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Published by on 2019-12-16

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Lyft Reviews

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    Misleading, messy and causes me to be late for work

    When I got a Lyft and the driver’s car smelled absolutely disgusting, like vomit, I reached out to customer service to ask for a refund. It’s been almost a week and no one has gotten back to me. It’s also ridiculous that there is no public number or email to reach out to. You can only get help through the app and then you have to answer questions about your problem so you can be directed to an FAQ kind of answer. You’d have to click a vague option to get directed to a page where you can write to customer service. But then you’ll probably never hear back. Today was the final straw. The map will show a few cars in my neighborhood and then when I request the ride, suddenly there’s only one car available and it’s all the way in a different borough. It says it’s 6 or 7 minutes away and then it keeps switching to “a different driver” who is also in a different borough every 2 minutes and then it’s another “7 minutes away.” It’s ridiculous that it would repeatedly connect me with drivers who are in different boroughs who aren’t actually willing to pick me up. This happens four times in a row and it needs to be fixed because I was going to be early for work and by the time I gave up on getting a Lyft and went with Uber instead, there was no way I could even get to work on time. With Uber, it said my ride was 4 minutes away and it actually came in 4 minutes instead of resetting over and over again with different drivers.

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    Lyft pink pass

    Please no one should fall for this scam this is not a deal lyft advertises that the lyft pass offer deals and 15% on unlimited rides. My fare price for 20mi is at max 28 dollars with heavy traffic and bad weather conditions. Now since I signed up for the lyft pass I received a 15% discount on only two of my rides. After those two trips the base price of my regular ride I use to commute to and from work only spiked up to 34 to 44 Dollars. I called and explained to lyft on how can my base price rise so high if all of my ride history for months never were that price ,now that I’m a lyft pink pass member. There explanation was that at that time the rate for drivers and rides were higher so I gave it a chance to see if they’re telling the truth or robbing customers money. I come to find out lyft did lie to me I’ve been checking every hr for two days now and my base price still is over 34$ there’s absolutely no way that the demands are high that it’s being calculated correctly. I canceled my ride pass and my base price is now back at 28$ at max fare. This is a complete scam and false advertisement. If you sign up for the lyft pass you will not be saving money that’s for sure all they’re going to do is raise the base price you were paying so you’ll still be paying the same price as before except your giving them a extra twenty dollars a month to do it. I hope that a law firm adds how much money is being stolen from customers and sues lyft for what they’re doing.

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    One of the worst and most expensive app I’ve ever used

    Lyft will literally destroy your whole paycheck. They will trip you in a death trap. When you first download the app, you’ll notice that the price is really cheap, but as you keep using it, they’re keep adding to it, and the next thing you know you’re paying twice the amount you used to pay to go to the same destination. And I’m speaking from experience. I was using lyft 2 years ago, that same thing happened to me and I stopped using it, then I created a totally different account, and they did the same thing in the same fashion. They’re keep using the excuse of “it depends on the time”, but trust me it’s totally BS. When i first created my account, I used to go to my girlfriend’s house at 2 in the morning and it used to be around 6$ and never gets to 7$. Now I’m going to the same place and it’s around 12-15$ (which is ridiculous). And it doesn’t matter what time you get the ride, it’s still expensive as hell. And their driver is never on time, it might say your ride is in 4 minutes and it will literally takes 10 minutes to get to your location. Uber is consistent with their pricing and never try to be greedy and overcharge you. And their driver is always on time. The only reason I let lyft take 75% of my paycheck is because my Uber account wasn’t working for some reason, but after 2 years it’s working again. So I’m deleting this app and would rather get a bad loan and by myself a car instead of ever using this again.

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    Used to be better

    I don’t know what’s been going on with this app, but it has been absolutely frustrating and getting worse. Today I requested a pickup, and automatically it asks if I want to be picked up at work (I’m assuming because I request there a lot), but today I was a few blocks away so I had to adjust where I wanted to be picked up. I set my current location as pickup and confirmed it. I got a notification when the driver was a minute away, I check the app, and he’s at my work. The place I made sure it wasn’t set to pick me up. So I cancelled the ride, asked for the $5 cancellation fee to be reversed, and tried again. I TRIPLE checked that my location was set probably and yet, the driver was set to pick me up at work, the wrong location. This time however, I clicked “edit pickup” and dragged the curser directly over my location, DIRECTLY, over it, clicked confirm and suddenly the cursor automatically moves a block away from where I placed it and then won’t let me change again. So I had to call my driver and give him my own directions to find me. My 10 minute trip quickly turned into much longer. I never had these experiences with Lyft before but recently they’ve been happening so often it might just be worth it to take the bus.

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    Non existent customer service

    I have used Lyft for years and in different countries and I honestly say that had the web got bigger the quality got so much worse . It’s like anyone can be a driver but no upkeep or checks are done . They can come smelling of weed or just dirty , speak to you however they want , be incredibly rude , txt driving . And the customer has no way of reporting it coz there like 3 auto responses available to contact you. Drivers cancel out rides on purpose or like one I m on right now didn’t stop at my location and will activate “ your ride is here timer “ before even stopping the car. I literally was sitting in my drive way and saw him pass by. When I called him , he didn’t want to drive back even tho he’s the one that didn’t stop at the right place . Last week your driver was so rude I refused to get in the car . He held my ride for 47 mins . I was trapped . Coz he didn’t want to cancel and I didn’t think it was right for me to do so. I have lost count of how many time the driver didn’t speak English to the point of not understanding left and right . Bottom line is you take our money and leave us with the rudest, unprofessional drivers and give us close to no option to communicate with you. And if god forbid we want to cancel coz of one of these situations , we are charged. You figured out the algorithm into my bank account , but clearly have very long way to go with basic manners and customer service from both your drivers and your general services.

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    Need an easier way to get receipts for expense reporting

    Been using Lyft for a while when it became my company’s preferred ride share provider. The service itself has been great. My gripe is the receipts you get. The email receipts you send after a ride are totally useless for expense reporting. The format you use doesn’t allow the payment info to print on the page. I even tried landscape mode and it still doesn’t work. You have a zillion business users. We need to attach receipts to expense reports electronically. PDF versions that are concise and under one page are what we need. As it is now, I’m forced to snap a photo/JPG on my phone and then convert it to PDF and then email it to myself. That’s nuts! The email you send takes 3 pages to print, and even then, the format doesn’t have the expense info on it because of the crazy formatting you use. I tried going to my account on your website and there is no ride history data to allow you to get a receipt there. You guys really put no thought into making this easy for business users. If I have to keep doing this I will probably just go back to Uber simply to get receipts easier. I’d gladly talk to anyone there about this. Thanks.

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    I normally use Uber. I trust Uber more than Lyft. One of my sister is using Lyft since 1 year and she’s fine. Yesterday I had a dentist and took off wisdom teeth after a while I downloaded the Lyft app and I made account then I booked a ride for $7.58 from dentist to my work it was a very important to get to my work before afternoon. I had to submit some important information to HR. I booked the ride and they gave me an stupid driver who was totally over than retirement age even though he’s supposed to drive deaf man. After standing for 15-20 minutes the app shows he’s arrived and they were asking to look for gray ford 2011 David name old man. Tell me one thing how could I get to him when there was a parking lot and there was already all parked cars no one came there with Lyft tag on their front. I called the driver 4-6 times 3 times he picked up and just said HELLO and he hanged up. He did the same for 3 times after that he dropped my calls n didn’t replied my msg I send him that I’m in front of densit hospital where are you. Then he just maked 5 minutes and he left me there without replying without responding to my calls. In few seconds I booked another ride they charged me the fee without ride without getting me to my destination. It was a 100 times hate and regret for me why even I made the Lyft I hate it . Now I’m sending this review and their system isn’t allowing me they’re asking for nickname I tried 7 nickname they’re rejecting.. why? Bcz they’re scammers

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    Better than Uber!

    It’s more affordable with the wait and save thing and the customer service was good when I contacted them when I had an issue, like I put the wrong location things like that. I don’t have a car yet so it’s a good way to get around and better than Uber. That’s why I had to delete my app with a remaining balance due. It’s not worth getting over charge and paying late fees when the driver goes to the wrong location or say they have arrive when they haven’t. So Lyft is better because there’s not really a lot of silly fees and rude customer service because Uber will not have any understanding towards their customers I was like them for over a year and still didn’t get the respect I deserved for being a loyal member, but Lyft is way better. Although their gps routes are better than Lyft who usually makes you get stuck in traffic if you don’t know where you’re going but the price doesn’t change with Lyft if you change the route compare to Uber. The map pin points needs improvements and the drivers need to follow instructions or at least have a better way to communicate through with them like Uber app because sometimes they don’t answer or respond.

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    Cheap Rides for Drivers and Terrible Customer Service!!!

    I’m a Lyft and Uber Driver for one year now. At the normal rate, Lyft pays Drivers a hair more than Uber. There is hardly any Primetime and when there is, it’s at a very low percentage except when there is extremely inclement weather. As a full time driver driving for both Companies, the only way to make a profit is through Primetime and Surge, period. A good example of how cheap the driver pay is from Lyft is earlier this week they had an available scheduled ride to take someone from Englewood Cliffs, NJ to Philly, PA for a payment between $101 and $111-that is offensive and highway robbery. That’s clearly a loss to any driver. By the time you factor in tolls, gas, wear and tear on your car and time spent not being able to pick up in PA until you hit NJ, it’s def not worth it. Their customer service is the worst, period. They outsource to the Philippines and they are ALL trained to be very polite but that’s it-no knowledge to assist you. Their scheduled rides are not guaranteed so although you are the “designated” driver, you are NOT guaranteed to get the passenger-outrageous! I hardly turn on my Lyft App and instead drive for Uber more which I might add isn’t much better.

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    Don’t trust current location.

    Several times lately I’ve found that if I didn’t specify where I was by entering an address the Lyft driver could not find me. I asked a Lyft driver, who had grown up in Seattle what the problem was. He suggested I always enter an exact address, even if I had to look it up in advance. I did that this morning and tonight and had a better experience. If we add inexperienced drivers in a location to the problem of the satellite location you can be texting with a driver who is on the other side of the block and doesn’t understand you are waiting at the front door of the hall “Town Hall” Seattle, Wa. Not only that but this morning I entered an address where I was at a diner and the program auto changed it to Coleman Dock 2-3 blocks away. What gives? I am writing on my husbands phone. I’m Dusty Collings. We are traveling together and we take turns calling Lyft. I think, & hope you can make some refinements to the experience. I don’t like having to pay for a driver who is in the wrong location and doesn’t want to drive around the block to pick me up. It wasn’t my fault and I had to pay the fee for standing him up. Not really fair. I have a walking disability and I try limit the number of steps I take. Thanks.

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    Order process more confusing

    I’ve been using Lyft for about 2 years now and it’s a fantastic service. The latest update has done wonders for the graphic identity of the brand and it looks especially good on my iPhone X, they’ve done a good job of integrating the notch into the design that makes the whole app feel purposeful and user friendly. One thing they changed, however, and have made much worse in my opinion. They changed the order sequence from ~dropoff lovation>pickup location>size select and confirmation~ to ~dropoff location>size select>pickup location and confirmation~ this has made the buying order process much more confusing even for an experienced Lyft rider. The final order screen should always have the approximate dropoff time and the expected cost on it, in my opinion. With the latest update the final order screen simply asks you where you’d like to be picked up and honestly this makes no sense to me. The last purple button before you’re charged doesn’t even say “order Lyft” it just says “confirm pickup” which has led me to accidentally order a Lyft when all I wanted to do was check approximate times and charges for a Lyft I would be taking later in the day. I think if this aspect were changed it would round out the app perfectly and make it deserving of 5 stars.

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    Rip off!

    Lyft no showed me twice in the same day. Each time I was outside waiting watching the app and how close the drivers were to me. Twice they came within 6 blocks from me and then the app stopped the drivers eta and routed me brand new drivers. Both times they started my arrival times all over while I was waiting outside( somewhat cold out). I’ve used the Lyft app for about a year. In that year I’ve missed my driver outside maybe 2-3 times. All times I was charged a $5.00 cancellation fee which seemed fair being I wasn’t outside when they arrived( they left). Now why on earth can the Lyft drivers then no show me and they don’t hold there drivers to the same standards they hold there customers to. My time is just as valuable as theirs. But apparently Lyft didn’t think so. I wasn’t given the 2 no show cancellation credits when they did it to me. Seems unreasonable that they can charge the customer a $5 dollar cancellation fee but we can’t get that same credit when they no show us. I’ll never use Lyft again. They wouldn’t even make it right either, instead they acknowledged the wrong and basically kept asking me the same thing over and over and over. Basically wanting me to just go away. I could care less about the money but it’s the principle. I’m a business owner and I can’t get away with screwing my customers over the way these guys do. Oh well I guess. I just downloaded the Uber app. Bye Lyft!

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    Lyft should give bonuses to their perfect drivers

    I have used Lyft & Uber and I can easily say I will never use Uber again not because the drivers are terrible but because the UBER platform is horrible. In fact I deleted that app because of poor customer service. Now to Lyft. The drivers are incredibly polite & happy. They seem to enjoy working for the company but one thing I wish the company would do is have some sort of incentives for their drivers rather than just take their percentage and forget about the drivers. After all it’s the drivers using their vehicles, fuel, insurance & phones. The least Lyft can do is match the tips the drivers get or give 50% bonus on top of tips. Doing this will just motivate the drivers to maybe add bottled water, keep their cars more clean or even get more frequent washes. Lyft, invest into your assets from one business owner to another. If not you will just be another Uber when Tesla comes out with their ride share company. Constantly strive to be better or you will fall behind in the game because right now all you are is a online platform taking a percentage from drivers who knocked out local cab drivers.

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    Before choosing this app you should know how awful the drivers are treated!

    This company has no respect for the drivers they will steal from you every chance they get via cancellation fees and app payment issues etc. when you call to rectify the situation they disrespect and talk down to you in hopes that you will lose your temper so they can disconnect the call. If you don’t lose your cool they leave you on hold for as long as it takes for you to hang up so you don’t receive a survey not that responding to the survey makes any my case I stayed on hold for 4 hours!!. Lyft is by far the most ghetto trashy ride share company out there. I can’t believe they want to go public with the type of unsolved issues they have with their operation. They expect drivers to give 5 star service to passengers which I do while providing less than 1 star service to drivers in return. They don’t even have a working telephone number, they make it extremely difficult to speak with anyone unless you write an email which they selectively respond to if you are lucky. They know most drivers that work for them don’t have many other options so they exploit that to the fullest. I done nearly 4000 rides in only a year of working for them all while maintaining a 5 star rating but this means nothing to them you don’t even get a bonus, thank you, or even a thumbs up emoji. What a sad company.

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    Might as well go to Urber

    Honestly every rider has their own experiences so this is mine. I live in a brand new neighborhood that hasn’t quite made it on the gps yet so I understand it can get a little complicated. I make sure to leave a note or call the driver to let them know it’s the next neighborhood over and I even order my Lyft almost two hours before work just in case something happens you know? Well something happened. The driver Jogander read my pick up note and still didn’t follow it (annoying but understandable no harm done) so I call him and I’m literally on the phone for about five minutes explaining to him what to do (leave that neighborhood, take a right and just drive down till you see my neighborhood name. Simple right?) So he tells me he’s on his way and I’m waiting on this man not knowing nor getting a notification that he CANCELED and I was still charged a cancellation fee. So not only have I wasted time waiting for a ride that wasn’t even coming I’m also running late to work. I contact customer care and they refund me the fee but when I asked if they at least contact the driver or something for lying they hit me with the whole “well we refunded you isn’t that enough” bull crap. Honestly Lyft is still a type of job so employees need to be held accountable I’m going straight back to urber. It may cost me a few dollars more but they haven’t pulled this bs with me (yet).

Is Lyft Safe?

No. Lyft does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,295,658 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Lyft Is 20/100.

Is Lyft Legit?

No. Lyft does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,295,658 Lyft User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lyft Is 10/100.

Is Lyft not working?

Lyft works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Lyft

@TheRealBwatt @aborunda @davecraige @Vogel4Assembly @Uber @lyft You obviously didn't read what I wrote. You will no longer get to pick when you drive, how long you drive, etc. You will be given a shift, thats it. If it conflicts with another job, you will be let go/fired for not showing. Ab5 repealed, you get freedom. Ab5 kept schedule.

@gloriariverab @WeAreCTA @LorenaSGonzalez @Uber @lyft Question: Why is CA Teachers Assoc. focusing on app drivers (not union members) instead of getting better laptops and class materials for teachers (union members)? Is this where your union dues go to? Sounds like a Ponzi Scheme!

@lickingcream Hey @lyft you have always treated me right as a customer, unlike @UberEats. They think it’s ok to sit on a fast food order for 36 minutes, let it get ice cold and then not tell you why you can’t get a price adjustment @MTV @VINNYGUADAGNINO @ItsTheSituation @DJPaulyD

@katlopez66 @Naja34196376 @lyft As a driver I can honey tell you, you are paying for a safe ride from point A to point B. You are not paying to control our radios.

@sacramentolabor [email protected] & @Lyft are spending over $100 million to eliminate critical worker protections. Stand with Working People - Vote NO on Gig Greed! Visit to join the fight #SickofGigGreed #NoOnProp22

@colinkoop @christellar @ljtwpg @Uber @tapp_car @lyft For sure. When I say I want "one" app, I mean I want to have a reliable favorite. If I have a second as backup, that's fine. But I don't want to have to bounce around to find the rideshare-du-jour every time.

@debbzdebrathom1 @lyft just got in from a busy day at work. Got Lyft driver dropped me on the main road in front of a Supermarket. I told him this is not my house. He said this is were the GPS directed him! What the Heck! Someone need to call me I need to report this driver!

@debbzdebrathom1 @lyft also I need a refund had to get out and walk the rest of the the way home!

@LolekNYC @lyft I'll DM you my APP info and go see how amazing your driver's are...useless. "Be there in 10min" After 10 min another driver will come in 10 min WTF. I'm not going to the park.

@ShaheemBee Idk it takes @lyft to accept a request their in the area it’s ridiculous

@MarkMiWordz @lyft it is so irritating when I organize rides for a family member and you keep changing the driver. I'm going to stop using your app and go to uber.

@tangerinelaw Over 30 minutes today to get a @Lyft out of LAS. My driver's not taking any chances though.

@phurdrick @georginaB48 @cjnapoet @IAMJamena @lbox327 @CambodianKhana @TOLLIVER64 @RobynM001 @cintiamaria01 @Purrsyn9 @MrBassFace @Cherharris7 @QueenMalarcher @Letzy__ @TonyaGJPrince @McAmberdawn @nilimalotus @lulubelle666 @startinganew @MSCTHUNDA_428 @sweetie_april85 @Tracy4965 @janisexton Doing my 12am-6am driving @lyft @Uber met one of our younger generation; college graduate, working field, 1st driver, experiences prejudgment at work, stereotypes & unjustified pullovers from the cops. Tilted world; no doubt. Keep your wits & focus on the changes you want to see.

@BillyHam2020 @ssmith_calabor @NelpNews @P4WF @Uber @lyft @ssmith_calabor is so overly concerned with workers that currently are not unionized he spends all of his time ignoring the members that pay him to preach false proganda. Yes on 22. Dismantle labor unions committing fraud. #AB5

@Grafclown001 I request a two stops @lyft in my first stop i say to the driver I will back i left my airpods pro because I was a quit stop i out the driver left me in my first stop @lyft @AskLyft don't have a costumer services phone number

@Acidsmooth @LMcD34785232 @sfchronicle @Uber @lyft You have to be pretty inept to not make at least minimum wage driving for Uber. (pre-covid of course)

@TheRealBwatt @aborunda @davecraige @Vogel4Assembly @Uber @lyft Drivers will be let go because they will limit drivers at that time. The ones who choose not to take other shifts will be released. Look at what happened to vox. They supported ab5 and then got upset when the law didn't go their way. Rideshare and app based won't be spared

@manhattanriss Who is ready to ride pedal assist @bikeshare starting tomorrow!? A labor of love btw @lyft, @ddot, @MontgomeryCo, @ArlingtonVA, @AlexandriaVAGov, @FallsChurchGov, @fairfaxcounty & @PrinceGeorgesMD

@EricaGroshen @bullraid @ProfASLitwin @cornellilr @Uber @lyft @louishyman @CornellMedia The paper hasn't been submitted for publication to a journal, so it hasn't been through a standard journal review process. We sent it to peers for comments, which was very helpful but not the same. Paper submissions and peer review take a very long in economics.

@aroraaki Just before the clouds opened up yesterday @ 4, we requested a @lyft. 20+ minutes later the car is still not driving to us, but around us and we cancelled. We walked the 20 minutes in the rain with all of our luggage. Not a big deal really, just inconvenient Is this normal Lyft?

@dakotaad25 Weekly don’t use @lyft tweet, they love to scam

@c_westcott1 I do not care even 1 iota what the market analyst’ ‘experts’ are telling you. @Uber absolutely will buyout @lyft in due time. and become the @TheRideshareGuy market monster -monopoly that nobody wants to happen. 🚕

@christellar @ljtwpg @colinkoop @Uber @tapp_car @lyft good point. I know it's "not all about me" but I honestly just want a safe, affordable and flexible way to get home when I'm in an area of the city that I don't know well late at night.

@ThruDaLenz @WeAreCTA @Uber @lyft Oh look, another #union supporting #AB5 and challenging prop 22. Drivers overwhelmingly want the freedom to choose how they work. We all know the end goal is to unionize workers, not help them. #YesOn22 #RepealAB5 #FightForFreelancers

@cleary_corey @JoeyClarkson I know it's frustrating especially at a time when we are all highly sensitive to our health. It makes it worse when the person is not regulating, or respecting space. I drive for @lyft and often have to remind people about respecting space. Honestly, it is a struggle.

@BingoPick6 @ItsOnUs @lyft They'll most likely go out of business at this rate. They sure seem to not care.

@RideSafeWorld @EricaMighetto @CA_EDD @NancySkinnerCA @RobBonta @JulieSuCA @Uber @lyft The Transportation For Hire industry is supposed to be based off of Supply & Demand, NOT an oversaturation of minimal background checked drivers. Be thankful California at least requires you to live in California to be able to accept requests. Almost every other state doesn't.

@gloriariverab @ssmith_calabor @LorenaSGonzalez @NelpNews @P4WF @Uber @lyft #AB5 uses the ABC test to determine who is an employee or not. This test is from 1937. THAT is modern? Why aren’t we using the IRS test that really is more up to 2020? Also, why is labor so invested in uber drivers? Are they union members? SO many questions...

@mobile_alliance Shouldn’t gig workers be protected from harassment on the job? Not according to @Uber @lyft @DoorDash @Postmates & @Instacart! They funded Prop 22, which denies these protections, and doesn’t explicitly prohibit discrimination against immigrant workers:

@quietlifedesign @ssmith_calabor @NelpNews @P4WF @Uber @lyft As a hardworking, successful IC in CA, who’s livelihood is being hurt by #AB5, I am voting #YesOnProp22 There are over a million IC’s in CA who oppose Prop 22. The majority of app drivers don’t want to be employees. @GavinNewsom @SenHannahBeth @AsmMoniqueLimon

@ljtwpg @christellar @colinkoop @Uber @tapp_car @lyft I think it's good to have some competition, but yeah, having 4 is excessive, especially in a city our size. I'd love to see two emerge strong and push out the others. Hopefully ones that treat drivers right.

@christinereine1 @mrmarchochmuth @lyft I have not been happy with lyft for awhile now.. drivers are always late, scheduled rides keep getting canceled and driver have been very rude. Even when I am VERY polite to them. Use @Uber instead!

@whatsupdak insane but not surprising. @lyft @asklyft what’s up?? what do you have to say for yourselves??

@yegorpetr0v @swedetoshi @Uber @lyft @federalreserve @USTreasury Yeah, I think just not too many people wanted to drive during the corona and that’s why! But I am not expecting the prices to fall where it was before! That’s it

@jaelyn_cross @lyft your app is screwing constantly on my ride and I'm ready to break up with it. Fix your damn app already!

@jaybsauceda @dchrismartin @lyft (I don't have a fake fireman's badge) I called an APD Detective buddy of mine and asked him what he thought I should do. He said the impersonating a police officer was definitely a problem so to file a report.

@VBelladonnaV @WeAreCTA @LorenaSGonzalez @Uber @lyft You do realize that a majority of Drivers DO NOT want to be employees ..why do you think Uber got it on the ballot over 1 million signatures ...#RepealAB5

@JacksonInfane @lyft Hello I had an issue earlier to today with a intoxicated driver. I contacted support several times and they didn’t report the problem and my account got overcharged.

@pianomanesq1111 @WeAreCTA @Uber @lyft This analysis isn’t quite accurate. The truth is that #AB5 offered a certain set of rather antiquated worker protections to app workers, and now Prop 22 proposes a new, more modern, and in my opinion more sensible set of worker protections for app workers:

@TheMogulGirl @lyft Is somebody going to contact me right now this is a serious issue

@MinnieSchnauzer @lyft Love and trust Lyft so I took Lyft to a Doctor appointment. Driver wasn’t wearing mask. Asked twice - he did have a plastic partition and I didn’t want to miss the appointment. Next time I will cancel. Very disappointed.

@Alex_JLopez @lyft You’re not sorry. You guys provide services that make you a ton of money and trying to charge a person of color for some rando’s rude is not fucken ok. That’s stealing.

@Sports_A_Holic @wedriveprogress @Uber @lyft People do not matter to the opposition of Prop 22, what matters to them is taking away app-based drivers' ability to retain their independence and flexibility and make their own choices regarding their personal work circumstances. #YesOnProp22 #ProtectCriticalWork

@aborunda @TheRealBwatt @davecraige @Vogel4Assembly @Uber @lyft What is going to happen? They will either choose to do it or not...just like the rest of us. The pool of people in the industry is wide enough that people will be able to choose what schedules to take.

@Jeffinatorator @evangoldin @lyft @Uber @transitapp @Routesy @M1_Finance @netflix @CBSAllAccess @amazon @nytimes Siri now always suggests the Google WiFi app, since I've now had to turn off the kids' wireless 100 days in a row.

@drecox320 no way @lyft y’all driver jus tried to make me wear a mask, tell dis bih if she scared of the corona to not be a lyft driver, for 2$ a ride ctfu, ole goofy bitch 🤦🏽‍♂️

@AskLyft @MankarShivanand @lyft Hey there. We'd be happy to review your Lyft account. Feel free to send us a DM with the phone number, email address, and full name associated with your Lyft account.

@meow2008 @EqualRightsAdv @Uber @lyft @DoorDash @Postmates @Instacart we are NOT their workers. they have "cheated" us out of NOTHING. you are doing a LOT of harm to minorities and women and the ELDERLY with your false claims.

@AleciaRenee3 @lyft your driver, went to the wrong pick up spot, waiting until my grace period was over to answer his phone, then rode right pass me! And I was charged! Explain and refund please

@CCStudios18 I was a Lyft driver for over a year with 1358 rides, 5 star rating according to my account but apparently @lyft hides the bad reviews a wants to build upon them and once you’re not driving for a certain amount of months they deactivate you! #nomorelyft