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Published by on 2023-07-11

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Reported Issues: 38 Comments

By Janice Floyd   2 weeks ago

I can not see my paystubs

By Rusty Shackleford   4 months ago

Haven't been able to login to the app in 3 weeks. Keep getting 'Error 429 unable to reach server'

By Ken Buenker   6 months ago

On my pixel, there is no option to clock in on the app. My coworker has no problem and it shows up on hers for some reason

By Ronald C   7 months ago

I have been trying for 45 minutes to punch in and all I keep getting is oops something went wrong here, over and over again.

By LETRICIA R MACKIN   10 months ago


By Megan White   10 months ago

Employee access to view paystubs is not working. My employer and I have been trying for months to give me access. I even got a confirmation email saying that I've been granted access but when I log into my account all I see is the damn wisely card promotion. Please help me figure this out....

By Tom Odorcich   11 months ago

Unable to clock out after working a double. I can clock in and clock out for my first 8 hour shift, wait a few minutes and I can clock in for my second 8 hours. I just cannot clock out for the second 8 hours. Always says see administrator.

By Angela   1 year ago

The app won't let me put in password it freezes up so I deleted it and added it back on and now I get nothing. Can someone help please?

By Todd Mallory   1 year ago

ADP app freezes up when I try to put in my password

By Jodie Bishop   1 year ago

Hello, How do I change the time zone in the time clock?

By Chantel   1 year ago

I am having issues with my ADP app, I have an iPhone 11 and every time I open the app it ask about my location and then has the beginning screen where its about to load the log in (about to load being a key part) and then the screen darkens and gets a little grey in color and then it doesn't load. I updated my phone and that seemed to help and then the next time I tried to log in it did the same thing where it freezes and doesn't respond. I have deleted and re-downloaded multiple times. I have even cleared the cache and cookies on my phone. I have to have the app to clock in and out for work, we are not aloud to do it on the desk top due to previous employees taking advantage

By Mikel Ouderkirk   1 year ago

App constantly crashes trying to clock in and out.

By Dezzaray   1 year ago

It’s not showing my current check amount and hours. Only ones from weeks before.

By Willie Johnson   1 year ago

When I click on the app it reads error

By Hazel   1 year ago

I lost my benefits feature in my adp and people tab. So disappointed

By stacey   1 year ago

I keep getting the error message: Application error please try again later. I am using a hp chromebook.

By Steven Starsmore   1 year ago

Only showing payslips from 2021 not any of my latest ones ??

By Jacob Saucier   1 year ago

I'm trying to submit my TD1BC form and I keep getting error message: Unhandled Error: Have tried Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and the app on my cellphone. Need to get it submitted so I can clock in & out at work!

By Jessica   1 year ago

Mobile app (and webpage) allowing me to clock in and out but nothing is being recorded on my timecard, it looks like I'm not actually working regardless of my clock in/outs.

By Lydia Molina   1 year ago

The direct deposit setup does not allow me to select an account type…very frustrating.

By Cornella   1 year ago

Having a problem clocking in and viewing my pay. It only began today. Although, I changed my password yesterday. This is the message I have received all day today: “We apologize. There is a problem. Please try again later.”

By William Bovaird   1 year ago

Can't not get login in

By Daniel McCall   1 year ago

Adp app is not letting me select my account type. It keeps showing no results. I was suppose to get paid but cant because I have no direct deposit set up on my account. Tried calling multiple times

By christine pappas   1 year ago

app will not allow me to look at my pay when I use my iphone and amazon a to z app. It does nothing it freezes

By Stacy Dalton   1 year ago

Pay is in bank but not showing up on the app. Also can't get profile to work

By James E Dawson   1 year ago

Hello. New Email Address n passwords for jamesdawson9793062@redacted Snoppydog314. But Forget ID n passwords last Time Old Text with Phone so New Phone 314 930 1931 text. Don’t like mess up on ADP

By Robert Bellmay   1 year ago

Clock pay and time card all say temporary out of service please check All other stuff I can see

By Kirk schilling   1 year ago

I am no longer able to see my time card hours or be able to approve my time card on my mobile app

By Laurie   1 year ago

App opens to white page with logo then freezes. Wont ever Open

By Crystal Siegert   1 year ago

The proper dates for this week are not showing The start and end times not showing up properly Will not stay on the current date.

By Jim weist   1 year ago

App clock in shows error but everything else works

By Danney Jones   1 year ago

Tried to log in to the app and it as me to change my password and when I did it would not let me access any more. Keeps saying error try again later.

By Russell Woodland   1 year ago

trying to install adp iphone long does the disk install icon supposed to spin?

By Tiffany   1 year ago

Error “unable to reach server” several times while fully connected to WiFi and perfectly good phone reception. So couldn’t log in to punch in.

By Dukinson Dabel   1 year ago

Good morning, I tried to open my ADP ,so it was running slow. please could you help me. thanks

By Dukinson Dabel   1 year ago

good afternoon, I tried to open my ADP

By Shenneberry   1 year ago

Unable to pull up the time clock in the app to clock in or out. I have the most up to date version of ADP Workforce Now, and my IOS on my Iphone. The menu doesn't even have this option to choose to go to anymore? I've also unistalled and re-installed the app...still no go. Is there an known issue and possible a workaround?

By Randy Scales   1 year ago

So I can not get the timeclock to come up on the mobile App. so I can clock in and out. It wont even show on my settings that my phone is allowing the app access my location which we have allowed permission to do so. The phone is a android but other with people with android phones are working

Common dislikes about ADP app

- Periodically shuts down

- Asks to re-do password and user ID

- Asks to redo thumbprint multiple times

- Slow, laggy, and glitchy

- Doesn't fix app bugs

- Acts like it's hacked when trying to log in

- Can't see paystub for months

- Takes almost 10 mins to load

- Time card option is almost never accurate

- Have to reset password multiple times

- Ignored when reaching out via email

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