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Published by on 2024-05-15

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By Sherry Perez   8 months ago

My app froze and I deleted and tried to sign in and it states server error.

By K W   9 months ago

Thank you Matt!!!! OMG I have been trying everything! Then I saw your suggestion and it worked! Just go into your iphone settings, display, and text size....then lower your text size. I had mine on max because I have bad eyesight. Im so glad I happened upon this page.

By Melissa   10 months ago

Venmo keeps freezing every time i open it. Help

By Matt   10 months ago

none of these worked to repair my venmo app. the symptoms were that it wouldn't scroll or swap between menus. it was like the touch screen wasn't responding. that'd happened to me in the past because my text size is so big. Settings > Display and Brightness > Text Size. Dropped it down one, and it repaired the ailing app. This happened right after IOS 16.6 update. Hope this helps someone.

By Vonnie   10 months ago

My app just freezes up when I open it. I’ve tried updating, uninstalling and reinstalling, turned off my iPhone turned it on again. Please fix this app!

By Brenda   10 months ago

Venmo app frozen for days have tried everything need to get it working ASAP

By Sherry Burleson   11 months ago

I can open my Venmo app but nothing will open when I hit cards etc

By Angela   1 year ago

Venmo app won’t open closes right away

By Amanda   1 year ago

Venmo app freezes when clicking VIEW for Direct Deposit account number’s

By Mike Peterwas   1 year ago

Same thing sometimes it works most of the time I can’t pay my credit card and do anything and you can’t even pay the credit card on line it tells you to download the app that won’t work ? Wtf fix this already it’s been months

By Chad Hinze   1 year ago

App keeps freezing when I press cards. Trying to activate a new card. Also when I scan the QR code that was sent with the card. It takes me to a random lady’s account. Really really crappy application.

By Jimmy   1 year ago

Locks when I try to add card. Junk app.

By Jan Majewski   1 year ago

keeps saying can't find account!

By AARON J LOCHRIDGE   1 year ago

get this message for the last 8 days when i try and send money. there was a issue with your payment please try again later

By sheila   1 year ago

App freezes when trying to add a new bank or card.

By Chris MacDonald   1 year ago

App freezes on me when i click on Venmo CC. Cant make a payment.

By Glen Kelley   1 year ago

I get to the 2nd part of the download and it crashes help

By Duke Taylor   1 year ago

App freezes when I click on cards. Won’t let me pay credit card bill.

By Brent Pope   1 year ago

App crashes when I try to add a card or bank

By James Robnett   1 year ago

app freezes when trying to add a card

By Shannon McDaniel   1 year ago

App freezes when I try to add a new payment method

By Angela Holt   1 year ago

The app freezes when I try to add a card too!!

By Kim collier   1 year ago

When I try to add a card to my account, the page/app freezes. Thanks

By Melanie L Griffin   1 year ago

Looks like I'm having the same problem as everyone else has. Wonder why you don't fix it? I am new to Venmo, and it won't let me add any payment methods. Freezes up when I try. Have installed and reinstalled. Going to give up, it seems like a crappy app.

By Melissa   1 year ago

App freezes. I've uninstalled shut down phone and nothing works

By Barbara Nelson   1 year ago

Attempting to add new card and app freezing up. Attempted this on two different days, have attempted three different paths to get to adding the card and no luck.

By Carle Bowie   1 year ago

App freezes when I select the cards menu. Sometimes it will let me select the "Me" icon but that freezes most of the time too.

By jamey ahearn   1 year ago

My venmo app does absolutely nothing when i touch the screen on my phone.....?????

By Joseph E Sabal   1 year ago

Venmo crashes when I go to add another bank account; the box "Add bank or card" turns gray and freezes the app.

By Kathy Waltman   1 year ago

App freezes when trying to add card.

By Dana   1 year ago

The app won’t let me add a new cc. It freezes when I touch, “add a bank or card.” I have to back out of the app and when I try again, the same thing happens.

By Dana   1 year ago

The app won’t let me add a new cc. It freezes when I touch, “add a bank or card.” I have to back out of the app and when I try again, the same thing happens.

By Victoria Clendenon   1 year ago

App freezes when I go to try and add a credit card. It won't let me do anything. I have to back out completely.

By Deborah Craigo   1 year ago

App keeps freezing. Have tried everything. Uninstalled, shut down phone and restarted, new app installed. Same thing. For people that rely on this payment method this is not good.

By Gary   1 year ago

Can not get App to let me open an account.

By David Samuels   1 year ago

App refreshed, went to update expiration date on CC and it won't let me into the ADD CC or other functions

By Melissa Andrew   1 year ago

App frozen as soon as I open it. Force close and relaunch and still the same. iPhone XS

By Amanda Glasgow   1 year ago

App keeps freezing when I press cards.

By Amy   1 year ago

Keeps freezing when i want to add bank info

By Marcello piacentino   1 year ago

App keeps freezing. Can’t get to debit or credit card section in app. Can’t click on anything. Help!!

By Steve   1 year ago

App freezes when trying to add card

By Robert Luippold   1 year ago

App freezes when I try to add a new card for payment. This has been happening for o over a month. Very frustrating.

By Jamie Huffman   1 year ago

It keeps freezing when I try to add card

By Brian Morehouse   1 year ago

App freezing when I add payment method.

By Bobbi Farquhar-Realtor   1 year ago

Venmo freezes almost immediately

By Mercy Fae   1 year ago

Freezes when I try to add a new payment method. Reinstalled, same issue.

By Rick Hendrickson   1 year ago

App freezes when I try to add a payment method.

By Robin   1 year ago

App freezes when I press cards.

By crystal   1 year ago

app freezes when I press cards

By Diane Lamendola   1 year ago

App not working. Freezing

By Mike   1 year ago

App freezes. Deleted and reinstalled, still freezes. Thinking about moving to PayPal if this keeps up

By Chanti Niven   2 years ago

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Plus. Venmo app freezes whenever I click on cards. After I do this, I literally cannot click on anything else and have to force close it. Everything else works ok until I try to go into my debit card. Works on a Galaxy.

By Lani Riiff   2 years ago

App completely freezes when I press “cards”.

By Laurie   2 years ago

Venmo app freezes when Add a bank card/account is pressed after choosing Add a payment method

By Rhonda Addison   2 years ago

My Venmo app is not working. I am not able to make payments, send money or check my balance on my venmo card and my venmo credit card. The issue has been going on for approximately two weeks.

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