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Published by on 2023-12-04

About: What’s on the Capital One Mobile app? All of your accounts, and so much
more. Whether you’re out in the world or feeling right at home, you can
manage your money with ease: - View balances and export statements - Pay bills
and take care of loans - Check in on your credit with CreditWise - Activate a
credit or debit card when you need it - Redeem rewards on the go - Send and
receive money with friends and family using Zell.

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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Capital One Mobile. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Capital One Mobile. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
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Developer: Capital One Services, LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Capital One Website

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Developer: Capital One Services, LLC

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Capital One Services, LLC Website

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Reported Issues: 4 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Jim

1 year ago

The captial one app will not open and if you ues a pirate browser they want let you sign in on web site capital one is becoming a nazi type control bank, they control you and your money you have no say, that's what happen when shut doen all the banks and went on line only knew this would hsppen they have to face you so to hell with customer's

By DaJaBailey

Not practical for deposit account holders

From what I hear this app and Capital One as a whole is AMAZING for credit card holders but for those that own deposit accounts this app really isn’t that useful! I’ve been banking with Capital One for years and I can honestly say I miss a lot of the features the Capital One Wallet app used to provide. I’d love the developers of this app to take their deposit account holders into consideration and add features like alerts when a deposit is made to my account as well as alerts when a transaction is made over a certain dollar amount. To be clear, when I say alerts I mean actual notifications to my device sent from the app that appear on my home screen. I don’t want to have to receive alerts via text that is so outdated plus I have enough text threads as it is between work and family. I’m beginning to feel like Capital One isn’t interested in investing in their deposit account holders now or even in the future. I believe this company is more focused and geared towards their credit and lending services. To be fair Chase not only provides these basic notification services to customers but they also have added the ability to view what you spend money on weekly to their app. I do not want to close my accounts and go over to another bank because I truly enjoy banking with Cap. One. I love everything from the customer service all the way down to the debit card design. But I have a feeling I will leave if I don’t see any changes being made.

By Cmdco20

So very disappointed I’m Capital One.

I opened an account with Capital One in December of 2019 to rebuild my credit and I have never been late to this day. Not even during a very hard time during the Pandemic, I still managed to make on time payments. I opened a quick silver account in September as an effort to have more revolving credit and try to help my credit more. I had an issue with my bank and it caused apayments that I made to both of my Capital One accounts to be returned. The bank situation was resolved and My payments to both accounts were immediately paid. Capital One sent me an email alerting me that the payments were returned and asked me Covid was causing me to have financial hardship and asked me if I needed help. I didn’t need help, the issue with my bank was resolved and I immediately made the payment to both my accounts still not causing me to be late on payments. I learn a couple of days later that my accounts were both being closed for FRAUD!! How do you commit fraud on accounts that you make payments on monthly for almost 2 years. One hurts me the most in this situation is that I’ve worked so hard to build my credit and Capital One just closes both of my accounts after sending me an email asking me if I need help. Capital One closing these accounts has set me back and now I probably can’t buy a house. I’m so devastated! WHY SEND AN EMAIL ASKING YOUR CUSTOMER IF THEY NEED HELP WHEN YOU DONT REALLY MEAN IT AND YOU HURT THEM INSTEAD OF HELPING THEM!!!!

By Thomas - Real Human

Yea… I’m disgusted with the rigid corporate greed

Easy to use? Sure. 2 points in airline miles for every dollar spent, not bad except that I pay $59 per year for that feature. Customer service, no complaints historically. However, their unwillingness to facilitate a one time request to waive $50 in interests charges for a customer of 8 years who spends $30,000+ on the credit card yearly because I made payments late twice in the same year (by 1 day and 2 days respectively), and during the year of the pandemic? Not having it. I rather frankly but nicely reasoned this out with a supervisor, but as she calmly explained to me what they do for one they must do for another? I mean yea, you are right. You shouldn’t be so rigid with ANYONE. This is maybe the fifth time I’ve been late in the history of owning the account (again of eight years). There are just too many better offers and better flexibility with other credit cards not to protest in the form of taking my business elsewhere. There are several apps out now that allow you to pay off purchases over the course of three months with no interest and no late fees. Just something for you guys to think about. Seriously Capital One, how short sighted. They were earning $700 - $1,200 a year just from purchases I made from the retailers. Anyway, time to spend those airline miles, change over a couple of autopays, and shop for my new card/app company. Boo, Capital One. Just boo.

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