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Published by on 2019-12-09

Watch movies and TV shows recommended for you, including Amazon Originals like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and the kids series Tumble Leaf. App features: • Download videos to watch offline – anywhere, anytime. • Cast from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen with Chromecast....

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Amazon Prime Video Reviews

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    good selection but poor app experience

    i thoroughly enjoy the selection of tv shows and movies prime video brings. add ons, especially the HBO add on just heightens my experience. despite this, the developers have plenty of work to do with the app itself. it works just fine on the tv but the app is another story. often when i start a new episode the pause screen remains while the video continues to play in the background. i try to tap to make it go away and nothing happens. i try to tap anywhere to make it do anything like press back to return the home page or press pause and nothing works. i even exit the app and close the tab and the audio continues to play in the background. even turning off my phone it continues to play for several moments after. at first i thought it was just my ipad since it was an older model and has a history of issues but i continuously had the same issues on my iphone. not the end of the world but certainly annoying

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    Options & Devices

    I like the quality, features (on phone, your able to see the music that's playing during a spacific scene and all the main characters. Along with the seasons and episodes your currently on (if it's a TV show)), and I like the modern slick design. I don't appreciate the options (some movies you still have to buy or rent to enjoy) like 'The Grinch' among others for now. They have others available...that came out in 1920s but not the newer ones available! It has been frustrating that I have to watch on my phone for most of the features and am absolutely not able to watch anything on my laptop. I think it would be nice to have the same features available on Apple TV and so on. Lastly, it would be nice to be able to create multiple accounts for multiple people under 1 main account. Hope this helps! I look forward to seeing the changes in the future.

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    Was a fan,.. Still am just less now.

    Have always loved your app. Was thrilled when you add support for the Chrome cast, love all your originals, and you have a great selection of shows. Then, you did the Netflix thing, asking if I'm still watching after a 2 to 3 episodes,.. Sigh,.. Most obnoxious thing ever. I work from home and have the tv on while I'm working,.. Insanely annoying to have to take my phone out, unlock it, try to remember which episode I was on (as your app only some times plays the right one when I get back on to it, if my wife is watching and she has watched past what I have it just goes to that). Then wait for the app to open, load up, find the correct episode, then start it over, as half the time it just restarts the episode, try to use the tiny bar to fast forward to where I was,.. Sorry,I hate this new update,.. 2 stars off, love everything else.

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    Application was NOT fully tested before fielding

    The features of the app that I have checked out, so far, are pretty slick; however, when you run across an important feature that falls flat and simply doesn’t work, it is quite frustrating. It is obvious that the “contact the seller” link that is provided in the order status section wasn’t tested (incompetence), or the engineering leadership identified the problem and released the product with a known flaw (ethically corrupt). When one clicks the link, it does not perform as expected, as it displays the tracking information for the order, not the contact information for the vendor. Having an autonomous and fully automated ordering system is great, but when there is a glitch and you cannot contact a human being to intervene and correct the problem, you quickly realize that Amazon’s goal is to completely eliminate human interaction. FIX THE PROBLEM.

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    doesn’t work like it’s supposed to

    So the app is pretty good when it works and it’s worked mostly well for the couple of years I’ve been a prime member. I like that if you tap the screen while watching something you can learn more about the actors or general trivia about the scene. It’s also nice that I could easily pick up where I left off. For a long time the last thing I watched would appear at the top. But I noticed lately that I sometimes have to search the title of what I was in the middle of watching if I stopped midway. It’s especially frustrating if I’m tired and the title doesn’t come to mind right away. The most frustrating problem I’ve had lately is videos not playing at all. I get an error message saying it can’t connect to the Internet. But I have no problems streaming videos or music in other apps or browser. It’ll be hours before it’ll let me watch anything.

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    Limited choices, few to no language options

    There are a limited amount of tittles, I thought there would be much more. Considering it is more expensive than Netflix, and many tittles need to be bought. The cost for some movies is reasonable, that is one of the good things. Occasionally a tittle or old movie has an steep price of $20. Tittles are usually only available a few days. I would love for this to be a week at least. There are few language options, I would like to see Spanish available in particular. Again other like Apps are far more extensive in their choices of languages for a slightly lesser price. This app has a higher rating than it deserves for two reasons, one, people are rating shows instead of the app, this should not be allowed. Two, obviously someone payed reviewers, they are very obvious.

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    Different countries

    I wanted to know if there’s a way you can add on the subscription of a movie if it’s from a different country other than U.S. I get ready to watch a movie, then it just turns out to be another country such as UK or Australia. I noticed younhave a section for French movies which is helpful. I’m not sure if the designer for prime video is in charge of suscriptions, but there’s not enough description of a movie. Would be nice if there was a button that we can click on for longer descriptions. To the person complaining about the f word and smoking used by acting world. There’s nothing prime Orr othe streaming sercvicesmcan donabout it. You’ll have to take that up to whoever is the producers are. But sad to say, I’m fifty and I still slip up and say the s word. Maybe one day (I hope too) is that there will be a smoking ban all movie sites.

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    Love it, but could use some improvements!

    Our family loves watching Prime! Access to family friendly shows is what we look for most in our TV viewing. There are some PBS shows where we can see a few episodes or seasons and then others cost too much to buy. Would like to see shows like Murder She Wrote, etc have more seasons added. Also, I enjoy watching Law & Order SVU, so more seasons of that and other similar shows would be great. Would like to see more of the movies for kids be “prime” instead of having to pay for many that we would watch. Overall, use it way more than Netflix....thinking about giving it up, if Prime offers more.

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    Less than user-friendly app.

    I agree with the last reviewer in that browsing the library available is very difficult. If you need a subscription to a different channel it should be in it’s own section! Plus, sometimes, no, often when I’ve been watching a series I go back and can’t find it when you would think it would be more like Netflix, sitting there in plain site waiting for you to watch it again, but, NO, you have to remember what it was called and go to search and find it that way. And some of the British shows are just difficult to remember the names of because they aren’t names of shows we are used to hearing about in the US. Overall, I love Prime and it’s originals, but this app needs help! Please people, see if you can do what Netflix does-it’s not that hard!

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    So far, so good!

    Didn't even know this Prime Video was in the PRIME package, so only using it for two months. So far, so good....and got better, much better on December 31 with "Downton Abbey"! Netflix no longer had the rights but Prime bought them. I use DOWNTON ABBEY as a way to wind down, watching it before I go to sleep so when Netflix stopped airing it I was bereft, being an English speaking resident in Italy. Netflix, though, was kind enough to tell me that Prime would be beginning Downton, which they didn't need to do. I thank them. Prime has some great shows and films so between the two, Netflix and Prime, I feel covered! Again, so far, so good! Try "Mrs. Maisel"....also great! Cheers!

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    Great App - Needs Menu Help to be Awesome

    Love Prime! It’s my favorite streaming platform. To make it needs a user-defined view for purchased movies/shows! The cataloging views on my phone, tablet and TV are second rate. Let the user define (by different views) how they see their library! I don’t care to see a default chronological sort of what I’ve purchased! I DO care that 4 movies in a series are grouped together so I don’t have to scroll through 300 titles to find one of them. Also, show two or more rows of my purchases. A single row scroll is sooo yesteryear! I have 200 plus purchases and it’s getting harder and harder to find things. Please help. Last comment, allow purchases on my iPhone! Don’t make me log into another device for purchase.

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    Pretty good

    Prime app works great. Overall, it's relatively user friendly, awesome that data syncs to your other devices, and the content is fantastic. However, I have a few complaints: My biggest gripe: I'm not a fan of subscription-based payments, so I believe the monthly Prime membership should include access the ALL content, not just some content. It needs a more functional layout (it's too cluttered looking). Also- the Search function is tedious and time consuming if you don't have a microphone, you have to click letter-by-letter with your remote and pause typing before it will populate matching results. And what's with lack of predictive text here? Finally, I also wish users could make different shareable playlists for other Prime users.

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    I can’t believe there’s no option to create separate profiles under one account (like Netflix) unless I’m just not able to find that option? Because of this it gives me suggestions based on previous views of anyone who’s watched anything on my account. It’ll suggest content related to me, my husband’s & my kids past views when I have no interest in what they’re into. Even more frustrating is how complicated it is to make purchases from within the app or the lack of ability to make purchases from the app. It’s ridiculous that I have to go online and log into Amazon’s website, pay, then go back into the app to watch. It’s been a while but I believe I am able to make purchases within the app when I’m logged in on my TV.

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    Stream quality not selectable on VIZIO TV

    I like having Prime movies and shows, but I have one issue. When I use the Prime app built into my VIZIO E65 TV it does not have an option to select the stream quality level. So when Prime has a UHD movie available my TV automatically goes to the UHD mode and it consumes a lot of data. The app on my iPad and phone has the ability to select Good, Better Best streaming quality which lets me limit the stream to HD if I want. I found that I can cast from my iPad to limit the stream to HD but I may not always actually be aware a show is available in UHD and I end up using lots of data without realizing it. Please add the stream quality selection to the VIZIO version of the app.

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    Treat viewers like they have brains, please!

    I have been downloading tv shows on this app for about 2 years for offline viewing. Every time I click on a show to watch a show I get the notice about 48 hrs warning and click to continue or cancel!!!!!! Really????? I think EVERYONE knows this by now. Do you need our input at the START of every show for offline watching??? It’s so annoying!!! Why can’t it put that notice in the background??? And I hate that it downloads one episode at a time. Sometimes, it takes 30 min to download 5 episodes. Also, it has been acting strange ever since I upgraded to IOS 13+. It logs me out and deletes all my downloaded shows! I even did a wipe of my iOS device. Problem persists. The app developers are completely tone deaf to the user experience.

Is Amazon Prime Video Safe?

Yes. Amazon Prime Video is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,568,091 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Amazon Prime Video Is 70/100.

Is Amazon Prime Video Legit?

Yes. Amazon Prime Video is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,568,091 Amazon Prime Video User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Amazon Prime Video Is 50/100.

Is Amazon Prime Video not working?

Amazon Prime Video works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Amazon Prime Video

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@jamie_lee84 @amazon customer service is 👎🏻. My package was delivered EMPTY. Call to get it replaced. Told to call back the next day after 5pm. I call,now I’m told I can only get a refund & it’ll take 10 days to show in my account and I can reorder it myself. Why can’t you send a replacement?

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@Nwauka What's the rationale for @amazon KDP to let me publish an ebook but not allow it to be purchased from Nigeria? Not allow Nigerian readers to write a [email protected]_Traffic @DrJoeAbah

@Mick1717 ?? @AmazonHelp @amazon you weren’t much help last night so everyone can see where my parcel was when I came home. Not bad to say it was suppose to be in my shed. Looks like it was just thrown over & not out inside.

@WhiteRoseScouse Excellent new chair ordered, delivered and built, all in less than 48 hours - great service from @StaplesUK thank you. Meantime, @amazon take the same period of time to reply to yet another chase to move along with a 9-week old service issue.

@ValaAfshar [email protected] did not kill blockbuster. Ridiculous late fees did. @Uber did not kill taxi business. Limited access and fare control did. @Amazon did not kill other retailers. Poor customer service did. Not being customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business.

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@Adam9641 @Mick1717 @AmazonHelp @amazon Best speaking to them through the app mate.

@latinasvotered @CNBC @amazon doesn’t need a big headquarters. I think all big business learned to adapt to not having a corporate HQ. Most likely they just leave.

@gisdumb @ShirKhan1981 @amazon I am a set it and forget it type investor. I buy with what I can afford to spend. I consider that currency gone. Any return I receive is not what I invested. My investment is gone. Don't invest more than you can afford to spend with the mindset you will never see it again.

@KeithClardy I'm not paying for items that arrive damaged & I'll continue to send everything back until @amazon figures this out. They're a multi-billion $$$ company so there's no reason why they should cheap out on packaging...or not pay their employees a premium wage as essential workers.

@HBOMaxHelp @msphotogirl @hbomax @amazon We love how excited you are for #HBOMax. We’re working hard to add #HBOMax support to as many devices as possible but know how hard it can be to wait. In the meantime, here are all the ways you can currently stream: ^JS

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@Thogar The current policy, when compared to most larger retailers like @Amazon, is on-par with the industry. The problem is I've been okay w/ premium prices b/c of better quality, but also b/c of your formerly iron-clad returns policy. Now you have an "average" policy w/ high prices.

@Urban_Avenger_ @BrianRigs @julianwelton @MitchellAHorton @DanPriceSeattle @amazon Thru May 30th, according to Amazon itself they hired 175k people for warehouse and delivery this year alone! The huge amount of people in Amazon work in warehouses and delivery NOT in the office. No way office staff even makes up 25% of their workforce

@Adam9641 @Mick1717 @AmazonHelp @amazon No worries mate. Just go to the contact us bit on the Amazon app. Hope you get it sorted .

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@robbystarbuck I better not see a Fourth of July post from @amazon tomorrow unless they’re announcing a new filter option to see only products made in America! Agreed?

@theKTB hey @amazon does this look like a "preferred safe place"? Just out on the doorstep in Brooklyn? SMH. I look forward to a refund. I guess @JeffBezos can afford it. But I guess this on me, comeuppance for continuing to line this man's pockets even though he's morally bankrupt...

@Dyeoxy @hiddenrainbows @amazon @amazonmusic @Twitch @AmazonHelp this is the best twitch can do, only let individuals who each own a personal license (prime) to listen to music on their side. a license to broadcast music to everyone would be at least 10x the current membership cost. if not more.

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@Cry_Babyy__ @floamdick He works at @amazon btw. GRR1 in Michigan. The fact he’s been harassing Jenna ever since they broke up (idk feels like a year ago now?) and will not take no for an answer and then when confronted by a second person decided to use slurs as a response is not okay.

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@msphotogirl @HBOMaxHelp @hbomax @amazon Thank you for the list. I’m not going to buy a new device. I’m not going to watch on my phone. I’ll give you one more month to get it on Amazon before I cancel.

@AmazonArea @Amazon's union busting is further evidence that they are not sincere in their pledge to stand in solidarity with the Black community in the fight against racism and injustice. They don't respect our basic civil rights.