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Published by on 2022-09-12

Pinterest is the place to explore inspiration. You can: - Discover new ideas -
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Reported Issues: 7 Comments

By Nikki870621345

Why?! With the ads, no ad free version and now you change the saving options!

I have been so disappointed and frustrated by the ads, especially the video ads! First people who have visual problems there should be a way to at least turn off the motion of the ads, like an accessibility feature! Then before I even scroll down there are three ads a page if not more! I wish there was at least a paid version for people who really dislike the ads taking over this app. This has almost put me over the edge with giving up on this app. Now worst of all you incorporate an unorganized button in the exact spot as the old save button... why?! The entire point of this app is organizing a catalog of things you like. Why create a board that is unorganized and if it’s really for quick saves then MOVE THE BUTTONS! Leave the normal save button when you chose a board then hit save and switch the new “chose a board” button to the QUICK SAVE BUTTON! Don’t change the entire way to save pins based off of this new quick save feature!! Add a button and leave the original way to save untouched. Please at least create an option to turn off quick save option in settings!! Also a paid version for ad free or at very minimum an accessibility feature for vision impaired individuals for the movement of all the video ads!!! Please, please consider this or I’m unfortunately going to have to give up on this app. Thanks for any consideration.

By oldguytimes

This used to be my favorite app!

Like the title says, I absolutely loved the old this app. The update last year maybe made it a whole lot harder to navigate. I was accustomed to searching for boards so that I could easily follow other people who shared my very specific interests, but now that option has been gone for months! I’ve been meaning to write this review since then, but this newest update from a few days ago expedited it. Another of my main issues is the shopping aspect. In the older versions, it was more geared to crafting/diy/budget ideas. Now, I search for something simple like knitting ideas, and all I get back are shopping suggestions and priced items for sale. And there’s even a shopping section! I understand the need to evolve and bring in new demographics, but I feel that a lot of this app’s original draw and identity has disappeared. Now, it behaves more like an Instagram or Facebook feed, filled with advertisements and shopping. It’s very disappointing to me that this app has become so much like all the other dime-a-dozen social media apps and sites, since I initially fell in love with it years before because it avoided that world I hated. It felt quiet, calm, secluded, like a library or a yarn store, and I could do my own thing with topics I loved across the “board.” I am really, really bummed about all the changes and am considering deleting, which would be a major change. Please, please bring back some of the original features!

By Billy0Bee

Tired of my home feed refreshing all the time

I’ve never made a review before because I didn’t care enough to before. But I have so much dedication to this app, my issues with the updates have begun affecting my attitude for the app. I’ve been on this app for probably a decade and no update has me more upset than the constant refreshing of the home page. I use all the platforms so I know that if you change from the home feed to your profile or to the search tab back to the home feed, the home feed automatically refreshes... when I even open the app sometimes I see a pin right away that I’d pin but for some reason it refreshes!! This is so irritating. Please fix this to wear it only updates the Home Screen if you pull down the feed from the top for a second. Like Twitter. You can’t even scroll through the feed sometimes without it randomly updating. Also the ads this app.. come on. They’re every third pin! I get you have to pay the bills but more often than not your ads are irrelevant to my search. Speaking of searching, why is it that when I search one thing my home feed will suddenly be filled with that one search? I didn’t follow the topic, I didn’t follow a new board, I don’t care to see it on the home feed I have sort of curated myself. This has been a lot of complaints and my rating is low so that you get how irritated I am. But any other time you’d get a 5/5. I love you this app, rarely change.

By Mangia Italian
Dec 16 2022

I am so confused, I only use Pinterest for topics that interest me, and I save pins, thinking they are ok to save. Lately I have been getting many emails claiming that one of my pins has been deleted. That is fine with me, however, why can't this site be more helpful and understanding, very hard to get any help on this site. Why is it that when deleting a pin, you cannot let the member know, which board it is, would be helpful now, and what kind of pin it was. Lately I have been saving all food recipes, home decor, antiques, cute clothes etc. I want to know what pins I am saving that I should not be, I know nothing about 3rd party's or scammers. I am just saving what I believe is a decent pin to save. Why can't this site make things easier, to understand. Every Day lately, I receive the same email, claiming one of my pins has been deleted, FINE, that is fine with me, but lately I have only been saving Food Recipes, and Cute Clothes, what is the problem here.
Please help, but if you want a site that is helpful to me and others, let us know what board it is, and what kind of pin it was, otherwise how am I to know. I believe I am saving a pin that is acceptable, otherwise, why do you even bother having pins, that you are going to delete.
Do not have pins on your site, that you do not want a member to save, why bother to do that?
I enjoy the recipes, and have made many, I have saved, and like to pass pins to others, but now you have me worried. Please enlighten me,
and thank you for any help you can provide to me. Stay Safe

By first
Nov 18 2022

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By Ralph Manning
Jun 15 2022

I please simply want my Pinterest
account deleted. The reason why is simple: I reposted an image of this tall
6' 4'' brunette, to the Vintage Erotica Forums website. I also remember that the picture was copyrighted "Jim".
To put it simply, I violated intellectual property rights of those people.

I have felt horrible about what I did. They probably want no contact with me and as such I understand entirely.
However though, If Jim & the woman
he photographed can find it within themselves to forgive me, then please leave it up to them to contact me.
If in the unlikely event they want contact with me: My #: 1541-879-9780
Thank you for your time to read my heartfelt letter of apology.

Sincerely: Ralph R. Manning at [email protected], telephone #: 1-541-879-9780

By Fatima Prosper
Feb 24 2022

Am very dissatisfied with some of the venders on your site. Two years ago it was the Grass Guy that was selling grass that was sure to grow and it never did, and i just could not get in touch with him , so i was out of a hundred and some Dollers. Then a couple of months ago i ordered a high wast skirt from and i got a regular waist skirt. The I order 3 pairs of shoes from FY Zoe shoes and guess what i got the wrong size then they told me that they did not have the materials

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