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Published by on 2019-12-27

Simple. Reliable. Secure. — WhatsApp from Facebook WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for iPhone and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp...

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WhatsApp Messenger Reviews

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    Great app. Couple recommendations!!

    This app has so far been very useful and reliable for me. I would absolutely love to see a couple features added that I believe wouldn’t be too difficult! If you can add a feature to give the option for speeding up the playback of long voice messages that would be amazing! I am getting this app to replace Voxer, which now has way too many bugs to even reasonably try to use for professional applications anymore. We use these apps to have a group chats active for our studio that we run. So far this app is very solid and working great, but I do really miss the ability to speed up those long messages, as we are using it primarily for voice since the subject matter we discuss in these groups is often too much to type. Also in a group chat, it would be excellent if there were notifications right in the chat window to let you know who has seen the message and who has not seen the message, like the way Facebook messenger/Voxer does. I know you can access that information but it’s in a sub menu and not something you can just see at a glance. Just thoughts and recommendations on things that I feel would round the app out and make it a serious workhorse!! Thanks for the great app otherwise!

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    It’s good until you get kicked off....

    I have used this app for years and I really enjoy it. So you can only imagine my disappointment where after not being able to use my phone for a while due to an accident I finally got a new phone and after installing WhatsApp I was removed from all groups! I understand the reasoning and the need for this but I feel like a further step should have been taken. While it’s usually safe to assume a new phone means a new user, another check could have been done to verify if it was the same account/email being used as in this case I was also doing a back up can’t it? At least then you would be able to verify not only is the phone new but the account is also new so a new person as while we can change phones for whatever reason we do not change emails or accounts as quickly. Just my 2 cents. Hopefully this will be considered and helps someone else to not be disappointed at being removed from everything. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

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    Great App still missing Dark Mode for iOS

    I have been using WhatsApp for around five years and generally a fan. I have never liked how using the Desktop Client on MacOS requires one to have their mobile WhatsApp open in the background to have functionality. Its either a poor technical limitation or something more ridiculous, but makes for a bad Desktop Experience. Hard to complain for a free app, but would have been happy to pay to see that limitation removed. I do use Signal App as much as possible, as their Desktop Client does not force the mobile app to be open. Signal App iOS also has a dark mode / light mode interface toggle switch that predates iOS 13 native Dark Mode by years. Which makes it superior to WhatsApp in my opinion from a user interface perspective. Also the release notes for WhatsApp iOS updates look like they are generated by a robot, rather than a human. Kinda sad for a messaging app that billions of real humans use.

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    Camera takes fuzzy photos every time

    WhatsApp in general is fine. But every photo I take in the app is fuzzy; and more zoomed in than my normal photos app. It’s like they are putting camera in video mode and taking a screenshot. I guess this is part of their cross platform library but still, I wish it would let the camera app use more native and high quality functionality. Additionally, it’s wayyy too easy to send things to the wrong person. You can’t remove people from “recently contacted” or “frequently contacted” prompts around iOS for sharing. I’m terrified I will send my girlfriends brother something immodest because his name shows above hers even though our chat volumes are way different. WhatsApp is a globally loved tool but has some pretty strange UX issues given its financial backer and experienced staff. I will continue to use it as most of the world doesn’t have iMessage; but if they did; I don’t think I’d miss the WhatsApp app that much.

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    A comprehensive review of Whatsapp security.

    First of all yes I am on addersal. WhatsApp has a number of advanced security features. It has end-to-end encryption, just like Apple’s iMessage and Signal. All messages flowing through the platform are secured so that only the sender and the recipient can view them. WhatsApp couldn’t read your message even if it wanted to. The app doesn’t store your personal information, and only people you approve as contacts can message you. As with an increasing number of internet services like Google and Facebook, WhatsApp uses two-factor authentication, which has you type in a second passcode sent to your phone via text message to access your account. Group messages can conflict with some privacy settings, however, in that if you have blocked someone, they can still appear in a group message that you can see

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    I really love this app. It's incredible how you can talk with anyone around the world without paying actual money. There’s nothing wrong happening with my version, the camera works well and shoots good photos. There are some things that would make this app the best messaging app. The first one is that when you mute a group chat there should be an option that allows you to mute it forever, same goes with the real-time location. When you create a group, others shouldn’t have the option to kick you from the group, and there should be an option to make someone not be an admin without having to kick the person and adding them again. Also, I really want the GIFs to have their own spot so you don’t need to go to Photos and Videos and then click GIFs. Also, make a DRAWING option. Well, that’s all. Thanks for this amazing app.

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    Plenty of room for improvement

    As an avid user of social internet media , I found WhatsApp is lacking in many convenient features offered in other apps. I use Facebook when I want to express some thoughts, events etc. But FB Messenger is not efficient in quick text, so I still resort to 20 years old practice in text msg like in Nokia phones. WhatsApp is subservient to the features offered by WeChat. Understood that WeChat is by Tencent in China, nevertheless the features are amazing. The Moment posting functions are like Facebook post. The conversation wether individual or in chat groups are more user friendly than WhatsApp. It allows recalling a wrong message sent in mistake. Attaching files and emojis are awesome. My only complain is that once viewed in one device the message cannot be reviewed in an other, which FB allows all history conversation once logged in. I lived in America over 47 years. I highly recommend friends to use WeChat for daily contacts over other apps.

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    Best App Ever!

    There is not enough text space to write down everything I love about this app, nor do I have the time to write it all down!! Suffice it to say, I wish I could get everyone in my contact list to use this. For work, we have a record of all of our conversations, which in my line of business, this has been a really good thing for us. Also, you can see when the person read the message. Being able to back up conversations to the Cloud has also been useful. One of the things I’m most impressed by the Developors of this app is that they are constantly updating the app with new capabilities. Like I said, there are several things I could continue to write about how much I love this app. Suffice it to say, it’s one of the best Apps in my phone and I’m a hard critic when I comes App reviews.

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    Too easy to call people by accident

    The app is really great and connects me with my contacts all over the world. It makes it easy to stay in touch. You can text and even call for free. Doesn’t get any better than that! The only thing I would change is how easy it is to call people by accident. It happens all the time. I wish they would hide that button behind the profile page. This is mostly a texting app, do we really need that button on the first page?Even on an iPhone you have to first click the i button from the message page to call someone. It’s smart. Another issue is that the app distorts the quality of pics and videos after they are sent. I often receive videos with delayed sound and fuzzy images. I have to ask my contacts to send me those through other apps so I can actually get the proper sound. Please fix and it will be the most perfect app!

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    Still not syncing contacts since iOS update months ago

    When IOS updated several months ago, one of the features that was affected on WhatsApp was the option to sync contacts. I called Apple then and they informed me that each app provider must update their security profiles to be compatible with the new IOS. There have been 2 updates of IOS since then and still, WhatsApp hasn’t got with the program. Utility of WhatsApp has gone down as I have to research each contact to try to even place a call to them. Numbers that are in my phone book don’t register so it’s difficult to know which contact is which without that extra step in research. Furthermore, I can’t save new numbers directly from WhatsApp to my phone. This is quite frustrating. I have never left a review on this app before and decided that 5-6 months of this is enough. Can you please update your app to resolve this issue with iPhone!

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    Houston Texas

    As the owner of a locksmith company and the manager of operation at Okey Dokey Locksmith, I want to say that WhatsApp is one of the most useful app we use on a daily basic. This platform of communication allows use to create a secondary network in a secondary level when we put customers on first priority. For example: if I dial/talk to a technician I use WhatsApp and customer can still call me on the cellphone. To further explain: if I call tech on the phone it takes 10-15 seconds for the telecom system to connect the call and within this time frame of clicking the dial button to the moment the line is connected, a customer might get to the answering machine. Highly recommend to all of you business owners to use WhatsApp as a secondary network for your employees if they are interfacing customers over the phone.

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    Whatsapp is always improving and getting better

    Whatsapp is a great tools for friends, family and businesses. The continuous improvement of the apps is great too as well. So many new features added and so on. Nevertheless there are other great things that are being taken a way from the apps that need to be reconsidered for great and greater experiences. Not sure if it’s a bug that would be fixed or deliberately done. Few things I noticed are; 1) The inability to fast forward or rewind voice messages. This is very handy function as sometimes we just need to quickly get a point from a voice message we have previously listens to and so on. 2) When viewing status that has audio we have the ability to increase the audio by using our phone volume keys and able to set it to the desire volume. But now it’s volume is static once you push the button at the start of the status it added audio that can neither been increased nor decreased. Please try to look into this as it’s embarrassing having your phone on highest volume in public places and be unable to adjust it. Am using an iPhone 8 Plus incase these issues are only on certain devices. Thanks

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    Love Everything except...

    WhatsApp is an amazing chatting app that conveniently connects you to a broad chat base of your family & loved ones, friends and acquaintances alike at a quick setup without having to generate unique ways to connect with each other. It has a plethora of other cool features like ability to make voice and video calls etc. and now even make payments to each other for a dinner you shared but did not pay for... BUT all this power without the possibility to lock the app or have a password access is a waste of opportunity to complete the offering by WhatsApp. I really feel THEY ARE RATHER LATE. PASSWORD PROTECT OPTION at starting the app window IS MISSING AND should have been there like yesterday ... it’s a simple feature addition but gives many people the safety they want to protect their communication and today communication is everything!

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    Needs 1 change

    I love this app, but 1 thing I wish they would change is their notification system/inability to get calls when I’m on another cal. Sometimes I’ll be on a phone call from my actual phone, and then when I get off the phone an hour later, and if someone from WhatsApp is trying to call me, it’ll say “Missed Video call from____”. To me, it’s annoying how if I’m automatically on a phone call, the WhatsApp video call won’t go through period. WhatsApp should let the video call go through, so even while I’m on my phone during another phone call, and I see someone calling me, I can answer the other. Sometimes it’s important and I need to answer because it’s family from another country, but I never can because WhatsApp automatically tells them I’m on another call, but doesn’t notify me. Fix it. Please. It works with audio calls, why not do this for video calls too?

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    More privacy please?

    Although WhatsApp is a must to talk to so many people who own no iOS devices with iMessage, I tend to use it the most possible for a major privacy related reason! Whenever I’m online and sending a message, anyone can know that I’m online! There’s no way to hide that! I can hide my last seen, but when I’m online, the whole world can know it! That’s the best stalking tool for creeps and weirdos, and WhatsApp seems to love these people! In addition to that, my other issues with WhatsApp include the inability to receive and send from more than one number! I mean my iPhone XS has two lines in it! Why should I be limited to receiving WhatsApp messages to only one of them? It’s about time WhatsApp made a personal account that allowed access to multiple numbers, and that allowed access to the account from multiple devices! Because I’d want to receive my messages on my two iPhones, Mac and iPad, and be able to reply from any of those without needing to use the very glitchy and fragile QR scanning system they already use that extracts the entire info from the main source while draining its battery too! And it’s always creepy to find ads on Facebook related to what I was discussing on WhatsApp text or voice... I’d frankly prefer to have WhatsApp be a paid service like it was before than be an ad instrument for facebook!

Is WhatsApp Messenger Safe?

Yes. WhatsApp Messenger is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,162,674 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for WhatsApp Messenger Is 100/100.

Is WhatsApp Messenger Legit?

Yes. WhatsApp Messenger is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,162,674 WhatsApp Messenger User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WhatsApp Messenger Is 90/100.

Is WhatsApp Messenger not working?

WhatsApp Messenger works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for WhatsApp Messenger

@i_am_wizzdom @WhatsApp we're sorry for whatever we might have done or said to you, please bring back the "Delete for everyone" feature.

@dabit3 @werzadnan @andrestaltz @WhatsApp I’m not on there , I’ve used it a couple of times when traveling internationally though, but to be it seemed like just a messaging app. Is it more like a social network now?

@obiokeke_ @Bilijyn That's really a smart way to get ratings easily. You could imagine how I've not rated @twitter, @WhatsApp, @ChakaStocks and @gtbank apps b/c I don't have the time. Come to think of it. You could make the button thus: Would you rate us without going to the store? Dope. Nope.

@VikasRishishwar why just cant the @byte_app push forward to India and grab the left vacuum by @TikTok_IN, with the product they have been working for years -> rem @facebook buying @WhatsApp they were deep into Indian markets.

@tonymsagha243 @WhatsApp hey i have two whatsapp and i want to only one whatsapp app in my phone what do i do

@DOSUMUADEYEMI01 @WhatsApp Hello @WhatsApp, I know you might not reply or work on this but I am tired of writing to your support. My phone number +2349030453016 was banned from WhatsApp for over 2 days now, I am lagging behind on deadlines. @WhatsApp used to be my office as we are told to stay at home.

@Parivatan2020 @WhatsApp 3) Telegram App has 2 lakh group member capacity and u have only 256 members that makes whatsapp very out of reach in front of telegram 4) we need dedicated bots like telegram To watch on our whatsapp Groups when group admin is busy in his life.

@Blackeyegaming @WhatsApp how about the feature of beeing able to browse all pics and vids by chat / group send to me so i can delete specific pictures or move them into an album ? the 4500 file folder is not much help and only beeing able to browse them when i wanna forward them neither

@saifsword7 @WhatsApp Media is not downloading in my Samsung note 9 gallery from WhatsApp. What to do???

@anLFCfan @sweta93873502 @StopFundingHate @WhatsApp @Facebook Sounds like hard unprofitable work. Not sure @facebook is that arsed to be honest. They'll only take notice when they start losing money.

@smilingsolar @WhatsApp Good morning, I was try to update my WhatsApp application yesterday, in the process I mistakenly uninstalled it but all efforts to Reinstall since yesterday morning has not been successful It's been rolling all days writing waiting for download. Please is there a proble

@devbpcl @whatsapp it’s not good you are not realise my blocked number I requested to you please unblock my number

@abdulhameed1708 @WhatsApp how to backup specific contact numbers's chatting on what's app?

@Sapna05380693 @WhatsApp I think there is some big glitch in the WhatsApp setting of "my contacts except" as for the second time in 4 months a random number was able to see my story. Doesnt this amount to breach of privacy? How a contact not added in my address book able to see my status? https://t.co/NhgK6dvigH

@bubai_kdh @WhatsApp This is request don't allow to create any group beyond 20 persons in WhatsApp specially in India you will see crime rate and hate speech is going down drastically. It's a request try it atleast for India.

@arslanrpk4 @trtworld @OfficialDGISPR @realDonaldTrump @JustinTrudeau @ImranKhanPTI @P_Musharraf @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn @SadiqKhan @KingSalman @RTErdogan @GermanyDiplo @SaudiEmbassyUSA @Chinamission2un @ChinaEUMission @trpresidency @MFATurkey @UKParliament @mfa_russia @UAEmGov @UN @EmmanuelMacron @statedeptspox @MOI_QatarEn @dwnews @peaceforchange @arsched @ARYSabirShakir @samiabrahim @MoeedNj @SaleemFarrukh @f_obermaier @Fereeha @MaleehaHashmey @saeed_qazi @thecaravanindia @RanaAyyub @sherryontopp @RepJayapal @Rep_Watkins @WhatsApp @Facebook @indiatvnews @ZeeNews @ndtv @ABPNewsTV @htTweets @aajtak @PMOIndia @ANI spirits if not physically. The #Inhumane #InternetBan is still going on in #LongAbductedKashmir, and #I already highlighted how this #InhumaneInternet ban has further destroyed #Kashmiri lives to the worst level possible. Their schools, hospitals, businesses, etc have faced...

@_legitdroid Introducing a turn on/off auto play video feature for WhatsApp status, this is an idea I came up with lately and I’m delighted to share it with y’all. Prototype link on how the whole process works and what it is like.... https://t.co/iqfdYXzywL @WhatsApp #examscancelled

@tekrondo @abbeydot @WhatsApp Not nearly enough. Sometimes I want to chronicle personal events in real-time to my close contacts, but I can’t (not everyone uses Instagram, FB, etc but most use WhatsApp). If I can go live to specific groups on my contact list and not the entire world, I’ll very much prefer it.

@kasichap_rt @WhatsApp can you like create a "schedule message" feature then i will never forget my friends anniversary? Schedule "Happy anniversary" message for 4 July 2021 @ 5am to Amanda. by the way this was scheduled.

@rpkothari @Accel_India @_AnandDaniel @neerajarora @WhatsApp It's really great to hear always. Starting Saturday morning with this in remote town of Kutch. We are working to build something amazing in education. It was motivating to hear about future of Education from Neeraj. I am big fan of Insights podcast by Accel.

@Maryathelama @ms6fa @MicrosoftTeams @WhatsApp Great peace of advice! Thanks Mustafa. Problem isn’t means of communications. it’s rather physical interactions, I am required to accommodate visits, talk to friends and family during working hours and it’s normalized just because I am working from home and physicaly available.

@braghubansi9222 @WhatsApp Dear team , My whatsapp number is not working. This is very important for me. So I requested to you kindly help me. Whatsapp Number 9411245330

@olawale_bobby @WhatsApp please add games to your app

@daniel307pm @WhatsApp please bring Mobile/tablet version to Ipad OS (standalone) ,not a web version.

@_legitdroid Introducing a turn on/off auto play video feature for WhatsApp status, this is an idea I came up with lately and I’m delighted to share it with y’all. Prototype link on how the whole process works and what it is like.... https://t.co/YMsO7z15IX Help like and share❤️ @WhatsApp

@eugegimb @patojutard @IgnacioPena123 @WhatsApp Hi, I’m his niece. Not everybody close to me use Telegram.

@ShafiqModern @WhatsApp please add a feature wherein newly added member can see past posted messages by previous members from the start. You are loosing business to @telegram in a big way. We will be migrating to @telegram soon if you aren't able to add this feature soon.

@Vijayak89942065 @MausiBilli @WhatsApp Delete the app. Install again with e-mail ID & another number. Once acess is lost. Very difficult to revoke it back. All the very best for your business ....

@idafanatic @WhatsApp i did a gdpr checkout of my account and didn’t get any information about login attempts and ip adresses for whatsapp web. I think its hard to believe that you do not keep that information if only for reasons of abuse resolution. Can you confirm?

@LokutMokut @china_dh Thanks for sharing . Downloading @ChirrupsApp will shift to that. While I still maintain that @hikeapp is more indian than @WhatsApp and @TELWellness because others are foreign owned. Would request you to join me on chirrup

@signaldigital 📼 @WhatsApp goes from chat app to social platform. https://t.co/7ADJic1y6J https://t.co/RHpmwPNBuT

@DOSUMUADEYEMI01 @WhatsApp @WhatsApp please I need you to help me sort out my WhatsApp issue, I have my clients to attend to from home using @WhatsApp, please I have been receiving a bad report and reviews from my clients because I am lagging behind.

@jennhulett Hey, ⁦@WhatsApp⁩ Messenger is a fast, simple and secure app that I use to message and call the people I care about. Get it for free at https://t.co/BXPE0Cgv9s

@Yealoveit @WhatsApp there is miss information being forwarded in the form of vedio in WhatsApp about WhatsApp being blocked if not forwarded to 50 people, please tweet about to remove the miss communication, thank you

@MindSea Another #FeatureFriday highlight comes from @WhatsApp There's lots of new add ons coming to the app Features include: - Ability to add contacts via QR code 📷 - Animated stickers 😄 - Dark mode for desktop 🖥️ - and more read about these features here https://t.co/laZKsdI3K4 https://t.co/JIoCQgwxZj

@_legitdroid Introducing a turn on/off auto play video feature for WhatsApp status, this is an idea I came up with lately and I’m delighted to share it with y’all. Prototype link on how the whole process works and what it is like https://t.co/iqfdYXzywL @WhatsApp #examscancelled #Hushpuppi https://t.co/REMjojVvBm

@Everyth52561928 @WhatsApp I think y'all should create a new feature in which we are able to send 'streaks' just like in Snapchat. It'll be soooo fun. Thank you 😂♥

@_legitdroid Prototype video Introducing a turn on/off auto play video feature for WhatsApp status. This is actually an idea I came up with lately. https://t.co/YMsO7z15IX #uiux #ui #ux #userexperience #userexperiencedesign #userinterfacedesign #userinterface #adobexd #prototype @WhatsApp https://t.co/NBLzf1DeDP

@k3vk4 @d1rtydan @poyo_cybord If you think @tiktok is a #Malware, take a look at the shit @WhatsApp & @Facebook do. Not to mention that @NSAGov actually installed it's #Govware on @Cisco equipment that already used @NIST's #backdoored #Dual_EC_DRBG and neither anyone of them nor @StateDept ever apologized!

@rammohan4b @WhatsApp There is a bug in WhatsApp Business: If you click on multiple message to download file, alert comes to confirm multiple download. But after that you will not able to download same file. System considers that files have been downloaded but actually it is not. #bug https://t.co/ezuIqvkb6k

@samjrafemikhe An API from @OfficialFPL to @WhatsApp for convo would make a lot of sense! Alternatively install a DM and/or group chat feature. The traffic from bants will be heavy. #FantasyFootball

@PeterClemons11 Just watched @tagesschau: @rki_de Robert Koch-Institut @coronawarnapp reaching 15 million downloads in #Germany. Trending as No. 1 app ahead of @WhatsApp @instagram @netflix. Congratulations to Germany for showing rest of world how to track, trace & defeat #coronavirus.

@Dralait @WhatsApp I want What's App photos to appear in their own album like they used to NOT in my personally taken photo timeline!

@marcelscherf hey @WhatsApp :) can we get a feature to mute specific people in a chat group?

@Chandanmht @amazonIN there is a bug in your app that i am facing from past 3-4 months, whenever i try to share any product via @WhatsApp the app crashes and either it goes back to app home page or my phones home screen I have shared the screen recording fir it https://t.co/s6MTt9nzKI

@ErAkanchhaGupta @WhatsApp I wanna suggest Can't we have the feature to edit any send messages as we have the same feature in @Microsoft application Teams. As we can Delete the message for everyone I think in the same way if we can have the feature for Edit that will also be beneficial.

@Michelfkhoury I would pay 5$ a month for a feature in @WhatsApp that allows me to listen to my mum’s voice notes at 2x the speed. @jankoum

@bebeembop @rubberneckin @shuaibalamgour3 ⬆️ @Facebook @WhatsApp @finkd @wcathcart your app is being used in India to commit massacres and organize another genocide. Why won’t you stop it?

@OCH_LCO @Steevec10 @WhatsApp Hi Steeve, we'd love to hear about it! Can you please send an email with more details to [email protected]?

@dpaessler @jjacobs22 No need to loose friends: You can use the Whatsapp Webapp on your iPad in Chrome (select „Request Desktop Version“ from the menu) https://t.co/tS7WjPd9at @WhatsApp