Vrbo Vacation Rentals Reviews

Vrbo Vacation Rentals Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-03

Beach house? Condo? Cabin? Your perfect vacation home awaits. Travel better
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Vrbo Vacation Rentals Reviews

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    Cool Features

    So I am writing my review on the app and my experience while staying at our Vrbo cabin! Our family decided to stay a couple nights in a charming cabin just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. We booked through the app and it seemed really easy to make all the arrangements. The owner of the property was quick to respond via email about some questions my husband had and send the information we needed to unlock the door to get in! I would say it’s pretty cool that you can make these kind of reservations through an app on your phone! So neat! We get to our cabin, park, get our two little kids out of the car and head inside our cabin! Get inside and find that the place hadn’t been cleaned from the last guests who had stayed there......We were in awhhh....So we tried to reach out to the property owner ASAP and let her know that the place was not ready for new guests! We waited a short time and still no reply. So we decided to contact Vrbo instead. They were very nice about it. They reached out to the property owner who then contacted us shortly after. Long story short, the property owner refunded our two night stay. We still had to pay taxes on that and was charged a cleaning deposit still of $100. Anyways. Vrbo doesn’t take financial responsibility for refunds etc. Its not their fault at all this happened. Anyways.

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    Unacceptable customer service experiences

    The app is okay at finding rentals. However, my first experience with VRBO was so terrible that it will certainly be my last unless they improve their customer service support and fix their cancellation policies to protect renters who get ignored by the rental owner/manager. We unfortunately got a rental that was manage by someone who did not respond for days. I VRBO directly first through the website online chat support, which seemed to be positive, but then I was told to call the corporate customer service hotline number to speak with an agent to “escalate” my grievance about the lack of communication from the rental owner/manager. Because of the lack of contact from the manager and a negative review on the property I was confused about how to proceed and whether or not this rental was legit or a scam. I requested to cancel, and the manager finally responded by cancelling the rental and keeping the $1,700+ for 4 nights. So now we are out $1,700+ and have no rental! The agent from VRBO kept referencing policies and sounded cold and unable to make any changes or even partial refunds. At times, the agent could barely be understood. The customer service was abysmal at best. Apparently, VRBO does not do a good job at quality control and keeping property owners/managers in check to ensure customer satisfaction and good communication.

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    Two Terrible Experiences

    My husband and I go to Las Vegas every year for CES in January. In 2019 we reserved a two bedroom, 2 bathroom condo that was very close to the LV Convention Center. The place smelled, there were burnt-out lights, the blinds in one bedroom fell the middle of the night and everything was worn out, i.e. the bedding, kitchen cabinets. For our trip in January 2020 we made a reservation for a condo at the Jockey Club. On December 9th we received a message that our reservation had been cancelled and a refund was being sent. It is very hard to get a decently priced room during the week of CES, which is why we always book early. My husband contacted VRBO. They said the owner is not allowed to do that. They tried to reserve another condo for us and said they would pay the difference. They also told my husband that if the owner didn’t respond within 24 hours they would call him to help book another place. They didn’t. We will never book a place to stay through them again and are telling everyone we know. BTW, a friend of mine who goes to Hawaii every year has had several people tell her about the nightmare experience they’ve had with VRBO. At least two of those said when they arrive at their destination, found out that the place they had paid for was rented out to someone else.

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    Works pretty good, but needs improved features

    Not buggy at all, but functionality could be improved. The map feature is pretty limited - would be nice to be able to switch to satellite view, get directions, see what else is nearby, etc. The rate display is not great either - even though you enter in the date range when you search, you still have to select an entry and then select again to see what the total will be. And even though it shows the nightly rate when scrolling through the search results, just because one entry has a lower per night rate doesn’t mean the overall stay is cheaper, because taxes and fees are not factored in. So you could see one place for $200/night, and another for $215, but the total for the latter could end up being less overall. And lastly, when you share a property with someone, that person has to get the app to see it, instead of opening the website. P.S. While writing this review, I tried to select a word and “Look up…”, and then was locked out of the keyboard. I could select text but not type anymore. Not sure if that’s iOS or the app…

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    Missing some key search features

    This is a pretty good travel app overall. I’m frustrated about a few things, however, and want to pass them on to the developers. (1) Add a button next to the heart (favorite) symbol to allow us to remove a property from a list if we’ve already ruled it out. I would suggest an “X”. I can’t remember which properties I’ve already considered, especially if I cant return to my search for several days. (2) Add the dates for travelers reviews. I take recent reviews more seriously than reviews that are a year old, for example. I think the property managers would like this as well since it allows them to recover from a bad review. (3) Break down “washer dryer” into two pieces - in unit and shared. I won’t stay someplace without a w/d in the unit and there is currently no way to find this out without contacting the property managers. (4) Break down the “free parking” filter into free onsite, on street, and valet. Again, it is nearly impossible to know the parking specifics without contacting the manager. Hope this helps. I love VRBO and have been an owner and traveler for 20 years.

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    Calendar Concerns

    Though VRBO has a great plethora of options, client filters are not always applied when viewing properties. We have a home which will be perfect for our needs as well as “checks all the boxes”. I have tried to book using the calendar provided on the app, however it only allows clients to choose between the day the home is viewed and July 2020. When attempting to bypass the calendar options and request the dates manually, we are directed to “choose a green date on the calendar”. I have sent the owner a request for possible dates beyond the limits placed by VRBO. As a family, we have vacation homes we share,(as each has seasonal, cultural and activity based, diverse water locals etc...), we are not likely to list these on VRBO. Having seen firsthand how clients are frustrated by aforementioned, and know I have bypassed the app and messaged the owner of same, I do not understand why we would pay for something we are presently generating revenue via alternate social media platforms at no cost.

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    Not helpful, poor customer service

    I wanted to vacation in palm spring for my birthday and my daughters 1st birthday in July. Planning ahead, I booked a home that had everything we wanted and needed to have a nice stay. The owner of the home pulled the property from the program and is no longer available. There were only a few homes that fit the criteria for what I was looking for, and they only suggested 3 homes that didn’t meet that criteria. The prices were higher, less beds, less space. Highly disappointed. I did some searching on my own and found a home that I really liked but was slightly out of price range and I discussed this with costumer service to see if they could help me find a home similar to the home that i was interested in or honor the price I previously paid since this experience was such an inconvenience and unprofessional.. they wouldn’t even transfer me to the re-booking team.. they wouldn’t even let me speak to a manager or assist me in searching for another home since “I can do that on my own” is what I was told... I wish I was making this up.. what an awful experience.

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    Don’t use this app. Scammers use this app

    Bad company. I would give a 0 if I could. Don’t use this app!! I had an issue with the owner of the place I rented. She was a scammer. I notified the company and they did NOTHING about it. They told me I had to contact the owner to resolve any issue. Why would I contact a scammer to resolve an issue? After talking with 3 different people telling me something different, someone pretended to contact the owner and said they will call me back. It’s been 3 months and they haven’t contact me back. During this process, the homeowner had the company take down her listing. She knew that I had an issue and she tried to run and they did nothing about it. They didn’t care. Also, when I called the first time, the guy hung up on my face. They do not check the people’s listing, so the pictures you see could not be what your renting; even the description could be different. The listing I had was completely different when I arrived. This company will not solve issues. Customer service is terrible. I wouldn’t use this app again.

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    Terrible experience

    I booked a rental through VRBO for New Years Eve months in advance. It was cancelled by the owner through no fault of my own, and I found myself without a venue for my event only a month before the holiday after friends had already taken off work and made plans to be in attendance. I contacted VRBO support who said they would help find me a comparable place and honor the rate within 4-6 days. After 6 days of silence, I called back to check in and was told that the customer service rep had lied to me and (despite their “book with confidence” policies) there was nothing they could do. After spending a lengthy amount of time on the phone trying to get some help, they emailed me two property listings in the specific location I told them I was not interested in. I have been searching for a new property independently for weeks now with no luck and VRBO has not so much as followed up with me. As a first time user, this has been an appalling first time experience with the site and I highly recommend against renting with them.

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    It’s Kauai

    Started reading the reviews and got a bit scared . Bugs are not my friend . But this house was great , cozy for all family members , owner quick to get in touch with info if we needed it . I did see my first centipede he was dead so it’s cool . Again it’s Kauai . I decided to make the gecko s part of the family since they eat bugs . Named them too . So if you here a loud chirp ( it’s Greg , from the Brady bunch . We had a great time and will be back for daughters wedding . So enjoy the house , perfect location to walk to store , ice cream shop or the bar .beach is pretty close too .house was clean and they had everything for making meals ( good to do to save money ) again thanks for a great time . Oh I put the band aid on screen in queen room , looked like it had a tear in it .

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    Our stay at the “Top of the World”

    This was the worst trip to snowshoe ever. We are from Tennessee but are very avid skiers despite having to travel to ski. We booked two nights at top of the world. We arrived early enough to ski for a while before we got our room. After skiing for several hours we tried to check into our room. Check in time was 4 o’clock, our room wasn’t ready yet. We called the owner several times to get him to send the cleaning crew to get our room ready by 5:15. I complained about this and he cancelled our reservation and made us leave. We paid for everything up front: car rental, lift tickets and room for 4 people and had to leave. Everything was booked and we were unable to get another room. I lost money and time, it was taken from me. My family, friends and I will never be back here to snow shoe again. My advice is to rent from someone who is affiliated with snow shoe, that way you can have any issues taken care of on the spot. Jim Walton, property owner. Lives in NC, not here.

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    Could be better

    This app appears identical to the HomeAway app other than it tends to run a lot slower. Sorry but I find that as confusing as vrbo's name. Reviews are not contained in the app. Requires a web page executed via an email. As far a vrbo is concerned, I view them as a necessary evil and a major step down from when HomeAway ran the show. We've rented via HomeAway for well over a decade. Every year at least 2 European homes. With vrbo and now beginning to rent in the USA, our experience has taken a decided turn for the worst. The US apartments tend to be furnished in the cheapest manner possible, some major systems/appliances invariably don’t work, check-in times (USA only) are directional at best and there’s inevitably last minute changes communicated to us by owners we never see. The app is fine for Europe. Renting in the USA is caveat emptor but I can’t suggest any better web based agent. It’s the nature of the USA. I’ve rented luxury apartments for over $4k/week and the places were a dirty mess with designer kitchens full of stuff that didn’t work. Leaving bad reviews can get in the way of future bookings. So I only leave good reviews or no reviews. Judging by the low number of reviews per property, I’d suggest either occupancy rates are far below what it takes to make money renting or there are many others that use my approach.

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    Less than pleased

    We have stayed in another floating house at Whitman Hollow in the past and have really enjoyed our stay. I would have to say that we are leaving this time and cannot say the same. The house is advertised that it can sleep 14 people. There were 10 of us, and yes there was plenty of room for us to sleep but there was very few places for everyone to sit together. There is a small futon in the living room, 5-6 stools at the kitchen table (1 was too loose to sit on), 7 chairs on the deck. The grill was in very bad shape and did not work properly. All of the beds need to be replaced, they are very uncomfortable and make noises when you roll over. There is a TV that we were not able to get the cable to work on. There is no wi-fi, and very little cell phone service. It was raining and we were all stuck inside with no TV and no service. Overall, the house itself wasn’t that bad it is nicely decorated and has potential to be a very nice place!!

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    Horrible experience

    I will never stay or recommend this apt to anyone. I have never in my life of traveling experience such horrible customer service, poor response time, and lack of communication. The apartment was not ready when we arrived. We had a wait outside of the house for 15 minutes until someone arrived to let us in. I reached out the to the property management office several times prior to my arrival and a day before we arrived to give them my arrival time and no one ever responded back to me. I had to call twice to finally get someone on the phone to let them know we were heading to the apartment. I asked for the head of the property management office to call me and see if they would accommodate us for all the hassle we experienced. No one ever called us. There was mold in the bathrooms, the downstairs bathroom leaked water out of the tub. The toilet upstairs lid was broken. The door to the apartment was so hard to open. We just had a horrible experience. Never ever will I stay or recommend this apt to anyone.

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    Tedious and incorrect messaging

    As I worked through the challenges presented by my credit card company's fraud department (canceling and then delaying purchases for rentals in multiple countries), VRBO sent a message to the owner of a property that I desired to rent stating that my transaction was denied due to insufficient funds. That was not the case, and if it wasn't for the grace and patience of the property owner, my family and I may have missed out on a vacation home we desired to rent. VRBO has made communications with the owner exceptionally difficult and with its less than truthful descriptions of actual events has made me question the veracity of their processes and marketing material. Can any message you receive from VRBO be trusted? It would be great if this business connected owners with potential renters in a smooth and reliable process...I wouldn't mind paying for that. But as it stands now, my last two rentals via VRBO have been nothing but hassle. Will consider using other connecting businesses with future vacation rentals!

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Is Vrbo Vacation Rentals Safe?

No. Vrbo Vacation Rentals does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 794,377 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Vrbo Vacation Rentals Is 16.0/100.

Is Vrbo Vacation Rentals Legit?

No. Vrbo Vacation Rentals does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 794,377 Vrbo Vacation Rentals User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Vrbo Vacation Rentals Is 16.0/100.

Is Vrbo Vacation Rentals not working?

Vrbo Vacation Rentals works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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