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Published by on 2020-01-06

The Google app keeps you in the know about things that matter to you. Find quick answers, explore your interests, and stay up to date with Discover. The more you use the Google app, the better it gets. Search and browse: • Nearby shops and restaurants • Live sports scores and schedules • Movies tim...

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Google Reviews

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    I liked this app, not so much now

    This was a great app, and I used it frequently to search for anything I needed to know quickly. Now, with the new updates, it’s made it harder for me to look up my recent search history and redirects me to all these webpages I looked at. I don’t want to to see that, I just want to know the term I searched and then decide what pages I want to look at. I wish it would just go back to how it was originally. It seems with every update, the app just because less and less efficient. It was fine, then the updates made it worse. It’s harder to eliminate pages that I’m not interested in from the stories section. Before, I could just swipe and the page/ topic wouldn’t be recommended to me anymore. If it’s working, why does it need to be fixed? Update: Now, when I delete my history it deletes all my recent app history as well. It never did that before. I lost all my recent searches. I also don’t understand why it only saves some of the app’s search history and not others. This only started happening when the app was “updated”. This update is even more terrible than I thought.

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    New update is so awful

    I’ve used the google app for years, and loved it. Since the most recent update I try and avoid having to use the app now at all cost because it’s so god awful. They updated the searching on it to give “a better experience” but I’m only assuming the developers have never used the app. Because it’s 10 steps backwards in my opinion. I used to use google images for GIFs all the time, atleast 3 times a day, and I could just easily search through images and find what I was looking for, hold the image and tap copy. But now I can’t do that, it copies the URL instead..and if you hit the share button it shares the image but also the stupid link that goes with really?? Come on google. You had it right for years, what the heck are you doing. On top of that when you search images instead of having just the images pop up it’s now the images and their links to those websites. It’s just a jumbled mess now. Google dropped the ball on this update, because good gosh it’s bad. PLEASE FIX THESE STUPID MISTAKES GOOGLE

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    Google worst case of customer service

    Zero stars—- I went into their app a total of 4 days in a row. I had an issue with something hanging on my account, which was carrying over into another app. So I went into fix my profile. Well, you can’t go in without their annoying computer assistant hounding you to bundle everything you have into all google products, & one big conglomerate- so they can accumulate & mine even more data on you to sell to other apps they don’t own yet. Went the next day, after I told it, & adjusted my settings to delete all activity from the history- cloud- which I didn’t know they kept on me. As far I know, I’d given only one company permission for that 🍎. They deleted nothing. Not one line! The bot tolls me it would affect their other apps too much. Well, I just got angrier & ... by the 4th days problem, I went in, the bot changed my longtime yahoo account to a google account, all the settings, Created a million apps & add-ons while I shouted no & stop & tried to get out of the app. Waited on hold for live help today for 30.. them they hung up on me. Hatred!

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    Use this app all of the time

    Unfortunately, it “runs into a problem” every time I try to reload the stories, and it CONSTANTLY puts up articles from webpages and subjects I have told it to not put up. I must have told google I don’t want to see articles from The Hill 20,000 times haha. Update: I’m just going to keep knocking off stars until Google actually lets you not see articles that are unrelated. Like I really don’t care about some criminal rapper who snitched on other rappers. Is that even news? No. And I’ve told google to stop showing me articles about it and when it finally loads new articles (because variety is impossible to come by on this app) it’s just smaller news outlets that I couldn’t care about reporting about a snitch rapper. For days I’ve been dealing with it. And dear God I don’t want politics, especially left-wing politics. I’ve told it to stop talking about (2020th native) Elizabeth Warren like 30 times yesterday and it still pushes it on me. Search function usually works, so there’s that.

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    A step backwards

    I love this app and use it all the time, I have since 2011 when I first got a smart phone. Back then the images section could only produce blurry images and they weren’t good quality. Then one day someone fixed that and the images not only got significantly better but you could also easily save photos to your phone from google with a few simple taps. Howevera few weeks ago for some reason someone said “ya know what the new update is missing? That low quality 2011 feel, can we go back to that?” And now the images take forever to load and you can no longer save images to your phone. I’m not sure if it’s due to copyright or whatever but it’s seriously a huge step backwards in my eyes and I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way. The app still works great when I need to search for something but it’s 2019 and your new update is from 2011. This needs to be fixed.

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    Was great for pictures, then went downhill.

    I have been using this app for a several months to save photos for editing and research for school through the image search. But all of a sudden when I click on a photo, it takes me to the page it is on, instead of just the photo; which is time consuming. It’s not a huge inconvenience, just rather annoying. I used to really enjoy this app, but now it’s more of a struggle to use it for my projects. Another issue is that I thought, “Well I can’t see the image fully but I can still save it from the search screen, right?” Wrong. Now I have to go to the website the picture is on just to save it to my phone. And most of the time it’s not even good quality. I’m pretty disappointed in this move that Google has made involving their image search engine. Please fix this problem so I can continue to enjoy Google and everything it has to offer.

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    Missed opportunity

    I suspect this app is another example of Google abandoning a product. It was a great idea that has lost all momentum. The search functionality is as good as you’d expect, but nothing superior to just opening a browser. It also serves as a convenient interface for two factor authentication to my Google account. My primary intention for installing the Google app was to leverage it’s convenient/customizable news feed functionality. Unfortunately it has fallen woefully short for the task. First Google eliminated all swiping functionality; next, useless, irrelevant, and even annoying “trending” stories began cluttering my feed; now, ‘Hide this story’ has stopped working! The same ‘hidden’ stories appear over and over and over in my feed - totally ignoring my input! Furthermore there seems to be a total lack of any AI tailoring the feed to my interests. I’m left with no better option than to abandon this app as a news feed altogether. I used to love it, now I hate it...

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    A few big frustrations, but still better than Safari

    I like this app so much better than Safari. It is more organized and user friendly, however it does have a few issues. The most annoying thing is the Google bar at the bottom of the screen. If I need to click something at the bottom, it does not register. It just gives me the Google bar. Its incredibly frustrating to be unable to make a selection on part of the screen. The other thing is that sometimes, my pages will randomly reload and I cannot figure out why. It happens when I am away from the app for 20 minutes and when I leave the app for under a minute to respond to a text. It’s frustrating having to scroll all the way back down. Other than those two things, I think the app is great and will continue to use.

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    Bait and switch shopping...

    Disclaimer: Rating may change after product is received but I don't know! So I was searching for a MacBook and decided to use the app to do so. I opened the app, searched MacBook, clicked the 'shopping' tab and found what I thought was an amazing offer for a specific MacBook. I click the link to go to view the details of the item and it changed... DRASTICALLY! I took screenshots but want to warm people before they think they are getting the originally advertised item when in fact, they're getting a lesser and 'different than described on Google shopping app' product. I am posting this strictly based on reading about an advertised item and going through the Google advertised/provided link to purchase. I did purchase the item but will return with a 100% thorough review once I find out if it actually was a hair and switch or if the linked page simply wasn't updated to reflect the originally offered item specs (I hope the latter of the two is correct honestly but we will see.)

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    One Tiny problem.. but love it!

    I’ve been using this google app for as long as I can remember because personally, I find it less cluttery than safari. I typically don’t like having a search history on because it’s just too much to clear out once it accumulates and google has allowed me to do that seemlesly for the longest time, but now I’ve come across the issue that I have to manually switch browse history off every single time I open the app, because the search I’ve done from one prior time, is still on there. I hope it’s just a bug and can be fixed because I don’t want to have to manually switch over every single time I use it, where as before, you did it once and you were set and good to go up until this most recent update. Thank you google!

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    The only search engine I trust and has been my go to since the conception of the term. I’m really loving the personalized news feeds. As someone who intentionally avoids today’s unreliable news sources, especially from social media apps, the google news feed has been a welcome addition to my routine. I no longer have to miss out on reading articles I may be interested in because of my choice to not login to FB. Instead I often find articles I’m interested in through my google feed in between searching for things. Google Search is one of my top 5 most used apps. Their reliability and commitment to being the best in my opinion has hands down beat any other apps. I’m sticking with google for the long haul.

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    New update AWFUL. Google image search useless.

    New google image search is TERRIBLE! The sole reason I search for images is to see IMAGES, and only images. I do not want to see the text, or a ton of white space. I liked how the old google search app showed images only. I purposely used this app when searching for images as chrome doesn’t display image searches the same. Chrome shows the text. But now, not only is the text required but am unable go full screen with an image (and hide the text when tapping on it or rotating my phone). This is awful for viewing images because phone screens are not that big and now it only shows up on half the screen. Please bring back the old version or at least make it an option that is easy to select on the screen (not hidden in layers of menus within settings). This is extremely frustrating and disappointing

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    So helpful, but the unwanted cards need to stop.

    I love using Google for anything. It helps with so many things I need to do whenever it comes to research for a school project or just looking up the news. What is starting to really bothering me is the repetitive “custom” cards that show up in my feed. The day before writing this, I was talking about Chris Stapleton with my mom since she likes his music. Less than 5 mins later I get an article about him in my feed. Coincidence or not? This has happened multiple times. I always get stuff in my feed that I don’t even like. For example, I’ll get something about Elon Musk. Do I really want to read something about him? No. I always hit “not interested”, but it always pops up. I like the feed feature. I just wish it was more customizable.

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    Life's too hard without GOOGLE !

    Yep, that's right, and I'm over 60 and didn't want to learn how to operate a computer. I didn't want a cell phone. Then I kept watching my grandchildren with all these gadgets, so they taught me about iPhones and then........... GOOGLE. It was great. It was so easy to download GOOGLE. Whenever I needed to know something I didn't have to type anything, I just ask GOOGLE. Now there is no need to drag out any books , it saves time. Anything you need, shopping, learning, keeping journals, needing help with anything, just ask GOOGLE. GOOGLE will answer all your questions and take you where you need to go. It was so simple. Then for my birthday my husband bought me an iPad. O my, I can do anything with the help of GOOGLE!!😍

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    Losing pages.

    If I’m on a page and I have to either step away so my phone goes to sleep or switch screens, it resets to the homepage search bar. Not all the time, but enough that it’s incredibly irritating. I’ll have to scroll all the way back down to where I was (I love reading comments on articles, so sometimes it’s a lot of scrolling) to continue reading. This has only become a problem in the last few updates, I believe since the overall look has changed. Sometimes the page I was on will be completely gone from the history as well, saying I have no browsing history when I clearly do, as I was JUST reading something. Then I have to remember what I searched and the title of the article. Apps are supposed to be streamlined, quick & beneficial. I might as well read on a computer. Fix this, please.

Is Google Safe?

Yes. Google is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 717,102 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Google Is 100/100.

Is Google Legit?

Yes. Google is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 717,102 Google User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Google Is 90/100.

Is Google not working?

Google works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Google

@Geordie__Wilson @KayJebelli @1Br0wn @UGambini @kostasrossoglou @EU_Competition @DSMeu @JavierespFT @SamuelStolton @MetteDyrskjot @CC_Antitrust @Andreas_Schwab @Sally_Hubbard @chopraftc @FairSearch @OpenInternetPro @lewis_crofts @Google @CMAgovUK Wouldn't that monopoly apply to the Alcoa monopoly, the rail baron monopolies, the standard oil monopoly? & its not 'improve their products, its to allow their products to exist in the first place. Startpage search is Google search The limit is scale, market share, market power

@NavinPokala @Hujini5 @tomaspueyo @Twitter @Facebook @Google Agree w/ all that (though many other data analysts mess up massively about epidemiology!) All I'm saying his day job as VP of Growth at a tech company suggests he is more qualified to discuss doing business in China than he is talking about coronavirus, not whether he's accurate.

@NateDFAllen A fleet of hot air balloons was just deployed by @Google to provide high speed internet in #Kenya. It is the first ever commercial deployment of technology. Anywhere. In. The. World. It is an exciting time to be working on tech issues in #Africa.

@France24_en 💻 @Google, @Facebook and @Twitter have suspended processing requests from #HongKong authorities for access to user data, after a new, sweeping national security law was implemented. Chinese-owned video app #TikTok will exit the Hong Kong market within days ⤵️

@marc3drew @Avidskier391 @JohnRizkallah @CBSNews @ksbw @Google @LinkedIn @ameriprise @thomsonreuters @BannerHealth @Starbucks @KPMG @CarmelValleyCC @CarmelBTSea If he's an alcoholic or if you know an alcoholic, there is a cheap, generic medication that stops cravings and the urge to drink. It isn't well known because it's not a money-maker like Viagra, so it's not promoted. NALTREXONE is the medication, let people know it's out there

@omnibs A new app to change the way we write wills via [email protected] [email protected] #AI #MachineLearning #ML #WomenWhoCode #WednesdayWisdom [email protected]_ml #WednesdayThoughts [email protected]_100DaysOfCode [email protected] #100DaysOfCode [email protected] #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayMorning

@DustPalmer @Outlook please please please turn off your built in browser on mobile or at least give us the option too!! Lived your app until low and behold I have to LOG IN to every site cause guess what that link you pressed won't open @Google Chrome which is my DEFAULT browser.

@LouPas “I’m not convinced Google will get rid of 3P cookies. They will replace them with something that enables targeted ads. I don’t believe ⁦@Google⁩ will have the ability to turn off targeting for anyone but them.” Jeff Green, CEO, ⁦@TheTradeDesk⁩

@LouiseMensch @BellaIdahoQ @AvroArrowflys @911CORLEBRA777 @trump_momma @amyklobuchar @wokyleeks @Google This reminds me in fact I must go long form report @ChrisANethery for evading the account suspension ban again cc @TwitterSupport - the guy will not accept the rules and keeps making new accounts to avoid his ban. He harassed me offline for 45 minutes on the phone

@prakash68158417 @Google dm not enabled to ur account how to send direct messages

@iamrhitu @Google @gmail Iam unable to recover my gmail account. Recovery steps are not working properly. In the recovery process, I was supposed to get a notification in my device from Google, but I didnot receive any notifications. Kindly resolve it.

@u4Bear After talking with other developers of LGBT apps, we've found that there are a homophobia problem in @GooglePlay. @google don't apply the same rules to straight or LGBT apps. Their reviews are outsource in Malasya where be gay is illegal. And that's the problem.

@ians_india #Google (@Google) has updated its #Gmail (@gmail) app for #iPad to add long-awaited Split View multitasking support.

@NYPDIIU @Google have removed a number of apps from @GooglePlay. They've been linked to malicious harvesting of Facebook Log in credentials. If you may have downloaded one of these, delete the app, change your passwords and enable 2 Factor Authentication. More info

@digitalavdhesh Google’s Gary Illyes polled SEOs about changes to their work life during COVID-19, and the results were not what he expected. via @MattGSouthern:… #Google #HeyGoogle @Google

@TrueNewsNG [email protected] has further banned 24 apps from its Play Store for the same problem, with worries that the apps were clogging phones up with annoying hardware.

@TweetinChar @Turing2014 @Google @sundarpichai @Microsoft @satyanadella They* compartmentalize humans. There's inferior vs superior beings. He hated to see ppl happy, who he views inferior. Those founders/big names are not in that category bc they are of 'his' kind. *IT =biased towards white male supremacy w/ just a handful of honorable exceptions

@Omkar_Raii Initiatives like Build for #DigitalIndia Program by @GoI_MeitY & @Google to encourage students from India for building technology solutions for various problem areas pertinent to Indian context is a laudable step to rev up indigenous product development.

@HMMMBen @Google I do not have the phone, the phone number, the old computer, or the password to the account. I lost everything. This is the problem. I can answer security questions, I can provide proof of my identity, but I do not have access to any former devices. What am I supposed to do?

@simondaninja @wescpy @JonathanCatton @tomscott @googlecloud @gsuite @googledrive @Google The big problem is that in the last 20 years, that business model has become almost entirely ubiquitous online, so it's certainly an uphill fight I've for some reason chosen to care about.

@HMMMBen @Google I answered the former passwords right, the security questions right, the other emails right, the old passwords right, I have IDs, literally just not the password or acces to old devices. How can I have 4 out of 6 plus IDs and similar emails and not get my password?!?

@u4Bear Other report of @independent about the LGBT problem of @google in his @GooglePlay. Coincidence to be removed our app from Google Play? We will fight this.

@Ryder961 @NalaoToanaito @Google oh nothing I love to suck black trans womens dicks

@PhillipDHanks I tried to quit @Apple last year and go all @Google - it was a disaster. Strange how so much Google stuff works better when on an Apple device. Also, I simply love AirDrop.

@RealDjRoberto For the love of all things good. Please @madebygoogle @Google Please let the rumors of the #Pixel5 be just rumors. I hope where getting an 865+ snapdragon at least 8GB of RAM and Please 3 lenses on the main shooter. Telephoto Wide & Ultra Wide. If not. I'm out! Back to ISO.

@Giant__Dwarf @Alflamont @pattonoswalt @CBSNews @ksbw @Google @LinkedIn @ameriprise @thomsonreuters @BannerHealth @Starbucks @CarmelValleyCC @CarmelBTSea @NextShark @shaunking No, these companies should definitely not reconsider the shameful mistake they made by giving their business to a racist company like Solid8. Not.

@IccsrRt @globaltimesnews @Google @Twitter @Facebook Please concentrate of flood management in China .. when locust attacked China Was joking to give help to india but india is not like China and willing to help and send disaster management troops to help our Chinese brother .. please let us know

@lakhmi_das @AniqaNisar @Arzookazmi30 @Google Pakistan claimed they won all 4 wars against it true or false ? lets poll i request to @google keep watch this poll

@WeForNews #Google (@Google) has updated its #Gmail (@gmail) app for #iPad to add long-awaited Split View multitasking support.

@bonesandomens @JohanNohr @PathsPeculiar @Google I’m gonna go ahead and just give a big ol’ recommendation to not use it. 🙂 It’s unfortunate the dictionary would have such an unsuspecting definition for the term.

@liberatetate Many cultural institutions use @Google Arts & Culture and partner with the Google Cultural Institute: Google may be decarbonising data centres, but the carbon impact of its cloud services and other support to Big Oil is a big problem #BigTechLovesBigOil

@wendylouwhoo85 Dude...what is the point in having @google ad settings if @YouTube doesn’t listen? When I’m watching someone from the UK or somewhere that’s not the US I prefer to avoid #political ads. Enough. No Idgaf about Trump or Biden. So leave me the fuck alone! Ugh!

@afirstenberg @chatasweetie @VoiceFirstAI @HandNF @dabblelab @ActionsOnGoogle @MandyChanNYC @Google @jovotech Hrm.... @DenisValasek pointed out this note to me at "Note: Actions project creation is not supported in the gactions CLI."

@Broadband_Forum Register NOW for the latest BASe #PON Reality Check 2020 Webinar: 'Best Practices - PON Challenges today and in the Future' featuring presentations from @Google, @EXFO, @domoslabs & @GoFoton it's one not to miss! Taking place July 9th 07:30AM PST. Reg NOW:

@CCriadoPerez And by the way, the worst response to this is to simply not have the AI do the labelling @Google. That’s the equivalent of saying “I don’t see race” or “I don’t see gender” in a racist and misogynist world. You do and so will the algorithm. Hiding it serves no one.

@kathrynamyhill Facilitated first ever virtual workshop today. Jamboard by @Google worked well as a whiteboard/post-it note substitute. @zoom_us breakout room feature is slick. Lesson: it's hard to read the mood w/o the usual non-verbal cues. Will reflect on how to gauge how people are feeling.

@WeForNews #Google (@Google) has updated its #Gmail (@gmail) app for #iPad to add long-awaited Split View multitasking support.

@harcharansingh8 @Google any plans to fix a long lived issue with Google Home where bluetooth keeps disconnecting as frequent as 2-3 mins? really frustrating

@CrisscrossLab @damsugroup @Outlook @Google @yahoomail @damsugroup sometimes the best thing to do is be patient with the new design line! At first it's possible that people might not enjoy innovative designs but they with time, things start to make sense! I remember the launch of @tesla #Cybertruck?

@Harsh_gamer @WearOSbyGoogle @youtubemusic @YouTube @Google want you guys to make a Wear OS app for YouTube music, users expect a better experience and more control through smartwatch.

@kshama_bangera When I tried to use the password recovery options, it seems that I've answered correctly about all of the questions, done all the steps, but still I am not able to get my account back. I have done the following: I clicked on forgot my password @Google @gmail

@OneWarriorAngel @KTmommaUT @FieldofFight @Twitter @TwitterSupport @HouseDemocrats Top comments we read are not based on, popularity, or the amount of likes, or followers we have, it's a corporation speaking through people to reach people 'to do evil' while convincing us the opposite is true. @Google @Twitter @realDonaldTrump

@SMNewsHyderabad #Google (@Google) has updated its #Gmail (@gmail) app for #iPad to add long-awaited Split View multitasking support.

@worknasiplus Email Providers like @Google are optimizing their user experience to ensure their users only get mail from the right people. Give your business a chance to stand out in your customer's inbox by working with our skilled email marketers. #DigitalMarketing

@TedTurnau free voice-to-text stuff. The most accessible is @Google voice-to-type for Google docs. You can only use it on Chrome, though. The reviews said about 90% accurate. This is not so. I've found it coming in at less than 50%. Kinda sucks, but correcting tons of missed text is (2/9)

@larsmb @gurubert @fcrozat @ImTheKai @dmacvicar @gmail @inboxbygmail @Google I did just join the @k9mail_app beta channel and it all seems to work nicely and looks quite a bit more modern. Great work!

@TartanTory @MrKW95857780 @blunted_james @Google @amazon Also there are only 54 billionaires in the UK. You might find the money may not go as far as you think. Ideally we want to be encouraging more billionaires to reside and pay tax in the UK rather than chase them away.

@HaiderA25475809 @Google Request to restore my account

@Prof_Ian_D @Google Why is Google Translate en_US while my default language code is en_ZA ? Behaviour is changed to behavior (en_US, not en_ZA). How can I change Google Translate's default "English" to en_UK or en_ZA and stop en_US from altering my spelling? #English #LANGUAGE

@ntrpokk @googlefiber Hi Gregory. I’ve already made a decision. Since day 1 I’ve been trying to give it a chance but never worked properly. Thanks for understanding and I’m so sorry but @Google is not good in all the services they provide. Like this one.