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Published by on 2019-12-18

Only Disney+ gives you endless access to your favorite movies and TV series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. From The Lion King, to all-new Originals like The Mandalorian, there's something exciting for everyone. You'll also get access to new movies, complete TV...

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Disney+ Reviews

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    Great content with app updates needed

    I love the content on Disney+ overall, and it’s so amazing to have all of the classic content I grew up with at my fingertips. Much of the content is great and can be watched over and over again, with tons of hours of streaming available for any major Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, or National Geographic fan. With that being said, the app is in need of some major updates. The first and most glaring issue is the “Continue Watching” section or “Watch Again” functionality. With Disney, much of the content is self explanatory and is simple to find because we know what it is called. But for the other stuff, such as National Geographic, it can be hard to identify what I watched already or what I need to continue. Please add this function as soon as possible! Another issue is the inability to view show or movies synopsis without clicking into the show on Apple TV. For instance, when you pull up Gordon Ramsay Uncharted on the Apple TV app, you can mouse over it and get a picture of Gordon Ramsay standing in front of an ocean front. The problem is, what is the show about? Is Gordon Ramsay going to chart the ocean? Is he going to cook in uncharted territories? Will he take the ocean? Who knows! With much of the content, this is easily seen past because the content is already familiar, but with new content and more things being added I think this is a definite need to make selecting a show more interesting and simple.

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    Major sound quality and loading issues

    I’ve been using this app for a couple weeks and every movie I’ve watched will go from normal sound level to a barely audible level and then back to normal about every 10-20 minutes in a never ending cycle for the entirety of the movie. There’s nothing I can do to fix it, if I rewind then it will go back to normal volume but then it will switch to low volume at the exact second it did before I rewound. Its EXTREMELY frustrating and I don’t understand why it’s a thing. Also if you rewind or fast forward using the 10second buttons it will often freeze for a few seconds and when it unfreezes there will still be a loading circle where the play/pause button is make pause/fast forward/rewind unavailable unless you use the controls on your headphones. These issues should not be a thing when dealing with a company with the resources that Disney has. Please fix this bc it makes using your service unbearable. The last frustrating thing is that they don’t even have all the marvel movies on their platform. Every other streaming service gives access to ALL of their original content. I paid for this service so I could watch all of the marvel movies in order and I find myself having to go to other platforms to find certain marvel movies. They should have had every movie available at launch but instead they make us wait until as long as 3 months for certain movies even tho other services have them now.

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    All your favorite content in one place!

    I love this app! I’m a Disney fan through and through and even have several Disney trivia games. This app is great for me and people like me who appreciate the classic animations, newer live actions, and everything in between. My only recommendation is for some new features that I think would add a lot for the die hard fans of Disney. These two features are a chronological order and a randomized, which I will better describe below. I know there are dates with each movie and online websites, but it would be interesting to see a sort feature designated for when the movies come out. This way this wishing to cross all the Disney movies off their list, may do so. This will be especially handy, since not all the movies or tv shows owned by Disney are not yet on Disney plus, but can evolve with the development and addition of more items. The randomizes, which would be the one I would like to see the most, could be used for just movies, just tv shows, or all items listed. All it would generate after being selected is a random title from the list of all available. This would help those who can’t decide what to watch, but would also like to see something new. It would also help get exposure for some less well known titles on the app. These are both purely recommendations on my end, and other than seeing these, I love the app and where it’s at. Thank you Disney!

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    A few suggestions.

    Overall I like Disney+. I think it is a great idea and it is wonderful to have all the movies in one place. As much as I love it, I would only give this app a 4 out of 5 star review because of a few things I have come across when having this app for a week or so now. My first thing I would point out is the no “Continue watching” bar. This is a common thing that people have pointed it to me and I have realized is a inconvenience as well. I don’t like how you have to go back and find what you were watching to continue watching it (if I even remember what I was watching). My next thing that I have found is that the movie may seem that it is on the platform but is not actually. I have realized this with some of the Marvel movies. I was looking forward to watching all of them in chronological order. As I was saving them to my “watch later” bar, I relived that even though it may seem that they are on the platform they may not come on till later in the year. I was disappointed as why would they seem like they have it on and it is not actually there. My suggestion is to have a place where all the movies or shows that are coming soon are and they are separated from the movies and shows are that are already on the platform. These are a few of my suggestions that I would greatly appreciate were reviewed.

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    One major thing missing & Please don’t change movies!

    I love how they have ALL the Disney Chanel Originals which was the biggest thing I was wanting. I’ve only been exploring for a little while but it has sooo much. I am frustrated with not having a “currently watching” list though, that is a pretty necessary thing when I stop watching for a bit I don’t want to have to re-search for my show. That is the only reason it is not 5 stars. One last thing is I’ve read that some older movies may be censored due to racial or ethnic jokes/slurs or whatever. I really hope they DO NOT do this because that is not only changing beloved movies and shows it is an attempt to alter history. Whether it is approved of or not in today’s society it is a fact that people thought differently in former years and it shows in how they made everything from film to art to books. If there is concern on how it will affect today’s children then it should be seen as a conversation point not something to remove, and if it offends adults then they have the right not to watch it same as we all do for anything. If censoring must be done then make it optional so that those who want to watch the shows in their entirety can freely do so. Having a commentary or intro series for each explaining the societal and cultural environment of the time would be welcome

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    Getting better

    Addendum: They added a continue watching and a recommended for you. Increased to 4 stars, now just waiting for new content to see how it goes. I got this app for the bew star wars stuff coming out which is awesome. And it has things from the vault, old cartoons. It has sub sections: star wars/disney/marvel etc. that being said. Theirs things to work on. Theirs no continue watching, you need to either add it to your current watch to the watchlist or search every time. And it wont always remember where you left off especially for shows itll just replay ep 1 however i havent had this issue with movies, it remembers my place most times. It freezes often requiring you to close and reopen the app(ps4) havent had freeze issues on tablet. Itll also freeze and then go back a minute replaying things as it tries to correct itself. The current library is very limited to older disney movies. As i believe other streaming oroviders have current contracts for certain movies they prolly wont be able to add them to disney+ till other hulu/netflix movies are done with their contracts example is a limited marvel movie selection. They have plans to add more shows/movies so i think itll be like netflix where they add and remove shows and movies. When its less buggy I’ll prolly give it 4-5 stars at that time.

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    Absolutely love it!!!

    I LOVE this app and have really enjoyed introducing my kiddos to all of the classics! I feel like I am a kid again and am in 7th heaven when I come home and ALL of the Disney movies are just waiting for me! My kids love it and everyone has a new favorite show. All of our other streaming services have officially been forgotten so thank you Disney for saving my hard earned money and for putting all of the most amazing movies in one place!! Please do not remove older shows due to older views and fear of offending people. I love all Disney movies and appreciate them for what they were and acknowledge that views have drastically changed over the decades. Some items may be offensive, even to me as a African American woman but as so many other have pointed out these are better used as talking points for our children. We cannot alway run from the offensive history that we have, it happened, and it is better to learn from it than pretend like it has always been perfect (which it is far from perfect today). Also, I really hope we can an area that shows what we are “currently watching” and when I open up the movie it could have the bar that shows how much was completed. I know we have a “watchlist” but it doesn’t help having to search each time.

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    Good content, lots of problems!

    I use Disney plus all the time to watch all of my favorite Disney shows and movies. There are a lot of problems that will HAVE to be figured out! But the one that upsets me the most, actually two or more: one; if I switch devices it will often forget where I was in an episode and restart it from the beginning forcing me to skip to where I left off. Also unlike a lot of other streaming platforms, there is no PROGRESS BAR per episode, to show how far you have watched through an episode. If you open the show it will not automatically place you in the season you are watching, you have to go and choose season and scroll to the correct one. On the mobile app there is no way to view episodes if you click on the resume watching box, unlike a lot of other platforms! My mobile device will also often not automatically play the next episode, when I was a kid I dreamed of the day it would automatically play the next episode and guess what everyone else has figured it out! I like the blue circle around the play button about 5 seconds, but it is often not there! So frustrating! I like the idea and content but the curtain should have been held as we say in show business, before release!

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    I’m so happy my fam got this! But...

    So my family has gotten this and it is a great app! But the only thing is a minor bug. So I was bringing our iPad on a car trip, and before we went, I downloaded some episodes of my favorite Disney TV show so I could watch them offline in the car, and I stared watching them on the way to our carpool mates, and I noticed that it wasn’t as smooth as it was supposed to be... So I just thought, “Oh, this happens all the time with Netflix, so it shouldn’t be a big deal with this. I can fix it later.” So we dropped the iPad off at our house, and a few hours later, we came home, and I started to watch some more of the show, and it was still... Grainy, if you know what I mean? So I went to my dad and asked if he could fix it, but he didn’t know how, so I tried restarting the app, but it wasn’t smooth still. I tried restarting the whole iPad, but it still wouldn’t fix. So I finally figured that if I delete the app and then get it back again, it would be fixed. And we signed in again, and it worked that time... Quite an annoying situation, but it was... Kind of an “ easy” fix, but maybe you guys could fix this problem for an update. Thank you for your time! Fan

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    Forget Netflix

    Just kidding.. but really Disney+ may be a competitor to Netflix but since I started my free trial & now Verizon promotion subscription - my family & I have been watching Disney+ non-stop. Of course being that this is a new app there are some small bugs but nothing that isn’t going to deter a Disney fan from loving this app anyway! Some of the movies listed aren’t available until certain dates like January 1, 2020 or sometime in April but it’s not all of the movies and I think for the most part most the hit movies are available to watch. It would be nice to have an open platform with all the movies available but you know what? For only $6.99 a month you can’t beat that. Thank you Disney for being a millennial-friendly subscription - all your movies especially Pixar have grown with my generation in mind. We appreciate you! If you have a Verizon unlimited plan definitely enroll in the Disney+ promotion it is so worth it not only for those of you who have children but sometimes us adults need some Disney magic in our lives as well - pretty sure Walt Disney himself said something of that sort at one point. Don’t come for me if he didn’t but I’m pretty sure he did :)

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    Great app but...

    Here is the thing, I love Disney, my family loves Disney. Everyone young and old loves Disney. I think it’s an amazing app, with some even better features, and yes it has a bunch of glitches (which I’m not stressing about because in time those would be fixed), there are some things missing, (again could be fixed in the future, maybe something’s just need to be developed better, whatever the case may be). Those things don’t bother me. This is what I don’t like...,, ...The majority of the people who’ll be using this app are people who aren’t tech savvy or children. They aren’t always using the most up to date device or software, some children that are using Disney plus (which o can attest to) are children using gen 3 iPads. Or iPhone 4s. Things that are Easy in the hands of children. But unfortunately the app doesn’t support those devices, as they are too old for use. It would be fantastic if it was, I think they would have a lot more viewership but at this rate it’s very hard to use such a wonderful app on such an old device. I mean Netflix does work on things that old. Disney please consider this. Not everyone can or will upgrade a child’s device just so they can watch Disney movies.

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    Over all great but could use some fixes

    Overall I love Disney plus. There are so many shows/movies to select from that it’s hard for a Disney lover to decide where to start. Since today was launch day I know there will be some kinks that need to be worked out. I just wanted to list some issues or recommendations that could/should possibly be addressed in a future update. I saw one review mention that stuff they were adding to their watchlist wasn’t saving. I ran into that same issue. Another issue I ran into was my auto play wasn’t working. I have that setting turned on but when watching a series it does not automatically play the next episode. I also noticed that an episode was missing from season 1 of the little mermaid series. My recommendations for possible updates are: (1) add a “continue watching” section that shows what I was last watching and didn’t finish. (2)when watching a series have the episodes that users have watched marked in some way that shows they’ve been watched. Currently having to remember what episode I left off on. (3) maybe add a DCOM section so all those are in one place. Overall, I love Disney+ and I’m so excited to keep streaming all my Disney favorites

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    Stop being stupid people just enjoy the app.

    The app is perfect, but these crazy reviewers are the boneheads ..look people right now there is no feature of “what I watched last “ or history the app would slow down you want that go back to netflix and stay there. Just because you can add 7 people to your account is does not always mean you should. You really trust those 7 people with your account info? Remember only 4 streams allowed and You have should known that you have to have control over these devices. If your password gets changed it will be your fault deal with it. Then you free phone deal will not matter at all. The movies could and will edited if Disney sees fit you should have know this. 4.3 ? No no no 5.5 and nothing else . The app engine is pure and clean cues up easy , logo guides are clear to understand and easy find. Pick Your items then play them from the largest Disney library of gems no worries 🎥🎧🎬 Before anymore stupid comments or ideas come to past here read FQA page please! To anyone else read the fine print know what you paying for people. This pure Disney can not get any better than that nuff said . 🇬🇧🎸🔥

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    Truly wonderful, but needs a few adjustments.

    I absolutely love Disney+ it has brought me back to my childhood and that’s a wonderful thing to give to the world right now. All the Disney channel originals i could never find anywhere else is all right here and it makes my heart so full of happiness and nostalgia. But there’s a few issues as others have said. First, why does it have the second movie and not the first one for some titles not all but I have been noticing it with a few movies. Like with National Treasure for example, the first one’s not coming out till April 2020 what was the thought process there?! Second, when you go to rewind a movie with the touch screen in your phone it’s not accurate at all. I’ll go to a certain time take my finger off gently i might add and then it either jumps way ahead or behind of what I actually chose. Third, like others said the continued watching section is terrible why do i have to go back and search for where i was on some movies I’ve never seen, that’s just asking for spoilers just like the rewinding situation. I think with some adjustments you have yourself a truly fantastic app and a gift to the world. Thank you. 🤍

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    It needs some work

    It’s cool that it has older tv shows that I grew up watching, no doubt I love that!, however it doesn’t resume my tv shows, I often times have to look for the exact one I left off at. It’s really annoying. (Especially when you have a crying child!) It also needs the “you just watched this” feature right up front so I don’t have to go searching for it. When I get on to Disney plus it’s always the same movies.. and I’m not interested in those. I want to see only what I’m interested in. That’s the reason why I bought it. Another feature it needs is. “Because you watched this, we suggest you watch that” I’m getting bored of the same things, nothing new is on there. Well not that I know of.... another suggestion that you also separate the “coming soon” movies from the other ones. People can get excited about the up coming year, instead of being supper bummed when they see they have to wait till the month of November in the year 2020 to see the movie or tv shows. I was really upset when I realized I couldn’t watch what I wanted till next Christmas. I’m not to excited about this any more. It’s not a good set up. I feel i was conned out of my money. I bought the year subscription and I wish I hadn’t.

Is Disney+ Safe?

Yes. Disney+ is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 58,291 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Disney+ Is 70/100.

Is Disney+ Legit?

Yes. Disney+ is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 58,291 Disney+ User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Disney+ Is 50/100.

Is Disney+ not working?

Disney+ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Disney+

@Earthangel64 I really enjoyed the film and The cinematography was quite nice. My only critique would be with the cats not being Siamese. That should not have changed. But the overall story held true to the original and was extremely enjoyable. #DisneyLadyAndTheTramp @Disney @disneyplus https://t.co/O8xt5uskxq

@Merrittb6 @MeganWFTV @WaltDisneyWorld I understand that glitches and mistakes happen. Mistakes that involve others money that needs to be used for food, rent, ect are a cause for a very stressful situation. I am disappointed that @Disney has not sent #annualpassholder an email with a timetable for the return of money

@JamieKalifornia @OTR1956 @disneyplus @Disney Len, the best way for human beings to live their best lives is to make sure they have the freedom to make the choices that are best for them. Thats not selfish, thats a proven plan and its where you and I will differ politically. Can you understand I care too?

@holdthatcom @CMW_Gaming @dagadgetboi @JoeOtterson @Disney Check out Phil LaMarr desperately trying to make the case that him voicing an asian character in Samurai Jack is completely different and not relevant to this call for ethnicities to voice themselves.

@AuntLindsey Also, I am 100% NOT MAD at @disneyplus hitting y'all with the free-trial-fakeout. @Disney been around a looong tiiiime + one of the last to the streaming platform game. You really think they don't know how many free-trial-email-addresses y'all got? NO SIR 😂 #HeresMy699 #Hamilton

@T2KFreeker #MCU, @Disney, @Marvel, how about a new character in the MCU? I'm just saying @JohnCena as US Agent would be pretty bad ass. I'd love to see Captain America (Falcon) vs US Agent. #JohnCenaUSAgent https://t.co/H6siqaLjTR

@dodgersgurl #Hamilfilm @Lin_Manuel @disney. Thank you. Thank you for this iconic piece of art. Thank you for allowing all the people that NEED to see this, be able to SEE this! Thank you for not changing this! Just simply THANK YOU! What a gift!

@FloridaGatorMom @WaltDisneyCo @Disney @WaltDisneyWorld @RonDeSantisFL Disney Florida had over 11,000 cases yesterday if you’re waiting for the useless governor to do anything don’t put your eggs in his basket it is time for Disney to act and Make the decision to not re-open

@miltonlaura I'd love to see @Disney release #HamiltonFilm on DVD. I'd buy it in a second.

@hwolpoff Here was a great opportunity for @Disney to show their incredible customer service, but where is it? Not even an explanation email for surprising @WaltDisneyWorld pass holders with a four month automatic bill. No apology & no refunds? Please address and fix #disney #disneyparks https://t.co/IxBm8URPpE

@AnneliePowell @constanza_ruff @netflix @Disney @PrimeVideo @BBCiPlayer @YouTube I don’t think bbc could as it would be a political move and they have to be non biased ( wether you think they are or not is different)

@SmugGodHennyB @F3Siesta @JuddLegum @Disney @benandjerrys Depends if you're stupid enough to think these corporations are actually about it, and it's not a marketing stunt.

@lush_olga Dear @WaltDisneyWorld You were very quick to make withdrawals from the accounts of Annual Pass holders, during the glitter in your system. Could you please be equally as quick to refund our $, and not take your time? People need $ to eat, pay rent, live. Not cool @Disney

@ZeroForOne2 Dear @Ferrari @Porsche @Lamborghini @koenigsegg & @McLarenAuto, Thank You for Paying to Put a Smile on my Face :-) Thank You for Making it Feels as if i'm Worth Something Thank You for Making Me Feel Needed i Will Love You, Always - @ArianaGrande @Disney/@disneyplus @Photoshop https://t.co/MFa6L8d6E4

@JamieKalifornia @OTR1956 @disneyplus @Disney At this point, are you really still buying this sort of unsubstantiated bullshit? If so, there is no reason to debate with you. you are not an open minded seeker of truth, but a tribal idiot. I don't have time for tribal idiots. Godspeed.

@Michael_Eisner HAMILTON is an amazing testament to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius, creator of the music, lyrics and book. Saw it on Broadway, but enjoyed it even more. Chose subtitles so as not to miss one word, one historic or current reference. Great addition to #DisneyPlus! #Hamilfilm @Disney https://t.co/q3AARYCOMg

@patrick__garner @devonlayk @Disney Can’t wait to see you and have a long hard talk about this. It’s not my truth it’s fact if you know or care about Star Wars

@bluebay700 #SVOD ...I can't wait for @Disney @DisneyPlus to make full volume not sound like 20%... and... for the addition of non-Disney content. #FixTheVolume... you've got the money, resources to do it. 😌✌️ https://t.co/jscNPX5hpk

@james__glen Watching Gemini Man. I know I'm not the first to say it but if @Disney is going to re-reboot/re-sequel the Alien franchise, they could do a lot worse than get Mary Elizabeth Winstead on board as a Ripley family member. She has form in The Thing too!

@LABLUM1 @JamieKalifornia @Hopg4abrighter @renee0467 @disneyplus @Disney I go to Fox News every time something big happens which involves the President being an ass of some kind and they’ll be doing little chats abt some random something. Sorry, you do not see the big picture if you’re just watching Fox and reading Breitbart.

@miamifutbolmls @PAFCTE @Grada305 @Disney Hey you’re not allowed to respond to @Grada305 tweets. You don’t have that privledge.

@JamieKalifornia @mat_ariel @disneyplus @Disney I love the fact that you and your giant rolling eyes are giving the #1 Sponsor of state terrorism credit for abiding to a treaty with absolutely no realistic checks. What could possibly go wrong? I'm no hawk, but McCain and Bolton had it right. Iran needs to be destroyed.

@JamieKalifornia @mat_ariel @disneyplus @Disney Iran was on a glide path to nukes due to that deal. You are kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Check the news, Iran just had a boo boo with their missile plan. Its not a coincidence. We are in the right hands.

@elijahdaniel uh yeah maybe not the day to announce this one seeing as #LockUpBryanSinger is trending and almost all those movies were directed by him... @Disney @disneyplus @DisneyChannelPR https://t.co/xUePdZPqCU

@realgeorgemand1 @MeidasTouch Do you believe he is still letting @Disney open up in 7 days? What’s wrong with these people ??? They are going to kill 1000s of us just to kiss Trumps ass! We need the mayor @JerryDemings Or @buddyfororlando to step in and not let this happen.

@empire_disney @Disney @DisneyParks As noted, most have not seen the movie, I was lucky enough to see it as a small child in the theater and later in 1986 on the 40th anniversary. I own SOTS on laserdisc as well as many momentos. The ride is very special to me #SaveSplashMountain https://t.co/AJtm75aQHC

@jonnylightning2 @JamieKalifornia @OTR1956 @disneyplus @Disney You are correct, you are free to choose. Btw, if you refuse to watch or listen to anything or anyone that is anti-Trump, you’re not going to be left with much.

@susavestheworld @Lin_Manuel My reaction exactly!! Well, not exactly. Mine was, WTF?!! @Disney needs to wake up #BlackLivesMatter Other choices: 1: Black Panther 2. Remember the Titans 3. Cool Runnings 4. The Princess & the Frog 5. The Lion King You get the idea. ANYTHING other than Sound of Music.

@Roscoebiscoe1 @mmpadellan @nflnetwork @MyPillowUSA @ProcterGamble @Tampax @Always @Disney @UniversalPics @hulu @Nestle @Purina @Drumstick @Duracell @Energizer @23andMe @Ancestry @AngiesList @Match @HomeAdvisor @OurTimeDating @HomeToGo @trivago @Expedia @priceline @BestBuy Proctors and Gambles is another hard one to not use, may have to find slightly higher priced alternatives when we run out.

@JamieKalifornia @OTR1956 @disneyplus @Disney Of course you should. They have COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS. My father was a transplant patient and my brother was a cancer survivor. I know about this shit. You have to take precautions the rest of the world does not. True before COVID. True during and after.

@AdamGausepohl @elerianm @Disney @disneyplus And how about their plans to reopen theme parks during a pandemic? Let’s show @Disney some love, shall we?

@argueswithmanc1 @Luminya1 @Disney Not going to argue with you, because you are entitled to your own taste, but I'll just say that an awful lot of people find the story pretty compelling.

@JamieKalifornia @OTR1956 @disneyplus @Disney First off, I'm so sorry for him. Second. Complications. I'd be interested to know what those were. Numbers are numbers. This thing is fucking up our elderly population, but the rest of us have pretty good odds. Thats not all bad.

@JeremyStutes @a1p7r8i9l7c9 @JelaniAlladin @rachelchavkin They should and will eventually take it there. The love of @Disney movies in SE Asia is tooooo big for @disneyplus to overlook. They already do incredible marketing pushes in Thailand.

@sculpturings I’m ready for Sam Eagle’s 3 hour Salute to America to take up residence in that space! The HOP animatronics could be repurposed for The American Adventure’s last 75 years en lieu of a montage. (Not every president would need to be featured 😉) @WaltDisneyWorld @Disney @Joe_Rohde https://t.co/ZkcBqimVHd

@SoCal_OK @mmpadellan @nflnetwork @MyPillowUSA @ProcterGamble @Tampax @Always @Disney @UniversalPics @hulu @Nestle @Purina @Drumstick @Duracell @Energizer @23andMe @Ancestry @AngiesList @Match @HomeAdvisor @OurTimeDating @HomeToGo @trivago @Expedia @priceline @BestBuy Honest to goodness, I was going to try @OurTimeDating NOT now🤡

@Michael_Eisner HAMILTON is an amazing testament to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius, creator of the music, lyrics and book. Saw it on Broadway, but enjoyed it even more. Chose subtitles so as not to miss one word, one historic or current reference. Great addition to #DisneyPlus! #Hamilfilm @Disney https://t.co/q3AARYCOMg

@eclipsemagazine @Disney not to brag, ok I’m bragging. I have the real one 🙃🙃🤠

@JLMMG The @NBA July return at @Disney World, explained 100M Wow! DISNEY YA'll Are only About the Benjamins ! Why Not an Island? Fl Cases are Increasing 😷https://t.co/2weuusEFqR via @sbnation

@SouthlakeDPS This is our first time to see Hamilton, and wow, yeah, we totally agree that this is way before it's time! Not what we expected to see, but well done Lin-Manuel Miranda! Don't drink and drive today in Southlake! @Lin_Manuel @disneyplus @Disney @HamiltonMusical https://t.co/jaCVokFMqo

@mouthnoize So. Just watched #HamiltonFilm on @Disney Breathtaking. The artistry. The talent. The fact that all theatres, big & small are DARK until 2021 (most likely). Love to my brothers & sisters of the stage. #supporttheatre #theater (for my #US friends) 🎭❤️🎭

@CMW_Gaming @holdthatcom @dagadgetboi @JoeOtterson @Disney "not relevant to this call for ethnicities to voice themselves." "him voicing an Asian character"

@soapboxspiders @JaviFGar @chloexhalle @Disney black people are not a different species. if you were going to make a comparison, then the lions in the movie would have been a couple of shades darker. which would have no effect at all on anything. i also hope you realize that all of the lions are african & voiced by black ppl.

@RobertSchloss @SpencerJCox @Lin_Manuel @Vegalteno Stayed up way too late watching #Hamilton on @Disney+ but must admit I had to work hard to keep up with the “Dialog” and I know I missed 1/3 of the rap lyrics. Still an amazing play and great life lessons - as well as history review. Happy 4th of July America! 💥🌭🍦🥧

@JamieKalifornia @mat_ariel @disneyplus @Disney Love him or hate him... Trump is on the job on this one. Can't say that about Obama, Busch or Clinton. Obama's last minute gift to Iran really stunned me. I didn't think I could be stunned any more.

@Aapg1102 @Disney why did I just got charged 3-4 months of my annual pass today? I did not agree to this! Please refund the money right away or I'll cancel my passes! @DisneyParks

@JamieKalifornia @OTR1956 @disneyplus @Disney And if it comes to it I'll die at work supporting my family with full llfe insurance. Not cowering in my safe space virtue signaling like some little Euro pussy. We get 80 years if we are lucky. LIVE THEM.

@SenseiGamerCJ @Birdman4America @disneyplus @Disney BRUH, I’m HOT... @disneyplus REALLY just tried to sit here and tell me that I was supposed to dispute the charge with my bank when it was THEIR service rep who said “the refund will be handled and taken care of” ... just give me my year of service and we’ll be cool.

@188Octane I hope these rumors of @Disney and @Lucasfilm_Ltd working on a post-legacy era @starwars reboot is true. I think @johnfavreau has the potential to shape a great story, that makes sense, and can save the franchise. I liked the two JJ movies, but they didn't help the brand any.

@valorival @disneyplus , could you pretty prettty please make your app available in the Philippines? You'll surely have tons of subscribers ! :) We need to watch #HamiltonFilm and all that is good in @Disney! @Lin_Manuel