to be fun… it’s disgraceful now!!!

It has gotten so bad with monitoring which I can understand within reason but I have been on there for 1 million years I never threaten … I stay out of arguments and I stay away from anything that this app has to offer because I have already been scammed a number of times they monitor you but they don’t monitor the number of people that are hacking other peoples accounts. That’s just one issue the issue is really go on… Now it’s a very leftist communist type of platform that you can only wish people happy birthday a happy anniversary congratulations my deepest sympathy an engagement just simple things things like that. Get into politics or controversial issues they are censoring you and if they don’t like what you say or do or watch … they will extra watch everything you do… just so they can punish you until you behave accordingly to this app and their rules. They were never this bad if you get Facebook you’ll see for yourself but it’s very disappointing it’s an end to an era with this app for me. And I’m glad. They are very sick people and they have nothing but sick of people running it. Yes it’s an opinion but it’s also been my experience. If you do join I wish you all the luck you’re gonna need it. Just behave the way they want you to and you shouldn’t have a problem …. At least for a while. 🙄🙄🙄


Worst customer support ever!

I’ve had the same FB account for well over 12 years and never had a single community guideline violation. I got hacked 4 days ago and they removed my original email address and phone number and changed my name and photo to a “well known public figure” and also set up a two step authorization with a physical security key so i literally had no way of accessing my account. I followed the necessary steps listed in the “help center” and even uploaded my photo ID and I still could not get into my account. I finally got approved into my account last night only to find out it was suspended due to multiple community guideline violations in regards to the “public figure”. I appealed that but woke up to an email this morning stating my account has been permanently disabled. Throughout this whole process I wasn’t given an opportunity to explain to a human about the situation. You’d think they’d be able to look at the account activity and see that all this happened within a 4 day span. Now I am out of YEARS of photos, friends, memories, and messages because of facebooks lack of a human customer support team. I normally wouldn’t care but a lot of those pictures and messages from deceased family and friends are priceless. If you’re reading this, change your password often and be sure to back up all photos.


Going downhill fast...but hoping it gets better:)

I’m great full to this app for ability to keep in touch with friends and understand they maintain a free platform. The continual and complex privacy features seem to be largely a CYA action to cover up FB own intrusion to privacy while managing to restrict freedom of speech at same time🤥 (as I currently reload one account to gain access to manage photos feature). I’ve never seen so many scam and MLM marketing advertisements as the ones forced into my newsfeed, sponsored marketplace ads (even if I choose local PU only!) ...the sheer number of obvious fake FB account friend requests (seriously, NO photos, NO friends🤪😜…and constantly ignoring my preference Not to have friend requests or suggestions from these accounts!). When scam, for profit obscure “fundraisers” are called out in comments...FB allows the companies to moderate and delete the comments...admittedly it’s a tough issue to vet advertisers- so why not let customers post feedback in comments...or have a link to public records of alleged performance of “for profit” fundraising companies hiding behind legitimate non-profits?

Sorry to rant, could go on...but I do have hope for the future...and can’t wait for more competitive platforms to develop!



The quality of this platform has seriously degraded!! Both functionally and morally. I used to feel relatively “safe” using this platform. NOW, it’s trash! Parts of it don’t even work properly (marketplace has been crashing for months, for example). Also, there’s problems with fake accounts, stolen accounts with NO channels to reach out to make a claim, the company itself is NOT concerned with your privacy or human/constitutional rights—you’re hushed and restricted with the “THREAT” of account deactivation if you’re not “in line” with “community standards”, you can’t post or comment certain things i.e. patriotism, opinions of politics, expressions of attraction to others, activities you’re involved in like events or organizations you might be involved in, even certain locations of restaurants or other venues have gotten people UNWARRANTED violations and blocked for days…to name a few. This “place” used to be better. Every time a safety issue arose, the team seemed to pounce on it instantly. Every safety concern could be found in settings and addressable by users. If another platform comes around that can achieve better ratings, I’m taking ALL of my intellectual property along with EVERY other user (friends and family) I can convince to a SAFER and FREEDOM PRESERVING platform. I’m rating it with ONE star, but it would get a -1 (negative ONE) if that was possible.



I am trying to clear out my comments on (active log) and I can’t delete some of my comments I made. When I go into active log and then (manage interactions) and try to delete some of my comments, I can’t. It shows a pop up that says, (something went wrong please try again later). When I try again a few hours later or wait a day, it still won’t let me delete the comment. It’s always the same comments I have trouble with deleting . With some other comments I can delete them just fine. Now I got a notification that says ( some of my comments that I tried to delete will still be visible to other viewers.) why can’t I delete some and some I can’t? Also I have no way to contact this app customer service at all. this app has no contact number nor does it have a way to send messages. So I can’t speak to anyone in FB. WHATS THE POINT OF HAVING A DELETE OPTIONS TO DELETE COMMENTS IF I CANT DELETE SOME? This makes no sense to me. I also went to that exact comment by going to the post and looking for the comment I wrote but it also says there is an error. So both ways I can’t delete it. I’d deactivate my account but I I need it for my business, because this account is attached to my business page and if I delete the account I won’t be able to use my business page anymore. So I’m stuck. WHO CAN I SPEAK TO ??? No one.!!!


Facebook problem on iPhone

I am also an iPhone user and been having huge issues with the this app App. My phone is always up to date. Currently my this app app is not working on my phone or iPad. I can access this app through a browser but it is not a fun experience as another rater has expressed. One of the biggest issues I have is that the only game I play is Disney Emoji Blitz and I used to save my progress through this app. Somewhere along the way something changed either with this app ( This whole Meta thing?) or with Disney Emoji Blitz (That they now allow users to save to your iCloud because not everyone uses this app anymore?) and the two apps no longer seem to be working well with each other. When I only used the iCloud to save progress the this app app started working again and that lasted for a few weeks until Disney Emoji Blitz kept having me back-up through this app. I relented and with-in a week the this app stopped working again. I think the this app app is the source of communication issues between apps and someone needs to start working on this issue.
* Also... The only way I can get the this app App to work while still being linked with Disney Emoji Blitz is to sign off Wi-Fi and use only Data Usage... This is not right since it can possibly effect our phone plan...


Bans those who speak the truth while allowing pedophiles and radical leftists to operate freely

Rating this 1 because like all popular social media sites FB is a cess-pool. The entire pandemic they sit there and ban people who discuss the lab-leak theory then we find out that is likely where it came from. They ban people who speak about cloth masks not helping and then we find out that cloth masks are basically useless all along. Those “crazy conspiracy theorists” have been right all along. I’ve known for years that FB is just another arm of the government and their massive propaganda machine but now finally others are speaking/waking up. They censor movements based around freedom while promoting large corrupt organizations such as big pharma. They censor patriots, veterans and real people while allowing pedophiles and communist bots to operate freely and form private groups to talk about god knows what in. They’ve totally brainwashed generations with hateful rhetoric, caused genocides and propped up tyrannical governments, censored material related to corruption within the mega rich and elite, and the list is honestly never ending. this app is a stain on democracy along with twitter, instagram, and reddit. They support communists and authoritarianism while spreading hate towards free and open societies. I rarely use fb anymore but felt the need to come and do my part to make their 2 stars a little lower.


Orwell’s 1984 “Thought Police”

When this app askes the question
“What’s on your mind?”, they don’t actually mean that! We have all watched this app become absolutely tyrannical in the last 18 months as they are desperately trying to stop the truth from being exposed. this app used to be a safe place of free expression and a place to be able to discuss thoughts and ideas. this app is losing it’s purpose as a place to communicate even with friends and family. Everything that we say is censored even down to the smallest infractions. They are not even the slightest a bit concerned about Americans having freedom of speech to discuss freely among each other today’s most important issues. Anybody with an opposing view is immediately censored and discredited by their so-called fact checkers. The same “fact” checkers have been repeatedly and openly disproven on many occasions. this app refuses to offer a fair and balanced platform for all to share their ideas. They have made an all out war against anyone who disagrees with their agenda. They are against anything that is good moral whole true or virtuous. I have seen peoples pages disappear altogether without having any warning or previous bans. They simply tried to log in one day and their account was gone!
this is an evil company with an evil agenda. I would not recommend anybody use Facebook.


No one is on the other side of Facebook . Zero support

My buissness was heavily promoted via my this app and a big part of my success. I’ve been locked out of my account in an eternal loop of trying to recover - I’ve had my identity verified countless times by ID and Passport , but because the hacker enables 2 factor with out my cell phone or other accessible accounts - I can not get in . It’s been over 6 months of me attempting various ways to get help with what seems to be a system error and I can’t get help. I have wedding photos and memories that were lost on other devices in the past I can not access or download now that I have a stable computer to store them on. It is so heart breaking . I keep thinking I’ll get in and now it won’t recognize any of the only 4 devices I’ve logged into it from for the last 3-4 years.
Facebook is dying with how many others suffer the same issues and it’s so disappointing to not have any line of support for these problems . The help page does not resolve the issue , we still need actual tech support . I’m not sure where else to put reach too as I attempt again to regain access to a page that helped generate clientele I had been building on for 6 years with… SOS… download all your data and try a more secure app that won’t make it impossible to regain access.


Facebook allows scammers to create posts and will not remove them. See my last comments

Somehow, your app gets worse and worse. Now, pages aren’t loading. If I try to look at a friends page, it won’t load. Including my page. Most times, comments won’t load. It’s so glitchy that I could go on and on. But, why? You don’t read complaints anyway. As you can see, I’ve mentioned many of the same things a few weeks ago. Which proves the point. You are making your app trash worthy. When I open an article, or a picture, it freezes and there is no way out. If I want to read comments, I have to go in and out several times in order to do so. I try to look at a friends profile, their posts won’t load. So many other things to list, but, I doubt that you read any of the complaints I see here. It’s become a pain instead of a social media vehicle. Someone mentioned birthdays. Why would you hide that? To the person who wrote the same thing, search for birthdays. How ridiculous. Here’s a big one..there are so many scammers on this app. They are creating their own posts, and asking where people live. Then selling Congratulations! You’ve won $750!! after each post. I report them and you see nothing wrong with it? It’s dangerous. No protection on your app. Too much. You are a fraud.



I’m having a huge issue with being able to edit my photos and move them to certain albums 😞
Up until last year it was pretty easy to do. During the year I would just upload them and it would go into “mobile uploads “ as a default album. Then at the end of the year I would create an album labeled for that year (ex: 2019) and move all those photos over to that new album. I did it this way because I didn’t like the way it showed up on the news feed if I moved them to a specific album from jump. At the beginning of 2020 I went to move all of my photos to a new album labeled 2020 and everything was different with the editing process. I can’t move most of my pictures because there was more then one photo posted. And I can no longer select more then one photo to move at a time. I waited nearly an entire year hoping this would be corrected but today I checked and it’s still an issue. Can we get this corrected by any chance?? 🙏🏽 I’m a little bit of an organization freak and am totally bummed I can edit my photos the way I used to! 😫 Especially now that I have a son and wanna keep up with each year of pictures correctly.


Twitter here I Come

I hate this app. If I could give Zero stars I would. It’s like school popularity all over again for adults. Only reason I have to have it is cuz I sign into apps with it and I’m so far committed to these apps it would be a huge hassle to start a different account.

I’ve been cyber bullied/harassed/threatened countless times on here but as soon as I respond (fire with Fire), I’m always getting banned/restricted. It’s unreal. Like I seriously hate this app and everything it stands for at this point. I can’t wait until a different Social Media provider takes down this app. Instagram over this app all day any day. Bring back MySpace but FB can get bent for all I care.

Edit: it’s funny I see a lot of the same complaints. Something tells me FB won’t be around for 2030. Ding dong the witch is dead. this app doesn’t realize it yet, probably cuz they are full of themselves, but y’all on the downhill swing of things. Enjoy your last run. 1 star reviews are piling up and y’all don’t care. Bullies. But I think it’s time I finally take the plunge and create a Twitter as my primary and use that for my app accounts. this app, you had your chances and your nothing but a bully yourself that allows bullies to thrive while restricting the people who simply defend themselves from these bullies, hence, your ALSO A BULLY.


Many problems.

Hello. I use this app for learning information about my cars, and purchasing off of market place. Unfortunately, when ever I go to scroll through market place, once I hit a certain point, it shows me the same stuff again. And I don’t scroll far, maybe 10 rows of stuff? And once I tap something I’m interested in, decide I’m not interested, and go back it starts me back at the top sometimes, and other times it does not allow me to scroll any further but it puts me right where I was. Now that isn’t a big deal because I can just use Craig’s list for that stuff. The biggest problem with Facebook is this. I am in many groups for vehicles to help me sometimes identify what is wrong with my cars. If someone makes a post, I get a notification for it. I tap the notification and it is never freaking there! What the heck! Then I scroll through to try to find stuff that I found out a few days back and realize it’s a lost cause because they did the stupid algorithms thing in the groups too where it doesn’t display the most recent first, but it jumps around. I’m seeing posts from a year ago then I see one from 2 weeks ago then I see one from June. What the heck do this app? Fix this bs so that when I go to look through posts I can see chronological. Make it an option I can change to...something.

Someone who is about to stop using this app.



Hi this app developers! So, I’ve read some of your reviews and most of them that are first are bad. I mean, I used it before. My mom has this app as well, so I don’t see what’s wrong with it. I will give you some suggestions though so that way your rating will go up and it will appeal to those who think it’s just for grown ups. One thing I would recommend is to stop the ads between videos okay? Most of these reviews I see are about the ads. So may we please stop with the ads? Social media isn’t supposed to have any type of ads associated with videos. For example: Instagram has ads, but they aren’t with the videos, they are separate. You can scroll to see the ads and it doesn’t have to be together with the videos. Another thing I would recommend is to limit the use of things that are unnecessary, like the updates. Yes, they are needed, but not all the time. It gets confusing for others if you keep changing the format of Facebook . That’s all you have to do, and I would lastly recommend is that you have to listen to your audience/people who use Facebook that way your rating will go up. I hope this helps!


The mutating app that breaks itself.

There is an almost schizoid approach to the interface design, wherein FB keeps switching where things are located, adding or removing features as they see fit.! Don’t get too comfortable or familiar, because things will change. This being said, it sometimes feels like an arms race and ongoing cold war between the company and the user, whereby content is increasingly being intruded by an incessant need for the user to react rather than passively enjoy communicating and sharing things without an overbearing app presence. Further, settings and user controls are deeply buried, making it very difficult to opt out of data tracking or minimizing your online presence, away from data hungry companies which should require a transparent opt in process instead.

The worst part of the experience is usually video related, whether it is the terrible interface itself, or the annoying funneling of design, making it difficult to track through a video or to ignore overlays for comments and emotes over live and recorded content. On top of that are the bugs which plague this latest version with its frequent crashes.

I used to enjoy the simplicity of Facebook, but the more unwanted features they continue to cram in, the more bloated and annoying it has become.


If there was a Zero star review option I would pick

Thank you this app, disabling my account for no reason at the worst time possible and it is not just this app thanks to this app I cannot login to instagram either since they were connected. It has been many days since I sent my ID picture and you guys don't give me my account back, you have thousands of workers yet take forever to review one account!. I don’t care about this app itself I care about my mistake of using this app since I had many other accounts such as gaming accounts connection to it and now I lost out in special events for COD Mobile. Yet I also cannot communicate with many friends thanks to faulty disablement, just because I have no pictures of me doesn't mean its a fake account it just means that the main use I get from it is messaging friends but thanks to you guys its gone and I will never use this app again if I don't get my account back, im sure you guys could care less since I am a no one to you guys just another person in the list of faulty disablement because someone else has the same name as me and flagged me for no reason just narcissism views because they believe that they are unique that only they can have the name . I DONT EVEN HAVE PICTURES TO PRETEND IM SOMEONE ELSE WHY WOULD YOU TAKE MY ACCOUNT!!!!


App keeps backing me out

Ever since the most recent update, there have been multiple occasions where Facebook will just back me out, taking me straight to my home screen without reason or warning. This usually happens within seconds of entering Facebook , and never happens just once at a time. Rather, it will happen every single time I try to re-enter Facebook , often continuing to do so repeatedly, until it finally decides to work normally again. It has proven to be impossible to predict when this problem will occur, and how long it will continue before returning to its proper functioning. At first I thought it was my WiFi and/or network connection, but I now know it can’t be attributed to either one, given that it has now happened on several WiFi networks AS WELL AS while using data. I also have the newest version of iOS, so it can’t be explained by not having updated software, and I have Facebook set to where I always stay signed in, so I know it has nothing to do with my login, either. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has been experiencing this, even if I happen to be the only one writing a review about it. Please work on figuring out the cause of this issue and finding a solution, because it has made using Facebook a complete hassle and annoyance.


Unnecessary changes with each update!!!!!!!!

Seriously it seems like something changes with every update! I liked this app a few updates ago when I could still scroll through pictures!! I can’t even look through pictures on business pages. I can click on it and look at it, but when I want to see the next picture, I have to go back and press on another one. That is completely unnecessary. Plus for some odd reason this app turns on notifications for what my friends are posting!! I don’t want to be updated every time my friend posts! When I turn it off, this app starts notifying me about what another friend posts!!! It’s happened 5 times within 2 days! Why??? It’s extremely frustrating.

Now my this app randomly freezes multiple times a day!! I hate all these changes the developers make! It’s getting ridiculous. Sound will play on videos while the video is paused. When I press play the sounds will overlap each other so I can’t actually watch the video! Stop making drastic changes to this app!

Instead of changing the icons at the bottom of the screen for me randomly, you should give me the option to do it myself. That would be amazing!! As much as I use Facebook, I should be able to customize the layout.


Wish I could delete

The only reason I still have this app is because my school posts important updates at times. I get notifications constantly from this app telling me so and so posted a picture or so and so commented on a post...things like that. These are usually people I don’t even interact with and I do not want these notifications. The only way to stop getting them is to completely unfollow the person, which then takes their posts out of my news feed as well, which I do not want to happen. And even when I unfollow people my phone continues to give me notifications of new people posting things that I don’t care about. The only reason I don’t turn off this app notifications all together is, like I said, so I can get important updates from my school’s groups. I’ve turned off every notification setting within the this app app that I can and continue to get these notifications on my phone. It is extremely annoying. I will also get badge app notifications saying I have 4 new notifications when I don’t actually have any. Extremely annoying and makes me think I have an important notification to check when I rarely actually do. Will delete my account as soon as I’m done with school if this isn’t fixed.


Hacked then Disabled without warning!!

I’ve been a this app user for years. Recently I started getting messages of someone trying to reset my password from another state (hackers). Even after changing my password each time, the attempts continued. The most recent hacker attempt must have been successful to the point my account was disabled by them for violating this app rules and regulations. There was nothing in my email asking me to verify anything! Once I saw the attempt at password reset, I tried to use Facebook to change it and that’s when I received a pop up notification that the account was disabled along with every app that uses this app as a log in method. this app help center provides no help. All they ask for is your email, name, and ID for their investigation purposes. Then I get an email stating the account was permanently disabled and can never be reinstated—but it wasn’t even me! Now I don’t even know what else the hacker was able to get into prior to it being disabled. Did they gain access to other apps with more sensitive information? Can I not even appeal and prove it wasn’t me trying to reset a password in a states miles away!?!? Very frustrating. And with no real online support or customer service—I’m dead on the water. Help?!


Buggiest app on my iPad

Let’s face it, if you use social media this app is a must have to stay connected. However the this app app is a complete bug filled app that only seems to break more with every update. I’ve been waiting for years for it to work right and yet I always know when an update comes, because something you use regularly will break guaranteed. If by some miracle it gets fixed in the bi-weekly update, I promise you something else you use will be hindered in the next version.

Sorting has always been a mystery to me. I understand sponsored posts and ads as something as to pay for the backend but I never understand why something as simple as seeing recent posts just doesn’t happen. Most recent is a joke...it just never works. I constantly get days old posts in my news feed even if there’s been no replies to them. If I see something and then accidentally refresh I may never find that post again because it’s lost in the this app algorithm.

In the end this app is still the best way to post and share news and info with friends, but the constant failures of Facebook time after time makes it beyond frustrating and disappointing to use.


Locked Out of Account

If I could give 0 Stars, I would.. this app has locked me out of my account for days, saying they need to review a photo of me. There is no one to contact or email to fix it. I have had my account since about 2005 so it doesn’t make sense.. The Help Page is of no help because it consists of regular people who do not have access to unlock accounts. this app needs to have a direct contact via Chat or email to assist their customers.

When I was able to use Facebook , it had a lot of bugs and annoying features. It would randomly refresh on its own in the middle of me reading comments, have no rhyme or reason for organizing posts on the News Feed, and constantly suggest potential friends. Just because one friend of mine is friends with someone, doesn’t mean that I want to be.

My biggest pet peeve with this app is how invasive it is with announcing to all of your friends any time you like a page or comment on a public post. I feel like I can’t comment on a news article without every one of my friends seeing it on their News Feed so I stopped commenting on things a long time ago. Facebook is terrible, and I can’t even go experience the awfulness that it is because my account is locked..


Issues that need fixing

There are several things that are frustrating. 1- if I mark See posts first, that means I want to see this persons posts first — NOT three days later, and not after seeing countless posts from people not marked See first. See first means see first. 2 - when I scroll through my newsfeed I doesn’t want it to stop after 3 or 4 posts. I want it to keep scrolling. When I’ve seen enough I will quit. If I delete Facebook it and reinstall, it will work for awhile but will behave the same way again soon. 3- if I see a post on my this app iPad app, I should be able to also see it on my iPhone this app app. Why aren’t these two newsfeeds consistent? 4 - if I have a custom list or a smart list, why can’t I click on that list and see posts from just those people? 5- if there are birthdays or events that show up in the right hand column, I don’t want to see the word DONE, I want to see the event or birthday. Again, I can get this to work again if I delete and reinstall Facebook . Perhaps rather than working on enhancements the developers just need to fix the bugs, and then be sure future bug fixes don’t break things again.


Ok app, people you may know feature is annoying

Facebook is ok to deal with but the people you may know feature is completely annoying and frustrating. I must say it’s a nice feature but it gets frustrating when you remove people and the next day or a few days later they show up again as people you may know. this app needs to add a delete button for that and not just the remove button or the remove button should remove that person and their profile permanently because hitting the remove button only brings that person profile back up within a day or a few days. I’m completely irritated with it because if I hit the remove bottom it’s because I don’t know that person, I don’t want to know that person, or don’t want to be friends with that person. I shouldn’t have to spend so much time “removing” but not permanently removing people from the “people you may know” only for them to pop back up as people I may know 24-48hrs later!! IT’S ANNOYING. STOP IT this app LET ME PERMANENTLY REMOVE PEOPLE I DON’T KNOW AND/OR DON’T WANT TO KNOW OR BE BOTHERED WITH WITHOUT HAVING THEM POP UP AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. REVAMP THE “PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW” FEATURE SO THAT IT CAN BE BETTER MANAGED BY US!! Thanks 😤😤


Irritating App

Facebook has been driving me crazy for months now. If I stay on the this app page, it only blacks out once or twice per evening. If I want to read something (my cousin's newspaper article, for instance) posted by my friends, Facebook blacks out every time and if I want to continue on this app, I have to open Facebook all over again and hope I can find my place. I'm almost ready to delete the darn thing! Wondering if it's worth the frustration! I've written my problems to the staff through this app three times and have received no recommendations. Can Facebook be fixed?

Well, it's about 2 ,months later and nothing has improved. The app still freezes and blacks out. If I try to move from a post to attached info it freezes. Moving down the page to more posts makes it freeze or it blacks out completely. Then I get to start all over opening Facebook yet again. This is really getting to be more trouble than it's worth. It would be nice if the it people would at least respond in some way. A lot of us are feeling ignored. Not good business practice!


Terrible app, terrible website

I hate this app. There's more things than I want to even write out. The security/customer service is pure garbage. Why? Because they don't have customer service! My Instagram (of course this app owns Instagram) got hacked and the situation was so complex that there was no way the automated response service could help with it. Come to find out there's no live customer support... Honestly, how is that even legal???? Does it even matter how many accounts there are on Instagram? It's not like Mark Zuckerberg and Co have no money to hire people or something? I don't know maybe I'm just crazy. Because I thought they were pretty rich.
The layout and interface have been becoming more and more stupid and non-userfriendly for years, messenger is just silly with it's functionability. And I HATE how it still logs me as active on this app or messenger after I tried to turn that stuff off. But, anything to get people to use your garbage website and messenger more, right this app? I never liked this app but after that incident with my Instagram getting hacked, which was a nightmare after they porn posted on my account, I have a genuine hatred for this app. And I don't have enough bad things to say about it


Someone LIED to you

Whomever told you this latest update was a great idea, SHOULD BE FIRED. 1)When notifications come in that I’ve been tagged or someone has replied to a comment I made, it no longer takes you to the post, just to the comment. So if I commented last week and I get a reply today I have absolutely no idea what the original post was about. 2) A notification disappears after I look at it. So if I have to refer back to it for any reason, I have to somehow find the page of the original poster and then hunt for the post. STUPID IDEA 3) When going to some notifications, when you click on it it takes you to a blank post. I see the persons name, the time they posted and maybe if someone reacted to it, but absolutely no post at all. There’s even comments on it but I see no post at all. Yes I have access to their page, I haven’t been blocked and they call me to say “did you see my last post” and all I see is nothing.
3) Auto refresh is annoying. Someone posts an article and I take 2-3 minutes reading it and when I go to comment on it, you’ve refreshed my feed. Thanks for nothing.
I’m sick of y’all. If I didn’t need Facebook to keep in contact with family around the globe, I’d delete it.

Babette   1 year ago

I can't believe how many years I used that piece of TP. I can't be more pleased I finally deleted it! Not deactivate it so they still use my stuff. Worst ever!

Loretta Doris Johnson   1 year ago

I was suspended by Facebook on April 25th. i have completed the appeal form. I have emailed. I have gotten no response about this review. I don't remember posting this 2 years ago. I have submitted everything. No one one responses. This is very sad.

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