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Contact CapCut - Video Editor

Published by on 2022-09-09

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create incredible
videos. 「Easy to use」 Cut, reverse and change speed: getting it just right
is easier than ever, posting only your wonderful moments. 「High
quality」 Adv...

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Contact e-Mail: [email protected]

100% Contact Match

Developer: Bytedance Pte. Ltd.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit CapCut Website

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Developer: Great Talent Video Inc. Video Editor App

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Great Talent Video Inc. Video Editor App Website

Reported Issues: 19 Comments

By sdrakeofficial

Some small suggestions

I would love a more in depth audio editing interface, with mixers for the different layers that indicate the sound levels. I’d also love the ability to use an equalizer on any audio track individually along with audio filters (Having to extract audio from a video in order to add voice effects doesn’t count). This, along with the ability to change more render settings would be great. For example, changing the bitrate for the entirety of the video could be simplified using a slider that goes from “smaller size, lower quality” to “larger size, higher quality.” The ability to render in the background would also be a much appreciated feature as a lot of us who use this app to edit do so on our main device that we need to access, and on larger projects it’s impossible to get a render done. Even older devices are capable of background rendering. I’m sure many people would be willing to wait for a slightly longer render in favor of being able to use their phone or tablet whilst the render is being completed. (An indicator can be used to signal whether the render is ongoing, has failed, or has finished). One last thing. Im sure many would enjoy a precision movement tool that allowed for things like key framing to be more precise when changing the size of location of a clip.

By tddttfttl

Really good needs some work

This is a short review bc in too lazy but the app is basically useless for me if i can’t even add a video edit a video. I’m saying this bc every time I open the app and click add it says my storage is full😐 I am mad bc i delete and delete things but it says the same thing i power off my phone but it still says that and I can’t even edit. But other than that, it’s a pretty good app u can remove the watermark FOR FREE and most editing apps make you pay. It has decent effects filters etc. overlays are good and trimming is very easy for people that just started. I think it’s a great app for first timers it’s easy to use it’s not updated very much just bug fixes and a few new effects but everything is alright. It’s easy to add your own watermark too and many choices, you can make it look like vs which is cool and useful for those who get bullied for using this app. Speed and velocity are something that need a bit more work I say it’s not very smooth kinda laggy too,also we need more effects don’t get me wrong the ones we have are GREAT but I feel like they’re getting… old. It’s also good it’s not all presets unlike many other apps. But yeah my honest opinion about this is good

By Jacob Frey


I think that the app is amazing I use it on all of my TikTok videos but one very minor criticism of the app I have is that if maybe I delete some thing but i maybe deleted the wrong thing or I have a good idea that I want to put into the video I just made but because I deleted the original draft on this app because I was going to post a TikTok for example I won’t be able to go back and get the original draft from this app if I deleted it. So what I’m trying to say is I think that there should be a temporary trash pile section so that just in case somebody deleted the wrong thing or they want to edit it but didn’t expect to, they don’t have to worry about redoing everything they just did they can just go back to the original thing and recover it and just add in or take out whatever it is they were going to do. The trash pile would be the best thing that you could add to the app right now that’s the only reason I’ve given a four star review if I could’ve given a four and a half I would but it doesn’t work that way with the ratings so it really is a very minor thing but it can be quite annoying otherwise please consider it it’s very simple

By Joe Muff
Dec 02 2022

after trying to make videos music videos that iswhy four other apps yours is far superiorproblem and concern is it'll only let me pull up pictures from my camera I have albums that I'm trying to make music videos with photo albums and it won't let me pull them up how do I get that on thereI'm sure it's something stupid but I need you to help me out that's the problem I'm having and the only problem that I'm having

By Adarsh Tiwari
Jun 07 2022

Hello Capcut Team , My Anytime Big Problem Please Solve It My Capcut 2K & 4K Video Quality Not Enable Let's Please Solve 4K Quality Video Export In My Capcut App Check My Application Thanks To All Capcut Membership .

By hailey gonzaga
May 17 2022

hello, i would like to know where the style button is so i can use the video affect called “auto velocity” it used to be there but it’s no longer available, others are experiencing the same.

By Kyle
Apr 14 2022

The app is great but I am asking for two new additions if possible. The current chromo key is very weak and I still see some green and glitches. I am wondering if you guys could develop this to make it as professional as possible. With a bunch of customizations and everything. I would even pay extra to have this addition because if would help so much. Another addition would be to cancel our white noise and equalize audio. Great app though I just hope that these things can be touched on. Thank you for an amazing app overall!

By Asha
Nov 09 2021

Um Why isn’t there no login or account on CapCut for tablets? I deleted CapCut because it was glitching then all my progress was gone 😑. When I try to login…. Oh wait there is no login for tablets. They have login for phones and PCs but why not tablets. Thanks a lot it was good till it lasted.😑

By Anuar
Nov 01 2021

capcut have a any problem? When me start to use the template only stuck at 30% and then can't download.. please do something.. I want to use the template for my editting..

By Will
Oct 24 2021

Help!!! I have a project that crashes every time I try to export in 2K/4K. Earlier saved sessions of the same project I have no problem with as well as other projects. This particular one also exports fine in 1080p. What is happening?

By Kayden Davis
Aug 06 2021

i am mad because i was using the apps for months and the the app started to act weird so i decided to delete it and download it back when i open the app store on my laptop (chrome book) and searched up cap cut it said that the app was not compatible with my device so all my work got deleted and it is really hard to find another editing app like app cut.

By Emily Brough
Jul 16 2021

I can only use 2 styles right now, 3D and big head, all of a sudden. I was able to make a clip into cartoon, then I exited the app and when I came back it would no longer give me any options other than 3D and big head. Now I can’t do any of the styles on anything at all.

By Katelyn
Jul 03 2021

I'm on a Samsung tablet and I cant install it on the app store. I have my apple email on there but I don't have it

By Sophia Ford
Jun 11 2021

For the past few days, when I try to work on a project, the whole screen stays frozen and black and I can’t press any buttons. I have tried so many things but nothing has worked.

By Patricia Sculthorpe
Jun 04 2021

Auto caps isn’t working! When will this be resolved?

By Patricia Sculthorpe
Jun 02 2021

I have not been able to do auto captions for over a week. Is anyone else having this problem? Will it be resolved anytime soon? I’ve tried everything from turning my phone off to adding new videos to updating my phone. Nothing seems to work.

By Vennie
May 28 2021

My capcut have problem, i cannot to tap the + to zoom it ☺️ I already delete and download again but its still same

By Nikkie
May 20 2021

The last two days I am unable to add auto captions. I tried clearing my cache and deleting other videos

By Mimie
Feb 18 2021

Tak boleh edit not services

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