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Published by on 2020-01-07

Venmo is the fun and easy way to pay and get paid. Why use Venmo? Because it’s the money app for splitting the cost of almost anything—right then, right there. Because it makes settling up feel like catching up. Because you can add a note to each payment to remember the moments, not the money....

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Venmo Reviews

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    wish I could give zero stars

    I have money that was sent to me for bills on my Venmo and when I tried sending it to my bank it immediately locked me out and said my account is frozen... I’m not sure why but it won’t even let me do anything from this point in my account. I went online to your “help” page and followed the instructions for a frozen account... it ended up being a dead end. I then called customer support and they wouldn’t even tell me the issue with my account, just said it’s going to take 5-7 business days for an “account specialist” to look into my account. I don’t mind that, all I asked was if I could send that money back to the original sender or just cancel that payment. They said once a payment is sent through there’s no way to get it back to the sender, not even through customer support. So basically I have money sitting in my account and I can’t even touch it because my account is frozen? And they won’t allow me to speak with anyone before the seven business days. Absolutely shocked and mortified with this apps customer service skills. Very obvious that they don’t care about their customers experience and they have zero safeguards for protecting the financial aspect of this app. There should be some way to send that money back to the sender so I’m not sitting here waiting for nearly two weeks just to access those funds, or allow me to speak to an account specialist over the phone. Once this situation is handled I’m never using this app ever again.

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    Glad Venmo is Here!

    My Girlfriend Ashley Naumann ripped my Heart out on Monday when she broke up with me 24 hours after asking me to move in with her! I went from ecstatic to heartbroken in a 24 hour time span. 2 days before she asked me to move in with her we planned a romantic getaway to go skiing in North Carolina in Jan. Well I unknowing the future paid for the tickets which we non refundable or transferable. Even though she hasn’t spoken to me since Monday night she paid me back for the entire flight cost. I would have much rather been on the plane with her but having almost 800 dollars for my Christmas presents is ok I guess. Ashley is a wonderful smart beautiful caring young lady but I don’t think being a lawyer has taught her how to stand up to her mom yet, who has only met me twice and I guess decided I wasn’t good enough for her daughter. Having Venmo took all the hassle of getting the money in the bank painless and effortless. Ashley I just want you to know that if you ever change your mind or need me I will be here. If you never change your mind about me then I will die know I was there for you until the end Love Alwaysa

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    Venmo card has been nothing but grief

    As far as transferring money to another person the service works pretty well , just like CashApp or PayPal. The Venmo card has been a horrible experience. For the first few days I had and used it I experienced no issues. Today it was a entirely different story. My card with adequate funds on it was declined everywhere causing much embarrassment. I finally reached out to Venmo and after several attempts got someone on the chat option. They basically told me they were being declined for security and could do nothing to assist me. Under normal circumstances I could understand and actually be thankful for a financial institution protecting my best interests but my card was declined at Kohl’s department store, two gas stations and even the ATM. The representative hand no remedy to give me beside cashing out to my bank and using my debit card. That would have been fine but the instant transfer wasn’t an option so 1 to 3 business days is now what I’ll have to wait to access the funds. Long story short if you want to send someone money who doesn’t mind waiting to get the actual money in the bank for a few days then Venmo is a fine option. If you want access to your funds quickly or the ability to use a debit card issue free use PayPal or your bank. Today’s issues put Venmo on the bottom of my list for fund transfer services for sure and the person I chatted with just solidified that I am making the correct choice.

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    Frustrated and Disappointed 👎

    I have had three venmo accounts and all of them had been shut down without any explanation. I use this app as a method of payment for my car cleaning services and without a doubt, each one gets shut down without hesitation in a matter of a couple of weeks, very frustrating. Venmo makes no effort to provide me with a reasonable explanation as to why ALL of my accounts have been shut down other than claiming it was their decision and I can no longer use their services. The third time this happened, I decided to call their customer service number to see if they could give me a reason as to why my account had been first locked. I called the direct extension that claims to handle exactly that. Despite waiting on the phone for 15 minutes, I was given literally no answer besides that I have to wait for an email to come (the one where they don’t tell me anything) which would take 3-5 days. Why have a direct line that handles frozen accounts when they really don’t handle anything? What I ASSUME to be the reason for all of my accounts being shut down is that the name on my profile does not match the one on the card. Which for privacy reasons, I choose to only use the first letter of my last name, and when I made my other accounts and had to use my parent’s cards, of course the names would not be matching. Very frustrated and disappointed in both the customer service and the functionality of Venmo.

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    Venmo is LITERALLY the worst!!!

    When I first started using Venmo a year ago, I had zero problems. Friends and family would send me money and I would use “instant transfer” to my bank account since that was the quickest way to send money and I would receive it with NO ISSUES! All of sudden I am getting problems with the instant transfer. I have contacted Venmo myself and let them know the situation thinking they could fix the problem since it’s on them, but they are just useless and they offered me a “better solution” to the problem which was waiting 2-3 business days for the money to be sended to my bank account. HAHAHA NO. So apparently now their system is “declining” my instant transfer funds and there is nothing they can do about it. How could you not do something about this!? It’s your company declining my transfer! If anything YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE TO FIX THIS. All I am trying to do send MY MONEY that I need to in my bank account, and yet I can’t touch it. This is absolutely ridiculous. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me with the instant transfer fund, but now that this is happened to me a second time, I am done. After I figure out a way to get all the money onto my bank account, I am deactivating Venmo. I will never use Venmo again. If you read this, please don’t waste your time on Venmo, because like they told me, there is nothing they can do about it. I am extremely disappointed and upset. Goodbye Venmo. 👎🏼

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    Was best cash app until

    I had a problem with my ATM withdrawal. Not having any transactions for over 24 hours, when I went to the ATM it declined me even though there was more than enough money in there. Thinking it will be a simple fix ended up being a 24 hour headache with still no resolution, And my money on able to be withdrawn or even used for purchases. Went from the best app to the worst app in one day! The funny part of all this headache, every time I called they said there is no holds or locks on your account everything looks fine. Something you must’ve done at the ATM cause the computer to decline it. They couldn’t clear anything in the system and the best suggestion was wait a few hours and try again. After trying again and again, and calling them again and again. I was still on able to withdraw from the ATM. They don’t know why I was being blocked and said there is no hold on my account. I said to them if I can’t withdraw from an ATM I guess there’s no point of me having the Venmo account and I should just cancel it. Their response was yes I agree that would probably make sense if you’re an able to use it. Never in my life have I heard a company tell you to cancel them. And that was from not only 1, but 2 people. 1 of them being a manager. And the crazy part of it all is still no one can override the computer that’s blocking me from using my ATM card. So needless to say I’m done with Venmo

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    Payment problems

    I have money in my venmo account and it’s not allowing me to pay someone with the money in my account it only allows me to pay with my debit card but I can’t pay with my debit card if my money is in my Venmo this app has serious problems that need to be addressed. Your instant transfer system needs to be fixed I talked to a support person and they told me that somedays you can instant transfer and some days you can’t this is upsetting and brings me to the conclusion that I will not be using this app. I can’t give the app no starts but if I could I would considering that your app isn’t compatible with my bank so I have to manually verify my bank which takes 3 days and then the standard transfer takes up to 3 more days so I cant get my money for a whole week like that is an issue. If I can instant transfer yesterday I should be able to today especially if there wasn’t no suspicious activity or anything of that matter on the card or account. Once I get my money I will not be using this app and I will advise all the people I know that have it to use a different app that actually gets you the money when you need it, I’m also never going to advise people to use the app or download it because of these problems you are hold peoples money and causing problems for them. I would fix your problems before your app falls under.

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    Venmo is literally one of the worst apps you could possibly get. I tried to send money to my account instantly and it wouldn’t go through. The excuse I was given was because of “suspicious activity”. Basically whatever they deem “suspicious” is grounds for your account to be frozen, delayed, and or locked completely. Pretty much any large sum of money is apparently “suspicious” so I wasn’t able to get my money out even after I said oh well I’ll just do the standard transfer and wait the 1-3 business days. I had to send the money to a friend and have him do it instantly and send me the money on cash app. I’d honestly advise using cash app over Venmo easily. It’s simple, easy, and doesn’t have so much baggage with it. You just type the amount you want and you can send the money to someone instantly and take that money out whenever you want to. Customer service was awful and they didn’t believe the account actually belonged to me and had me go through at least 4 different security processes on the phone to make sure it was actually my account even though I explained in detail only things an account holder would know about their own specific account. They tried to make it way too complicated to use and it’s honestly a hassle anytime you actually want to use the app. I deleted it so fast after getting my money out and I’m never using it again

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    Transferred Money That I Couldn’t Even Use And Now My Money Is Being Held!

    I got my school refund on my chime account. I had a new card ordered and had not gotten it yet. And I needed the money, so I sent it to my brothers chime account. He then sent it to my Venmo account because I had that card. ALL of my transactions were getting declined, except a couple that went through. So I sent the money back to my brother, and ask him to try the transactions and to try to withdrawal from his Venmo. Same problem. So we contacted their chat team about it and we had recently moved so we figured it was happening because we moved to a different state. We called about it a couple times. And they ended up freezing our accounts! They asked us to send pictures of our State IDs or Drivers licenses to prove our identity. We did that. I also sent the a picture of our lease to update our new address. They told me that I went against their user agreement and that my account was being permanently closed and that they were investigating my money for up to 180 days to see if they can give me MY money back! I sent them pictures of my accounts showing what I did. And I also kept the chat transcripts and email communications with the company. No luck at all. And they won’t tell me how I violated the user agreement! I need my money! I have kids and bills to pay and I can’t now.

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    They really froze my account and trying to hold my money

    Okay hello my name is johniqua so it says that Venmo is holding my money okay after my money is returned I’m not using Venmo again. I understand I violated some kind of rule or whatever. I clearly explained what happened plenty of times 4 times in a row sent my ny stat Id picture twice. I don’t get it I couldn’t put the money on my card I clearly explained that then it says I can’t use my account how in the world is it that sending money is so difficult. when you try to get your hard earned money back to you. which your the rightful owner of someone tells you they’re gonna hold it oh heck no. I will like my money returned to me no one has to ever worry about me using this app again. I’m sure I will never use this app. I will be darned if someone freezes my account then I give my Id and tells me they’re holding on to my money as if I’m a little kid who just got there allowance and is spending to much money I understand not you fault I chose this app and have to deal with whatever but if I knew I was causing trouble sending the money back to my boyfriend and requesting it back because we both couldn’t find a card to place the money on I would’ve been asked my sister to use her bank card to put my money on man why the heck why do I have to go through this so I really can’t get my money back

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    Absolutely ridiculous!

    My friend transferred $400 to my account I go to do an instant transfer to my personal checking account and it will not go through. And oh how convenient no customer service support to call because apparently they work bankers hours. How in the world are you going to be a 24/7 cash application and not have any sort of online tech support or offer any live tech-support?? This is literally an emergency situation where I needed to borrow the funds which I did.....I now have my funds sitting in this stupid account which I am unable to touch or have access to and will have no way to contact their customer service until Monday morning it is currently Friday 7:30 PM. I am beyond furious. I knew I should’ve gone with my gut and used the other three different cash apps I have on my phone which worked beautifully and have never had an issue with. I only last minute decided to use this one for the first time tonight never thinking for a second that I would not be able to access my funds. USER BEWARE PLEASE don’t use this stupid tech-support after 4 PM M-F.

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    Venmo Original

    I was a Venmo original user, telling all my friends this is the future of payments. I started saying “hey guys Venmo me, oh you don’t have Venmo? What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know about Venmo? We don’t need cash to split bills anymore.” We’ll, this was also in a period when Venmo said they would pay users if they invited their friends and they signed up. Until this day, I still get users that sign up, because of me, but Venmo does not pay me like they said they would. While I love their application, I don’t appreciate that they didn’t pay me for getting many of my friends, contacts, and business colleagues on Venmo. Maybe thousands of users but Venmo only paid me for the first few users. Venmo is great, but they owe me. I was inline with the thinking that there must be a better way to pay people, and I found Venmo, which was a simpler way to pay people than PayPal, which many people did not trust at the time. I convinced people that it would be safe and efficient. Venmo owes me for all the people I invited, as they said I would be reimbursed. Great app overall, just pay me. :)

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    Much easier to use than writing a paper check.

    Very easy to use money transferred instantly. Much easier than writing a traditional check. I believe Venmo is also PayPal. I took away one star due to privacy. When you sign up it automatically uploads all of your contacts in your phone without warning. It also connects to social media like Facebook. Once you've registered you can change these privacy settings, so be aware to go to settings immediately if you don't want all of your contacts who use Venmo to see your transactions. Also for each transaction you can select if you'd like your friends, the public to see Who you've paid, minus the amount. You can also set each transaction to private. Personally, I don't understand why it's anyone else's business who you pay for what kind of service. It's a Bizzarre concept to me, but then I don't live my life through social media. I am only using Venmo as a form of payment, like cleaning services. Still, it's easy to use and convenient. Just make sure to check Settings before you start transactions unless you want all of your friends, Family and coworkers to know what you're up to.

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    Cash app is overwhelmingly superior.

    I’ve only had one transaction over Venmo and it’s already proved unusable. I was sent money by a friend on Venmo, against my raised objections. I already use Cash app, Zelle, PayPal frequently, but they sent it via Venmo anyway. I go to transfer the money to my bank account, and I get a vague error message. I successfully connected my bank account, but when I went to send the money, I got a vague error message. So I contact support through chat. I’m 34th in line to speak to a representative. After waiting 15 minutes, the chat window closes on its own. I reopen it, but have to get in the back of the line. I try again the next day. Same thing. A week later, I try again and get connected with a representative. I explained the situation, and the response was literally “the system is showing an arbitrary error for reasons that we representatives are not allowed to see on our end.” That’s right, the system had an error for reasons not shared with customer service reps. After some back and forth, the representative figures out that the error is because my bank info is on another Venmo account- my wife’s. Apparently Venmo does not allow a bank account number to be on more than one account. So, my wife and I can’t use the app at the same time. It’s just ridiculous. TL;DR just use cash app!!!!!

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    Really handy - a few issues

    I use this app a ton and im a huge fan. One thing that enraged me though is that they’ll sometimes keep your money hostage when you try to pay someone , adding in layers of verification requirements while possibly collecting interest on the sums held up- they don't notify the sender that the money they sent was unclaimed allowing the sender to choose an alternative payment channel - I learned from a young homeless woman who had a Venmo account who i sent money to for train fare, that they would not allow her to accept what I sent. I consider this to be abusive of their fiduciary role. I want them to fix this and make it easier for people in her situation to access funds to be able to improve their situation or make it clear to the person who sends money that the money never reaches the intended recipient. I would give them fewer stars for this issue, but i find for regular use with established contacts it works well. I wish i had the option to preschedule payments or set regular payments. I also wish that my venmo balance would apply to my payment when the amount exceeds the balance- instead of sitting there!

Is Venmo Safe?

Yes. Venmo is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,457,911 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Venmo Is 70/100.

Is Venmo Legit?

Yes. Venmo is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,457,911 Venmo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Venmo Is 50/100.

Is Venmo not working?

Venmo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Venmo

@Nomercy4libs Hey @venmo this person threatened to stab people and watch them bleed out. She is clearly unstable and people now sending her money in support of her violence. Please remove her from your platform to show you do not support violence.


@easypost @Venmo is going after small businesses. The mobile-payments app announced today it’s piloting a new feature called Business Profiles, which offers small sellers and other sole proprietors the opportunity to have a more professional profile page on its platform. (1/3)

@MillstoneGlobal @EthereumShaper @_soriajon @mrfirescorpion Exactly. I like to recommend @TrustWalletApp as well. Also, if anybody uses @venmo drop that archaic app and get @metalpaysme, they pay you up to 5% in crypto when you transfer money to your friends and fam. You can buy/sell and withdraw some coins to your fav. wallet.

@klooth It is the most annoying thing that @venmo doesn't support sending money to a @googlevoice number. Their response is "tell the sender to ask for the money back", which is ridiculous - it's not the sender's fault and it's a waste of their time. Now @venmo just gets to keep the $$$.

@ja_jar99 @Liam2TLR @tozneem @venmo Not to mention, the fact that they froze it because of the words “Syrian” makes me question their intentions (I.e. racial profiling)

@ninanumbanine @venmo @VenmoSupport It's such an unfair thing to do to your clients during a pandemic, knowing people need their money. I need answers and I need my money. I HIGHLY HIGHLY do not recommend Venmo.

@Jcaro_26 If anyone wants to go ahead and give me $6k so I can buy the dog I just fell in love with I’d really appreciate it my @CashApp is $JuliCaro or my @venmo is @ JulianaCaro

@cheddar [email protected] is launching a new “Business Profile” feature to help small vendors. #CheddarLive

@araee16 @frickriley @venmo This happened to be 4 years ago and I was SOL for a long time. Tbh I think I ended up making a new account to solve that issue, but then got another new phone/number. If you still have the old phone, you can change your number in the account and hopefully it will work out

@MekiaMachine @VenmoSupport @venmo I’m still not able to log into my account this has been MONTHS!!!! Your reps are slow to respond. I was resent troubleshooting instructions I already stated I’ve exaushed, that’s not helpful. Why is this so hard! I sent you my ID, phone bill, bank info...

@katy__ma @venmo many grassroots orgs & activists accept donations through your platform, and a recurring payment feature would do wonders to help sustain their work! this would be a great way for Venmo to continue supporting BLM & other movements ✨

@Special_Kayt I used to think @cashapp was better than @Venmo until I realized the amount of theives/scammers that use cashapp and NOT Venmo. Meaning Venmo is actually doing something about these people? I’m genuinely hurt and DISGUSTED that this is going on. #scammer #lowlifes #theives #scum

@GodisNubian @venmo 2-3 business days just turned into 8-10 because Venmo froze my account after I initiated a bank transfer, I’ve sent a pic of my id and was told it takes 8-10 days for someone to review a pic

@dinahleeeigho @dianaxo99 @JouOlivia @venmo @PayPal @CashApp They will definitely refund it back to you! It has happened to me before, contact customer support through email instead!

@mackenzielusby I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars over the years - denied my claim. Today, we have @venmo, @Zelle and a million other options - why would you trust your money with @paypal when it is CLEARLY not safe to do so? All it means is I don't use @ebay anymore - no loss there.

@Liam2TLR @ja_jar99 @tozneem @venmo All they’ve asked you to do is tell them the charity, or how the money will help. You’ve not said you’re doing it for a particular charity. I’m not saying you’re a scammer obviously, but they need to protect themselves from being a platform that would allow scammers

@GoZoFuRy @venmo it it common for you to have system issues where you request funds by accident, then are unable to cancel them? worried about quality of your code? (not been declined just stuck pending, and there are 3 of them not 2) #vemnofail #badcustomerservice #vemnosystemissue

@face_fucking @realjuliasong @Scrounged9 @venmo @gofundme @Harvard These companies are just continuing and bolestering the cycle of violence by providing a platform for immoral and anti social behavior, not to mention, providing a soap box for a “faux” moral justification emboldening recidivism

@pymnts [email protected]'s upcoming new feature will allow separate accounts for businesses to receive money for their services:

@Brendorkk not too long ago i tried transferring my funds to my bank account but @venmo said my name had to match the name on my debit card. that wasn’t the case before. not very trans/non binary friendly!

@happyweatherman did @venmo just tell their devs to give them the slowest app possible?

@CostumeMomTM @venmo how many times do I have to block my asshole ex-boyfriend on your app before he stops showing up on my feed or on my friends list.

@Liam2TLR @ja_jar99 @tozneem @venmo Understandable, but Syria is a country, not a cause. I’m sure they’re just wanting to know what Syrian Aid charities you’re supporting, or how your money will find its way to your cause. If they do t do these checks, it’s very easy to scam people. They need to be careful.

@hollaitshannah_ @_bjam @venmo So is now is a bad time to share Venmo’s Face ID feature?

@LadySSW @Okiedokie02 @CashApp @venmo Welp guess you're going to Venmo because this is currency for Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons 😂😂 not real money

@Mars_Jameson @MikeSington Don't support him, support me. Im not running for president but I am campaigning for a new sewing machine to continue teaching FREE sewing classes. Why not support an actually GOOD person. 😉 @cashapp $MosaMosa @venmo @MosaMos 🥰

@NeonOneTech What do nonprofits need to know about @venmo and Bitcoin, and what does it have to do with fundraising? @thisisPatDuffy from @TheGivingBlock has the answer:

@gb_lmt @realjuliasong @PatriotTom2020 @venmo @gofundme @Harvard Just goes to show a Harvard education does not mean you’re smart.

@Mars_Jameson @askmerob I like health & healthy ppl and I am campaigning for a new sewing machine to continue teaching FREE sewing classes. Why not support an actually GOOD person. 😉 @cashapp $MosaMosa @venmo @MosaMos 🥰

@HughBillington Yes, there’s a lack of privacy, but I’m trying not to take for granted just how easy and fast it is to get rid of old stuff on “free” services like @Facebook marketplace and @venmo. Plus, by elevating the secondhand market, they enable a positive recycling impact ♻️.

@LeeLocklear19 @PALaborIndustry Make sure to email your name & SSN# or they will email you back saying they cannot help you without it, then not respond... Please send me my 15 weeks of UC Benefits you owe me. I also accept @CashApp JustLeeMoney or @venmo MoneyBoyWaterBoy! #ExposePAUnemployment

@GenZ_Angelica #GenZ is going to eat this new feature up quick #DigitalTransformation @venmo

@Gino_Vlntino @yelmjouie @hdagres @venmo Iran is on its own. Better not make excuses or whine about it. Just do it yourself. Iran has to take care of itself. No one is coming to help.

@iamdrewraines So there is a new phishing technique being used on @venmo. Some fuckboy made a public scraper to find new transactions and then text the person a msg saying your payment was not processed and to click here. It’s a fake Netflix login page. Here is more info of the dumbass.

@ChrisCarrollMD @SabinaSpigner @venmo You don’t have time to listen to the planet money podcast, but it’s not really gone yet and the bank might be able to help (depending on the bank!)

@alextherien1 C’mon @elonmusk, unblock me on @venmo and get me unbanned from @PayPal bruh... I know you got a lot on your plate but I’m not a short, I’m a peasant, that can’t even afford to be long but I’m not new at all. Let me be an ally.

@SashaLeilani So disappointed in @venmo @VenmoSupport’s customer service.... my account was hacked ovew A WEEK AGO and someone sent $3K from my account. I still haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone. Their phone lines aren’t working, I’ve had to deal with them over email.

@JaynesJuliana @venmo is this ur support number? cause if not this number is trying to scam ur customers :)

@harmonbruno11 @venmo your app is all messed up. Should be using @AppDynamics to help here!

@MekiaMachine @VenmoSupport @venmo I’m still not able to access my account, my money or get paid for my works sold. Why is this taking MONTHS?!!!! @bbb_us please help me get my money from @venmo they haven’t been responsive.

@fakeEhsan @AskPayPal @ehsanazarmsa By the way, @venmo @VenmoSupport is also owned by @PayPal @AskPayPal Pull all your money out of Venmo too! * Not only did they close our accounts, they plan to keep the money for 6 months. This sounds like an unprecedented fraud!

@racernic @venmo your fraud system sucks big time especially during Covid. To not have a live person helping is ridiculous. emails ain't going to cut it. Else we will cut all ties with you for good. Reach out here with an alternative to back and forth emails so I can resolve prob.

@ploberman Not sure why it took so long for @venmo to do this, but... Huge News for SMBs!! Could it bring QR codes front and center in the US? Could it even reduce checks (or am I going too far now)? Venmo Pilots Business Payments For Micro SMBs HT @peggymangot

@araee16 @frickriley @venmo There’s supposed to be a magic button that says you no longer have access to the device to verify but that button never existed for me. Not even on a desktop website @venmo you’re fuckin up

@amandarapp @venmo really picked a horrible time to stop working ... like y’all I NEED my money rn

@CheriinMS @BroJBrody @Heather44580452 @realDonaldTrump @AJKirsch @venmo @CashApp @PayPal Dear Bro, how long to you think you would last in the NWO communist land dems have planned for you? Haven't you been told about Venezuela which fell for this crap 10 to 12 years ago & now starving and living in darkness & filth? I guess not.

@FarantinaLedet @yashar @CashApp @venmo Sadly my art gig doesn't work... Almost Everyone want me to draw for free.. I just charge $5 for traditional art, pixel art, and to make a pixel gif.. I can only do cash app though.. Can dm me if u want cause I don't mind talking..

@codiecm @realjuliasong @camp_terrence @venmo @gofundme @Harvard She deserves not one dime. Why are people so incredibly stupid? Sometimes you have to lose everything to finally get it. And what does pathetic culture do? Reward bad behavior with money.

@dichosypalabras Hey @venmo @VenmoSupport I’ve got some product feedback. Can you make it possible to send funds from your bank and not always default to the Venmo balance please? Thanks!