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Published by on 2023-12-11

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Reported Issues: 22 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Sally Johnson

6 months ago

Why do I have to sign in to watch prime video?

By Michael VanBlaricum

9 months ago

I changed to AT&T internet with wi-fi and not every time I want to run prime video I have to sign in. I am 73 years old and I need phone support. 408-929-4245 Thank You

By Eunice Webster

10 months ago

Just purchased sky glass and have signed in to prime video (I am a subscriber) entered the given code but the screen never updates. When I try again Prime tells me I've already registered! Please tell me how I get into this, I'm paying for a service that is not being provided.

By Deb

1 year ago

I am a paid Prime subscriber. Recently, whenever I go to watch a series or movie the screen is completely black. All I can see are the subtitles and hear the voices but not the scenes. What gives? Please fix.

By Carl O Magnell

1 year ago

Discovery Plus has stopped working. Please advise how this can be fixed. If it needs to be reinstalled, please give directions for doing so.

By Darlene Fevez

1 year ago

When I watch Yellowstone the program often freezes and I get message...problem with connection. I have to reboot which is annoying

By Daniel

1 year ago

You have destroyed one of the worlds greatest pieces of literature, shame on you! Please sell the rights to someone that will be a more faithful warden. Arda (for Jeff, that is the fictional planet Middle Earth is part of) is less than 50,000 years old at the time Sauron was vanquished in LOTR. It was not in a big bang after billions of years years and its peoples did not evolve from puddles of slime.. Galadriel has NEVER weilded a sword and was NEVER a bad ass... yet you simply cannot resist your progressive social engineering and wokeness. I waited 3 years for this and will not watch a single episode. Shame on you.

By Howard Rayzer

1 year ago

cancel my prescription now

By Maria Palmo

1 year ago

I cannot watch The Repair shop using amazon Prime. I have not had any problems for years. I can access other shows on Disney plus using Amazon prime video. Please advise.

By Patricia

1 year ago

I have been a member and customer of Amazon PrimeVideo for many years now and have been enjoying ordering products and most of the time not paying shipping fees. I also like many of the other features that you offer the customers. I do use Alexa, though my Echo is an older version, and I don't intend to upgrade it either. Also, it's neat that you have added other streaming channels for your customers to subscribe to, and oftentimes with a 7-day free trial, but one of my grips is that you also have a collection of videos that have ads in them which I don't feel is fair, to be honest especially to us paying customers. Additionally, many of your "good" movies and even series require your customer to either rent or buy. However, even those that are marked buy or rent are often older movies. Another big negative to me. Plus the fact that you intend to increase the membership fee to $139 starting in 2023. With all due respect, I'm disappointed, to say the least, and so are a lot of other customers I've noticed. Of course, you could suggest that if I don't like it, I could cancel my subscription, and that is an option I have considered. Thank you.

By Russell Ross

1 year ago

I buy Prime Video monthly. I wanted a 7 day free trial for paramount+ and you charged me 6.99 for it and it was advertised at 5.99. Why can i not get the free trial first.?

By Phillip Porter

1 year ago

We need to cancel Prime Video. We cannot afford to be charged to do this. You are making it very difficult for a disabled senior to cancel Prime Video.

By Kenneth Newitt

1 year ago

Wanna go to click on episode nine of the Vikings a box pops up saying payment failure and that they’re unable to successfully chart charge a valid payment method in my account I updated my account with a proper card and that box still keeps popping up what do I do can somebody clear it for me or unlock it

By Rony

2 years ago

My Prime Video account has been blocked by you, and a message comes asking to contact customer service, but it is soooo hard to find how to comunicate with you guys. I need my account to be unblocked ASAP or the confirmation of the cancelled suscription please !!!

By James Thompson

2 years ago

Our prime video on Apple TV has hung up. We have uninstalled and reinstalled Prime Video twice and it is still locked up. Can you please help us?

By Rick Rufenacht

2 years ago

My wife and I do not watch movies that are R rated or TV mature. We do not like to hear all the terrible language or see full nudity. We decided to try the new show "Reacher". It's rated 16+, so certainly it would be tame enough for a 16 year old. Nope. The second episode that is a naked man complete with shown penis. What is the deal? If you have watched the Jack Reacher movies with Tom Cruise, you know that they are exciting, entertaining, but without offensive language or gratuitous sex and nudity. Why can you not consider morality and make shows that are both, exciting, action-packed, and entertaining without the profanity and sexuality. Oh, you want to make them more realistic? The real word in which I live does not look like the REACHER show nor any of the TV-MA or R rated. We were greatly offended that a 16+ would show such a scene and be filled with so many "F" words.

By Emily

2 years ago

I subscribe to this service. Lately, however, when I try to access a movie, which clearly says "Included with Prime", I'm told that the movie is not available in my area. This happens with so many movies, that I feel my Prime membership has less value that I believed. I think Amazon Prime needs to live up to what it's led the subscribers to expect, and I would really appreciate it if someone gets back to me about this issue.

By Barry Penton

2 years ago

I need to talk to a human being. Not on an email and not on a text. I need a phone number so someone can walk me through and help me to get my Amazon prime working. It keeps telling me to sign up for Amazon prime and I am already a member. It won’t let me watch the shows.

By Nikola

2 years ago

Hi i woould like to end my subscription but when i choose END MEMBERSHIP nothing happens.

By Kynard

No longer usable with ChromeCast, multiple other issues

Since the last update, the Prime Video app no longer gives the option to cast to the television with any device other than Apple TV. Fortunately, I have one, but the problem doesn’t end there. The app for Apple TV is buggy, freezing every 5 minutes or suddenly jumping backward to an earlier scene and causing the subtitles to go out of sync. AirPlay from the iPhone seemed like a way around this, but it is restricted for some content without a valid explanation (tonight the movie I was watching from a subscription channel could not be airplayed on the tv because it was a “free episode” while many shows which are actually included with Prime would work without issue (?)). As a result, I’m suddenly unable to use Prime, which WAS my favorite streaming service, reliably with my television. None of the usual remedies, such as reinstalling the app or resetting the modem, have had any effect on this issue, either with regard to the function of the Apple TV app or the availability of ChromeCast or AirPlay. If this obstacle cannot be surmounted somehow, I will have little choice other than to cancel my subscription.

By DarlaSophieAddieCaitie

Deceiving and an absolute waste of money.

This app is super deceiving. It shows all the movies and tv shows that you could get by purchasing the prime package. After some digging, that initial purchase does not include all of the movies and tv shows that pop up on the app… you have to make ADDITIONAL purchases to get basically any movie or tv show that is worth watching, to add these additional streaming services/ ‘channels’ it’s about 10$ a month added on to the 12$ you already spend a month on the app itself…. So in a nutshell, it shows you all these popular movies that people watch and love and these super highly rated movies, but you can’t watch them with your initial purchase, you have to buy another ‘package’ like paramount, Starz, showtime, etc. I understand they are trying to make it ‘more convenient’ so you can stream all your favorites in one app but it’s deceiving and honestly is a total waste of money. Way too expensive when each additional channel is about 10$. Just my opinion though.

By no_nicknamebyme

Kinda useless

Stuff just doesn’t play anymore. A 1 hour video- I give up after waiting half an hour of loading for it to play. I seriously have to download videos for any of them to play. I’ve been in contact with them off and on for the past year and the only thing they can come up with is, close out/reopen, reboot device, delete/download the app, none of this has worked. Now, nothing plays at all. It’ll load for probably 15 minutes then it says there was a problem streaming or playing the video. Last time it did that, it also said there was a problem with the devices internet connection. Now, there is nothing wrong with my internet connection because at the same time, I can stream stuff of similar duration on another app and those NEVER take longer than 4-5 seconds to play. Also when I go into account settings it sits there and loads for a lot longer than it should. BTW, same story on 2 of my iPhones and yes, I have the resolution set to the lowest level

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