Airbnb Reviews

Airbnb Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-13

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Airbnb Reviews: 20 Reviews


Loving Airbnb

We used Airbnb during our recent holiday in Kona, HI and stayed in 3 different private units. Each was wonderful and had everything we needed including the loan of beach chairs, beach towels and umbrellas. We didn’t cook, but each unit was well appointed with everything we would need and next time we will enjoy creating our own meals at the units and eat out less. We enjoyed visiting briefly with each owner, they were all really nice but not intrusive at all. We went on two excursions recommended and booked through Airbnb. They were great and good value. I would recommend the Wild Dolphin & Snorkeling adventure with Captain Chase and the Local Brews & Poke Flights with Lottie and a wonderful chef and fun bartender at a beautiful golf course. They were both awesome and each was a small group of 5-6 people allowing us to ask our hosts questions and visit with the other guests. We will likely use Airbnb more often, it was super easy to book the units, more fun and less expensive than a hotel. When they say ‘Super Host’ believe it, book it and relax. I’m a fan and sharing our experiences with friends. Mahalo!


Worst customer service ever!!

We booked through Airbnb for our spring break vacation at the end of March. We planned on going to Florida and stayed 1 night due to an issue at the place we were staying. Since we had our dog with us, I couldn’t find anything around the area within our budget that would allow us to have pets. I ended up finding a place in Myrtle Beach to book that allowed the dog. We drove all day to get there and arrived around 11:30 PM to check in. We went in to check the place over for bed bugs as I always do. We didn’t end up finding any bed bugs, but discovered the place was infested with cockroaches!! I tried to contact the host first who didn’t respond until the next morning. I then filed a claim with Airbnb to get my money back because we ended up just going home and not even staying 1 night. Airbnb support finally messaged me 3 days after the incident which is where I provided pictures of the incident and explained what happened. I am still fighting with then to get my money back!! My issue is classified as a travel issue and, on their website, constitutes as a full refund. Airbnb ended up siding with the host saying there was nothing more they could do for us because the host would t give any money back other than the $200 cleaning fee. I paid $800 for this place we never even stayed at and they did not a single thing to help get my money back. I will NEVER use Airbnb to book another trip again!! WORAT EXPERIENCE EVER!!!


Airbnb has horrible support for customers

After being deceived by a host and reporting it to the customer support team, the only resolution that we received was an email response more than a month after our trip that “it didn’t violate their standards and that they have gone over their community standards with the host to ensure they understand” 😒Are you kidding me?! The property is adjacent to a property that is currently burnt down but is occupied, in the original property description there was no mention of it. There is also an aggressive dog that will not stay off of the property and tried to attack me twice. This host approached us about installing a dryer to replace the broken one at the residence, then we brought to her attention the electrical problems throughout the house with all of the outlets that kept tripping or just were not working at all! She then asked me to fix them! I told her I absolutely would fix them but she would have to pay me for my labor! After buying the parts and doing the labor, of course she didn’t pay me for my work. Apparently this host has a few properties and because of this Airbnb doesn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that they are liars and scammers. They’re lucky that Sarah Foust had enough sense not to come to the property after calling me and threatening ME!! I will NEVER use this service again and I will NEVER recommend it!! I also have all of the photos and receipts, emails etc from this host 👌🏼🤔


Awful Customer Service

If I could give this company and this app a negative review, I would. I work in customer service, and I have never seen and will never try to emulate the kind of awful customer service I experienced with AirBnb. I won’t get into the details because I’ve told this story too many times, but in essence, my host lied and claimed that my friends and I broke her air conditioning system and thermostat so she could charge us for the already-broken system. She also promised to refund us if we left our trip early, and—although we did—she refused the refund and then tried to charge us for the the thermostat (and at twice the cost of the actual unit). I contacted AirBnb about this promptly, and not only did they take weeks to answer me back, but they never had the decency to call me back and get my side of things (they only emailed after I complained about not getting a call despite my host getting a call from them). They took months to get to a resolution and their resolution, though vague and unclear, was along the lines of “your host doesn’t have to refund you, and you can solve this on your own.” So, basically, my host and I got into a predicament which AirBnb refused to solve. I believe that their only reason for not wanting to handle this in my favor is because this host rents out multiple locations through AirBnb, and so she is more of an asset to them than I am. I hope this review helps them to see how awful that logic is.


If you value your safety do not use Airbnb

I stayed in an Airbnb in Miami recently. While I was out our psychotic Airbnb host used his key to get into the house while my girlfriend was there all alone. She was nude and the host noticed but didn’t leave. She shouted at him to leave the house but he would not. She called the police but when they arrived we did not get the outcome we expected. It turns out our host was a police officer and knew the police that arrived. They laughed with each other and went on about their day. The host then got angry at my girlfriend for calling the cops and started throwing all of her belongings around and told her she has to leave. This was all while I was at a business meeting. I had a secured firearm in the bedside nightstand. He saw this and used the key to unlock it and TOOK A SHOT AT THE GROUND. At this point my girlfriend was having a full on anxiety attack she didn’t know if she would be killed by our psychotic host. She called the police again and once again he knew them and they let him go. I got back and we fled in fear for our lives. Now the most outrageous part of this all is that when we complained to airbnb they banned ME for having an unsecured firearm. The firearm was in fact secured, the host had found the key next to it and opened it himself but they took his word over mine. The host is still on Airbnb and probably still terrorizing guests and airbnb is facilitating it. If you value your life, do not stay in an airbnb.


If your are under 25 don’t open an account

I am from Connecticut and I was in Austin Texas for a work related trip. I specifically listed that it was a work related trip paid for by work. However, I was booking AirBnB on my personal account. I am 21 years old, and according to AirBnB they won’t allow and restrict my account so I cannot book an entire place for myself and I am forced to only rent rooms in peoples houses. This is direct discrimination based on my age it believes I am “high risk” to throw a party in an airBnb in a place I know literally no one. This is an absolute joke and I plan on deleting my AirBnB account since costumer service, which btw is out sourced to India so AirBnB does not support American jobs, told me there is nothing I can do but book shared rooms or private rooms in homes with the owners on site. This is obviously an inconvenience to me because I am a business professional spending an extended amount of time away from home and not all hosts grant kitchen access, nor does a normal person want to use someone else’s kitchen when the person lives in the same house. I am beyond unhappy with my experience. Would not recommend AirBnB and our companies will no longer be booking with them after this trip. Trying alternative apps similar to them Like VRBO. Air bnb no longer deserves to hold the editors choice badge or be the top app of its kind. Require them to step up there game or be out done by the competition.


Terrible company

I just tried to book a small guest house for me and my little sister. It was for one night, about an hour away from our house. I wanted to take her on a small trip for her spring break- since she has been doing school online and hasn’t gotten to do much else due to COVID. When I tried to book it I got a pop up saying that I was unable to book it because I was a “high safety risk (could throw parties)”. I was confused because every place that I have stayed the host has giving me 5 stars/glowing reviews. I called their customer service line to figure out why this was happening. They lady I spoke to told me that they will not let people under 25 rent entire places because it’s a higher risk that I will throw a party. I am a 22 nearly 23 year old, engaged, security guard; Trying to take my 17 year old sister on a trip. I’m not looking to throw a party. They said I am allowed to book a room in someone’s house or share a hotel room with a stranger. Obviously I am not comfortable doing that. I am not going to put me or my sister in a potentially dangerous/uncomfortable position. I sent a message to customer service explaining my frustration, and the person basically told me “too bad”. I was going to try to find a way around this rule, but after reading all of these recent reviews; I never want to use this app. I went ahead and just booked a hotel, I would recommend you do the same.



AIRBNB is not your friend and doesn’t care if you get scammed , and won’t do anything but say “sorry lol”. basically I wanted to take a trip to Colorado for my 21st birthday. I was so excited and planned my whole trip around this nice airbnb, costing around 150. It looked good, the only problem was a review saying it was a scam that I couldn’t see UNTIL AFTER I PURCHASED THE AIRBNB. Fast forward 2 hours after I couldn’t get a full refund, only half, the host texts me and asks me to cashapp her 150 if I want the apartment because “there was a technically difficulty and I was refunded the money” when I brought it to support with proof, they told me they talked to her and that she “simply made a mistake and was confused” but why didn’t she call airbnb in the first place about it, instead of trying to get money out of me. If I had cashapped the money, you know airbnb wouldn’t be refunding me that money, and instead they would’ve just said “oh sorry you need to be careful”, but because she said it was an accident, airbnb couldn’t let me get a refund, because why would I try and get a room from a girl who tried to scam me out of money. While trying to figure this out with customer support, she turned it into “no refunds at all” so I lost 160 dollars over the fact that AIRBNB DOES NOT PROTECT ITS CUSTOMERS FROM BEING SCAMMED. Absolutely Outraged, will never use this app again


Unhelpful Airbnb

I live in washington DC, on February 1rs I make the reservation for miama beach through the Airbnb application. I received my confirmation from the hotel that was available, they took the money from my card and everything was ready. My group was 8 people, we rented a van , we requested day in our job, we plan dates and place to visit mejor of our hotel. etc. ..., we were happy and excited about our trip to Miami Beach, Our reservation was from February 12 to 15. On February 10, I received an email from the hotel that they are over book and they just tried to cancel my reservation and return the money. JUST 2 DAYS BEFORE OUR TRIP. I contacted Airbnb to solve the problem. what they did were cancel my reservation and give me back my money. Looking for another list far our original place of reservation. Otherwise if we keep the same place we have to pay more due to dates. How that can be a great solution? In short, what they offered was to keep looking for places which were no longer available in the place of maiami beach. Anyway, I don't understand why arbnb allows hotels to cancel at the last minute and they can't do anything to help me. What kind of company are they? We lost time, money and our excited trip. I’m still waiting for an real solution. they didn’t give a real solution. Just return the money. I’m really frustrated about Arbnb. They are unhelpful.


Ok it’s time to abolish the Covid cleaning fees

I’m sorry but this has been something that’s bothered me since the start of the pandemic and I am not an “anti-masker” or a “conspiracy theorist” so I was grateful for the additional precautions, until I learned there were no additional precautions. As a company, you are fantastic to your hosts but are horrible to the guests. We have no recourse, are rarely believed over the host and truth be told, I feel like there never should’ve had to be a massive hike in cleaning fees (unless you’re honest about it and tell the guests it’s for the “host” putting themselves at risk by hosting and having to clean up afterwards and not telling us it’s for “deeper cleaning protocols”. Also most places in the US are fully open again which means this ridiculous hike in fees needs to be dropped and furthermore you should expect your hosts to be deep cleaning between each and every guest. The reason I know about the fees and why they were instituted is because I clean Airb&b houses for a few ppl when I can and for who I can…and for the record I always deep clean in between guests. It’s called good hygiene and keeping those people safe and healthy and that’s what you as a complete should strive for and expect from your hosts (not give them a cash prize for possibly doing it.


Despicable customer service

I used Airbnb in Korea and NYC and had the worst customer service experiences in both locations (as well as Pittsburgh). One listing was illegal with a location different from the one listed, and it was the most painful experience to get refunds or credits (as well as with the other listings that were dirty or smelly that I didn’t end up staying in). I started using Airbnb years ago, and they have recently been outsourcing their support to other countries with heavy and often incomprehensible foreign accents. They did eventually provide compensation, but it took contacting them many times and repeating the same information over and over again to different people, and they only provided partial compensation for the illegal listing. They also still haven’t addressed an issue with a host (the one with illegal listings that I’ve reported to the city) writing a review stating that I’m a liar and encouraging other hosts not to host me in capital letters. Apparently, it doesn’t violate their policies, and they don’t have incentive to remove illegal listings if others will be tricked into paying for them. The app is also frequently buggy with error messages or features that don’t work. Eventually I gave up and booked regular hotels. This company has some of the best employee benefits, compensation, and talent, so I expected much more from the support side.


The absolute WORST customer service!!!

I am truly so disappointed!!! My family is going on a vacation in few days and we booked a stay which we had to cancel because of misleading information by the host. But, the host was willing to give a full refund once airbnb reaches out to them. We spoke to the customer service representative and we WAITED FOREVER for them to pick up. They picky up finally and tell us that they will message the host so that they can give us the refund. BUT the host is messaging us saying that they never received any messages from Airbnb. So what is the representative doing to help? So the next day we called the customer service several time and each time being on hold for over 30 minutes. This man tells us that he will transfer us to the team specialized in refund and cancellation. We wait 40mins and this woman finally picks up only to tell us that there is nothing she can do. And she hangs up on me! What is she being paid for?! To hang up on the guests who waited 40mins to finally get some help?! We were bounced from one rep to another but here we are few days away from our vacation and we have an unconfirmed refund, no stays since we can’t book another place until this one is confirmed in addition to having to deal with the absolute worst customer service and no answers to any of our concerns.


Great service - serviceable app

I have used AirBnB between 3-4 times per year for travel. It has been a great service and rarely have I been disappointed with the homes, cabins, and condos we have enjoyed over the past couple of years. The app, however is lacking not so much in its function but what it provides for searching options. One of the first things people search for when booking accommodations besides location is the room type. And part of that is what type of bed. I can search for number of bedrooms, number of beds ... even the bed height as an accessibility option, but not the bed size (!?). Thinking it was just me not being savvy, I find multiple posts on AirBnBs own forum of people who have raised the same issue over the course of the past 3 years. Devs, if you read this, please review the basic filtering and sorting options for this app and add this as a feature request for your next agile sprint or whatever you do to update this program. I appreciate your respect for those who need accessibility options, but the rest of your customer base might appreciate a fundamental filtering feature added, that literally every other travel and booking site uses as a base feature. Thanks!


Changing and not for the better

Update: I don’t have time to write about the issues that I encountered on my trip in June 2019. Suffice it to say they were app and Customer Service based. Not worth the hassle. I booked the rest of my trip at a Hilton. At least I know what to expect. —— Admittedly, I haven’t used this app often. The city searches can be SO off as to be useless. Recently however, the terms are changing and NOT in favor of the customer. As someone already noted, having to submit one’s drivers license to book via the app. I did not feel comfortable with that. I had to pay for an entire stay in full (months down the road) on the day I booked. There was no way to quickly change a typo on the date. I had to book it and THEN change the date. Once that was done, I was [supposedly] credited back for one day. I am still waiting for the credit on my card. Makes no sense that one can be charged in seconds yet a credit takes how long? As I said, still waiting. The icing on the cake was an email that I received today informing me that emails regarding work trips would now go to my work email. An email for a place I have never even worked!!!!!! I am livid. That’s the last straw concerning privacy issues; especially incorrect information 🔥. After my trip is completed in June, good bye Airbnb. 😡


Terrible customer service

I used this app for a while and never had an issue. I have nothing but positive reviews and have never had a problem. It was only recently that I decided to stay at a place in which I had to evacuate twice due to a fire alarm that I had a problem with this app and the people who work for them. I decided to contact the host asking for a refund as I was only able to stay at her place for under an hour. She proceeded to tell me that it was a false alarm both times and that she wasn’t able to refund me for even half of the money I spent, which is Airbnb policy to refund for at least 50% of the trip if it is canceled on the first night. Obviously I was very upset with the situation and so I contacted Airbnb themselves, who took weeks to reply just to tell me that there was no proof that I had to evacuate the building, even after I sent pictures of the fire trucks outside. They decided to refuse to refund me and I am still furious about the situation. I don’t plan to use this app again given my situation and I advise people to keep in mind that the customer service is VERY unprofessional and do not care about their customers. I am not one to complain, but this app doesn’t seem to care when an inconvenience happens and it seems like they just enjoy stealing peoples money. It’s very unfortunate.


AirBnB collects too much private information...too risky.

I'm deeply concerned the amount of personal data AirBnB is collecting just to make a lodging reservation (official ID, phone #, emails, credit cards and then personal updated pictures). I get it that hosts need some assurance but this is overboard, not even airlines, hotels or other services collect this much info...sure, they ask for passports or IDs upon arrival for verification, do the required check in/inspection and return it. Why AirBnB needs to collect so much personal info? Why can't the hosts verify guests upon arrival anymore instead of this new practice? All the personal info AirBnB is collecting now is a risky bet on today days of security data breaches or commercialization of privacy info for marketing purposes. Despite the assurances the company provides, it does not mean they will not sell off our info or that it will not get stolen. In addition, I don't control my info anymore once is uploaded; for example, while creating my account, I uploaded the ID and the required picture but I don't even see them anymore, I have no access to even make changes/updates of I prefer to. Or even to remove it. I don't own it anymore. Yes, is my choice not to use this AirBnB service so I will no longer use them. Hopefully I'm not the only one having this genuine concern. Lv


Don’t care about guests in emergencies. Side with hosts

I was going to go to Saint Augustine to spend the weekend in the beginning of October. Somehow, I accidentally booked a reservation at Beachers 301 (beach vacation rentals ). I got an email saying I was all booked and I was like no! That place looks gross, tiny and overpriced. I tried to get my money back (within five minutes of making this weird accidental reservation ) but they would only refund me half. So I said fine. I’ll just bring bug spray and bleach…However, me and my mother in law were in a car accident 4 days before my trip. I was in the hospital and unfortunately my mother didn’t make it. I contacted the host and said I needed to cancel my reservation and if I could get a refund. I was told no refunds! They give no refunds on anything no matter what. How can Beachers sleep at night and not refund money to somebody who’s in the hospital who just lost a family member?? I opened a claim with Airbnb and of course they side with the host, as they always do, saying they have to do with the host says. I spent almost $600 and got less than $200 back, which was the cleaning fee. I recommend staying far far away from Airb&b and especially that rental, Beachers in Saint Augustine. I will be deleting this app and downloading VRBO.. absolutely disgusting how they treat guests and steal money


I had the worst experience ever! Every year my family makes plans to go out of town to celebrate Christmas, this year we decided Orlando, FL. I heard about AirBnb and decided to check it out. I reserved a house for December 27-January 2 and reserved it on August. I get a text a week before the trip saying the host canceled the reservation. The host didn’t let me know the reason and just canceled. I try contacting the host and he didn’t respond to my calls and text. I call customer service and they tell me it was an emergency and that my money is going to be refunded in 5 to 10 business days. They didn’t give me an explanation at all. I decided to get another house that was $1000 more, but I was ok with it since I had everything paid for and family from another country was coming. 2 days before the trip I get a cancellation message again about my reservation on the new place. This host was decent enough to tell me that he canceled due to the days I reserved for were already booked. Apparently Airbnb showed available rooms that were not really available. Called customer service and they didn’t give me any solutions, just sent me listings of places that were already not available or $5000 more in price. Give me a $200 coupon like that was any help at all. I’m never using this app again and I recommend you do the same.


Liars and thiefs

I got this app back in 2020 when I did my first booking the lady informed me that the neighborhood was a little on the unsafe side so I ask for a refund and was denied I fought tooth and nail and got some money back and the host left me a nasty review. As of yesterday April 3rd ,2022 I decided to give the app a second chance since I was going to Georgia for my birthday I booked a place and the next day April 4th 2022 I fell sick and wasn’t able to travel due to health issues so I contacted the host on how to get a partial refund where I was informed that they have a no refund policy but I can contact support who will send them something to approve me getting a full refund I needed to buy medication so I gave it a shot. Upon sending the request I received no more contact with the host so therefore I texted to see what was wrong and I was informed due to my history of cancelling I was unable to get a refund ( speaking about the one incident from 2020), trying to speak to them was futile as they just kept referring me to bnb support. This app is horrible run while you can because some of these hosts on here act like their aren’t people as well and that they are just perfect little beings that can do no wrong. Even with my health issues and not being able to make it to the reservation they still want me to pay for it.



So I signed up and attempted to book for the first time about a year later. In the mean time I had canceled the credit card I signed up with. So I attempted to book but it failed because of the credit card. I got an email, a text and a message through the app telling me it failed. I clicked the link in the email which opened the app but there was no indication of how or where to update the credit card. I finally found it, not in account settings, but (strangely) on the page of the failed booking. There was no option to remove a payment method nor to update a credit card. However there was a button to add a new payment method except the feature would not load. I just got the white page and the little animated dots. I tried restarting the app, restarting the phone, updating the app, and tried it on WiFi and cellular all over the course of about 12 hours. Nothing worked. So I logged into the website. There I found an option to delete a payment method but incredibly there was no option I could find to add a payment method. So I contacted customer service. The replied to my message at 4AM the next day but gave me no helpful information. I replied, but didn’t hear back from them for three more days. By then I had already booked with a normal hotel which, of course, was no problem. Good riddance Airbnb.

A better way to Contact apps

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Is Airbnb Safe?

Yes. Airbnb is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 564,409 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Airbnb Is 29.8/100.

Is Airbnb Legit?

Yes. Airbnb is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 564,409 Airbnb User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Airbnb Is 29.8/100.

Is Airbnb not working?

Airbnb works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Airbnb to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Airbnb customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Airbnb.

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